140+ Serious Questions You Should Ask Your Boyfriend

A relationship is a serious thing and for you a lady, you've got to ask your boyfriend a number of important questions. Here are 140+ of such

By Emmanuel Onitayo
140+ Serious Questions You Should Ask Your Boyfriend

Why You Need To Ask Your Boyfriend Some Serious Questions

It's not a good thing for you as a girl to base your relationship with a guy on assumptions. A lot of things can go wrong that way, which can be avoided if you've asked the right questions from the beginning. It can be painful realizing later in your relationship that you have given your all to a guy who cares little about you. You must know some things about the guy you are moving out with, and he is probably not going to tell you except you ask him. Of course, not everyone likes asking questions just the same way not everyone likes answering it too. But then, when it comes to serious issues like that of a relationship, there is no hiding place. Questions must be asked, ‚Äčand answers must be supplied. Below are some 140+ questions that can help you determine the seriousness or otherwise of your boyfriend to your relationship.

Serious Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend To Know The Future Of Your Relationship

1. What can you say about us being married in six years from now? From this question, you can deduce if he feels your relationship can end up in marriage or not. Again, you'll get to know how soon he wants to settle down. 2. Do you prefer couples having a joint or private bank account? 3. How many children do you see us having together? 4. What type of house would you want us to live in? 5. Suppose you get fired from your workplace, how do you hope to move on and take care of us? Nobody prays to be fired from work, but it's one of the sad realities of life. You want to know if your boyfriend realizes life is not a bed of roses and has prepared for the unplanned. 6. What one thing would you like to improve on? 7. How do you think we should raise our children? 8. Will you defend me in public no matter what? 9. Have you had to quarrel with someone before? How did you handle it? 10. Which do you prefer: being your own boss or working for someone else? 11. What is your view on women, violence,‚Äč and abuse? 12. Do you love being around children? 13. Do you believe marriage is a school someone should never graduate from? 14. What scares you most about love? 15. What can you say makes a relationship last long? 16. What two things can you boast of about me to your friends? 17. Do you have any secret you have been thinking of telling me? 18. Have you ever aspired to become the richest man in the world? 19. Do you have goals and ambitions you want us to accomplish together in the future? 20. What is your definition of marriage?

Flirty But Serious Questions You've Got To Ask Your Boyfriend

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21. What would you do if you entered my room and saw me naked? 22. How would you react if I should tell you about your friend flirting with me? Your aim of asking this question is to know if you are going out with a man or a boy. A boy will get angry, become jealous and perhaps do some nasty things, but a man will handle the situation maturely. 23. If you were asked to list two parts of me that keep you connected, what would those parts be? 24. Have you ever kissed before? 25. If yes, what was the experience like? 26. How would you feel knowing other guys are asking me out? 27. What initial impression did you have of me? 28. What is your understanding of a lady being sexy? And do you consider me as being one? 29. If you have the opportunity of having sex with me before marriage, would you grab it? Hilarious but important question! You are trying to find out if he believes in premarital sex or he is the "no sex until marriage" type. Your findings should give you a clue as to what to expect 30. How comfortable are you seeing me with my ex-boyfriend? 31. How comfortable are you seeing me around guys? 32. If a friend of yours or any of your family members does not like me and advise you to break up with me, will you oblige? 33. How often do you think sex between married couples should take place? 34. Do you think it is right having sex with a girl during her period? 35. How would you react to abstinence from sex for some period? 36. If for whatever reason I become pregnant before we officially get married, how will you handle it? 37. Have you crushed on someone before? 38. Do you know of anyone who has ever crushed on you? 39. What dressing style would you love to always see on me? 40. What is your best romantic line you have ever used to woo a girl? 41. What would you say if someone said they saw me in a hotel? 42. Would you love us bathing together as a couple? Romantic but funny question. Not all couples would subscribe to them having their bath together, and you want to be sure where your boyfriend stands on this matter. 43. Would you always love to have sex in the bedroom or anywhere in the house? 44. What method of pregnancy prevention is OK with you? 45. Can you share your wife with a friend? 46. Can you sacrifice your job for the happiness of your home? 47. Have you ever double dated before? And can you still do it? 48. Are you aware of any sex position and style? 49. Tell me your opinion about couples having a timetable‚Äč for sex 50. At what age in marriage do you think sex should stop?

