Top 30 Reasons You Should Choose To Be Happy

Despite the importance of happiness, we have many people who are always gloomy. If you are one of them, here are 30 reasons to be happy.

By Gerald Matiri
Top 30 Reasons You Should Choose To Be Happy

Benefits of being happy

A common misconception among people is that the people with the most money, friends and power are the happiest. This is not the case and there are many of them who have all these things but will still rank among the unhappiest lot in the society today. The happiest people in the society today are the ones who chose to focus on enjoying life as it is and practice gratitude. People with goals in life and are working towards them are among the happy people. If you are looking for a way to remain happy, one of the things that you should do is to consider the things that you need to appreciate and be grateful for in the past one week. You will find many things that you need to be happy about and you will see gifts that you wouldn’t have seen. The more you try to focus on the positive things, the more reasons that you will come across. The good thing about happiness is that it is never overrated. It is only when we are happy and free of all kinds of worries that we appreciate how much life is worth. There is no better emotion that you can feel than happiness. This can be a overwhelming but at the same time subtle. No matter the position you may be holding in society, all that you need is happiness. But no matter how strongly we aspire to be happy, there are times when we are faced with the feelings of anger, depression or sadness. According to the happiness science, you make a choice to be happy. However, when life hands you a lemon, you should make lemonade. If you are still not convinced that you need to be happy, here are the top 30 reasons to be happy.

1. Reason to be happy-you are loved

We all have the important people in our lives. These are individuals who you would do everything for. In case you are searching for a reason why you need to be happy, this is definitely one of the key reasons. No matter how hard you find life to be, there is always that one person who shows you love unconditionally. Therefore, you got a good reason to be happy; the people who love and believe in you. This will cause you to have an enjoyable relationship.

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2. The unpredictability of life

One thing that should always make you feel happy in life is the unpredictability of life. Tomorrow you may wake to a promotion at your workplace or you may have a terminal illness. Now that you do not know what tomorrow holds, why don’t you choose to enjoy life today and be happy?

3. Reason to be happy-Optimism

When we become happy we turn out to be optimistic. This is not only a chain but it can be part of a more vicious cycle. You will have an improved quality of thoughts. Not only will you be able to see the lighter side of life but you will also be in a better position to embrace it. You will no longer be haunted by negative thoughts. This will also drive away the pessimistic thoughts. If you are looking for success, it is very important to ensure that you remain optimistic. This is actually the correct mental attitude that will help you to develop and live a happy life.

4. Improve your problem solving ability

The correct attitude will determine how you view life. When you have the right attitude, you will be in a better position to see the solution instead of the problem. You will easily take on a challenge and overcome it. One of the key skills is your ability to solve problems. If you choose to remain happy, you will be able to see the advantage in every problem. You become better placed to turn things around to your advantage.

5. Improves productivity

When you are happy, you become more productive and efficient. While this is not easy to notice, happiness will improve your mental capacity and provide you with the energy that will help you to complete your tasks. The fact that you will be motivated means that there is no particular point in life when you will be feeling low. This will go a long way in improving your productivity. You will notice that your action will be right and you will be assured of better results. With the right mindset, you will get a good output for every activity that you engage in. When unhappy, it will be difficult for you to focus well and this means that your output will be low. If you are looking for a way to be more productive, you will have no option but to remain happy.

6. look good and radiant

The eyes are the window to the soul. This is why you find that the most beautiful people are the happiest. When you are happy, this adds to your beauty. You will appear more resplendent and radiant. The happier you become, the more beautiful you will appear. Therefore, this is one of the reasons to keep on smiling. This will end up shining through your eyes.

7. For a longer life

There are certain factors that will help you to live longer; seeking God, the kind of genes you have and living a stress-free and healthy life. On the other hand, unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking and substance abuse will shorten your life. If you would like to liver a longer life, you will need to be happy. This is because happiness will help you get rid of stress and this will in turn help you to live a longer life.

8. Better relationships

If you are the grumpy kind, nobody will be interested in being around you. In case you tend to lose your temper fast, you will become very unpopular with the people around you. In case you are always having a smile, people will approach you as they will find you to be pleasing. In case you would like to have better interpersonal skills, it is very important for you to be happy. This will appear unnatural and made-up. This is despite the fact that there is no good reason to make it up while it is possible to remain happy. It is possible to solve every problem using a smile. The moment you become happy, you will end up having a better social life.

