80 Cute And Sweet Things You Can Do For Your Girlfriend

To keep your love alive, there are some cute and sweet things you can do for your girlfriend. This article presents 80 of such things.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
80 Cute And Sweet Things You Can Do For Your Girlfriend

It's Your Duty To Make Her Happy

One of the challenges most couples face in their relationship today is how to keep their love alive. Most times, as the pair gets to know everything available to know about each other, they soon run out of ideas on what next to do. But then, love is like a plant that needs constant tendering otherwise, it would die too soon. Making your girlfriend happy and feeling loved is one sweet but tasking duty you have to perform as a guy. You need to constantly devise means by which you will relay your love to her especially in such a manner that is not boring or monotonous. Let me build on an assumption that you are reading this piece because you want to know those sweet, cute, and interesting things you can do for your girlfriend that would keep you both glued together and then reassure that you aren't in the wrong place. The things you are about to read here are tested and trusted. If you can meticulously carry them out, you can rest assured your girlfriend is forever yours and you are forever hers.

Cute Things To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special

To make your girlfriend feel special, you have to do something special. However, not everything special is difficult. In fact, some of those things do not require money. The principle here is to make her feel and know there are certain things you only do for her and no one else. Here are some wonderful ideas you may want to pick from.

1. Don't Have Any Other Girlfriend Except Her

This is perhaps the cutest gesture you can display to your girlfriend. All other things that would be mentioned here can only find their relevance when this commandment as it were, is obeyed. Your girlfriend wants to know and see that she is the only one in your life. It makes her feel special and that alone is more valuable to her than any expensive diamond ring or other gifts. The key to achieving this is to date the girl you love and love the girl you date. Make sure they are your fit in all sense so as to guide against unfaithfulness.

2. When In Public, Introduce Your Girlfiend Specially

Let's say you are in the company of your friends and your girlfriend is also there, boast about her to them. Let them know how much she matters to you and accord her the greatest respect you can think of. Just keep making this a continuous habit of yours and watch what would happen next. She'll move around with joy in her that she's special to someone.

3. Put Your Girlfriend First

Relax; no one is saying she should be your God. She certainly can't. But in the so-called little decisions that you take daily, give her the preference. Suppose you are in a place and there's only one seat to sit on, let her sit while you stand. Don't eat until you're sure she has something to eat. Are you both at the Cinema? Let her sit in a place she'll have a better view. All these and much more make her feel special.

4. Be Protective

Which lady doesn't like to be protected? That's perhaps one of their greatest emotional needs. Make a decided effort to protect her and see how great she'll appreciate it. Much of the protection mentioned here may not even cost you much effort or money like that. For instance, you can call her regularly to know how she's doing; where she is; and if all is well. Accompany her to places you know she can be vulnerable going there alone. All these gestures though subtle are cute things that would imprint your love in her heart.

5. Listen To Your Girlfriend

Even though you have your own opinions and plans, make her feel you are doing certain things just because she has suggested them. That thought makes her feel relevant to your dreams and aspirations and she's probably going to give you her all.

6. It's Cute When You Take Interest In Her Ambition

If a lady can realize her guy supports her dreams, she'll be willing to go the extra mile just because of that. Most of us have dreams but not all of us have people who believe in them. Talk frequently about her aspirations and give her ideas on how to achieve them. Where possible, take a bold step to help her meet necessary deadlines and target. She'll live to always feel special beside you.

7. Do Her Some Pensive Favors

Certain chores have been traditionally reserved for ladies. Such may range from the washing of dishes and clothes to tidying of the house. Occasionally, you can help your girlfriend with any of these. How sweet and great would it be if you could wash her clothes for her? You see, women can go any length for their men just because of those little acts of kindness and thoughtfulness. Don't overlook them.

8. Get Her A Pet Name That Only You Call Her

Your girlfriend is probably a sister or daughter to someone. As such, she may have had several names she's called by. It would make her feel special if you can come up with a name that only you call her. However, you have to be sure she has no issues with the name so that your good intention does not eventually breed something else. It'll be cute if you call her that name when you are both alone so it doesn't get to the public.

