Top 20 Dating Tips And Advice For Men From Women

Are you a man new to dating? Perhaps, you don't have any idea what to do. Top 20 dating tips and advice for men from women is all you need!

By Neko Yama
Top 20 Dating Tips And Advice For Men From Women

Dating is nerve-wracking, isn't it?

For all the men out there, can you still remember your first dates? How did it feel? How did it go? Did you mess things up or did everything went smoothly? Were you nervous or confident? After going out on several dates, you might think you're already a pro in it. But, you have to keep in mind that times are changing and women's interests are one of those changes. Dating ideas are going from simple to complex that it almost feels like a competition among men on whoever is the more creative one. Yes, dating is daunting. However, it's not always about choosing the best restaurant, buying an expensive bouquet of flowers, or candlelight dinners. There is more to it! So, if you've got a date scheduled ahead, or a teen about to experience your first date, keep reading these tips and advice to successfully make her head over heels for you.

Dating Advice 1: Know the dating trends

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As I've said, these tangible things are not the only ones that are important on a date. Aside from them being a fuss to think about, the're also usually expensive. If you are a teen, there is a possibility that you might not afford them. However, knowing what's in nowadays is a huge plus. Keep in mind what kind of dating ideas are new and trendy, and what dating spots are popular. But, whatever dating ideas you come up with, it's what she wants matters. Know the kind of date she prefers.

Dating Advice 2: Get to know her interests

Before you try to ask her out, know her interests. List down her likes and dislikes, ask her favorite hobbies, her favorite foods, and the things she likes to talk about. Not only you'll have a much deeper connection and relationship with her, but it's also going to be much easier to keep the conversation going on the day of your date.

Dating Advice 3: Friendship is important

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If you are serious in dating her, build friendship between the two of you first. Although, this is somewhat a thing of the past because people asking random strangers out on a date is the thing now, there are still women who take things slowly. Besides, if you get to know her first, you are more likely to feel comfortable on the day of your first date with her.

Dating Advice 4: Man up and go ask her out!

With all the preparations you made, and you feel that somehow, she's also showing signs of wanting to go out with you, you can ask her out now. However, women now are confident to ask men out on a date in these times, but as a man, do not even wait for that. Build your courage and man up.

Dating Advice 5: First impression lasts longer

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It's your overall personality that counts, but physical appearance is somewhat important. When going out on a date, dress properly as much as possible. If you are an adult, dress like a man. It doesn't have to be a formal suit and tie style, but at least, don't wear t-shirts or shorts. If you are a teen new to dating, do not wear something that will make you look childish. Always remember that first impression lasts longer.

Dating Advice 6: Accept her for what she is

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Before meeting someone in person, you probably have expectations in mind that you are thinking about. It could be about her physical appearance such as body measurements, how long her hair is, or how fair her complexion is, and the likes. Know that you will not always get all these expectations. Perfect women don't exist, each person has their own flaws. So, accept her however she looks. Always remember that it's the personality that matters, not the outer appearance.

Dating Advice 7: Don't forget to be a gentleman

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Whether you are an adult or a teen new to dating and relationship, if you have a mother or a sister, you should already know how to be a gentleman. Treat your date the way you want your mother and sister to be treated. Do not ever forget your manners. Choose your words when you talk to her, be courteous, and be respectful. Keep in mind that being a gentleman is not just about dressing properly, your attitude will let people who see you decide if you are a real one.

Dating Advice 8: Don't hog the spotlight

This is one of the most important tips! Do not ever focus on yourself during conversations. And, as much as possible, avoid using "I" when you speak with her. Do not hog the spotlight and let her talk. One good way of getting her to keep talking is for you to ask questions while she answers them. Most women are chatterbox and they love it when someone is interested to listen to them.

Dating Advice 9: Lay your eyes only on her

She's your date so it's only natural to treat her as the center of your attention. When she's talking, look into her eyes and show her all ears are hers. Do not glance at your watch every now and then because she'll get the impression that you are getting bored with her. And, most importantly, do not check out other females around as you will insult her.

