How to Keep a Guy Interested: 32 Ways to Leave Him Wanting More

Keeping your guy interested can be tough, especially early in the relationship. Luckily, we've got 32 tips for you to keep your man hooked.

By Lizzy Whitcomb
How to Keep a Guy Interested: 32 Ways to Leave Him Wanting More

Keep Him Hooked and Interested

Learning how to keep a guy interested can feel like the challenge of the century for a lot of women. There are so many questions as to what men want and how to keep your guy wanting more. Every guy is different in what they desire and even who they want out of a partner. That’s just life, and we all must learn to ride the waves of uncertainty. Keep in mind that there are some proven ways to keep your guy interested, and we are going over 32 of those amazing tips.

Learning How to Be Spontaneous

When we can learn how to be spontaneous, it will spice up your relationship to a new and more exciting level. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been with your guy for seven years, take a day to do something out of character aided around him, and you will see how he just keeps hanging on for more “exhilaration.” He will be so interested in why you are so random and sexy. You'll have him hooked, and he'll keep coming back for more.

Never Change Who You Are for a Man

To keep your man interested, never and I never mean, ever change who you are for your guy because eventually, you will be killing off the real, authentic you! Learn how to be creative, joyful, and comfortable in your skin, and he will see this as confidence, which will keep your guy hooked forever. Guys love mature, confidence women; remember that.

Smell Nice for Your Man

It’s a known fact that guys relate to smells and can connect easily with certain smells. As a woman, always make sure you have a great smelling perfume. Don’t overpower your guy, but always smell fresh so he will be hooked on you forever!

Take Control in Bed

As a guy, most of the time they are the ones’ taking control in bed. Occasionally, to keep your man interested, you should show your man just how in control you are. The surprise and the confidence will leave him wanting more and so much more after that! Keep up your skills in bed, and your partner will be interested in more!

Make A Positive Impression on His Friends

One way to keep a guy interested is to be on his friends' good side. Guys are always competitive, no matter what the game is, and they like to keep up with the best around. As a woman, make sure that you impress his friends, making your man think that he has the best partner around. This will make your man want to cling to you more often if you’re the top leader of his circle of friends. If his friends are hooked on you, he'll be more likely to keep coming back for more.

Make Sure You Seduce Your Guy

Another way to keep your man interested is through seduction. Seduction, in a relationship, is essential. From time to time, make sure you still have the art and skill of utterly seducing your guy. You must remember that he is your man for a reason. Seduction is a great tool to keep him around because you are showing him how important he is to you. There's a little stereotype of the woman always waiting for the guy to make the first move (and yeah, sometimes it's nice when he does). But don't be afraid to make the first move yourself! He will feel the same excitement and happiness that we feel when our guys take the lead. Have him hooked, and take pride in how you excite him!

Be Interested in Your Man's Hobbies

Your guy will probably have one hobby that they are interested in more than any other and with that comes an attitude of showing interest in what he likes. By doing this, you are implementing that you like not only him, but all the characteristics that make your partner up.

Don't be a Drama Queen

If you want to keep your guy interested, then learn to not over-dramatize everything! As women, it can be so easy to blow things out of proportion and be noted as the typical drama queen. Let’s admit it, women have a lot of emotions and hormones going on, but try not always to play the drama queen card. Guys see that as immaturity and qualities of being a silly woman. Eventually, they will move onto someone who is a little calmer and mature.

Be Your Man's Shoulder to Lean On

One thing that guys love is when their ladies can give them support and love during a difficult time. Always make sure that when he is going through a rough time, be his undying shoulder to lean on. This will show that you are paying attention to his needs and that your guy is with a mature enough woman to sacrifice a little of her time for the one she loves. By doing this, it will make your man very interested in getting to know you as a person.

Learn How to be Your Guy's Arm Candy

Whenever you two go out, always make sure that you fix yourself up for your guy because this will show your man that you care about looking good right alongside with him. Looks aren’t everything, but when you two are going out on the town, try a little more to fix up and show him how proud you are to be with him. He will be interested in where the second and third date could end up.

Make Sure You Are Secure Financially

It’s a known fact that guys are interested in a mature woman who has a stable job and knows how to spend her money. Most guys cannot stand a woman who spends too much money, regardless if she has it or not. Make sure you have your finances in order and are settled down at a stable job. This will ensure to your man that you have a very stable and mature life. He will find security in that.

Have Intellectual Discussions

You must remember that you’re not in grade school anymore. A grown, mature guy will be interested in having intelligent conversations with you, even if you both are learning something new together. Always make room to expand your minds together because this will show that you have wisdom and can handle a challenging situation. Once again, this will make your guy feel quite secure.

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Be on His Family’s Good Side

Guys, for the most part, are attached to their families, and when you can get along with his family and get on their good side, this will only draw him closer to you and make him feel as though you are a true part of his family. He will be quite interested in a longer commitment when you can get along with his family.