Cute Things To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Loved

It may be very easy to say "I love you" to your girlfriend in as many times as possible but acting it out may want to prove quite difficult. And unless your action matches your talks, she may find it hard to believe that you indeed love her. You don't have to wait until the Valentine's day to communicate your love in action. Consider the ideas shared below to know the things you can do to make your girlfriend feel the love you proclaim for her.

9. Give Your Girlfriend A Gentle Massage Regularly

So many guys are unaware of the magic this simple gesture can perform. They do not seem to realize the desperate need of girls for touch. You see, there are some love chemicals (to put it so) in your girlfriend that are only released when you give her a gentle massage anywhere she so desires. After a stressful day, invite her over for a shoulder or back massage. Do this three times a week and watch how glued to you she'd be.

10. Tell Your Girlfriend You Love Her Regularly

Make it a habit to tell your girlfriend you love her. There is a particular way those three words make her feel. When you say those words, make sure you look into her eyes gently to add more weight to it. For her, it's sweet and cute to hear her boyfriend reassure her of his love this way.

11. Buy Her A Special Gift On Valentine's Day

The Valentine's day is a period most couples look forward to every year. That's when gifts are shared and love is expressed. Make use of this period well. I bet your girlfriend will ever remember it. Throughout the world, February 14 is designated as Valentine's day and though you may not have all the money to get her a ride or a mansion, buy something that she herself will know it cost you something to get. The aura surrounding the day and the gift itself will make a large impression on her heart that she may not forget in a short while.

12. Kiss Your Girlfriend Amidst Discussions

Your lips have a role to play in conveying your love to your girlfriend. There is no time reserved for it. When she's discussing with you and nothing seems to be coming to your mind than how cute she looks, respond with a kiss. It feels sweet for her to feel your lips on her forehead and neck often. Don't wait until she starts asking for it. Take the lead and see how loved she'll feel.

13. Send Her Lovely Texts

Ladies are generally moved by words. You can capitalize on this by sending her cute and sweet love messages. If you are not good with words, you can check out some cute texts from some magazines meant for such. Always endeavor to personalize whatever text you are sending so that they address the present situation. You may be surprised she'll keep those texts for a while.

14. Be A Gentleman

Being a gentleman to your girlfriend can come in different ways. It may mean you considering her better than yourself or you acting the servant to her. Truth be told, ladies love to be pampered and it takes a complete gentleman to do so. Consider helping your girlfriend with her bag when you're both on a walk. And when both of you are to alight from a taxi, get down quickly before her to help her with the car door. She loves being treated like a queen.

15. Make Her A List Of Things You Love About Her

Put in writing the cute things you appreciate about your girlfriend. Although you may have been saying them before, take a step further by writing those things down. Hide the paper in her bag or in one of her books you know she can easily find it. You can be sure she'll be wowed by it and she'll love it.

16. Prepare Breakfast; Bring It While She's Still In Bed

This depends on how close both of you are. Wake up early before her and prepare her favorite meal while she's still in bed. Present the food to her with a kiss on her forehead and watch how happy she'll be. Trust she'll be wowed that you did all that just because of her. It sends a message of love to her and you can be sure she'll reciprocate it accordingly.

Cute Things To Do For Your Girlfriend To Make Her Happy

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To enjoy the best out of your girlfriend, she has to be happy. Her happiness depends in part on the things you do with and for her. Let her see you and smile. There are many cute ideas presented in the next 8 points which if you follow, will make your girlfriend happy. 17. Drive her to her place of work in the morning before you head for yours. If both of you don't own a car, you can offer to see her off to where she'll pick a taxi. She would be happy seeing you first before commencing her daily toil and just because of that, a lot of exploits can be achieved by her. 18. Be there for her when she needs someone to lean on. Sometimes, the stress of work can take its ugly toll on her. Help lighten such burdens by giving her ideas on how she can go about issues at her place of work. Speak to her comforting words and let her know you feel what she feels. 19. Serenade her. Think of a nice music you can sing for her. If you are good with the keyboard or guitar, you've got a greater chance. Do a love singles for her and let her know it's just because of her. 20. Help her with some house chores. The enormity of the task before her can negatively affect her mood. It would be sweet to relieve her of the chores by lending a helping hand. It doesn't diminish you in any way, rather, it makes you special. 21. Don't be shy to get close to her physically. Snuggle up to her when you both are seeing a movie. Hold her hands when you are walking together. Give her a warm hug regularly and don't forget to kiss her as and when necessary. She wants her man to constantly touch her. 22. Plan a weekend trip together with her. She will remember those moments for good. You can decide to visit recreational centers or a quiet place where it's just the two of you alone. Most ladies cannot say no to amusements and when you come with this proposal, you can be sure she'll joyfully welcome it. 23. Recommend her for jobs if she's yet to get one. Let it not appear you are only interested in things she can offer alone but that you too are committed to pursuing things that would make her happy and independent. 24. Help your girlfriend get dressed. It's one of those things she had seen in movies but long to experience in real life. Offer to help comb her hair or get into that her high heel shoe. She's going to be happy for it because she'll feel loved and taken care of.

