How To Tell Someone Special That You Love Them

Is there someone you love and you don't know how to tell him? Here are some great and tested ways of telling him that you love them.

By Gerald Matiri
How To Tell Someone Special That You Love Them

Are you truly in love with someone?

Falling in love can be termed as having an intense liking for someone. We have all being to that point where we loved someone but lacked the words to express those feeling either directly or indirectly. Many girls are afraid of expressing their love to a guy because they think that they might come out as desperate or even of low morals. They also wonder how the man will react after they have confessed their feeling to him. What if they don’t feel the same for me? Will they be shocked by my confession? Will they continue being friends with me? Will they reciprocate the love confession? Though these questions will cause a lot of anxiety while trying to confess your love to someone special, you will be left with no option but to confess your feelings. This is because unless you tell him or show him indirectly how you feel, there is no way that he can know that you are in love with him. Therefore you will need to gather all the courage and let your crush know that you are in love. It is never easy to take a relationship from the dating stage into a relationship. Before you do that, one thing that you want to be sure of is that you are truly in love. This is particularly the case because expressing your love to someone will be an indication that you want to get committed to them. Falling in love is not only a special feeling but it is a clear indication of how much you revere that person. You don’t only have to tell someone that you love them because your actions will also be an indicator of how you feel about them.

Importance of friendship before love

One thing you should note that it is not possible to fall in love with someone at first sight. If you feel that, then this can only be turned as lust and not love. Love starts with developing the friendship with the person. Once you are in love, you will long to see that person happy and you will always want to support them. You will get truly connected to the person and you start to understand what true love is. Before you become lovers, you will need to work on being friends first. You should take time to understand what is going on in the life of that person and you will always be there to back them when the need arises. When he is in need, you will go out of your way to help him and you will not mind sharing anything with him. True love shouldn’t be manipulative and you will want to see that person happy.

Don’t be fooled when someone says he loves you

Men can confuse love with lust. When a person says that they love you the first day they meet you, this is a red flag. Do not allow the pressure to tell someone that you love them back. It will be possible to know whether they love you by the way they treat you. Observe his actions, your actions and feelings. This will show that you are truly in love with them.

Differentiate love and need

The fact that you need him to pay your bills or you are looking for a way of getting out from an uncomfortable relationship may force you to believe that you are in love with him. However, you are just trying to find a way of getting out of that situation. You are the only person who can work towards betterment of your life. You will need to be in a healthy life before you can get into a healthy relationship. Therefore, you should ensure that you are not using someone to come out of that bad situation.

See him through tough situation

When you love someone, you should not wait to tell them but you will need to show them too. Take time to see him go through a tough situation and look at how he will handle that. Probably, you have only seen someone’s bright side. You will also need to see their dark side. This will best come out when they are going through a tough phase in life. In case, he is someone who loses his temper and causes a fuss, he may not be the right person to fall in love with. You should bear in mind that you are falling in love with both his good and the bad aspects. Once you feel that he is the kind of person you need, it may be right time to tell him that you are in love. You can choose to do that either directly or indirectly. There are various ways that you can use to pour out your feelings.

1. Tell someone you love them face to face

Like the title suggests, this involves meeting someone face to face and letting them know how you feel about them. This is actually the best way of proposing someone. However, if you are the timid kind, there are several ways you can use to express these words:

i. Whisper to them.

When sitting next to the person during a date, you can lean towards them and whisper those sweet words to them. Whether you are shy or just feel a bit awkward, this will look cute and romantic.

ii. Create some tension.

You should ensure that you call them early enough and inform her that there is something you want to share with them. Even if they suggest you call or text them about it, hold those thoughts and plan for the following day. When you meet the following day during that warm date, you can blush and then smile and tell them how you feel about them.

iii. Have you ever being in a situation where your love went for a weekend vacation?

Did you miss them? This can serve as a perfect opportunity to pass your message around. When you meet again, you should inform him that you really missed him. You can even go an extra length and hold their hands before telling them that you are already in love with them. You can also pull this move after a special date that you had planned beforehand. That romantic date will create a perfect setting for revealing how you feel.

2. Tell someone that you love them through a letter

iv. Use a letter or text to tell someone that you love them.

This can be an effective method for the timid types as you don’t have to face any awkward moments. Think of a romantic message to write. Send your letter with the words “I love you”.

v. Send them a greeting card.

If you are finding it hard to say the words, you can search for a perfect card that will express how you feel about that person. You can then ask him for a date out. Hand over the card during that quiet moment. There are moments when a beautiful card can leave a great impression.

vi. Send them a gift.

This is also an effective way of saying to someone that they are in your thoughts and you love him. You can send them a bouquet of flowers, chocolates or an earphone. You can attach a small note to the gift saying “I love you”!

3. Use the phone to tell someone you love them

There is no better way to tell someone that you love them than face to face. However, you cannot deny the fact that there are moments when you may be too scared to even be seen around your date. In such instances, you can make good use of your phone.

vii. Text someone a love message.

