10 Guaranteed Ways To Make Him Want You Again

Many a times, a break up doesn't really spell the end of a relationship. If you are confident, you can make him want you with a few strategic steps.

By Auntrone89
10 Guaranteed Ways To Make Him Want You Again

How to make him want you again

A break up can be riddled with regret especially when it involves losing someone with whom you thought you would grow old. In such cases, you might try to move on but it will almost always feel like an impossibility. If it feels that way, then it might be a good idea for you to consider the only other option that doesn’t involve walking out and that is trying to get him back. Many people will always advise against fixing things and getting back together. And it is with good reason because, well, most of such missions always end up badly especially if you trying to push or force things. Always remember that as a woman, your dignity should always come first. You should never compromise it on any account, even if you are trying to win the only man that you love back into your life. Therefore, it is important to note that there are quite a few steps that you can employ in your quest to get your man back. You will be required to be as thorough as possible so that in the end, you will effortlessly make him to not only want you but to chase after you. And let’s be honest for a second here — women love it when men chase after them, even if they didn’t want them in the first place. I mean, wouldn’t it be cool just to sit tight and watch the man you love walking through fire just to make things right with you? Now that we are all in agreement on this point, here are some of the things that you can use in a bid to get your man back.

1. Getting in shape will make him want you back

As I have always said, men are and will always be visual creatures who fall in love with what they see. And it is also true that there are plenty of reasons as to why people break up, one of them being unattractiveness. So, when it comes to trying to get your man back, then you can never go wrong with getting in shape. First and foremost, make a point of hitting the gym on a regular basis. Doing so will not only make sure that you are healthier but will also make you look ten times hotter than you used to when you were with him. And if he ever lays his eyes on you after a couple of months or even weeks, trust me, he will take note of the positive change. And don’t be surprised when he comes over and say hi (believe you me he would want to). And even if he doesn’t get the privilege of seeing you, trust that some of his nosey friends will carry the tidings about your body transformation to him. And that alone would make him want to come by and see it for himself. And once he does that, he will remember all the good things that emanated from your relationship — the same things that he is missing right now. The trick here is staying focused and doing this for you and not for him. That way, whenever he approaches you and tries to start a conversation, always be cordial and show that there is no bad blood between you. But don’t give him too much attention as you did in the past. If you do this right, trust me when I say that he will start questioning his decisions for leaving or breaking up with you almost immediately. And chances are he will initiate the chase all over again!

2. A wardrobe overhaul will make him want you

Again, men fall in love with what they see. So, apart from hitting the gym and burning all the unwanted fat and looking all tight and sexy, it would do you some good to also have a wardrobe overhaul. It would be a good idea for you to replace everything boring with everything sexy (if you know what I mean). And this should include your casual wear all the way to your lingerie. If you aren’t that good in the fashion department but still want to have your man back, then don’t be afraid to seek help. You will not regret when you check out some of these trendy fashion blogs that are contemporarily popular thanks to the dawn of the internet. These internet blogs happen to have a lot of material, and you will have a blast going through each of them without losing a shred of interest. From the fashion blogs, you can move on to friends who know a thing or two about fashion, and they will be glad to help without your having to push any buttons. The good thing about asking advice from friends is that they will always put in that extra effort knowing fully well what your end game is. Another reason why you also need to check out with your trendy friends is that they will render their services for absolutely free! Remember, you don’t need to spend a lot of money when it comes to having a wardrobe overhaul. As long as you are doing everything carefully and with the help of trained/experienced eyes, you will most certainly hack it without breaking a sweat (or the bank for that matter!).

