Taurus Man In Bed: 10 Sexy Things He Secretly Wants

Read about Taurus man love traits, what this horoscope sign secretly wants in bed

By Vera Aries
Taurus Man In Bed: 10 Sexy Things He Secretly Wants

The Taurus Man In Love And Sex

Taurus men will look for a suitable partner for a long time, but when they are grasped by true passion, then it is unconditional and complete. A Taurus man has a strong sensuality and lust that he must keep alive within a relationship in order to avoid becoming a greedy, possessive, and jealous partner. He tends to fall in love with strong partners who would make suitable spouses. With his exceptional charm and imperceptible tactics, he will conquer every woman he wants. He does not endure rivals in a love or marriage relationship because marriage is extremely important to him. He is a good partner and a good parent. He may not always show it, but he is very caring. He is an attentive and passionate lover, but can be quite conservative. 

Most of the time a Taurus man does not approve of casual sex. He is emotional, gentle, honest, and faithful when in a relationship. Problems in sex for a Taurus man can occur for psychological reasons - too much jealousy or an insufficiently dominant partner are both possible culprits. A Taurus man agrees well with earth and water signs. The exception is Scorpio, where both symbols have to reduce their jealousy and possessiveness to make the relationship consistent. Fire and air signs are astrologically not suitable for a Taurus man. What matters to him is his possessions, though a Taurus man will sacrifice it all for a loved one.

Although he is not overly romantic, in love he is gentle and faithful. He is one of the best lovers of the whole Zodiac but he can be an inferior partner. Taurus men are very temperamental and possessive and they require complete devotion, dedication, and sincerity from their partners. When it comes to love, a Taurus man looks for a woman who is full of attention, patience, and care. He is passionate and cunning and he is known as a great seductress, though everything changes once the Taurus male finds himself in a committed relationship. Then he becomes very faithful. 

The Taurus man was created for family life and marriage. His most well known traits are loyalty and honesty. He is faithful, loyal, and honest with his partner. He wants a woman to lead and support him and he wants a woman that will give him love and understanding throughout their marriage. A Taurus man is sensual and possessive (sometimes too much so). He loves a quiet life and is not inclined to change his partner.

A Taurus man chooses a partner who is good for him. In fact, the more you say that you are not for him, the more likely it will be that he will pursue you. Taurus men hardly accept 'no'. He may look shy, but it's just a cover to win you over. If you want to win a Taurus man, do not be modest. Approach him carefully and then pull away at first and soon, he will become obsessed with winning your undivided attention.

Another trait of the Taurus man is that he is very good at detecting your small secrets and the subtle game will lead him to dig for the information he needs from you. On the surface, the Taurus man looks calm and uncritical, but do not believe what you see.

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Anyone who knows a Taurus man also knows that he does not accept 'no' as an answer, but what about his other, lesser known characteristics? For a deeper understanding of the sexy, stubborn, Taurus man, read on. If you want to know the sexual traits of the Taurus man and how to please him, here are ten things that every Taurus man secretly loves in bed.

1. The Taurus Man Loves Physical Contact

Actually, Taurus is the greatest lover of physical touch out of all the other signs. Since the Taurus man is a natural athlete, like Aries and Sagittarius, his sensuality in the bedroom is very much aligned with his partner's. He is sexually instinctive and has a big sexual appetite. A Taurus man also needs to dominate, but in bed his partner's needs will always come before his.

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The Taurus man is not a sign prone to excessive words, so you will not hear large declarations of love, nor will you experience a dramatic expression of feelings while in bed. Taurus men show their love through physical expression and contact such as embraces and caresses. He experiences emotional security from being with his partner during his free time. These are the ways your Taurus man shows you love - with few words, but lots of hugs and physical contact. Physical contact is sexually the most important thing for the Taurus man. He wants to cuddle, to have lots of hugs, kisses, and other physical contacts that express emotions, before having sex.