Cute Things To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special

It doesn't matter how long you've been in a relationship with your girlfriend, she still wants to be sure you are thinking of no one else except her. Here are some ideas on things to do to put her mind at rest that she's all you've got. 25. Keep a file of all important dates and days. Please forbid yourself from forgetting your girlfriend's birthday. It's a "sin" she may find hard forgiving you of. Some other days to keep and celebrate with her are Valentine's day and anniversaries. Send her texts on those days and mark them with a token no matter how small. 26. Call your girlfriend when she's at work especially at a time she least expects. The call does a lot of things part of which is to let her know she's on your mind. 27. Send her a lunch pack with a cute message reading "You're always on my mind." She'll be insanely appreciative of it. 28. Remind your girlfriend of her targets, dreams, assignments, and other engagements to prove that you keep things that concern her to mind. 29. Whenever you go to the supermarket to get yourself some stuff, buy your girlfriend something too no matter how small. 30. Always spring up surprises by doing things she least expects. Visit her unexpectedly and address her in an unusual but cute way. 31. Keep a photobook of lovely memories you've both had together. She'll love to flip back through those pages. 32. Send her timely but reflective text messages. Although you should not smother her with too many texts, make sure she gets texts reminding her of your affection from you regularly.

Cute Things To Do For Your Girlfriend

33. There may be some moments your girlfriend is really sick. You can take time off your work to give her the needed attention and care. Not every person likes staying with sick people and the best time we know those who truly love us is when we have challenges. Though you never prayed for it, use this opportunity to send the "I care message" to her by being with her throughout the time she's at the hospital. 34. Ask her leading questions when you notice a strange behavior in her. She may be passing through an emotional struggle. The little girl in her would like that you call her to ask what the matter is instead of her telling you straight. So, always ask questions that would help you know what her state of mind is. 35. Tuck her properly in bed when she's asleep and arrange some pillows to make her comfortable. And in case she slept off on the couch, carry her in your arms and help her to the bed. 36. Defend her in public. Girls love guys that are bold enough to stand for them. Even if she is wrong, stand for her and defend her. You can later get home and start a fight. But at that moment in public, don't make her feel embarrassed. 37. Always walk to her left when on the road. By that, you are showing that you care for her greatly and that you would rather prefer you're injured than her to be. 38. Apologize to her when you feel you have hurt her. Tendering an apology to a lady isn't a sign of weakness as some may want to believe. You don't become less of a man just because you say "Sorry." It only shows you are responsible and that you are concerned about her emotional feelings. 39. Tell her how great she did a particular task. Even if you feel what she did was nothing special or worth praising her for, just appreciate her. Appreciation is one of those things that show that you care and value her. A little "thank you" will go a long way to connect both of you together. 40. Don't disturb her when she's asleep or doing a very serious assignment. 41. If there are certain things she needs to fix that she can't do for herself, offer to help her with them. Example of such things include you fixing the lock to her cabinet. It would be nice offering help in such circumstances. 42. Help her clean her car if she's got one. Occasionally, do the servicing for her so she's assured her car is in a good state.

