12 Ways To Make A Girl Kiss And Hug You Warmly By Arousing

Is it hard to get a kiss from your girl? Arousing her can help you. Here are 12 ways to make a girl kiss and hug you warmly by arousing.

By Palack
12 Ways To Make A Girl Kiss And Hug You Warmly By Arousing

Getting a kiss from a girl

Kissing is a common gesture between a couple even if they just started dating or are in a relationship for a while. Girls don't initiate a kiss. They don't kiss they get kissed. This is a simple thing that everyone is well aware. Girls are shy; they never initiate a kiss. It Is true that a girl never initiates a kiss or hug. However, it is not the complete truth. A girl initiate kiss only when she feels comfortable around her partner. If you want to get a girl to hug you or kiss you, then it is important to make her feel comfortable with you. Even if you want your girl to kiss you, then you have to make a few moves and create your magic spell first. It becomes easier if you are dating a girl. However, if you want to kiss a girl you are attracted to and never asked her out or a girl on your first date it will never be an easy thing. You have to be patient and read the little sign the girl gives you before you pucker for a kiss.

Arouse your girl get her to kiss you

The easiest way to get a girl hug you or kiss you is by building sexual chemistry. You can arouse her, and she will wrap you in her arms. It is important that you approach her correct ways. If something goes wrong, then it will be very awkward between you and your girl. You need ways to approach where you can easily back off when you don’t get the positive response from her. Be careful before you approach her she may find it offending.

1. Don’t burden her

Girls are susceptible about their relationships. A small move or step of yours can make you lose the girl you love. Try to be patient with her. You must try your best not to burden her by expressing your desire of being more physical with her. She may find it a way of forcing her to go beyond her comfort zone. If you want to be in a long-term relationship with her, then try your best to avoid such situation. If she feels pressured or burdened then may start avoiding you. She will avoid being alone with you or any personal interaction.

2. Don’t be desperate

She is your girlfriend you are is obvious to have the desire of kissing her or hugging her. However, you have to be very careful. It is also possible that sometimes you seem desperate. Don’t be desperate give you girl some time to be comfortable with you. Give her some time to understand your feelings that you want to hold her or kiss because you love her not just to fulfil your sexual desires. If you give her some time, she will make a move on her own.

3. Get some time alone with the girl

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If you want to get a warm hug or a kiss from a girl you are required to set the moment. For this, you need a place with no distraction. It can be your place, or you can see if you can get some alone time in her place. It is important that you don’t have anything to distract you while you are trying to be cozy with her. Try avoiding any distraction whether it is your phone or any person interrupting. A room with dim lights will work in your favour.

4. Don’t ask your girl to kiss you

You may find asking your girl to kiss you the bold and easiest thing to do, but most of the time it doesn’t work.You need to arouse the girl. They have to feel the arousal and sexual tension before making out with you. Don’t ask her if you don’t know whether she wants to kiss you or not.

5. Sit close to the girl

If you want to get a girl to hug or kiss you, the beginning is crucial. Look for an excuse to sit close to her or sit close to her. You can create opportunity by showing her something on your phone or by reading a book together. You must keep this move a secret from her never let her about your intentions till you make her comfortable with you. If she get’s an idea about your intentions she will feel uncomfortable around you. Sitting close her is essential for making her comfortable and arousing her to kiss you.

6. Flirt sexually to arouse her to kiss you

Flirting sexually doesn’t mean to go sexually straight away.start with talking to her about the time you first met her or saw her, about how nice she is or about the memorable moments you spend together. After a little warm-up start getting personal with your talk. If you are not dating the girl speak to her about her past relationships or about the last time she gets closer to a guy. If you are dating that girl then just talk about anything it doesn’t matter.

7. Touch your girls now and then

Touching your girl now and then is the best way to arouse the girl you love and want a kiss from. Touch her fingers delicately, or you can just play with her nails. She won’t mind it, or maybe she will love the way you are touching. While touching her, you can also compliment her perfume or skin. This is how you be able to build the sexual tension with a soft touch.

8. Don’t try to be funny or laugh while trying to arouse her

You are a funny guy but when you are trying to arouse the girl you love to kiss you is not the correct time to be funny. If you try to show off how funny you are or your funny bone, you will just kill the mood. When you are trying to get a kiss from a girl, you must speak softly in a lower voice. It is important that you keep a check on her expressions. You must check whether she is warming with you or not. After a while, you will notice that she reciprocates and start whispering to you.

9. Get your girl in correct mood

If she is fooling around, laughing or talking excitedly in a high pitch about something, then it means she is not warmed up to you yet. In such a situation hold her hands gently and play with her fingers. You can also clasp your fingers with her or stroke her palm. Even if she has no idea about what you are up to or she is confused about your intentions she will start calming down and get into the right mood.

10. Give a small pack on cheeks

This can be a tricky step however this step will pave the path for you to get a kiss back from the girl you love. When you get the feeling that she is warmed up to you, talk about how you have seen her, how you know her or about your relationship . while talking all this turn towards her and gently give a small quick pack on her cheek and smile softly. She will smile involuntarily back to you. This means you are almost there. If you don’t want to lose your love or you are scared instead of kissing her cheek clasp her hand and kiss on the back of the palm. It has the same impact, but it is a safer way to arouse her to get a kiss back.

11. Kiss on her cheek again

If you notice that she was excited when you first kissed on her cheek, then it is the time to make a move. Kiss her cheek one more time. It is important to have a deeper impact this time. This time kiss her cheek but make sure to let your lips almost touch her lips. Stay just like that for a few seconds while kissing. If she is in love with you, then this will arouse her to kiss you back. This will make her feel the desire to come closer or to hug you and kiss you.

12. Pay attention to her reactions again

Now you have moved one step further. Look at her reactions whether she liked it or not. Did she close her eye in pleaser or her eyes were open wide staring you as you offended her? Her reaction will help you to know how to move further. Kiss her again on her cheek if she is looking confused. It is better to back away and pretend like its just a friendly kiss if she looks offended. You must keep in mind that you will get more chances to be close to her and make her feel your desires within her comfort zone. If you see her blushing or coming close to you, then this is the time kissing her on lips. Now that you know she liked it then she will want it. Don’t break the moment by moving away just after your kiss. Just stay close to her lips. If she likes you or loves you want to hug you or kiss you, she will make a move. She will kiss you back.

Even though you want your girl to kiss, you let it happen naturally. Your girl is not dumb as you think about them, but they want their own pace when it comes to kissing or other physical interactions. Even if you are using these tips to make her kiss you, you must not make her feel pressured. She may kiss you when she notices how desperate you are, but it may have some after effect on your relationship. If you want to be with her for a long time, it is important always to consider her feelings and preferences. She is your girl she will kiss you if it's not today then it will be tomorrow. So, move slowly and carefully. Spend some time with her make her feel special and happy. She will notice your efforts and love, and you will get what you desire.