Cancer Man Behavior To Watch Out For To Know He's In Love

Is a Cancer Man you know in love? Here's how you can know!

By Sid
Cancer Man Behavior To Watch Out For To Know He's In Love

What Is Cancer Man?

Cancer is the fourth sign of the astrological calendar and is characterized by the Crab. They're mainly known for being emotive, fostering, and spontaneous, and sometimes can be very emotional and insecure. Water is their element. Cancer is a combination of wistfulness, apprehensive, and secretive attitude. Moon rules the Cancer sign. You should not get too upset if they seem a little reserved when you first meet them. For them to open up to you, it will take some time.

How Do Cancer People Act?

Cancers love to be around family and they are the happiest around people they have a close bond with. This sign is one of the most sensitive ones which is why, if you’ve crossed them once – they might never be able to look at you the same way. Cancers are mostly introverted with strangers but once you’re in their friend zone, you’ll unleash their fun side. In short, Cancer men usually prefer having deep, close contacts with just a few people over mingling in big groups of strangers.

How Do Cancers Act When They Are Interested In Someone?

When this zodiac sign is crushing on someone, they are going to give their attention, heart, soul, and body to that person. You probably won’t easily figure out if cancer likes you or not because when they are crushing on someone, they hold themselves back because they are shy. However, you can easily read them once you get close to them because they do wear their heart on their sleeves. They will probably stare at you from afar and blush away but that’s about it when it comes to making a move.

What Are The Traits That Cancers Like?

1. Being Trustworthy

Cancers rank high when it comes to the zodiac signs being trustworthy. For them, when they form a bond – it’s all in or all out. They will invest so much and do everything in their power to make the other person comfortable. To the Cancers out there, forming a relationship depends on how much people can rely on each other. Hence, they’re always truthful, honest, and are mindful of never breaking another’s trust. Since in their eyes being trustworthy is a heavy foundation of any relationship, they naturally are attracted when another individual demonstrates such reliability and trustworthiness.

2. Understanding

Cancers are emotional beings. No surprise, all water signs are. Since they are emotional, they tend to be more sensitive than other people. It is not uncommon for an individual belonging to the crab family to have heard remarks like ‘you’re being overdramatic’. Hence, they love it when they come across people who understand them. If cancer catches someone in the middle of an act of kindness where the other individual is being understanding and considerate in a situation, cancer’s interest will immediately shoot up.

3. Family-oriented

There is always one statement that is commonly known about each sign. I.e. for Leo – they like attention, for Scorpios – they are possessive, for Libras – they like to be in control. Similarly, Cancers – they are family-oriented! Since they are family-oriented, they like to have the same trait in their partner. Hence, if you’re looking to be ‘liked’ by a cancer man, don’t forget to display your affection for your family when you’re with them.

4. Expressive

Cancer is a lot about emotions. They don’t like games. They love it when a person is expressive about their feelings and in touch with their emotional side. Even though guys love the chase, cancer men might get turned off if you play tricks on them. Hence, being expressive about your needs and wants is a trait that cancer men like.

5. Vulnerability

I think it’s safe to say, that most of the world see vulnerability as weakness. This is the reason why most people try to hide away when they’re vulnerable. When it comes to a cancer man, the ability to be vulnerable and open about it is a strength. Hence, when someone is vulnerable and doesn’t treat it as their weakness, cancers like it!

6. When someone makes the first move

Cancers love it when someone else makes the first move. Even if they aren’t initially interested, if a girl comes up to a cancer man, her courage will be intriguing to him and once the barrier of shyness is passed, he will take on the wheel and lead you like the gentleman he is. So if you’re interested in a man of the crab family, don’t be afraid to go up to him first because he will love it.  

How Do Cancers Flirt?

1. Getting you alone

We’ve covered the part where I told you about how shy cancer can be. Because of their shyness, getting you in a private setting is a way of flirting for them. If a cancer man is subtly hinting at moving to the corner or maybe going to dinner at a less crowded place – yup, it’s his way of flirting.

2. Asking Questions

Cancers need to know a person before they take the romance to the next level. Hence, they flirt by asking questions about you. They will be curious about your childhood, your family, and every experience that made you who you are today. They are great listeners! If they are making you feel comfortable so that you open up to them, they’re flirting.

3. Laughing and Smiling

 If you catch cancer smiling and laughing at everything you say, it means they are flirting with you. You might feel like they are being just nice but don’t get confused because this is their way of making a move. Noticed cancer laughing his heart out at a joke that just brought out a smile by other people listening? Well, that cancer man is displaying his affection for you.

4. Romantic in a traditional way

Unlike the other signs, cancers are very passionate and old-style when it comes to romance. They will try wooing you by dining out with you at a fancy place and by treating you like a lady. Like in one of those old classical movies! To them, it doesn’t matter how modernized you are because they will hold the door for you when you are sitting in the car and pull out the chair in a restaurant. This is their way of showing their love and affection. Cancers try their best to make you feel cherished and protected around them.

5. Touches You

Cancers enjoy the physical closeness and they will touch you a lot to demonstrate their attraction. It is one of their attraction signs to build up an affectionate relationship by being physical with you. They will find excuses to touch you but not in an unsuitable or pushy way, but the kind of touch that feels safe and warm. Cancers will lightly touch your back while talking to you or your arm. They might even hug you tight when they’re sending you off. 

6. Eye Contact

 This sign tends to make a lot of eye contact during a conversation to make sure the other person knows they are listening and are mindful towards them. Since cancer men are shy, this is one of the early signs that they like you. Hence, if they hold eye contact with you several times in a conversation – know what they’re doing and make a move back!

7. They appreciate you


Cancers are vocal about what they like when they’re comfortable around you. As soon as you hit the right level of comfort, compliments will start rolling in from his side. His way of flirting revolves a lot around highlighting the most amazing parts of the person they are attracted to. They will love to make you feel wanted, attracted, and appreciated.

Which Zodiac Signs Are Cancers Compatible With?

Here are 4 of the top signs of cancer is most compatible with:

  • Scorpio
  • Pisces
  • Virgo
  • Taurus

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Cancers are one of the most faithful signs and this is why they can easily attract friends and love through their loyalty and honesty. They are good entertainers. Cooking delicious meals for cancers is the best way to make them fall in love with you. They avoid conflicts because they are delicate. Moreover, it is hard for them to trust people, but when they do, make sure you never tear it, because they will remember it