What Does Eye Contact Mean To A Guy? Body Language Of Guys

Discover what various types of eye contact from a guy means

By Gerald Matiri
What Does Eye Contact Mean To A Guy? Body Language Of Guys

Eye contact and attraction

Eye contact is one of the concepts that set apart a master seducer and an average man. Regardless of your level of experience in wooing women, you can always increase the chances of your approval through this body language sign. A sizzling eye contact is one of biggest signs of romantic attraction. You never know, locking your eyes with a strange guy on the streets or in a shopping mall could be the beginning of a friendship that would blossom into wonderful love.

You can gauge someone’s interests by the way they look at you because eyes are the soul’s messenger. Sometimes you can read emotions from eye slits; that is why you find it difficult talking to a guy who is wearing dark glasses or mirrored lenses - because you can’t get effective feedback. The manner in which someone projects their eye gaze is one essential means of communication.

Have you noted that most people look away when thinking or when they are hesitant? And when there is an interruption between two people having a dialogue, the eye contact is usually mutual. While it’s practically impossible to know what’s going on in someone’s mind, reading his body language is quite easy. Find out what a simple stare could mean.

Types of eye contact and what they mean

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1. Unconscious eye contact

Has someone ever given you a stare and then looked away immediately. Most likely, they didn’t even notice anything about you. It happens all the time when the eyes are wandering and meets another person’s eyes coincidentally for a fraction of a second. If a guy makes such an eye contact, there is nothing much going on and he is probably not paying attention towards you.

2. Intentional eye contact

If you make a positive impression on a guy, he will stare at you consciously and perhaps smile at you. As soon as your eyes meet, he will look away due to awkwardness or shyness. Experts in body language claim that a downward gaze aversion translates to instant attraction; while a sideways gaze aversion could mean that the person is not attracted to you. The bottom line is that if a guy breaks eye contact immediately and intentionally, he is either interested in you or it can mean that he is not interested, and that’s why he is avoiding your eyes. Not so many people can hold eye contact for long with strangers. The breaking of eye contact is not so important, as the fact that he looked at you intentionally.

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3. The glance-and-a-half eye contact

This type of stare is not easy to notice unless you are very keen. It is a situation whereby a guy looks at you for a longer period of time than usual and then breaks the eye contact. While the intentional eye contact may last for a second, the glance-and-a-half can last two seconds, but it is subtle. Normally, men spend more time looking at what they find attractive whether unconsciously or consciously. He may break the eye contact with you, but he will spend more time looking at you than usual. It happens when he has something else on his mind, but still finds something interesting about you. This is a strong body language sign that indicates his intention to have a conversation with you.

4. Double glance

Once someone gains the courage to maintain eye contact, they may do it a second time especially when it is received warmly. The funny thing about the double glance is that most people do it unconsciously and if you ask them, they might not remember the number of times they have glanced at you. This shows how guys can be caught up in their own world and forget what’s going on around them. Whatever the case, the subconscious mind seeks out intriguing things and so if his eyes keep on falling on you; take it as a huge sign of attraction.

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5. Intentional no-eye-contact

A guy may be seated on the other side of the room and when you look at him, he tries all he can to avoid looking at you. It is a way of telling you to leave him alone. Yes, he knows you are looking at him but he resists the temptation to look back. Simply put, if a guy is not making any efforts to look at you, chances are he is not interested in you - it is his non-verbal way of telling you to give up.

6. Unintentional no-eye-contact

This is a situation whereby a guy is not aware you exist, let alone that you are around. He hasn’t noticed you and so will not make any eye contact. He might be so busy talking to another person and there is nothing you have done to capture his attention.

7. The gaze

The gaze may be conscious or unconscious. A guy looks at you continuously for five seconds. If you are not interested, this behavior might seem creepy. For about five seconds, he will hold the eye contact, making it a clear sign of attraction. You don’t need to be a genius to know that this is a sign of interest. This is what mysterious guys use when seducing women.

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8. Gaze aversion

A guy may catch your attention with a mysterious stare, but then he shifts his eyes as soon as your eyes meet his. If you look at him, he will take it as an invitation and if you don’t, he will assume you have rejected him. Shy guys are known to make gaze aversions due to nervousness. Sometimes, a guy will look away as soon as you make eye contact to pretend he is not interested, while in reality he is protecting his ego. If you are having a conversation with a guy and he keeps drifting his eyes, it could mean that he is embarrassed or he is avoiding a certain topic. Gaze aversion is one way of ignoring a conversation. Keep in mind that you can influence someone by avoiding or maintaining eye contact.

9. Gaze and smile

The gaze in itself is strong body language; a sign of attraction; and when it is accompanied by a smile, it means that the guy is really into you.

10. Dreamboat eye contact

These are eyes of a man who has fallen in love with you. You know he is in love when you wake up to find him staring at you with a fairy tale smile or as if he is high on something. It is that look he shares when giving you the first kiss or just after you have made love for the first time. The dreamboat eye contact has a time limit; it ends after you have dated long enough to get used to each other, although it may happen in rare circumstances; such as during the anniversary of your relationship.

11. Seductive eye contact

A guy who is making a seductive eye contact will stare at you, hold the eye contact, and then smile. He will keep on staring and smiling. These signals mean he wants you sexually. The intentions of the seductive eye are usually very clear and only a blindfolded person would fail to configure the sign. It is a very cheeky stare and may be accompanied by winks. Ignore such a stare if you are not interested or smile back if you think he’s cute. Seducers normally make the first move if they feel encouraged. But when you show a sign of disgust, they quickly give up.

