60 Unique And Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas

Proposals are equally important as that of engagement or marriage. So, if you want to explore proposal ideas then you are at the right place.

By Sanchari
60 Unique And Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas

Proposals are equally important

Marriages and engagements have always been given the due importance, but the proposal ideas are most often neglected. But, if you are not able to woo your girl with the perfect proposal, then your dream of watching your girl walk down the aisle will not take place. Yes, the proposal ideas are very much important. It is a matter of pride as well. Your proposal style and ideas will be compared with others, not only that, it will also be shared with friends and families. If you can propose your girl in a perfect manner and win her heart, then half your battle is won.

Making the proposal memorable

You can put to use several ideas from movies, but remember one thing all the ideas are tried and tested for a long time now. Going down on your knee and presenting her the ring is a common thing to do, but if you can add some more excitement to it before bending down, then you will be able to impress her. Why not charm your lady love with some new ideas? Why not surprise her and pick some ideas that will completely sweep her off her feet? Think out of the box and see how she gets impressed by your proposal ideas. Yes, some of the ideas might require a bit of hard work, but as the saying goes, ‘no pain, no gain’ so put on your thinking cap and look for ideas all around you. Now with all the attention surrounding the proposal, the task becomes even more daunting for the man. Fret not you are at the right place at the right time. We have some ideas for you that you can use.

Ideas for engagement proposal

Don’t worry, if you are completely lost and don’t know how and where to start. We are here to help you out with several ideas that you can make use of while proposing your love for engagement. The trick is to make things personal, but memorable. Not all the proposal ideas are suitable for everybody, so, go through the ideas and choose the one that will be best suited for your girl. Before you jump into the mad rush of making the proposal a grand event you should find the perfect ring for the love of your life. The engagement ring is also one of the most talked about thing in town. Not just you, but also your love for her will also be judged depending on the size of the diamond or the style of the ring. So, don’t rush, take your time in selecting the best possible ring without hurting your pocket much. If you plan it way ahead of time, then it is possible to get a cracker deal, but if you are trying to find the perfect one in the wee hours, then forget it you are not going to get anything that will fit into the budget.

1. Hunt down her favorite place for proposal

You must be aware of her favorite places, so why not make her favorite place a memorable one as well. Take her to the favorite place and pop the question of engagement there. Make sure that the photographer is already there when you arrive, else he won’t be able to capture the lovely moments. If her favorite place is near to a fountain, then the sound of water will play the perfect background music for you, but if she loves the silence of a hotel rooftop, then let the silence witness the most special day of her life. In any case, you should carry a photographer with you who can capture all her smiles and tears and kisses in a frame.

2. Engagement proposal ideas for bookworms

The love of your life loves books more than you then why not take the cue and make the proposal in a bookish way. You can make a bookmark with the ring and on top of that hang a small note asking her to marry you. Once you are done with the preparation, hand over the book to her and when she opens the bookmarked page, she will be surprised to see the ring hanging there with a small note.

3. Incorporate pet into engagement proposal ideas

Pets are always cute and lovable and if your love has a pet, then you can make use of them. Their collar will be the perfect carrier of your message. You can hang in the ring and a small note asking her to say yes for the engagement. Don’t forget to capture the cute expression of the pets and also the expression of your love when she finds out your proposal.

4. Cartoon proposal ideas for engagement

It is not necessary that the serious questions are always asked in a serious manner. You can ask a street cartoonist to sketch a picture of you two with a bubble over your head asking her to marry you. Keep the bubble over her head blank so that she can fill it up with her answer.

5. Engagement proposal ideas at an aquarium

Visit the aquarium first and ask the officials whether your proposal ideas will work or not. If they give thumbs up, then you can ask a diver to carry a waterproof board that will pop the big question to her. Tell her it’s the feeding time and take her to the biggest fish tank and then she can witness everything on her own.

6. Pampering her before the engagement proposal

You can book an appointment at a salon to pamper her and then leave a clue there. The clue will take her to the next stop that is a boutique where she will find a dress ready for her (obviously you will make all the arrangements beforehand) and when she is all dolled up, take her to some private place and propose her. Don’t forget to tag along a cameraman.

7. Film your engagement proposal ideas

Now almost everybody can make a movie, so take out your smartphone and start shooting. Visit all the places that played a significant role in your relationship, if possible, recreate the memorable moments of your life and let her know why these moments are so special for you. If you have taken a new home for her, then show her a glimpse of the new home and then finally pop the question. You can do it in front of all the family members or you can do it in private, depending on what she will prefer. You can show her the movie in a private theater or at home also, the choice is yours.

