How To Stop Caring So Much About Everything And Live Your Life

Do you have the habit of carrying the burden of the world on your shoulders? Here is how you can stop caring so much about everything and live your life.

By Amanda Palmer
How To Stop Caring So Much About Everything And Live Your Life

Why do we care so much

Caring for someone is a beautiful gesture. Not only humans but even animals thrive upon the love and care of someone. The human heart is capable of many emotions and caring for your loved ones is just one of them. We all care about our loved ones. We care about our children, about our houses, about our daily chores, about our children's future, about our finances, about our financial security, about our careers, about our social life, about our friends and about everything else in life that is important to us. This care is needed for us to carry on in our lives. It gives our lives a meaning. Our thirst for perfection and for abundance in everything makes us care more. We care about the pile of dishes left in the sink that is making our perfect house not-so-perfect. You care about the missed party with cool friends last Saturday that will get you out of an elite social circle; you care about the presentation you have to present at the office meeting that can get you a promotion and subsequently a better financial security. Care is evident in our daily lives. We see parents caring too much for their kids and almost fussing over them. We see our parents caring for us even when we are miles away. Care is beautiful and to be cared for is even more beautiful. But what happens when we overdo it? We get stressed, raise our blood pressures, have fights with our loved ones and finally end up getting hurt. Everything in the world today is based out of care. This care when overdone makes us lose our sanity. We freak out at the smallest thing that does not happen as we planned. Caring too much and expecting too much from someone makes you frustrated and hurt. While caring is important, it is also important to know that nothing is in our control. We also need to know that while caring is important, we also need to live our day to day life with a free mind. Too much care is directly proportional to too much stress. So what if you could not finish the pile of dirty dishes tonight? Tomorrow is another day and you need to stop caring (read stressing) about it and sleep peacefully. Tomorrow with newed energy and renewed vigor you can do everything.

You can stop caring and start a new beginning

Caring comes in many forms. While you care about our daily lives, careers, and chores and you consider it normal, you also care about a few things that are really not necessary. You care a lot about your appearance. The need to appear prim and proper at all times because you care about your reputation in the society. You fret about the text message you sent to your friend and did not get any reply back. These things are not in your control. You will care so much about little things that you will feel exhausted and sucked up dry in the end. Remember you cannot be in the good books of everyone. It is okay if your opinion was not applauded by the society. It is how you feel about something. Do not cover yourself with a false facade just because you want to have a good rapport amongst everyone. Be yourself and stop caring about things that eventually do not matter. To do this, first, you need to make a list of your priorities. I am not telling you to stop caring about anything in this world and roam around in your tees all over without a thing to care about or do. But, there are many things that you cannot stop caring about in life that will help you maintain a sane frame of mind, live peacefully and without feeling an additional burden always. Your family should be the most important to you. Maintain ties with them or reconnect with them if you have not eventually. Take care of your career. Do not overstress yourself. Only take in hand so much that you can easily accomplish. Do not overload yourself with work that will stress you out. Remember, you cannot work with a stressed mind. And what if you fall sick? Even the regular work that you do goes down the drain. Care about your really good friends. Do not change yourself or your ways just because you want to be a part of an elite social club. It will never give you happiness from within. And lastly, if you do care about your boyfriend but don't feel cared for in return, then it’s time to call it quits. It might be the biggest decision in your life but never lower your self-esteem so much that it will make you feel empty and used. Remember, he who is made for you will eventually come back to you and also that time heals the greatest miseries. Give it time and start a new beginning with better focus on things which really matter.

Happiness is a state of the mind

Happiness cannot be purchased by materialistic things and it is a state of the mind. According to a recent survey, there are higher cases of depression noted from people living in huge bungalows, lavish lifestyle and big cars. Everyone has a different way to perceive happiness. Some think that only if they get some money, they will be happy in life. But man is a bundle of wants. What gives you happiness today might not give you happiness tomorrow. Learn to be happy and content with what you have in life. Your small one-bedroom apartment can also give you loads of happiness if you decide to be happy in life. If your ex has left you for another, then it is his loss and not yours. Let your hair down; socialize more till you get another man even better than your ex. People often think that they will be happy one day when they get this or get that. But this search for happiness is the cause of greatest misery. Be happy about everything that you have in life. Value your life every day and try to spread happiness too. If you feel depressed about something, visit some place where people less privileged than you, stay. It will make you happier.

stop caring and feel ultimate bliss

It is a habit that needs to be cultivated and cannot be achieved overnight. You have to keep reminding yourself that it is not in your hands. If you desire riches and you know you cannot get them so soon in your life, then just stop caring about it. Make the best of whatever you have. And the most important, at any phase of your life, whether you are rich or poor, whether you have a boyfriend or seeking for someone, whether you are jobless or employed, always have a lot of friends. Like-minded people, people with the same financial status as yours. Friends and family and loving and caring people will keep you happy in any phase of your life. Only when a person is lonely, he feels sad. Surround yourself with friends who care for you, a career that you love and stop caring about all the things that are not in your control. You will feel ultimate bliss in your mind. You will sleep everything without having much to care about and wake up feeling fresh and energetic.

Everything that has to happen will happen

If you quote this mantra every day when you wake up, you will immediately feel free and without any burdens. You cannot control anyone's death, illness, being fired from a job or being dumped by someone you love. Whatever happens will happen, but life must go on and in a happy way.

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stop caring about the wrong things

Caring too much about something is a sheer waste of time and energy. It is also counterproductive as you lose all your energy and zest in stressing your mind unnecessarily and thereby cannot give your 100%. A person needs to evaluate and analyze the right and wrong things and decide which to care about and which not to care about. Don’t care about what others think about you. The way a person thinks that the others might be thinking about him is mostly an exaggerated approach of his own mind. No one really cares about you and so even you should not. Everyone has a million other things to care about and so why would they waste their time and energy caring about you. You might be thinking that everyone is judging you all the time. But, even if they are, how does it matter? You cannot please everyone all the time and neither should you change yourself just to be judged properly by others. Don't care about things that are not in your hands, stop caring about things that you cannot change and stop caring about the things where you have wronged yourself or others. What has happened has happened, you cannot change the past. You can only learn a lesson from it and the most you can do is to apologize to the person you have wronged. You will instantly feel relieved and care-free. If you made mistakes in the past, learn a good lesson. They are just experiences which have taught you valuable lessons. No one's life is a bed of roses. Remember, it does not matter what you are wearing to your next date with your boyfriend or whether he is taking you out to an expensive restaurant or not, what matters is that you both are going out together. If you learn to be happy with the priorities in life and stop caring about the small things, then you will be a happier person. A happy person spreads happiness around, has a happy aura around him and manages to pull in happy vibes into his life!!