12. The crazies

This is a hopeless look that denotes someone who is literally crazy for you. It is kind of annoying because this guy will haunt you till you file for a restraining order. It means he can do anything just to keep you by his side and that makes him seem desperate. As romantic as the crazies seem romantic, it is a big sign you are in a dramatic relationship. Imagine a guy knocking at your door at three in the morning with a crazy story on a bad dream he had about you. It is a clear sign he has lost it and what he needs is a psychological help and not your love exactly.

Eye contacts that mean a guy likes you

13. Uneven distribution eye contact

If a guy wants you, he will steal constant glances more often. If you are in a group of girls, you will catch him staring at you and not any other girl. It means you are the apple of his eyes. He hopes to build mutual attraction by capturing your attention. Uneven eye contact distribution can make you fall in love with this guy because your body starts producing attraction hormones as soon as you realize that you are the only one he is paying attention to.

14. Dilated pupils

If a guy really likes you, his pupils will become wider when you are around. In normal cases when the eyes meet something interesting, the pupils will dilate.

15. Prolonged gaze

Guys stare more into the eyes of ladies they feel attracted to. Normally, a man will look at you for a fraction of a second and change their gaze, but the guy who likes you gazes at you for prolonged periods of time.

16. Shinning eyes

The eyes of a guy who likes you will shine when you get closer to him. You will notice his eye becoming moist. As such, they start reflecting light and become shiny.

17. Funny eyes

If you notice him looking at you after making a funny comment, it means he likes you and wants you to approve of his joke. He wants to crack your ribs. And see your beautiful face as you laugh.

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18. Raised eyebrows

This is a common body language sign that represents interest. The moment a guy sees an interesting lady, he will raise his eyebrows to get the big picture. This is a small sign, but it tells a lot about his feelings.

Meaning of reactions during eye contact

The reason why men maintain good eye contact is to gauge the interest of the women they are pursuing. A guy can tell whether you are interested in him or not through your eyes. Normally, a woman stares deeply into a man’s eyes as she becomes attracted and she will maintain the eye contact through the entire conversation. Here are the main signs of attraction men look for in women

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19. A high blink rate

If a woman is really into you, her pupils will dilate as she is so focused on you. Then she will blink more often than usual. The other noticeable thing about a girl who likes you is that she flutters her eyes and you might catch her eyes checking your lips.

20. Lip Bite

This tells you she is carving for a kiss. She doesn’t just bite her lips but wets them as well. In some instances, she will show you her tongue.

21. Winking at a guy

When a woman wears a flirty face, whether you are near or at a distance, she is definitely interested in you. It is even more obvious when she starts playing with her hair while maintaining a sexy eye contact. If she has given you these cues while looking at you, don’t wait too long to ask her for a date because she might just be dying for it.

How can a guy create attraction through eye contact?

22. Confidence

If you meet this girl in a coffee shop, you don’t need to use complicated wooing tricks or funny pick-up lines. Just use what you have - your eyes. After locking your eyes with hers, hold it for a moment to make sure that she gets the hint; then you can use other body language signs to mean what you are saying.

Your eyes say a lot about your emotional state. If you allow a woman to look at you, you are inviting her to look into your feelings. In other words, you are exposing your vulnerability by making her see the real person in you. This is why eye contact is the greatest sign of attraction. Besides attraction, eye contact projects confidence. If you cannot maintain prolonged eye contact, it means you are insecure and she will perceive you as timid. But when you are confident, you will keep a steady gaze without acting nervous. If you have to drift away, make sure your eyes move with your intention.

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23. Friendly eye contact

The surest way to scare a woman on your first meeting is by wearing dark shades. You need to show her that you are relaxed and don’t mean any harm. Even if you are tense, shades will not help you get what you want because they are distracting. You need to show a woman that you are a friendly guy, besides being confident in a bid to build attraction. The other way to show you are a friendly guy is to smile with your eyes. Crack a joke and laugh when she makes one. Note how your eyes look if there is a mirror nearby and make sure they show nothing but warmth. That is the type of eye contact you should always make when you are with a woman. Women are more receptive to friendly guys.

24. Own it up and mean it

If you are secretly admiring a girl and then she catches you staring, you are not supposed to feel embarrassed or act as if nothing happened. It doesn’t mean you have to dart down or apologize for staring - it would display you as shy or timid. You want to make sure that your first impression leaves her mesmerized. If you start on the wrong foot, it will be increasingly difficult to get this woman. So, rather than acting like you are sorry, own up your actions and maintain a steady eye contact even as she looks at you. That way, you will build attraction because she will feel desired rather than offended. A prolonged stare is flattery in terms of body language as long as you don’t look creepy. To avoid looking weird, give her a friendly smile.

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25. Get Closer

Nothing could be more attractive than a guy making an intense and close eye contact. It is not that easy, especially if you are the shy type but you can beat the timidity by holding the gaze. Show her that you are ready for whatever challenge. The closer you get to your girl the better, but make sure she is comfortable having you around. If you find her attractive and she responds positively, flirt with her with your eyes. Getting closer doesn’t mean you are a pervert; it shows that you want to give her the respect and attention she deserves. It is a way of appreciating her beauty - physical and inner beauty. If you can see through her eyes when she is that close, you will be making the perfect and effortless eye contact. Always remember to smile, gaze steadily, and know when to look away. Once you master these skills, everything will flow naturally.

Final word

Note that the beginning of attraction is making eye contact. After all, you will have to make a bold move so you can take it to the next level. Consider the eye contact as a stepping stone towards a beautiful relationship. Self-doubts might get into your way, but you have to shun the fears as you move towards your target. Since the confident eye contact is your strongest foundation, you have nothing to fear; everything will be fine.

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