2. He Wants Love In Bed, Not Just Sex

Getting the Taurus man into bed is not always easy. The Taurus man wants love, not just sex. Love for the Taurus man is art. He is not interested in sex only for the sake of sex. Foreplay is an original and important introduction to the final act. He will instinctively know how to please you. Do not try to pull a Taurus man into bed to fix things. He will be offended. Instead, solve the problem immediately. If he has time to think, he will be up the next day and the day after that, brooding. Fix it as soon as possible to continue. Sex is not the solution to the problems, but love is. The Taurus man wants to feel loved in bed, so you need to do everything that is needed for him to feel wanted and loved while having sex.

3. Give Him Direct Orders In Bed

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The Taurus man wants to dominate in every aspect of his life. You would think that he would be the one that dominates in bed too, but Taurus men feel strong and confident enough to be able to receive direct orders. If you tell him exactly what to do in bed, it will make him excited. The bedroom is the only place where a Taurus man will allow someone else to be dominant. Also, he always likes to be rewarded for his efforts and will want you to pay attention to all of his body parts. Hail him in bed, he will appreciate it.

4. He Wants A Romantic Atmosphere

Another trait of the Taurus man is that it's very easy to excite him sexually since he is an extremely sensual sign, despite his reluctance to experiment in bed. For example, when it comes to sex, a Taurus man does not share Aries' love of game play because the Taurus man looks at it as going overboard. Sensual massage with whipped cream or chocolate, a feeling of silk underwear on the skin, a romantic atmosphere with dazzling lights and gentle music - that's exactly what the Taurus man wants. The Taurus man will like a partner that will give him lovely massages and, even better, someone that will transform sex into an art form. He wants passionate kisses and touches that are gentle and sensual.

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5. A Taurus Man Always Wants More In Bed

When a Taurus man is in the mood, he is insatiable and can have sex for hours and days at a time. For the Taurus man, sex is an instinctive thing. Accordingly, he is reluctant to be cajoled and prefers to let things happen naturally. For him, There is a need and a desire to enjoy sex from an authentic standpoint. That's how the Taurus man is able to have sex over and over again. When his partner is already exhausted, the Taurus man is still looking for more. There is never enough for the Taurus man if he is sexually in the mood. But there are some things that should be done in bed to help get your Taurus male to that point.

6. Kisses On The Neck

There is nothing that Taurus men love more while in bed than kisses on the neck. That part of the body is the Achilles heel for this zodiac sign. Slightly caressing and sensuous sliding kisses across the neck will leave the Taurus man full of lust in a matter of seconds. The neck is an erogenous zone for the Taurus man. He loves being kissed there and the more often a woman employs this maneuver, the better.

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7. Long Foreplay

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The Taurus man likes to take his time during sex and will transition slowly from foreplay to the main act. A romantic introduction in the form of dinner, red wine, and a candle is the perfect way to warm up the Taurus man. And when Taurus warms up, prepare for a long foreplay session because he wants to please his partner. If you are a romantic, then the Taurus man was created for you. Sexy and with an extremely sensitive body, a Taurus man enjoys slow sex, long-lasting foreplay, intense satisfaction, sensual massages, and romantic treatment. He loves spending the night slowly revealing the body of his partner from head to toe and exploring every nook and cranny with tongue and fingers. There is no rush for the Taurus man, and the most important thing for him is to feel how much he is worshiped through sex.

8. Bring Food To Bed

The Taurus man is one of the most sensual and romantic of the zodiac signs. He is in love with romance, love, and the act of sex itself. The partner of the Taurus man might think that things are happening slowly, but Taurus is a real master where the art of seduction is in question. When you meet a person born in the sign of Taurus, you will be wine and dined and Taurus will use all the techniques of seduction that he is capable of. Enjoy your wine while the two of you dine together under the stars.

The Taurus man also likes to introduce food into the act of sex, so do not be surprised if you find chocolates scattered across the bed or strawberries on the nightstand. If you want to sexually satiate the Taurus male, use food in the act of foreplay. Whipped cream, chocolate, or strawberries are perfect for exciting the Taurus man. Food as a sexual "spice" always passes in Taurus's bed.