Romantic But Cute Things To Do For Your Girlfriend

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43. Buy her underwears if you know her preference. If you don't have ideas as to what her choice would be in this regard, you can settle for pajamas. It's a gesture that would fill her mind with love every time she wears them. 44. Give your girlfriend an occasional piggyback ride. I bet she'll always ask for more. 45. Make her sit on your lap while you cuddle her. She may not have asked for this all these while just because she's shy but I can bet she's dying for it. 46. Consider having a shower together once in a while. Nothing can be cuter. 47. Help her apply her makeup on her face. If you're afraid you'll get it wrong, offer to help with her lips only. At least that is less technical to handle. 48. Insist on making the choice of her underwear for her. She may initially protest (obviously out of embarrassment) but be persistent. You've got no ideas on how far-reaching this gesture can be. 49. Allow her to dress you up occasionally. You see, your girlfriend has a mental picture of how she wants you to look like. She may not have been able to communicate this just because she's not sure what your reaction would be. This would serve as an opportunity for her to make you into what she likes, at least for a day. 50. Make her a cake with the symbol of a heart on her birthday or on Valentine's day. It's cutely romantic.

Some Cute Things To Do For Your Girlfriend On A Date

51. Take your girlfriend shopping. Those are probably going to be one of her best memories. And which girl doesn't like to be taken on such an outing? That's what many of them expect during their birthdays or on Valentine's day. 52. Make every day your Valentine's day by ensuring you both eat from the same plate. When you go out for lunch or when at home, insist that your food is served on the same plate. However, if she has a strong aversion to this, you may not push any further. 53. Visit the cinema or amusement parks together regularly. 54. Organize a date involving her friends too. You'll give her the chance to showcase her boyfriend, an experience she'll love to remember. 55. Make out time to go on a trip with her alone. The trip should be a little bit away from the conventional places you both are used to. She'll love it. 56. Exercise with her every morning if you are staying together in a place. If not, you can take her to the gym once in a while. This has a way of knitting your hearts together. 57. Take her out for dinner or lunch without any prior announcement. Trust girls to love things like this. 58. In one of your dates, identify one thing you can teach her - something you know she's been longing to learn. It can be playing a keyboard or riding a bicycle. Just identify that one thing and teach her (Of course, that's if you too know how to do them). 59. Make every effort to appear very nice in each of your dates. It's the non-verbal but powerful element of attraction. 60. Can you remember the spot you first had your date? Consider taking her there. It's hilarious but nevertheless cute.

Fun Things You Can Do For Your Girlfriend

61. Take a bicycle ride with her around the neighborhood. 62. Take your girlfriend to the beach together once in a while. 63. Read about very funny jokes and tell her on a regular basis. Guys that have a great sense of humor are big turn-ons to girls. 64. See very interesting movies together. If possible, let the choice of the movie come from her. Trust girls to love things like this. 65. Take selfies with her regularly. 66. Occasionally, you and your girlfriend can pillow talk together discussing the sweet times and things you've both shared. 67. If she's the type that loves getting things like lighthouses, teddy bears, and the like, get more of such for her. 68. Go swimming together. If she doesn't know how to swim, you can offer to teach her. 69. Create time to talk and talk. She wants to hear you tease her and tell her stories. 70. Read a funny storybook together with her.

Cute Things You Can Do For Your Girlfriend At No Cost

71. Allow her to take a nap without disturbing her. 72. Write your girlfriend a lovely poem. 73. Be kind and hospitable to her siblings. 74. Be good with words, avoid hurtful sarcasm. 75. Compliment your girlfriend regularly and sincerely. 76. Appreciate with sincerity even her little efforts.

More Sweet And Cute Things To Do For Your Girlfriend

77. Wash her clothes without being asked. Or if you like, you can invite professionals to handle that for you. 78. Occasionally, just take a ride with her. You don't have to have any destination in mind. 79. Think ahead of her so as to make necessary preparations even for unforeseen circumstances. 80. Seek your girlfriend opinion even on matters you know clearly what to do.

To Cap It All

In all of these 80 points, there are some that would communicate love louder to her than others. When you discover such, endeavor to work more on it and do it quite often. That may be your girlfriend's primary love language. Remember again that for any of these to sincerely bring out a good outcome, the first commandment (as it were) given in this piece must be obeyed - have no other girlfriend beside her.