Aquarius Man And Taurus Woman: Compatibility As A Couple

Both Aquarius man and Taurus woman belong to the fixed signs where compatibility is a matter of concern. Let's find out how the pair works together.

By Sanchari
Aquarius Man And Taurus Woman: Compatibility As A Couple

Aquarius Man and Taurus Woman

One is spontaneous and the other prefers constancy and when these two signs come together, then there are chances that both will repel. The tender, smooth and slow nature of our Taurus woman is something that the unusual and changeable Aquarius man detests. Love at first sight is a far sighted thing for Aquarius man and Taurus woman; they don’t even get attracted towards each other. The Taurus woman finds the Aquarius man crazy and the latter finds the former quite boring.

Compatibility of Aquarius man and Taurus woman

When they are not fond of each other, then compatibility is out of the question. But, strange things do happen. Though it is unlikely that they will hook up with each other, but if they do get into a serious relationship, their compatibility will be outstanding. The Aquarius man will find different reasons to fall in love with his Taurus woman every day. They will share a great compatibility if they accept the differences of each other. Rather than pointing out the differences, they will have to work towards becoming each other strengths. An Aquarius man and a Taurus woman can actually work together and avoid all kinds of complications by sticking with things that are comfortable for both.

Aquarius man - the thinker

An Aquarius man is a creative thinker and has a clear insight on how the humans function. They have a better knowledge on why and how things work in the world. The Aquarius man is always happy to help people around them. They are very friendly kind of person with lots of warmth and love in their heart. They seem to be cold and detached kind of a person, but in reality they are just the opposite. An Aquarius man always knows how to cheer up his lady love when she is down and out. Aquarius man is an understanding friend who will stand by you when you are in need.

Taurus woman - the supportive partner

The Taurus woman has all the qualities that a man generally looks for in his girl. She is a determined lady with high moral value and courage than other women. On one hand, she can be the perfect hostess to a party with her grace and on the other hand, she can be stubborn displaying fury storms. Generally, she is a great cook and her food is always exotic. The Taurus woman smells good and knows how to take care of her Aquarius man. She is homely, but when required, can become the perfect companion to her Aquarius man when he is set to discover the world.

Compatibility as a couple

They both are their own person and when these two opposites are put together as a couple, their compatibility will be interesting. At times, the Taurus woman can be argumentative, so it depends on how the Aquarius man handles the situation. If the Aquarius man gets into an argument, then things can get blown out of proportion, but if he is not pushy or edgy, then things will calm down automatically. The unpredictability of an Aquarius man is a grave concern for this odd couple. First, the Aquarius man has to be at peace with himself to make the relationship work. The Aquarius man loves to be in a committed relationship, but their love for change comes across a major hindrance. The best quality of an Aquarius man is that he doesn’t have any ego and is very happy with his partner’s success. The Aquarius man appreciates the independence and individuality of the Taurus woman and won’t ever create a fuss if his partner is more successful than him. He will be happy for her, but then again the Aquarius man is not good at expressing his emotions and this might hurt his Taurus woman. The Taurus woman is a perfect mix of humor and stubbornness. At times, the Taurus woman can be really funny and then she can be equally stubborn too. All said and done, the Taurus woman can be so loyal and pure that her love can bind even the unpredictable Aquarius man.

The dating experience

It will be hard to imagine that the two signs, Aquarius man and the Taurus woman dating each other, but when it happens, initial stages will be difficult for both of them. Both the signs will have to understand each other spaces without judging each other. If both are not able to relate each other, then it is better to look for one another quality. Aquarius man has this problem of completely engrossed in one thing at one moment and the very next moment he won’t even give a glance to that thing. This nature of theirs makes them complicated to understand. The Taurus woman is very practical so the thoughts and views of an Aquarius man come across as eccentric to them. While dating, the Taurus women can handle the situation with a pinch of diplomacy. The air sign and the earth sign rarely meet, but when they finally do, both needs to work hard to become a compatible couple. The homebody, Taurus woman has to adjust to the always so active Aquarius man for acquiring the perfect balance as a couple.

Practical experiences

The Aquarius man is always thinking high, whereas the Taurus woman is practical with her thoughts and when they both come together they attain a practical level. The Taurus woman takes care of her love life and won’t allow anybody to ruin it. The same holds true for Aquarius man when he is serious about the relationship. It might seem hard to attain such level of sanity when the Aquarius man is pushing his Taurus woman too hard, rather it might bring out the temper of the Taurus woman. Materialistic thing is important for a Taurus woman, whereas the Aquarius man thrives for freedom. When one is aiming for the sky, the other one is looking for the ground. When such distinct signs meet, there is hardly anything that both can do. But, if at all they are together, then it is very important that they work together as a couple by accepting the differences both have. If the Taurus woman and the Aquarius man put their soul into making the relationship work, then they will find a middle path to co-exist without any major confrontation. The Taurus woman doesn’t have any problem in following their Taurus man to strange places, but once they have visited the place they would love to be back into the comfort of their home. In this relationship, the Taurus woman has to adjust to their Aquarius partner if they want to make the relationship work. It is hard on the part of an Aquarius man to settle down in one place as they have a constant urge to visit the unknown. When a Taurus woman will be seeking peace, her partner, Aquarius man will be all geared up for excitement, making it almost difficult to come to a conclusion where both the partner’s wish is met on a go.

Sweet and smooth love experiences

One need to mellow down a bit and the other has to up its excitement a bit, and then only they can experience a smooth and sweet ride together. It is hard to manage when both have different personalities, but then it is fun too. The Taurus woman can bring in stability in the life of an Aquarius man, whereas the latter can provide some excitement and fun in the life of a Taurus woman. The Taurus woman can teach her Aquarius man how to be sophisticated and sensitive. The Aquarius man can return the favor by teaching the Taurus woman how to be creative and imaginative. As they spend their lives together, they learn new lessons of life together and gather some sweet memories to cherish. If true love is there between these two signs, then love conquers all. They will learn the trick of handling each other’s emotion and will grow as a person. The Taurus woman finds sex as a way to express her feelings and emotions that she is not able to express otherwise. In order to get what she wants from her partner, she will have to pamper the testosterone of his Taurus man and arouse him to the level where he would reciprocate the way she wants.

When the two meet finally

The opposites definitely attract, but this is a case of exception. Both the partners have to adapt to each other’s way of life, so that they can lead a happy life together. The adaptability can also be a hindrance because the Taurus woman finds it hard to adapt to changes or new things. It might happen that by the time the Taurus woman has adapted to a situation, her Aquarius man is ready to move on to the next venture. It seems difficult for the two signs to come together, but it is not an impossible match too. Communication and time can lead them towards a happy life together and make them fall in love with each other every single day. Every relationship needs adjustment and this one is no different. If they want their relationship to work, then both have to learn to curb or enhance their tendencies for a peaceful co-existence. When and if at all they come together, they will make up for an electrifying couple. How many signs are lucky enough to fall in love with the same person over and over again? But, these two with two different personality traits can make this happen.

Final word

The two outcasts, one east and the other west can only meet when they accept and realize the fact that the east can visit the west and the west can also make it to the east. Sounds confusing? No, it is actually simple. Both the signs will have to realize what they are best at and make the other realize of their strengths too. If the two starts inculcating each other’s best behavior, then they will be an electrifying couple who will win over all the odds. They will be each other’s strength and guide for the rest of their life.



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