8. Make her dance to your tunes

If both of you frequently visit a club because of their ambiance, then you must know the DJ of the club. Ask him to play all her favorite tracks back to back and then hand over the mike to him so that you can propose her on the dance floor.

9. Will love the ice cream engagement proposal ideas

Everybody has a fixed flavor of ice cream that they prefer to have and your love will be no different. So, order her favorite ice cream flavor and paste the ‘will you marry me’ sticker on it before handing it over to her. See how she melts like ice cream after reading your note.

10. Let the coffee be the perfect host

Invite her over a cup of coffee that will carry your proposal at the end. Etch the base of the cup with the big question and fill it up with coffee. When the coffee is over she will be able to see your message lying there at the bottom. You can also engrave it on a spoon and hand it over to her for stirring the sugar in the coffee.

11. Collecting the bill

When you are done with your lunch, ask her to collect the bill. Ask the vendor to type in the question as one of the options in the bill. When she will go through the bill to make the payment, she will go through your question and she will surely get the surprise of her lifetime.

12. Unique car engagement proposal ideas

You can do it outside her home as well, but the best place to execute this idea is in front of her office. Ask her to come to the window of her office while you arrange the cars to spell out the big question for her. When she will look out of the window, she will see the cars arranged in a way for the proposal.

13. Lego – one of the best engagement proposal ideas

Arrange the Lego blocks to form the proposal, then close her eyes with your hand and slowly lead her to the place. Once you are there, open her eyes and let her see for herself.

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14. Using technology for engagement proposal ideas

Some people are fond of technology and know how to make the most out of it. If you are one of them, then use the technology to create a website where you can ask her the big question.

15. Statistical marriage proposal

People who are always working with numbers and graphs can think about incorporating that while proposing to their girlfriends. Make a lovely infographic depicting that she is your soulmate and at the end popping the question of marriage. Your girlfriend will surely appreciate it if she is also in love with numbers and facts. If she is not, then don’t even try.

16. Answering the call

Go to the contact list and change your name to Will you marry me. Even the picture should be changed to your picture holding a ring in your hand and asking her to either accept your proposal or decline it.

17. Invite her to a game of scrabble

Scrabble is a perfect platform for asking the question. You can take your turns to form the sentence and if she says yes, then you will emerge as a winner anyway.

18. Make a canvas out of sand

If you are out with her on a beach, then why not make the sand a perfect canvas for asking her the question. Grab a stick and pen down your thoughts on the sand. This is one of the best marriage proposal ideas that you can use outside the home yet make it a private affair.

19. Get in touch with a band

Do you know someone who can sing your proposal for you? Then go ahead and arrange for the band and sing the question for your lady love.

20. Write it in the sky

It might be a little expensive, but if you can afford to hire a skywriter then nothing like it. You will be proposing her in front of the whole town.

21. Surfboard engagement proposal

Go out surfing with her and afterwards, when she will be relaxing by the beach ask your friends to write the marriage proposal on their surfboards while you pop the question with the ring.

22. Print out the engagement proposal

Place a full-page ad on newspaper asking her to marry you. Make it a private affair by taking her to the patio and let her read the current affairs where you will be ready with the ring.

23. Tune in to the radio

Ring into a radio station that she is hooked on to and then make your proposal go on air. Ask her to tune in at that moment, otherwise it will be a completely flop idea.

24. Proposal ideas at heights

While traveling to your destination ask the flight attendant whether you can use the microphone for proposing her on the flight. If they allow you, then propose her at a height of 35,000 feet.

25. Sandcastle proposal ideas

Ask her to help you in building a sandcastle, when you are almost done, put the ring on the tallest tower of the castle and pop the question to her.

26. Friends join in for the proposals

Invite some of your friends to the party and ask them to wear a t-shirt or hold banners that bears one of the letters of your proposal. When your love arrives on the spot, ask your friends to stand in a line so that you can propose by presenting her the ring.

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27. Candlelight engagement proposal ideas

Put the lights off so that you can make a trail of candle that will lead your love to the place where you have kept the ring to ask her marriage questions.

28. Red velvet ribbon makes a memorable idea

Tie the ribbon from one point to another and hang some of the best moments together on it. The trail will lead her to you where you will be standing with the ring to ask her the question and making the moment memorable.

29. Solving puzzle to get the answer

It’s raining heavily outside so you can ask your love to solve the puzzle with you. Once the puzzle is solved the marriage proposal will be visible.

30. Picture it

Take a snap of you with the words will you marry me and send it to your love and when the last message appears on her screen you go down on one knee with the ring to pop the question.

31. Pastry proposal

Order the dessert that is custom made with your proposal.