Dating Advice 10: Keep the conversation fun

Dates don't necessarily have to be always formal and conversations don't have to be serious all the time. The reason you go out on a date with her is because you both want to have fun. Instead of talking about problems you're both experiencing, or the troubles that you're going through, try to lighten up the mood. If you feel that the atmosphere is already getting gloomy, crack jokes and make her laugh. Do not be afraid to be dorky around her as long as you're not being offensive. Most women love men who are funny.

Dating Advice 11: Do not talk about your past

One of the worst things you can do on a date is to talk about your past relationship. Aside from the possibility that she's not interested to know about it, it's also an insult to her. You have your reason why you ask her out on a date in the first place, and that is to get to know her. So, ask questions about her and talk about the things she's interested in. There will be instances where she'll ask about your ex-girlfriends, if so, you can talk a little about it but do not make it the only topic of your conversation the whole date.

Dating Advice 12: Get off your phone

There's nothing more irritating than having to see someone you're talking to busy with their phones. So, if you can, turn your phone off so it won't distract you. If you constantly check your phone, she will get the impression that you are not interested in dating her. Get off your phone and live the moment. Try to show your date that she has your full attention. She will appreciate this gesture and you'll probably get a higher chance to go out on date with her again soon.

Dating Advice 13: Give her compliments

We all know that most women really take several hours in preparing themselves for a date. They stress themselves too much by just ransacking their closet for something to wear, they'll spend money on a salon to get their hair fixed, and it will take them an hour or so to get that eyebrows on fleek! So, as a man, at least try to appreciate this effort. It won't surely hurt you to give her compliments from time to time. Women have very sensitive feelings and such gestures soften them easily. They will surely appreciate you for it.

Dating Advice 14: Cool is Ok, but don't overdo it

Sure enough, as a man, you try your hardest to not lose your composure when you are on a date with the girl you deeply admire. You avoid saying stuff that sounds funny and ridiculous and make intelligent remarks all the time instead. Or perhaps, you show her that you are not into mainstream culture and that you are not one of the "normies". Being cool and different is Ok, but do not overdo it. Be who you are even it means showing your crazy playful side or sounding corny at times. Women can tell easily if you are trying too hard.

Dating Advice 15: Be a man and be honest!

Just because you dated her doesn't mean you have to be in a romantic relationship with her in the future. Keep in mind that not all dates lead to it, it's a step of getting to know someone. If you don't have plans of going out on a date with her again, do not make any promises of calling her or keeping in touch with her. But, do not be rude as well. Tell her you enjoy the date and that you had a great time but do not give her false hope.

Dating Advice 16: Offer to pay for the date

With most women being confident now and are able to provide for themselves, this is somewhat an old-fashioned etiquette in dating though a lot of men still stick to it. On your second or more future dates with her, it's OK to divide the bill between the two of you, but if it's a first date, it wouldn't surely hurt you to take charge. If she's willing to pay half the bill, so be it, but at least make an offer anyway. This will give her good impression on you.

After the Date: Tips and Advice

What to do next?

You might think that when the date is over, it ends there totally. For some, it is if you no longer plan to see her again. But, there are times when you are confuse and in between wanting to do it again and not.

Dating Advice 17: Keep it casual

If you developed some feelings for her, of course, you'll think of asking her out again in the future. But, remember to keep it casual. Do not ask her out again with the intention of having intimate intercourse with her. Continue to build a casual relationship and get to know her better. Sex will naturally come if you know how to play the game, do not rush things.

Dating Advice 18: Ask second opinions

If you are unsure of your feelings for her or you like her and want to see her again, it's never bad to ask opinion from your friends, female friends especially. Tell them how your date went, talk to them about the conversations you had, and the things that went kind of bad during the date. Their tips might help you assure yourself what you really like and to become better in dating.

Dating Advice 19: Be confident

These tips and advice are just things to make your date better but everything else will depend on how you'll handle it. If you really want to have a successful date, you got to remove your fear, your anxiety, and your negative thinking. Be confident and think that you'll do well and you'll get good results.

Dating Advice 20: Be your true self

The most important tip of all! When you are out on a date with a female you really like, never be someone you are not. Be you, show her your true personality, and be transparent. There's no reason to be fake because as the relationship progresses, your real you will come out eventually. So, as early as possible, show your true colors.



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