Assist Him in Dealing with Life

You two are partners for a reason, so always make sure that you are helping your guy in all the struggles of life. No matter what it is or how embarrassing it is, always make sure that you are giving him solid advice and structure. This will help him to remember that you truly care about him and his needs. If you know he had a bad day at work, try texting him the next morning and say, "Hey, just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you. I hope today goes better!" Texting can be a great way to communicate when you're both busy. That small sentiment will show him you care and that you've been paying attention to how he's feeling. If he doesn't respond right away, DON'T WORRY! He's working. Give him some time — even if it's after his shift ends or if it's the next day. If you continue texting him, it will stress him out more and will add strain to your relationship. Keep it to one text until he responds.

Showing Public Display of Affection

There’s no need to overdo it, but you should at least hold hands or cling to your guy’s arm when out in public because this type of behavioral pattern will implement that you “need” him. This will make your man feel so important and interested in you as an exciting lover.

Compliment His Ego

Make sure that you always compliment your guy’s success throughout your relationship because this will guarantee that you’re totally on his side, kind of like a ride or die. Every single time he does something that turns out to be a success, make a big deal out of it and show him just how proud you are.

Learn How to Be Independent and Dependent

Make sure when you are with your guy, you are coming off as a bit dependent, but when you are by yourself, you are independent. Keep that balance throughout your relationship. Men love the thought of being needed, so remember not to take the lead too strongly when you are with him.

Always Be Interesting and Happy

Guys love it when their girls are for the most part, happy with life. Always try to bring a smile to the plate when you are around him and keep yourself interesting. The mystery will make him want to be around you. Happiness is a magnet for more happiness. That being said, don't fake it. It's okay to be sad or have a bad day! Just make sure it doesn't last forever, or it will start to have a negative effect on your relationship.

Never Make Him Feel Insecure

It’s okay to talk and be nice with other guys, but never make him feel as though he’s less of a man when you’re around. Wrap your arms around him, even in front of others, and this will make him feel so powerful.

Try Not to Be Easily Available

As a woman, make your guy miss you when you’re not there. He will be interested in the mystery of you! It’s good to spend time with him, yes, but make sure you aren’t ready for him on his first call. Make him appreciate what and who he has.

Always Be Smart and Sassy

Guys love when women have their personality, bundled up with a little sass along the way. This will keep your man interested in who you are deep inside. Always use your head, but a little sass will keep him wanting more out of that fiery personality!

Don’t Be Too Needy

I cannot stress this enough! Do not be one of those women that acts like she needs her man all the time, day, and night. Show off your independence and make him understand that he’s a mature lady that can handle her own. This will make him want you more.

Be A Great Cook

The way to a man’s heart is always through his stomach, so make sure you can whip up an awesome meal out of thin air. This will impress him so much that he will want to stay around to see what else is in store! Always keep him hungry for your food and only your food.

Being Sexually Advanced

Learn how to have sex in different places. When your guy comes home, try only wearing an apron as you cook his dinner. Know your moves in the bedroom as a woman, and he’ll be lusting for more! Always keep things hot and spontaneous!

Thinking Like a Guy

Women and men think so differently, so as a woman, learn the trade of thinking like a man. Relate to your guy, and he will know that he’s chosen the right woman. When you can think on his level, that will show him that you’re with him for the long run.

Don’t Be a Sucker

Whenever he throws his weight at you, make sure that you can throw it right back to him. Don’t be a pushover because, after a while, your man will grow tired of not having an even challenge. Always stand up for yourself and your beliefs.

Learning to Discipline Him

Whenever your man doesn’t behave, it’s your duty as a woman to discipline him, give him advice and show him how he can better himself. That will implement to your man that you do care about his wellbeing.

Let Him Be Proud of You

Make your man want to brag and talk about you to his friends and family. Let him be proud of you! There’s nothing that a man likes better than sex is to brag about success in his life, and when he can add you to the table, that only makes him prouder to have you.

Give Yourself Respect

Always act like a lady because this will show your man that you are grown up and only have eyes for him. Keep your respect and never let your man push you into anything that belittles your power as a woman. Make sure your man knows that.

Give Him Space

Make sure that you always give him enough space to regroup and wind down from a hard day. This will ensure that you know how to take care of others, which will make him want to stay with you longer. When you can read his body language, he will know that he has chosen the right woman.

Keep Little Secrets Between You Two

This will ensure that you are not going to go out on him. Make sure if you share a trip together and have a funny little memory, keep it a secret. This will bring the bond closer to you both and ensure him that you’re more than just a pretty face.

Believing in Love

Make sure you always keep that old time romantic perspective in your relationship. Believe in love and make him feel as though nothing else but that is important. Grow on it, build, and create life upon that platform and by doing this, your man will be so interested in the way you view love. Always implement love in all that you do regarding him, and he will stick around for life. Good luck!