3. Ignoring him will make him want you more

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What can I say? Our brains are wired to want things always that we can’t have. First and foremost, the reason why you broke up, or he isn’t attracted to you might be because he thought he’d never lose you. This happens because you gave him the right to think so, which is very wrong in the first place. Even if you love your man, don’t ever give him the notion that he will have you forever even without putting in the effort. But even if you already made that blunder, it is never too late to flip the script. You can still make him to not only want you back but also never take you for granted ever again. Just make sure that you are keeping your distance and while you are at it, make a point of improving the quality of your life rather than wallowing in regret of losing him. And I am not saying that you should block out your feelings because trust me when you lose someone that you cherish, the feelings will always be there to torment you. Put your trust in the process and make sure that you aren’t falling back into the rabbit hole of neediness. You are just a human like the rest of us, and there is no shame in feeling hurt. But what you do when you are hurt is what will define you at the end of the day. In addition to that, you need to fully understand that we feel pain so that we can learn not to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. And that includes when you either get back with him or choose to move on. Ignoring him will spark a renewed interest because he will realize that he made a mistake by letting you go. And when he does, don’t be surprised when he comes back crawling on his belly like a snail. At that point, he will be willing to eat out from the palms of your hands.

4. Make him want you by having fun without him

Nothing punches holes in a man’s confidence more than seeing a woman he just broke up with move on with lightning speed. And that doesn’t mean that you have to move on for real. Doing this means that you aren’t allowing a bad situation put you down and making the most of life is enough to make him question his decisions. Instead of hiding in a corner, your cheeks awash with tears of regret and self-pity, you can always push the negative energy aside and have fun once in a while. And if you have just broken up recently, trust that he will always be keeping an eye out for you. And seeing you have the time of your life without him will most certainly make him want you even more. And even if he tries to reach out, talk to him in person but ignore his texts for a while until he sees the value in you as the strong woman he is on the brink of losing. You should also take caution while doing this because if you take way too much time to ignore him, he might give up and move on. Just do this enough to make him want you back. And once he comes back to his senses, then you can put down certain rules that will govern your relationship from there henceforth. Again, always strive to make things much better once you’ve had your man/boyfriend back. That way, he won’t ever leave or take you for granted even if is life depended on doing so.

5. Exclusion will make him want you back

Another way you can use to make him want you back is by excluding him in everything you do. Inclusion is something that you do when you are with someone. But once you have broken up or are taking a break from the relationship, then make him realize that all the privileges have been revoked until further notice. Doing so will not only spark feelings of regret for losing you but will also make him want to win you back. It’s just a knee-jerk reflex. And it is that kind of want that will drive him towards getting you back at all costs. So, the next time you have broken up with your boyfriend or fiancée, try holding a party a week after. Make sure that you have invited everyone apart from him. You can also invite his friends, colleagues, and family as well. Doing this will grasp his attention, and he will most certainly want to know why he was excluded. But since you aren’t his girl anymore, you are not obligated to offer him any explanations which will only make him want you more. He will realize that you can do just fine on your own and to move on from him wouldn’t be as hard as he thought it would be. If you do this right, it will make him want you more. But if he releases that you are somewhere crying over him, that kind of neediness will push further away. And to make him want you even more with this tip, always be happy and jovial when around your mutual friends because word will reach him that you are happier without him. That will make him want you back even more.

6. Make him want you back by kicking him out

Okay, I will have to be clear about this one. By kicking him out, I don’t mean that you have to possess any special Kung Fu skills or be overly dramatic about it. While dating, it is natural to leave stuff at each other’s places. But after a breakup or a timeout, nothing makes a man grasp the gravity of the situation more than when you collect all his items and sending them over to him. Therefore, make him want you back by collecting all of his stuff, and this includes the personal gifts that he gave you for whatever reason — an anniversary ring, a dress or that hot lingerie that you’ll feel terrible surrendering. In short, don’t ever think about holding on to anything that came from him, that is if you want to make him come back. If you hold on to things, it will just show him that he still has power over you, and that is contrary to what we are trying to achieve here. You can also play some dirty tricks while you are at it (i.e.: You might want to put a little of your perfume on these items just to leave your scent on them). Your scent will always make him want you back each time he catches a whiff of it as it is the perfect reminiscent of all the good times you had together. And it is evoking such kinds of sweet, memories that will make him want to rekindle things once again after getting you back. See? It’s pretty easy. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason for you to regret losing him when you can get him back so effortlessly. All you need to do is be confident and follow these tips, and everything will work out just fine!

