Hard To Get? 15 Subtle Signs She Wants You To Chase Her

Men are often faced with the decision of whether to chase the women of their dreams or to quit. Here are 15 signs all she may be saying is “Chase me!”

By Emmanuel Onitayo
Hard To Get? 15 Subtle Signs She Wants You To Chase Her

To Chase Or Not To Chase?

Only a novice at dating would agree that women can sometimes be complicated in their expressions of emotion. Sometimes they cry when what they really mean to do is to laugh. At another time, they really mean what they show or say. And for you, the guy, you become somewhat confused because what you expect is not what you see. Should you give up on that lady or chase her? Don't worry too much. As most ladies share a lot in common when it comes to dating, all you have to look out for between you and her are some signs. This way, you will have no difficulty deciding whether to chase her or not.

Never Mind Your Friends, The Chase is Worth It

So, you are considering listening to your friends’ advice to let her go. After all, they say, there are many other alternatives. You really don't need to follow that that path. Quality relationships surely demand quality effort. If you don’t do the chasing, somebody else will. And come to think of it, we all chase something in life, even things that are non-essentials sometimes.

Therefore, do not let your friends mislead you in this regard. Follow your gut. But in doing so, there are some vital signs to watch out for to ensure you aren’t chasing a lady for nothing. The truth is most girls will give a guy they like lots of opportunities to prove themselves, even though they may be giving you some tough times. Here are 15 of these signs that, once you notice a lady display them, all she is saying is “chase!”

#1. She Isn't Comfortable With You Being Too Close With Other Ladies

When a woman likes you, even though she may be acting funny, she’ll still be kind of protective. You ain't going to win her smiles by letting her know you just finished conversing with another lady in the room. Be ready to answer lots of questions if you ever do that. She’ll be concerned you are probably slipping out of her hands and would greet it with a subtle protest.

When you notice this attitude recurring with her, she is just playing hard to get and wants you to do some chasing before she gives you a warm yes! She is yours already. Nothing else can probably make her feel as uncomfortable than you being with other ladies. She's definitely nurturing some feelings for you. Just play along by giving her the chase of her life.

#2. Her Generous Smiles Are A Sign She Wants You To Chase Her

We are not talking about some random acts of courtesy here. Any lady would easily smile to make you feel comfortable talking to them or to show you some respect. But when you discover that from your appearance at a distance, she is already loosened up each time you both meet, guy, just wake up. It is one of the signs of approval. A sign she is telling you your advances are welcomed. If you aren’t her type, your first and perhaps, last chance of seeing her white teeth would be the first day you both met. She would just want to let you know she isn’t interested and one way to do that is to be frank anytime you both meet. Where many conservative men get things wrong is to assume women are just being kind with their very generous smiles. It is not true. A woman who has no affection for you has no business being “kind” to you always. She is only signalling that you should put in more effort, perhaps to maintain her dignity.

#3. Finding a Way To Always Stay Close By Is One Of The Signs

So, you keep finding the two of you bumping into each other often and you think it is just mere coincidences? I beg to disagree. While coincidences are normal experiences of life, when it becomes rampant in this case with a particular lady, you can be sure it has gone beyond a mere coincidence.

Women generally have a way of working things out, especially when it comes to their availability with a guy. They would like to provide the man they have feelings for with as many opportunities and platforms as possible for that guy to fully display his love for them. So, get the message right when you see her very often. Don’t let the way she looks or appears scare you away. She is always where you can notice her because she wants to make it possible for you to chase her. Truth be told, a woman would not mind changing her location if you are nauseating to her but making advances.

#4. Her Acceptance of Your Invitations Is One Of Many Signs She's Saying You Should Chase Her

If a woman has no iota of feelings for you, she is going to give you a thousand and one reasons she may not be honoring your invitations for a date. You should even be thankful if she gives you a reason for turning your invite down. It is not in the habit of most women to accept going out on dates with men they have no feelings for.

So, when four out of your last five date proposals have been granted by a woman, what more signs are you waiting for? Let the chasing begin! Rest assured, she would eventually be yours, no matter the initial pranks or attitude displayed.

#5. She Is Careful Not To Hurt Your Feelings

A girl who wants you to chase her, though she may appear uninterested at some points, will be careful not to piss you off. You may hear her apologising frequently for a perceived error and giving extensive explanations for some of her actions.

Some of the things she’s trying hard to explain may not really be offensive to you but she knows why she’s doing that. She’s expecting further action from you and would not let her perceived naughtiness get in the way.

#6. Looking Good To Attract You Is Another Sign

So, you once told her you loved a certain hairstyle and she’s been doing it lately? She’s by no means subscribing to it just because it’s the latest trend in town or because her friends recommended it. You are the target. She is trying to send a message that you should chase her.