9. Offer a better sense of fulfillment

In case you would like to enjoy contentment, then there is no better way to do that than through happiness. Whether you are in love or you enjoy music, this only provides you with happiness and this only serve to ensure that your are completely filled. You will find everything perfect, the exact way it should be. You will have a new and positive way of looking at things. You will also be in a better position to look beyond the imperfections. Instead of focusing on those little shortcomings, you will have a look at the bigger picture and this can help you to live a more meaningful life.

10. Boosts interests

Are you always depressed or disappointed? If you answer is yes, you can be assured that this is something that will only serve to bog you down. It will be impossible for you to focus on passions and interests. Therefore, by staying happy, it will be possible for you to not only boost your interest but you will get some new ideas as well as ways to develop yourself and not remain stagnant.

11. Reason to be happy-remain healthy

If there are two things that correlate with one another, then it is good health and happiness. If you remain unhappy, it is not possible for you to stay healthy. One of the key ingredients for good health is happiness. This is one key aspect that many forget. You need to bear in mind that health is more than the absence of sickness. It involves the overall mental, physical and psychological health of a person. When unhappy, it will be difficult for you to have a lower immunity to diseases. This is on top of the fact that your psychological and emotional wellbeing will be guaranteed when you stay happy always. Dr. Christopher Peterson from the University of Michigan conducted a study on the link between optimism and health and concluded that people who are optimistic have an immune system that is stronger as compared to those with negative emotions. The reason for this is because those who have positive emotions area able to take good care of themselves.

12. Spread happiness

Charlie Chaplin once said that when you are unhappy, life tends to laugh at you. When you are happy, it gives you a smile. When you spread happiness to others, life salutes you. In order to make other people happy, you will need to also be happy. After that it will be possible to spread the happiness to others. This will not only give provide you with your purpose in life, but it will help to get rid of social ills in the society.

13. You will look younger

The only reason why you find that kids tend to be happier than a majority of us is because they have few things to worry about. This means that happiness tend to give us that warm and youthful glow. This is on top of the fact that when you are happier, you will frown less often and you will look younger.

14. You need to enjoy the present

Many people have an expectation that tomorrow will be better than today. However, there are chances that you will still not feel happy when you attain what you are following up on. While this may sound strange, the fact that you can be able to appreciate what you have will not have anything to do with what you already have. This is all about measuring the good things that you may have in your life each time. When you practice to want the things you have, this will actually feel sweeter. Consider that thing that you already have and can enjoy it as it is.

15. You will have a better future

A researcher at the University of California, Dr. Dacher Keltner suggests that it is possible to predict the future of a person according to their smile’s strength. According to examinations that they did on female students, researchers concluded that women who showed more positive emotions in the photos were more focused mentally and enjoyed happier marriages. They also enjoyed a more fulfilling life. Dr Keltner concluded that positive emotions go a long way in broadening the thoughts of a person while negative emotions narrow it. The study concluded that the way in which people express their emotions may dictate their social and personal success.

16. You got a career

If you were to make a list of the things that make you happy, one of the things that should make you feel happy is the fact that you already got a career. It is worth noting that a career is not the same thing as a job. A job is anything that helps you to pay your bills. It simply means that you got somewhere to report to when you wake up in the morning. Whether you love it or not, you got to report every day. When you have a job instead of a career, you will in most cases hate it. A career involves something that you are happy about in life. Even where you go through some low moments in your career, you still love it. When you have career instead of a job, it means that you are in an industry that you are passionate about. You work hard each day and at the end of the day you look forward to another day at work.

17. You love people

When considering the list of things that make you happy, this is one thing that you should not forget. When there are people you love and care about in your life, this is a good reason to be happy. Remember that not all people have this privilege. Even when you are single, there are still many people you love. Consider all the amazing and cool and funny and compassionate and sweet people that you spend time with. This is something that is worth celebrating and you don’t have to feel like a loser.

18. You are a nice person

If you are always trying to be a good respond everyday despite what you may be feeling, then this is a good reason to be happy. It is advisable to always treat people in the same way you would like to be treated. It will always be good if you can be compassionate to other people. Being a nice person in most cases requires that you understand what you need to say most of the times. At times you may be faced with a situation that leaves you rambling around. For instance, when your BFF gets dumped and you have no words to tell them. However, this doesn’t deny the fact that you are trying and this still makes you a good person as you had good intentions for your friend. This is a good reason why you should choose to be happy.

