What Does It Mean When A Guy Touches Your Hair?

Do you get confused when your guy touches your hair? What does it mean? Continue reading to know about some basic reasons why a guy touches your hair.

By Amanda Palmer
What Does It Mean When A Guy Touches Your Hair?

What does it mean when your guy touches your hair?

There can be many theories to this question. The answer depends on the kind of touch and the look in the eye at that moment. You have to read your guy's body language too if you are confused with him touching your hair. Guys are generally very unemotional people. Although some guys are a little emotional and might be able to express their feelings verbally, it is very rare for a guy to touch his girl's hair. At times, their weird gestures make us very confused and it is very tough to analyze the reason behind their gestures. It is also possible that a guy is just playing with your hair while you read too much into the gesture. It is important to notice his eyes, the moment of his touch and the kind of touch to come to a conclusion. Listed below are some obvious reasons why a guy would touch a girl's hair:

He is tousling your hair because he likes you

Tousling the hair is often a playful gesture or an affectionate gesture generally done to little children. It is a way of showing affection to little children. It can also be considered a synonym to patting the back with 'well done'. Some elders just tousle the hair of their children when they do well in a sports or academics. If a guy tousles your hair, it could mean that he is really fond of you or he might be happy with something that you have recently done. Tousling the hair is a playful gesture which messes up the hair. If a guy you have a crush on tousles your hair, it could only mean that he is fond of you and it does not necessarily mean that he likes you. Do not get carried away if your crush tousles your hair. You still have a long way to go in the relationship. If you are already in a relationship with someone and the guy tousles your hair, it could mean that he is showing his love and affection for you. It could also mean that he finds you cute like a kid or it could mean that he liked something that you recently did.

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He is touching your hair because he is attracted to you

If a guy is attracted towards you, he might touch your hair often to know how you feel like. Often when you are initially attracted towards someone physically, it has got to do with your face, your body and also your hair. He might touch your hair and your face too to feel you better. You should notice the look in his eyes when he touches your hair. Does he look at your hair and your facial features while touching your hair? If yes, then probably he is trying to cast an image of yours in his mind. If a guy is attracted towards you and he touches your hair, he might also comment on how soft or beautiful your hair is. He might even comment on how good your hair smells. If he does so then it is clear that he is attracted towards you in a physical or sexual way. Guys only touch women who they find attractive and obviously, no guy would touch a woman whom he finds repulsive. While the guy is attracted towards you physically, it might not necessarily mean that he wants to date you immediately. He might be just making up his mind. Some guys also just like to give compliments to beautiful women. If he finds you attractive with pretty hair, he might just touch your hair and compliment you. It is just similar to how we feel like touching something that we find beautiful without any intention of buying it. In such an attraction, you will be very clear about his motives by the way he looks at your hair and often gives you a compliment. Perhaps, he is jealous with your silky hair. You could playfully suggest him the name of your conditioner and shampoo.

He might be innocently flirting with you

There are some guys who just want to act delicately around girls. A girl's hair is a delicate part of her body. If a guy is just innocently flirting with you, he might hold your hair and touch your hair. That’s it; there is nothing more to it. Such guys might flirt with every girl they find beautiful. It is just their way of showing concern or attraction. Such guys won't even look deep into your eyes while touching your hair. Read their body language carefully. If his eyes are roving here and there, then probably he is just flirting with you and has no serious feelings for you.

A guy touches your hair when he is in love with you

A guy who is in love with you will touch your hair and your cheeks often. He finds you beautiful and every part of your body beautiful. He looks deep into your eyes while touching your hair and sometimes just playfully moves your loose tresses from your eyes. If you feel the same about this guy, then his touching your hair will send tingles down your spine else you might find it really creepy. Even when he kisses you, he often runs his fingers through your hair. Your guy does this because he loves you. He loves his woman with lovely hair and he loves to touch his woman's soft and lovely hair. Even while your guy gives you a hug, he often strokes your hair from behind because he is in love with the whole of you and he loves your hair especially.

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If a guy gets aggressive in sex, he might pull your hair

Often while making out, guys touch a woman's hair. They might do it during rough and aggressive sex. If a guy gets very rough and aggressive in sex, he might first try to pull this woman's hair. It is a gesture subconsciously set in all our minds as a form of punishing women. The hair is long and it easily comes in the grip of the hand. It is easy to inflict pain on women by pulling their hair. Sometimes, when a rough and aggressive sexual encounter is a mutual decision, the woman might agree to hair pulling as sometimes inflicting pain gets some women horny. Some couples even fantasize about having a master-slave sex. If the woman plays the role of the slave then the guy pulls her hair only to emphasize the point of punishing his slave. Even today, we find many incidents of guys pulling a woman's hair physically inflicting pain on a woman by pulling her hair. It is easy to punish a woman and cause tremendous pain to her by pulling her hair. Hair comes in the grip of the hand easily and while a woman may try to run when being punished, guys find it easier to catch hold of her hair and cause pain to her.

If a guy plays with your hair, he likes them

If your hair is really long and pretty, then the guy who touches your hair might only like to play with it. Have you noticed him making a mustache with your hair or playing with your hair in a funny fashion? Such guys will not make eye contact with you while touching your hair. He might only concentrate on the hair that he is holding without showing any obvious signs of attraction towards you. You might find them twirling with your hair. They might have not seen their mother or sister sport such long hair and so they are in awe of such pretty and long hair. Such guys are generally playful and end up playing with anything that comes to their mind.

Sometimes, a guy might just kiss your hair while giving you a hug. This could be a very brotherly gesture too. When a guy kisses your hair while giving you a hug, it could only mean that he feels affectionate towards you. Affection can arise in a husband-wife relationship, a brother-sister relationship, and any other such relationships. Some girls have a very cute face and her guy friends might just play with her hair and stroke her face just to show their affection and friendship. A person likes to touch something and someone whom they like or find cute. You would even cuddle your pet and stroke the fur of your pet as a gesture of showing love and affection. If your hair smells really sweet and is very silky, a guy could just kiss it and compliment you without having any love feelings for you. You have to know your relationship with the guy to analyze his touching of your hair. You should also look for obvious signs in his body language to come to a conclusion. When you hug someone, you either stroke their back or touch their hair because the hands can reach the hair from behind easily. Sometimes a guy would touch your hair and set it behind your ears only to have a clearer look at your face. He might find your loose stresses irritating as they come in the way of your pretty eyes and cheeks. Some guys don't like long hair and if a guy repeatedly moves your hair from your face then it could mean that he is just moving them away to enable him to get a clearer vision or eye contact with you. We often find guys or girls touching baby hair. The hair of a baby is very soft and you often touch the hair of a baby to move it from his or her eyes so that the baby is not uncomfortable. Every touch has a different meaning. If a baby is very cute, you can find some guys touching his hair and his cheek only to feel his cuteness as it is very natural to touch a cute and cuddly little kid.