7. Make him want you by talking to him

When the time is right, you can make him want you by initiating conversation. Nothing shows him your willpower to move on more than your “no hard feelings.” And if he wouldn’t have had another woman by then, it will make him want you back as soon as possible, which is what you want, right? It is imperative that you keep on showing independence by not being too available. For instance, if you want him back, then you need to make the communication as scarce as possible. He will want you, even more, when he realizes that he isn’t a priority in your life anymore. You can do this by taking your time when replying texts and never calling him back. You might want to make it look like keeping him waiting isn’t a big deal. Naturally, a man would want to ask why he was made to wait. So, when this happens, always come clean and just say that you had more important things to do at the time. Even better, you can push his buttons and make him want you even more by telling him that some hot guy was hitting on you. Obviously, he would want to know more, and that will be your opportunity to shine. Make sure that your imaginary love interest has got all the best qualities that your man lacks. This will influence him to want to come back into your life and make it worth your while by doing better. So, if you allow him back into your life again, you would want to make sure that he doesn’t leave again and the only way to do that is by being much stricter.

8. Make your ex-boyfriend jealous to want you back

Reverse psychology is the key especially when you want to get back with your ex-boyfriend. You must have many hot guys in your circle that you can opt to go out with. And to make matters even better, you might want to go out with a better man if you want to stir up just the right amount of jealousy in him. Again, it doesn’t have to be a serious date. And even better, you can go out with a hotter friend and make sure that you are more comfortable around him. As soon as he sees or hears all about it, he will regret losing you immediately. This will make it hard for him to move on, which is what you want to achieve at this point. And for the umpteenth time, try as much as possible to look happy. Looking happy is a very important aspect of getting exactly what you want. And if he still loves you, he will make contact or want to make a comeback to your life. Either way, this will be the desired effect and therefore a definite win at the end of the day. If he tries getting with another girl to make you jealous, don't let it bother you in the slightest. Everything you do needs to show that you are committed to moving on to much better things. But as far as this tip is concerned, always understand the power of moderation. Don’t push him too far by overdoing it because everyone, including a guy who still has feelings for you, has a limit. And you don’t want to make him go past that one line that he can’t come back from even if he wanted to.

9. No more niceness from you will make him want you

You would want to make sure that you aren’t as nice as you used to be. Doing so will not make you a bad person at all. It just shows that you want to be treated with respect and nothing less than that. And if he ever wants to get you back, as well as your niceness, then he has to make amends because that is how things work in the real world. You have to give up something to get something. You might also want to have your bevy around you because not being nice to someone you are used to being nice to all the time can be a daunting task. But if you have your girls around you, they will want to see you strong and not crumble like feta cheese at the sight of your man. You can start by using one liner texts or leaving vague responses that will make him wonder what he ever did to you. And if he asks, you might want to remind him exactly what he did wrong. You might also want to be firm at all times because giving him the illusion that he is losing you will make him want you even more. If you get to do this right, he will want you back again out of regret. And as stated above, you won’t have to lift a finger in the name of putting any effort to mend the relationship. All you’ll do is kick back and let his regret of losing you work the magic.

10. Avoid him on social media like a plague

Once you have confirmed that your relationship is over and done with, you might want move on — and do so in every sense of the word. That will include removing all the photos of you both on social media just because you want to run that cold chill called reality down his spine. Guys always want to feel like they have a chance with the girl that they have been with even after a breakup or misunderstanding. But if you publicly declare that you are no longer together, which is exactly what you need to do, then it will push him to want to make amends and get you back. But you shouldn’t make it that easy as he might want it to be. Once he has seen the reality of losing you permanently, he will do whatever it takes to make it right because he wants things to go back to being normal again. Once again, you don’t need to overdo it because, well, things can go sideways if you do. Besides, you might want to keep him as a friend if you want him to witness all of this. Just stop liking or commenting on his updates. You might just want to avoid his social media page altogether. Unfollowing him is a good start by make sure you are still friends. Apart from avoiding his social media life like the plague, you would also want your updates to be related to starting over. Put up a photo of a phoenix rising from the ashes and get him shaken to the core. He must know that he is about to lose the best thing that ever happened to his life and, quite frankly, it is true.