Serious Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend To Know His Past

Everyone has a past. Some good, some ugly. There are some who keep a list of their past experiences and as such, allow it to influence their present. It would be nice to know if your boyfriend has a list of past experiences he wants to discard or keep to himself. Here are some questions to know this: 51. Have you ever been in a committed relationship before? 52. Are you still on talking terms with your ex? (That is if he‚Äôs ever had one) 53. How long was your last serious relationship? 54. When did you end your last relationship and why? 55. Have you checked your HIV / STDs status recently? 56. Have you ever jilted someone before? 57. What opinion did your teachers have of you while you were still in high school? 58. Have you ever been involved in any criminal case in your life? 59. Where did you grow up? 60. Who did you live with during your early years? 61. How was your relationship with your family in the past? 62. Do you have a list of people you only hope to forgive in heaven? Great question there! If he's hurting, you'll probably be able to find out here. Forgiveness is a therapy, and if he has a list of individuals he's finding hard to forgive, you can be sure that'll affect your relationship in some ways. You can help him here really if he answers yes to this question. 63. Have you ever been on drugs before? 64. What memory of your past would you regard as your best? 65. What do you always wish you should have done rightly? 66. Have you had to beat up someone before? 67. Do you believe in superstition? 68. If yes, what are those superstitions? 69. Have you ever threatened someone in annoyance before? 70. Do you have a past you consider worth sharing with the younger ones? 71. If I could see what you are thinking right now, how would you feel? 72. Have you ever thought of changing your gender? 73. Have you for once doubted whether you will be successful in the future? 74. Have you had to regret ever taking a risk before? 75. Were you into a relationship in your high school days? 76. Have you ever been in a dangerous situation that almost took your life? 77. If yes, how did it go? 78. What dark moment of your life do you think‚Äč your family and friends should not hear about? 79. Do you always wish to have the power to turn back the hands of the clock? 80. Have you ever killed any dangerous animal before?

Questions About His Likes And Dislikes

‚Äč81. Tell me what you loved doing as a kid? 82. What is your favorite television program and why? 83. What sporting activity do you love most? Almost all guys love sports. You want to know which is his best so you can understand how to motivate him in that direction. 84. Do you have any favorite food? If yes, what? 85. What do you like most about yourself? 86. What do you hate most about yourself? 87. Who do you talk with most? Your father or mother? 88. If you are to make three choices or wishes, what would those things be? 89. Would you prefer to live in a quiet and remote place or a rich and noisy environment? 90. What kind of music do you like listening to? 91. Are you always filled with happiness being with me? 92. With a sincere heart, do you love me? 93. Do you prefer calling or texting? 94. Have you been given a present or gift you needed most before? If yes, in what situation? 95. What is your favorite movie? 96. If you are in the room alone, what would you be doing? 97. If you are to list in order of preference, money, love, and power, which one will be your first and last? 98. What is the best color you will always pick over and over again? 99. How will you feel if you discover I'm jealous? 100. What kind of phone and PC would you prefer to work with?

Some Deep Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

You like your guy to be intelligent, don't you? But just how do you find out if he is? This set of questions will let you know. You'll agree that it takes the wise to know the wise. So, if you are on the lookout for a smart guy, it means that to some extent, you also are a smart lady. LOL Anyway, straight to the questions! 101. What is your perfect definition of love? 102. What is your greatest fear about our relationship? And Why? 103. Will you ever miss me for something special if we ended breaking up? 104. Why do you think some women remain in an abusive relationship? 105. What makes you happy always? 106. What do you think is the greatest need of a girl in a relationship? 107. How would you like us to settle our bills after we might have got married? 108. What special plan do you have for us? 109. If you had 1 million dollars to spend, what would you spend it on? 110. Did you have any celebrity crush as a teenager? 111. What is your opinion about inter-racial marriage? 112. What gift(s) would you like to receive‚Äč on your wedding day? 113. How long do you intend working for someone? 114. What is the grossest food you have ever taken? 115. Can you allow extended family members to live in the same house with us? 116. Are you a religious person?