This can get really impersonal. Avoid texting them when you are away from one another unless there is nothing you can do about it. A good idea would be to write him a sweet and romantic text before you go out for a date with him. When you are sitting next to them in a date, you can always text them. After they read, they will be left blushing or beaming.

viii. Call them late in the night.

If the two of you spend a lot of time speaking over the phone, then you will definitely understand that there are those laughter bursts. It may begin with you telling them that you miss them or you are happy to have met them. You should then be courageous enough to tell them that you love them. You might be afraid but once you gather the courage and speak those words, you will definitely feel a lot better.

4. Tell someone you love them indirectly

There are many ways you can use to express your love for the person. But apart from a few exceptions, it is always good to go with a face to face expression rather than telling them indirectly. Some of the other indirect ways you can show someone that you love him include:

ix. Be caring to someone to show love for them

When you support a person in their goals and dreams, it is a perfect indication that you love and care about them. Ensure that you help them through their strengths and you are always there to help with their personal goals. Avoid discouraging them or even laughing at them. Instead, be their greatest fan and help them stay focused instead of distracting them on their dreams. When someone feels that you are giving them that much desired backup, they will definitely know that you care about them. You will indirectly be saying to them that you love them.

x. Support them as a sign of love

Another way of showing someone that you love them is by showing your support towards them. You can be there when they are ill or have just lost a close friend. If you fail to do that, they will think you don’t care about them. The tone you use when speaking to them and how quickly you respond to their misfortune will be an indirect way of showing how much you love them.

xi. Avoid judging them when they err

There are moments when we all make mistakes. When you really care about someone, you do not have to judge them when they messed up. Instead, you will provide him with a solution to his problems. No matter what he did, he will want you to show the same compassion as you would want to receive. After all, we all learn from failures. Not judging them will be a clear indicator of how you feel about them.

xii. Be completely honest

When you choose to be open with someone, he is likely to feel your love. You will feel the need for sharing those bad moments and he will have interest in seeing how you overcame then and became the woman you are today. You will feel that you do not want to lie someone whom you love. Therefore, you will be completely honest with him even if this will cause you a bit of embarrassment.

xiii. Be thoughtful of them.

You can engage in those little things that show them that you are thinking of them. You can take them out for a dinner in their favorite restaurant, make them supper that they love or spend time with them watching their favorite show. This way, it will be possible to understand their likes and dislikes and you show them that you care about them.

xiv. Give them a surprise

When it comes to our lives ones, we always love doing things as per our routine. However there are moments when it helps us to do something unexpected that will not only shake reality but also remind up of how happy we are. These moments requires us to do the unexpected. This means that when you put your thoughts into something, it is because it has great value for you. When you give someone a surprise, this goes a long way in showing that you love and care about them.

xv. Give them your ear

If you are in love with someone, you will take time to listen to what they got to say and validate it. This is a clear indication that you are really focusing on what they are saying. When someone is listening to you, it shows that they care about you.

xvi. Praise them

This can prove to be a hard thing for some people. In order to praise someone, you will need to complement and commend them for doing a good job. Praising someone is a clear indication of your love for them.

xvii. Show the negative side

When you start showing someone that you aren’t perfect and admit any flaws and fears you have, he will start opening up to you as he will see that you trust him. When you show them that you aren’t trying to look cool, they will take this to be a sign that you love them. When we brag about our achievement, this is usually as a result of our insecurities. On the other hand, when we show someone, our negative side, we let them know that we are trying our best to improve.

xviii. Be honest about your feelings

When you are truly in love with someone, you will not hide the negative feelings that you feel about him. If they make you unhappy, there is no reason why you should pretend that everything is alright. Instead, when you are in love with someone, you will do everything to ensure that the relationship continues working. This also involves putting the necessary boundaries and communication. When you show him that you are strong and without fear of your man, he will appreciate you for your strong character.

xix. Engage with friends.

When you are in love with someone, you will want to know his friends and be caring to them. In case you don’t love his friends, it may also be an indication that you don’t truly love him. This is because his friends are also an indication of the kind of person he is.

xx. Show love towards his family

When you love a person, you will love all aspects of their life such as family even though they may have a different point of view or lifestyle. You will understand that the family influences a man in a huge way. If you genuinely love his family, this is a clear indication that you love him too.

After confessing your love for someone

Now you know, whether you are in love with him or you are just there to draw comfort from him, you may want to consider taking it from the friendship zone into a relationship. However, you should avoid being too eager for an answer from him or trying to force a date with him. Sometimes, it may take time for the love proclamation to sink in. In case, he responds that he also loves you, then this will be great for you. However, if he only responds with a smile or that awkward feeling, then you should stop thinking about it too much. You may end up with a heartbreak. But don’t forget that he may need more time to think about it. If there is enough sparks in the relationship to take it to another level, you can be assured that you will get a positive message from him soon. Also work on yourself so that you can be someone who he will love dating.



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