Top 20 Signs Your Ex Is Not Over You

It sure is frustrating when you don't know what your ex boyfriend is feeling! Read on for our top 20 signs that your ex still isn't over you.

By Emma Philo
Top 20 Signs Your Ex Is Not Over You

Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Is Not Over You

Breakups are tough. And if your ex boyfriend still can't get over you, then things can even get very awkward. Is he truly not over you? Are you confused if he still has an interest in you? Does he want you to be his girlfriend again? Read on to find out our top 20 signs that will help you figure out if your former flame is over you or not.

Sign 1: Your Ex Boyfriend Can't Stop Contacting You

After a breakup, it is common practice for people to cut all ties and ask for a fresh start. Not talking to your ex can prevent some embarrassing or awkward post-breakup moments. It can allow you to take a breather. It is pretty normal to want that after having given your all to someone. But what if your ex boyfriend reaches out to you again? Is he calling you? Is he sending you text messages? Perhaps he's becoming chatty on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger? Whatever service they are using, if they are trying to get hold of you on a regular basis, they are most likely trying to get into your head. And in that case, they aren't over you!

Sign 2: His New Girlfriend Is Your Doppelganger

Hardcore Friends fans will remember when Rachel split up with Ross and got with, uh, Russ! If his new girlfriend looks like you in the physical department, chances are they are seeking comfort over what they have lost. Take it in the best way possible - you are just so hard to get over. If your ex admits to their loved ones that they are dating someone like you, that is even worse - it sounds like they have gone out of their way to find your long-lost twin and are dying for a chance of getting back with you!

Sign 3: Your Ex Boyfriend Makes Awkward Eye Contact


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Sometimes, you can just feel it! You know that your ex boyfriend is still looking at you the way they did when you were together. You know their view of you hasn't changed. Their eyes have a twinkle in them when they see you. If you can't hold their gaze without feeling awkward, then it could be possible that they still have feelings for you. Another clue is if they still smile at every dorky thing you do like it's the first time - they are definitely not over you!

Sign 4: Your Former Flame Is Talking About You

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And we don't just mean in real life! If your ex boyfriend is posting, tweeting or Instagramming philosophical quotes about a failed relationship, chances are, they aren't quite over you. This might make you feel confused but take it as a clue. If people are asking "Who is this for?" and your ex is replying "I'll tell you in PM", it is pretty obvious they want you to get the hint!

Sign 5: Your Ex Boyfriend Is Asking About You

If your common friends have had enough of hearing your name, even after the breakup, that still means your ex boyfriend is talking about you. He's simply not over you. Your ex may ask how you are doing, or what you have been up to. Or if they have heard about an accomplishment, they may quiz your friends about it. He still shows interest in you and your life and freely admits it. It may be tiresome if you have no intention on getting back with your ex but that's just the way relationships work sometimes.

Sign 6: He Is Not Moving On Because He's Not Over You

If your ex boyfriend is not dating your doppelganger, then maybe he is not moving on at all. He is not ready to turn the page and commit themselves to another relationship yet. Getting over you is not that easy for him and that's probably the main reason why he doesn't have a new girlfriend yet. If you're still interested in being his girlfriend again, then good for you! But if you are not interested, make sure you don't leave him hanging! He might think that he still has a chance of getting back with you!

Sign 7: He Still Keeps Your Gifts

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It can't get more awkward when your ex boyfriend wears that necklace you gave them, or when he still wears that tee you let them borrow but he forgot to give back. It's not necessarily just because they were good presents, but it is because of the sentimental value. Your ripped pajama shirt may remind them of Sunday mornings or evenings in front of Netflix. They will get over the split little by little, don't you worry!

Sign 8: His New Girlfriend Feels He Isn't Over You

If their new partner hates your guts, chances are they have heard that you are the one that got away. Competition is fierce, but you shouldn't be mean. You'd be just as jealous in their shoes. Just leave them in their hate, and they will realize they have nothing to worry about on your side. If anything, maybe they should be questioning your ex!