Of course, that would not be written on her face and she would definitely not tell you she did it because of you but as the man, you’ve got to decode the message. When a woman is careful about how she looks especially when in your presence, she’s seeing you as a prospect. Among other signs she may display, this is one of the most unmistakable.

#7. A Deep Lingering Eye Contact Is Another Sign

You can almost always guess what’s going on in the mind of a lady by the way she looks at you. When she keeps staring at you with some kind of reminiscent look, it’s a sign she is about to fall or has already fallen for you. However, she won't let down her guard that easily and because of this may put on a funny attitude so you could chase her.

It is going to be up to you to take up the challenge and chase her. Her somewhat intensive and unceasing glaring at you is an irrevocable sign of interest. Body language such as eye contact is one of the most frequent means ladies use to communicate their interest in a guy.

#8. She Gives You A Window Into Her Personality

A woman that wants you to chase her will give you a flash of what life with her would be. She would want you to know you are making an intelligent choice if you decide to pay the price which of course, in this case, is to chase her.

She may at some points take interest in your career or display a flash of care for you. Those are opportunities she’s affording you to peep into what she’s capable of offering. If she is not interested in you, she has no business about how you feel or do at work.

#9. She Is Inconsistent In Her Mood

So this woman has been up and down in her mood with you and you are wondering what could be wrong with her? You both talk and laugh at this moment and just the next moment, she’s avoiding you and probably acting like she doesn’t even know you. Never mind her. She is only trying to make you reach out and chase her. She knows if she loosens up too much with you, you could take her less seriously and no one likes that. As such, she would withdraw into her shell and allow you to do some chasing. Most women do not give men they aren’t interested in an audience, let alone act in a somewhat kind or lively way with them. They would rather maintain their stiff demeanor against the guy so he can clearly get the message that he is not desired.

#10. She Subtly Keeps You Updated on Her Itinerary

As with everyone that matters to us, we love to make them aware of how our day is likely going to be and what plan(s) may keep us away from them for some time. A lady that is expecting something from you will not leave you in the dark concerning her movements and availability.

So, if she constantly makes you aware of her daily or weekly plans, it’s one of those big signs you can proceed on the chase adventure. No one tells a foe his or her movements, not even a woman.

#11. She Initiates Contact With You

Should you for any reason fail to communicate that wants you to chase her, she would reach out to you incessantly, either through text messages or calls in the name of wanting to know if all is well with you. There is a burning desire attached to those calls or texts. She has feelings for you which her natural self cannot continue to deny.

So, when you notice a woman who appears to not be interested in your proposal, calls or texts you few days after you’ve stopped talking to her, it is a sign she wants a chase. She is in doubt whether you have backed out or are still interested. It’s now going to be up to you to step up your game.

#12. She Shows Signs That She Misses You

Don’t be surprised if one of the regular questions she poses to you whenever you come across each other is, “Do you miss me?” She’s actually asking because she does. And for you, the guy, you’ve got to pay close attention to this sign so you don’t just take it as one of those regular questions.

She is not going to attach much seriousness to the question when asking you, but the truth is that she is very serious about it. A very good way of responding is to answer in the affirmative and request for a date right away. You are a step closer to getting her “yes” if you take this step.

#13. She Lets Her Friends Know About You

You are her secret desire and she cannot keep it to herself forever. If and when opportunity presents itself, she would not mind letting her friends know she met a guy. So, if you have the privilege of getting to know from her other friends that she met you, you have the green light brightly switched on for you to proceed with the chase.

#14. She Shows Signs Of Irritation If You Aren’t Acting Fast

One way to establish if a woman wants you to chase her is to observe her overall attitude with you for a long time. If you refuse to play along well, she may become grumpy. As a result of disappointment, she becomes somehow annoyed with you and tries to avoid you.

These strange acts of annoyance and ill-feelings are quickly reversed if you take the bull by the horns and play along. Frustration is most women’s response to unrequited gestures. It is a sign they are almost getting fed up.

#15. She Manifests Signs That She Craves Your Attention

Since she wants you to chase her, she knows she has to give signs upon signs for you to get the message right. Those signs, of course, would be to get your attention. She’s either getting into a discussion you are also into, playing with her hair for you to see how beautiful it is, or simply moving closer to you.

Attention is one irrefutable law of attraction. Women, of course, know how to use the tool well when and if they so desire. Once you notice she’s subtly courting your attention, it’s one of such signs she's telling you to take the game to the next level by treating her to the chase.


Although it is becoming increasingly old-fashioned for a woman to subject the man of her dreams to the sort of games like having to chase her before saying yes, majority of the female folks still employ this tactic. By looking out for the above signs in her, you can easily tell if she is not interested or if she simply wants you to chase her.