32. Gift box engagement proposal

Prepare a gift box that includes all her favorites like dark chocolates, fruits, coffee and in between keep the ring box to surprise her with your proposal.

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33. Proposal at an art gallery

Set up a private dinner at an art gallery with all your pictures in the background. It will be the perfect backdrop for the marriage proposal.

34. Waterfall as the backdrop

Pop the question of marriage in front of the waterfall, nothing can get better than this.

35. Middle of the lake

Take her on a boat ride and pop the question in the middle of the lake.

36. On top of the hill

If both of you are adventure sport freaks, then climb on top of a hill together and pop the question there where nature will be witnessing the wonderful moment.

37. Set the stage for marriage proposal

If you are an actor, then the stage will be the perfect place to pop the question. When the act is over ask your love to come over to the stage where you can ask her the question with the ring.

38. Holding the ring at the pier

Take her to the end of the pier and ask her the question there. Let her know that she means the world to you and see how she melts in your arm with joy.

39. A garden bridge

A small garden bridge is private, sweet and romantic place for marriage proposal. Just go down on one knee and let the photographer capture the beautiful moment.

40. Decorate the entrance of the house

Decorate the entrance of your house for the proposal and ask her whether she is ready to take the next step in their relationship?

41. Fishing the ring

Go out on fishing and place the ring on the hook to let your love find it out.

42. Propose while skating

Your love for skating can be the perfect spot for proposal. Take your love out on a skating date and then pop the question there.

43. Disney spell the magic

Arrange for a costumed character from the land of Disney and pop the question with the help of the character. You can never go wrong with Disney magic.

44. Eiffel tower – the perfect backdrop

Every girl’s dream is to get a proposal in front of the Eiffel Tower, so if you can fly your love to that place and pop the question in front of the monument, then nothing like it.

45. Look for the Christmas tree

Take your love with you to hunt down the perfect Christmas tree and when you are completely lost in the woods, propose her with the ring.

46. Treehouse proposal

Climb up the treehouse with your love and ask her to marry you in private. Remember to decorate and make all the necessary arrangements beforehand.

47. Photo album proposal ideas

Create a photo album with all your lovely memories and keep the last page blank. When she turns to the last page pop the question and keep the camera ready to capture the moment.

48. Get ready for the photo-shoot

Dress up for the photo-shoot and also make your love do the same. In the middle of the photo-shoot ask your love whether he/she wants to marry you! The camera is already capturing the moments, so all the expression will be captured in lens.

49. Deliver yourself to the doorstep

Use the huge refrigerator box for this idea. Gift wrap it well and place a card on it stating that the gift will last a lifetime. Cut out the bottom beforehand and place yourself in it before delivering yourself to the doorstep of your love.

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50. Messy marriage proposal

Make the most of the fall leaves by using it to spell out the marriage proposal. Be prepared to clear out the yard later, but for the moment surprise her with the leaves.

51. Flying the kite high

Write the message on the kite and then ask your love to help you in flying the kite. Once she sets her eyes on the proposal get ready to bring out the ring.

52. New year marriage proposal ideas

Just before the clock strikes twelve, take her away to a private spot from where firework is also visible. Then when the clock strikes twelve, propose to her amongst all the fireworks.

53. Prepare them for the D-day

Rather than surprising them all of a sudden, you can send surprise handwritten messages for a week before finally sending the gift box carrying the ring to her doorstep.

54. Make the new beginning together

If you are planning to shift to your new home after marriage, then paint your home with some personal message. Close her eyes with your hand and take her to the room and surprise her with the ring and all the messages. Propose her prior to the final coat of paint else you might have to paint the walls all over again.

55. Wake her up with the proposal

In the morning, prepare the breakfast and keep the ring on the tray. Wake her up to surprise her with the marriage proposal.

56. Recreating the first date

Do you remember your first date then recreate the whole setting for your marriage proposal. Nothing can get more romantic than this.

57. Marriage proposal riddle

If you are too shy to ask her directly, then work out a riddle and ask your love to solve it. Just make sure that you have the ring with when the riddle is solved.

58. Flag it on cupcake

Order the favorite cupcake for your love with a flag on top of it with the message ‘marry me’. You will cherish this moment for years.

59. Proposal on basketball court

Write down the marriage proposal on the basketball court and hand over the chalk to your love so that he or she can write down her reply. Capture the moment in a camera.

60. Picnic proposal

Prepare a private cozy place in one of your favorite spot and invite her over for a picnic. Once she is there propose her with the ring, but remember to keep the cameraman in tow to capture the moment.

Which one will you choose?

We have provided you 60 creative and unique ideas for proposing your love. Take a cue from here and make your day a memorable one.



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