General But Serious Questions To Ask Him

117. What is that one movie you watched that you can never forget? 118. If perchance you discover I am older than you, would you remain‚Äč in this relationship? 119. Have you ever had a bad dream that made you so frightened? 120. How would you react seeing me among male friends? 121. If you have the opportunity of meeting the President of our country, what would you love to tell him? 122. If you were the President of our country, what one thing would you do differently? 123. What always makes you think of me anytime you do? 124. Abortion or no abortion, what's your take? 125. What do you think makes a person poor? 126. Have you ever beaten up a woman before? 127. Who is your mentor? Why did you choose him/her as your mentor? 128. What is the nicest thing you have ever done for someone? 129. What is the nicest thing you have received from someone? 130. Did you make many friends during your high school days? 131. Do you love playing mind games? 132. If your personality were to be represented by an animal, what would that animal be? 133. Who would you love to spend your day with on your birthday? 134. Do you love people pitying you anytime you are sick? 135. Do you love doing house chores? 136. What is your perfect description of an ideal vacation and have you ever had one before? 137. Do you have a nickname? If yes, how did you get the name? 138. Do you like spending much time on social media? 139. What comes to your mind anytime you see me? 140. How would you describe me to your families and friends? 141. What is your stance on divorce? 142. Do you believe in talent? If so, do you think you have one? 143. In your own opinion, how much time do you think it‚Äôs too much for us to spend together in a day? 144. What is that one question you don‚Äôt want me to ask you? 145. Capitalism and Socialism, which of the two forms of governance do you consider the best and why? 146. At what age do you think it is right for people to get married? 147. Have you ever thought of yourself as being an asexual person?

Some Serious Questions About Religion To Ask Your Boyfriend

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‚ÄčReligion is part of us, and many of the things we hold so dearly as being morally right or wrong are often shaped by our religious tenets. You hardly can enjoy your relationship with your boyfriend if you fail to know his religious orientation. If he is devout, he'll probably find comfort in a devout person too. That's why these questions may end up being one of the very important ones you have to ask him. The root of religion is very deep in us, and where opinions differ, crises may be unavoidable. Without much ado, here are the questions 148. What would your definition of religious fundamentalism be? 149. What is your religious denomination? 150. In your view, do you think returning tithe is necessary? 151. How often do you fast? 152. Would you love any of your children to marry from a religion or denomination other than yours? 153. What constitutes sacrilege to you? 154. If the only money left in your account is just enough to go for pilgrimage, will you still go ahead? 155. What is your idea of heaven? Do you think it‚Äôs a myth or reality? 156. Do you see yourself becoming a religious leader in the future? 157. Tell me honestly, is there really God? 158. How much prayer is too much? 159. What constitutes sin and how can one sink deep into it? 160. Do you think a person consuming alcohol is deep into sin? 161. Have you ever being baptized or do you to soonest? 162. How much time is too much to devout for religion?

Final Remark

‚ÄčIt's so long a list, and it can be tasking asking all of these deep and serious questions even in a year. In posing each of these numerous questions, you would have to set a plan. The plan has to be deep and comprehensive. Of course, you don't want the time you both will be spending together to be devoted to answering questions always. It is advisable you give gaps in between those questions and don't exceed a maximum of four questions per day. Let the answer or response of your boyfriend be voluntary and never force him to respond where and when it seems he is not comfortable doing so. Expectedly, you asking him questions mean that you yourself are prepared to answer some questions from him too. The table can turn and he may see you probing him as an avenue to equally pose some questions to you. This is no issue at all, just be honest. As it is often said, questions beget questions. Though this list appears long, as you ask one question, others not included here may even come up. Never mind, just go ahead and ask so long it makes sense and would make you know him better. Hope this helps!


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