9. Nice And Gentle

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A Taurus man has the strongest sexual instinct. The best zodiac lover could easily be a Taurus man. His sexual appetite is insatiable and he's always hungry for physical contact, but do not rush him. For him, good sex is like good food - he loves to enjoy it a bite at a time. If you want to seduce a Taurus, give him plenty of presents and use your wiles by always smelling nice and keeping your skin soft and supple. You must come to a Taurus' bed in a completely different way - gently, slowly, and patiently.

Wear something eye-catching and your patience will pay off afterward. The Taurus man loves foreplay and seduction. But do not be surprised if it does not end up in sex right away - The problem is in you because you are skipping some concepts. To make sure everything goes according to plan, you have to plan out your dinner and evening. Don't forget the most important part - atmosphere. Enjoyable music will help set the mood. All of your effort will be worth it. After sex, he will stay with you in bed for a long time. Just be ready to cuddle.

10. A Taurus Man Is A Visual Person

A Taurus man wants to watch his partner in bed. Visual stimulation really excites the Taurus man. He will always choose a position in which he can watch his partner (riding, or reverse riding) and the sight will drive him crazy. Brave ladies can give him the pleasure of looking at them as they masturbate. The Taurus man will agree that this is very sexy. In sex he is patient, but powerful. The Taurus man enjoys comfort. He is not particularly imaginative, but incredibly durable. He enjoys oral sex, and is willing to reciprocate to satisfy his partner at any time. Particularly attractive to him is the woman's buttocks, so he enjoys positions that give him a good view.


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It's possible that the infamous Taurus charm has already found its way into your life. Interesting, playful, sensitive, and romantic, the Taurus male is a great friend, lover, husband, and parent. Put a Taurus man in a room full of members of the opposite sex and he will probably charm them without a problem. He's good at flirting, so you might not want to leave him in the room full of women without supervision. But don't worry, if he's really into you, he will not even notice them.

In other words, Taurus takes the responsibility seriously. He likes to win, but if he has already won you, he will do his best to keep you. Unlike his predecessor Aries, winning your heart is not just a game for him. He wants a long-term partner and marriage. If he has not won you yet, he will make an effort to change that soon. In that sense, Taurus can sometimes look like a spoiled child who wants what he wants and when he wants. He can become obsessive if there is someone who does not give him enough attention. And once he gets you, he's likely to think of you as the reward he deserves. In other words, he will be jealous and quite possessive.

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Stay on the look out! A Taurus man can be seemingly calm even while creating chaos on all sides. You do not want to bug Taurus. He will shake you and he may even say unpleasant things. Some signs can forgive and forgot, such as Pisces or Cancer. Some signs can forgive you, but they will never forget (like Leo, Sagittarius or Scorpio). Meanwhile some signs, such as Taurus, neither forgive nor forget. If you have done him wrong once, he will not give you another chance to do so. A Taurus man will simply walk away from you.

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Taurus wants safety above all. If he feels that he can not trust you, he will not waste time investing his feelings in you. He always wants to do the right thing from the start. Another thing that is not widely known about the Taurus man is that he must fall in love with your mind in order to fall in love with your outward appearance. It's not enough that you are attractive and desirable.

He seeks a partner who can keep pace with him, both mentally and physically. Taurus is the biggest fan of physical contact and therefore the Taurus man has a great sexual appetite. The Taurus man likes to take his time and he refuses to hurry anywhere. He wants you to be completely dedicated, but he also wants to do what he wants. If Taurus feels that you're hurrying him, he will become even more stubborn and absolutely will not move. For him, love must be a process: attraction, acquaintance, conditions, arrangements and disagreements, sex, dedication, and then the final step - marriage.

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 A Taurus man will sometimes be in a relationship for years before actually standing in front of the altar. Another trait of the Taurus man is that he is gentleman. He will wait for you as long as necessary if you are not ready to have sex with him. He will consider the wait an honor. He's a real gentleman. Listen when Taurus talks about others. In this way, he gives you clues about how he wants you to behave, what you should and should not do, and what he considers correct. In this way, you will get an idea of ​​what he expects from you.