Sign 9: His Behavior Has Changed

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It is difficult finding yourself again after a long-term relationship. Getting used to the single life can be a tricky task. Thus, your ex boyfriend might try a total personality overhaul as a way of getting over you. If he is going out drinking or clubbing excessively, or even just changing his appearances drastically, then it may be a cry for help. This is a sign that he feels confused and unable think rationally. If you have several friends in common, it may be in the hope that they come and tell your ex boyfriend's life is crashing down. Don't feel forced to "save" your ex if you don't love him anymore, it could get messier! You don't want him to see your concern as romantic interest.

Sign 10: Drunk Dialing Is An Obvious Sign

When your ex boyfriend is out drinking and clubbing, are you the person he calls at 5 AM? Is he texting you relentlessly on nights out? If your ex is drunk dialing you, then you are then it means that he still relies on you to look after them. It could also mean that he has feelings that he's trying to hide. Problem is, being too present just after a breakup can be misleading, so be careful! Just send him a little message so they know what they have done the next morning. Be clear that it's really over for the both of you.

Sign 11: You Have A Gut Feeling

When you have been in a relationship with someone for a long time, you do get to understand their behavior. A gut feeling can easily be wrong, but you could also be right. If you can't quite put your finger on it, but you know something is up, chances are you know they aren't quite over you.

Sign 12: Acting Awkwardly Around You

Going from daily affection to not being together will come as a shock to the system, not just for your ex boyfriend but for you too. Do you notice that, even months or years after the breakup, he still can't act normal around you? This is one of the signs that he's not truly over you. He feels you guys can't ever be "just friends."

Sign 13: Your Ex Is Still There For You

They want to be the shoulder that you can cry on, as soon as they know something is up, they're the first to ask you if you're okay. Though it is easy and familiar to go back to an ex, don't be tempted to go back. Just because they are the first to call when you are going through a hard time doesn't make them the right person for you. You guys split up for a reason! However, this could possibly be a great time for you to build a friendship with your ex boyfriend. If he's are trustworthy, then that's a great quality to have in a friend!

Sign 14: Still Being Cosy With Your Family

Does your ex boyfriend still act like he's part of your family? This can be an awkward situation. You're no longer his girlfriend so it seems rather inappropriate. Ex boyfriends don't need to ignore your family or be rude, but being over-friendly with your family at the end of the relationship pretty much means they have one thing in mind - to win you back!

Sign 15: Your Ex Tries To Stop You From Moving On

There will come a time when you will want to date someone new. You will feel like moving on, but sometimes that isn't always easy with an ex boyfriend in the background. If you notice that your ex is too invested in your life decisions, especially when it comes to dating, then he's not ready to stay out of your life. It seems selfish, but that's how other guys deal with their inability to move on.

Sign 16: Denial Is One Of The Biggest Signs

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He believes that you want him back and tells everyone about it. He doesn't want to accept the fact that you're over him. Don't get involved, you are better off being the bigger person and ignoring all their lies. Intervening will just send mixed signals and give your ex more ammunition to lie about you.

Sign 17: He Wants To See You All The Time

Does he always come up with some lame excuse to meet up with you like giving back your old stuff that you don't even want anymore? Are they always texting you to ask when you can catch up next? Meeting up too often just after a breakup can be misleading and make him confused - so steer clear when you can!

Sign 18: He Talks About The Good Old Times

If your ex boyfriend is reminiscing about the good old days, then that pretty much speaks for itself. It could be his secret way of luring you in and persuading you to be his girlfriend again. He still thinks about those great days you had together, but don't get sucked in - you guys broke up for a reason. Like any other couple, you had bad times as well as good.

Sign 19: Apologizing For The Past

Now there are two possibilities if your former flame apologizes for what happened in the past. The first one is that they have grown up, and they want to move past the problems and move on. The other one is that they want a second chance. Accept the apology and try to find out what their motives are. Even if they deny wanting you back, you'll soon find out.

Sign 20: Trying To Flirt With You

Flirting with you is another sign he wants another shot at your relationship. Whether it's just teasing you about that weird habit, telling you you're gorgeous, or holding you in longer for that goodbye hug, it shows that your ex is desperate for another chance.

To Give A Second Chance Or Not?

If your ex boyfriend shows all the signs, then it's all up to you. Do you want to take him back? Or would you rather just move on? Either way, talk to your ex and communicate. After all, communication is key to a healthy relationship whether you two are dating or are apart. Good luck!