19. Reason to be happy-you are rich

Probably you consider yourself poor because you do not have a car and your own home. However, when you consider the large number of people in the world who sleep hungry, you will notice that you have a good reason not only to live a happy life but to also thank God. There are also many people who may have money but they are still being bogged down by debts.

20. You will overcome setbacks

Probably you are thinking that there is no reason to be happy after facing a list of setbacks. It could be that you got recently laid off, you have come from an ER or you recently got in the bad books of the law enforcers for DUI. It is important to remember that these setbacks are temporary and you will overcome them.

21. You are breathing

At times, life may be filled with challenges. But the fact that you are still breathing is a reason to choose to live a happy life. Consider that there is someone you knew but went to the grave in the recent past. But God has allowed you to continue living and this is definitely a reason to be happy and give thanks. Getting out of bed every day is a miracle by itself. There are people who are bedridden and may die anytime. They wish they had that future that a majority of us do not take seriously. The fact that you are not in any life-threatening condition that can prevent you from handling your daily tasks is a reason why you need to be happy.

22. You are growing old

Despite the fact that aging comes with wrinkles, saggy baggies and grey hair, it also come with some great gifts. There are many people who did not see the number of years that you are now at. The fact that you have gotten to that age means that you are now smarter than before.

23. You are handsome/beautiful

Probably the people around you don’t seem to appreciate this fact; you are beautiful. However, when you consider a list of things to be happy for, this is definitely one of the good reasons. The reason is that you are original and nobody else in the world has a similar look.

24. You have talent

You may not be as talented as Serena Williams in tennis or Chris Brown in Music. But the fact remains that you also got a list of talents that you can boast about. Even if you are a stay-at-home mum, it takes talent to handle the little human beings and watching them grow in a masterpiece. In order to keep the household growing, you are required to accomplish so many tasks every day.

25. You got the internet

The fact that you are using the internet every day is a proof that you really like it. It could be that you are already doing a job or you are connecting with millions of other users through Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites. The internet has brought million of possibilities. It makes tasks to be easy and fun and this is why it is a good reason to be happy.

26. You can travel

Travelling brings with it an unusual excitement. This is because you will be going to various places where you will be exposed to new ways of life as well as new cultures. Travelling does not only make us happy but it also serves to make up worldlier. Unless you got a job that allows you to travel every day, you definitely love traveling. You might go for one or more vacations in a year as well as some other smaller trips such as a road trip or a weekend getaway. If you got that opportunity to travel once in a while you definitely got a reason to live a happy life. The fact that you can visit places means that you are in good health; you got the money to pay for the trip and you have an opportunity to view different parts of the world (or even just a small part of it). You need to appreciate the ability to go to a different place without complaining about the hectic schedule that a trip comes with. And even when things don’t go as planned during your trip, you don’t have to be angry about that especially if there is nothing you can do about it.

27. You can save money

It is never easy to save money and you may have relapsed this the hard way. However, this is how we learn about the important lessons in life. The fact that you are able to save money is one thing that should maw you proud and incredibly happy. You don’t have to struggle with the purchase of groceries, paying rent and other bills. You are even able to treat yourself at times whether it is with the latest fashion clothes, a new book or a nice meal. If you save money, then it means that you can afford to buy things like books without having to feel guilty about it. You will be happy that you are already feeling okay about it and you can support yourself.

28. Reasons to be happy-our freedom

There are some things that we take for granted despite their importance. One of these is freedom. If you doubt how important freedom is, you need to visit those in prison. They don’t have the privilege to grab a snack and eat it, to read a book at any time they want or to go visit their loved ones. They do everything as per the prison schedule including eating. This is why you will need to be happy that you have the freedom to do whatever you want and at what time you need to do it.

29. You have a home

The fact that we have a roof over our head is something that should make us happy. There are many people from all over the world who sleeps on the streets. There is no better feeling than knowing that you got a better place to relax after a hard days of work. This is why this is something that should make you happy.

30. Reason to be happy-books

Books should make it to the list of items that make us happy. Whatever we need to know about life, we can find it in books. Right now, the hard copy books have been overshadowed by the e-books. There is nothing that will bring to you satisfaction like the opening of a brand new book and reading each page. Even if you don’t like reading the hard copy books, you can now listen to audio books. This is why books make it to the list of top 30 things that should make you happy.