What if you can’t make him want you back?

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Even if you get to do all the above, chances are you still might not get him back. Sometimes he might just not want you or doesn’t regret losing you. If this happens the last thing that you want to do is drowning yourself in the sea of self-pity. Doing so is pathetic and will not make you any more attractive to him. If all of the above tactics fail, it would be a good idea for you to set sails and move on. And I don’t want to lie to you that it will be an easy path to undertake. But if you are in a position to push further and further, taking it a day at a time, you will most definitely come out the other side much stronger. Even if you have the urge to be clingy, don’t cave in. All you want to do is pushing on and on until you get to the finish line. You would also want to remind yourself that you are the best thing that ever happened on planet earth and repeat it until it becomes a mantra. Why would you want to do that? Because it is the bloody TRUTH. Thankfully, there are many ways in which you can move on, and you might want to try them out especially if you are finding it hard to move on.

1. Find a support system

Find people who love you and want to be around you. They might be your immediate family, friends or a group with collective interests, i.e.: support group. It is also a good idea for you to let your emotions show because that is the only way to push past this hard part of life is by going through it. The good news is that when you go through it, you will finally come out the other end stronger, better and much wiser. And whenever you want to talk about your feelings, your support system will always be there for you, which is another reason as to why you need to have them around. A good and healthy support system will always remind you that breaking up is part of life and that you shouldn’t worry much about it. In addition to having a strong support system, make a point of remembering that we don’t always get what we want. So, chances are we can only do our best and let the rest take care of itself. And as you learn how to accept and move on, remember never to look back with regret because, as cited again and again, that in matters of love, we can only get to do our level best — period. Want is always seasonal because we can always want something or somebody else in the long run, so it’s all good.

2. Get back to the dating scene

There are well over four billion men on planet earth. That should tell you that losing the one you want shouldn’t feel like the end. It should excite you to move on to your next prospect instead of trying to push or force something just because you want someone. You should never compromise your dignity by trying to make someone who doesn’t want you to want you. Getting to move on is difficult — I know because I have been there. Heck, we have all been there. But as I said much earlier, there is always a reward waiting for us once we get over the people we want and thought life couldn’t be possible without. So, allow yourself to feel the pain. But after getting over the guy you want, you will be open to more, even much better possibilities. If you have friends, they most certainly know of hot guys who would very much want to take you out on dates. It doesn’t have to be a romantic date, but if you go out with a hot male who has good intentions, it will help you get over the man you want but rejected or left you. So, instead of trying to push and make someone want you, you can just choose to walk away with your dignity still intact. Thankfully, there are plenty of platforms that you can use to meet new men, and you should, therefore, make good use of them. Who knows, you might end up finding someone you want, and the feeling will be mutual. Therefore, don’t you dare let the want for one person cloud your judgment and waste your precious time — the time you could be spending with someone you need.

3. Forgive and forget

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When someone breaks your heart, it is usually a complicated part of their lives. But then again, it is just something that happens to everyone, including the most beautiful people on earth. That said, the better we get at handling and moving past heartbreaks, the better our lives will be. And since peace and tranquility is the only thing that we want, then we are left with no other choice but to forgive and forget. The earlier we forgive and move on, the better. This is because we go past these feelings and it kick starts the healing process almost immediately. After a breakup, we all want to hate those who cause us pain which is normal. But being hateful will only hurt you again while dredging up the feelings of regret for losing him. So, just forgive, forget and move on to better things that life has in store for you.


As earlier stated, it is very important for you to note that using the tips above can go both ways. Love and any related matters are beyond your control. So, instead of trying to push or force things, it would always be better just to do your best and let everything else unfold as fate deems fit. Make sure that you are also preparing for the worst and you can do this by not expecting anything from your attempt to get him back. You might also want some space to genuinely improve yourself — and not just for his sake. For instance, you can hit the gym, change your wardrobe and be happy with your general progress in life. That way, whether he wants you back or not will never be a priority for you. You are strong, and you should never let a person have power over you again. If it works out, then fine. If it doesn’t, then fine. Always tell yourself that you will always be FINE.