10 Signs That Show Strong Chemistry Between Two People

Chemistry happens between two people who like each other

By Tashke
10 Signs That Show Strong Chemistry Between Two People

Chemistry vs love

Love just happens. How many times have you heard people complain that they are constantly searching for love, a soulmate, a significant other, etc., but that their searches are usually unsuccessful? Well, love doesn't happen just like that. Love cannot be found the same way you find your missing keys. No, love just happens, sometimes when we least expect it. People looking for a partner primarily expect to feel true chemistry first and then love.

Some statistics even show that without chemistry between a couple there is no chance of a successful relationship. However, like most intangible things, some characteristics of the chemistry of love can sometimes be misleading or misunderstood. Before that initial spark of love, you need to feel some chemistry with someone, a special, strong, indescribable feeling. In the paragraphs below, we will try to explain some of the characteristics of chemistry in love between two people and signs that show you two are meant to be together.

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1. You look at each other all the time

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The first sign of existing chemistry between two people is in their eyes. The way they look at each other can reveal a lot of things. When we feel strong chemistry for someone and we are attracted to someone, our eyes are glued to him or her. Very often we do it unconsciously, so when we are caught, we get embarrassed and look away. So cute, right?

If you often find yourself wanting to have long-lasting and intense eye contact, it's clear that you are interested in that person and that you want something more than just a quick look. This applies equally to men and women, because modern women are conquerors, self-confident and strong, and are not afraid to make the first step if they feel the signs of chemistry with someone. Eyes wide open are a clear sign of someone's interest. Your eyebrows are raised, pupils dilated, and your full focus is on the person you like. Your eyes are all over him or her, a sign that the chemistry is very strong.

2. Body language is a strong sign of chemistry

This is a mostly unconscious action that happens when we are attracted to someone and we feel like our bodies' chemistry matches each other. This is, in principle, the reaction of our body to the onset of emotions that show when chemistry occurs between two people. These are mostly small signs of our feelings, most of which are performed without our awareness. Science has shown that more than 90 percent of communication between people is based on body language and chemistry. These tiny signs can help you to get to know and read your new partner better. Body language is different in men and women and is specific to each of us, but we will try to explain in short terms how our body reveals our feelings when we like someone.

Female body language

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Women do not know how to hide their feelings so that their body language will not reveal too much. When they are close to the person they like, women tend to put it all in the open. They begin to play with their hair or lick their lips, constantly cross their legs, lean forward and closer to the person, and so on. This is how they try to get your attention because they feel that there is strong chemistry between you two. If you notice this kind of behavior, the woman is obviously interested in you. And you thought women were complicated. They're more like open books written in a language that very few people know how to read.

Male body language

When it comes to men, their body language is a whole other science. According to studies on love and the chemistry of attraction, they are simpler than women. Their body reacts to physiological incentives. Men do not blush, but their pulse gets faster, while blood flow and breathing are slightly accelerated. Pay close attention to his hands. If they get sweaty, this guy is feeling a huge amount of anxiety because he is by your side. If your body reacts in a similar way, that is a clear sign that there is strong chemistry between you two.

3. Out of all people, you two are especially close

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If you are to take every opportunity to get close to each other, it's a sure sign that there is strong chemistry between you two. You two use every opportunity to touch each other, but these touches are not at all based on friendship. These touches have a sexual connotation if they last more than a few seconds. So, if he puts his hand on your knee or shoulder, or if he grabs your hand gently, and he always looks you straight in the eyes, it's an obvious sign that he wants you. In front of other people, your touches may seem innocent. But they lead to something big and significant. The desire for each other is clear, so if you want him and he wants you back, chemistry is present.

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4. Teasing in front of people

Teasing is a childish behavior, and although it's not exactly one of the signs of the existence of strong chemistry, it certainly indicates that you have someone's attention. Admit it, we are no longer children, and in this new phase of life teasing also acquires a new meaning. Now, this act has the purpose of getting someone's attention and challenging them for a reaction. You use cute nicknames. You push each other around, trying to show physical affection for each other somehow in front of people. You two imitate each other. All these are obvious characteristics that you like him and he likes you, and that there's strong chemistry between you two.

5. Chemistry so strong, you don't want to go away

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You're already attracted to someone. The chemistry is strong between you two. And you feel close to the person you like. Never mind if other people are around; you can only see him or her. When the chemistry between two people is very strong, there is an indescribable need to constantly be next to each other. If you enjoy someone's company, no matter what he or she does or says, you do not want to ever be separated from him. This is a clear sign that the chemistry is really strong.

6. Light tension between you two

This characteristic of chemistry in love is directly linked to the previous paragraph. When you tease each other, sometimes you may get mad or overly excited or affectionate in front of people, if one of you goes too far and loses control. So it is very important to pay attention to the words used when you're teasing each other. If these words are slightly offensive and hurt you, instead of putting a smile on your face, then it's not chemistry, just a lame effort to attract attention. These kinds of people are not worthy of your thing. Friendly and flirty teasing is one thing, but there's no need to be offensive and rude.

7. Not paying attention to other people

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When you are around a person you like, no one else is needed; other people simply don't exist. You just see that person and all others are irrelevant. Chemistry can be so strong that it will literally blow your mind. You forget about your phone, your friends when they're around, and everything else that's important to you. If you notice the person you like also puts away his or her phone, that is a good sign. Nowadays, when most people are slightly addicted to their phones, moving his or her phone away just to talk to someone face to face is a big deal.

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8. Smiling all the time

Oh, you cannot miss their silly smile, trust us. It will be hard to miss as it will never not be removed on your crush's face when he or she is with you. If you like each other, you will never stop laughing when you're with each other. Another sign of strong chemistry between two people is when the person tries to make you laugh. Your laugh is music to his ears. Smile seductively in return, but be modest.

9. True chemistry comes from pheromones

This sign relies on chemistry as a real science. Research has shown that when we like someone and he likes us back, our body stimulates the production of pheromones. So what are those? According to chemistry, it is a hormone that is responsible for causing attraction, the existence of sexual desire, etc. The secretion of this hormone affects our bodies, making them produce odors that are actually too faint to be scented, but the opposite sex considers them pretty attractive. Simply put, you are first attracted to someone's body fragrance, and then everything else. It's kind of like a pheromone match. You can recognize pheromones you like among thousands of people. Chemistry made it that way.

10. Wants to get your attention

Another sign of pure chemistry is that, among all the people around you, you want to get attention just from that special someone. To get this person's attention, you end up making quite a scene in front of other people. You don't need to make a fool of yourself in public. Be subtle, and in combination with all signs above, this reaction to your special bond and chemistry will give results very quickly.


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Everything we do in life is inspired by our inner system of values. We like everything that matches our instincts and fits in with our desired life routine, while we reject things when we simply do not have a good feeling about it. Nowadays, people have very little time to get to know other people, so we usually evaluate them according to their looks and behavior - the things that fool us most often.

Chemistry can also be felt with a complete stranger, as long as we can infer enough information that our value systems match. Over time, our value systems change, and chemistry may fade. Then there should be an understanding and maturity in the relationship. This often does not come, and the relationship ceases to exist. It's not enough to rely on chemistry. It is also necessary to look under the surface. This way you are heading in the right direction and laying a solid foundation for the future.

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