10 Signs Your Boyfriend Hates You & The Reason Behind It

Are you worried that your boyfriend probably has some hate feelings towards you? Well, there is no need to speculate. Check out for the following to be sure.

By Dagmar Thomson
10 Signs Your Boyfriend Hates You & The Reason Behind It

10 Signs Your Boyfriend Hates You And The Reason Behind It

Relationships can be hard at times. For a relationship to work, both parties involved should want and love each other. You might find yourself in a situation where you feel like your boyfriend hates you. There could be signs that he hates you like the way he acts towards you. Just know that there is a reason why he is acting this way. The important thing is to find out why and what is making him act the way he is. If you are not sure if your boyfriend loves or hates you, then here are 10 signs that will show you that your boyfriend hates you:

1. He Threatens To Break Up With You Most Of the Time

It is common when a couple gets into a fight; there are threats issued from both sides. However, if you find that each time you fight with your boyfriend he threatens to leave you, be wary. It is a huge sign that your relationship is coming to an end. It is clear that your boyfriend has been thinking of leaving you. It could be because of something you have done or not your fault. This is a sign that he hates you and will want you out of his life eventually.

2. He Changes His Password and Starts to Keep Secrets

It is sometimes good when a couple does not reveal everything about themselves. You might feel like you want some part of your life to remain secret. However, if you and your boyfriend used to share everything and suddenly he starts to close up, this is a sign that something is wrong. If you happened to know the password to his phone and he changes it, then he is hiding something from you. This is a silent way for your boyfriend to tell you he wants you to keep off. He could have been pissed off by something you did, and this is his way of letting you know. He could have made a decision, and he is removing you slowly from his life starting with his private life.

3. He Starts To Objectify You

When you met your boyfriend, he liked you the way you were. In the beginning of the relationship, he never tried to change you, and he even said he admired some of your qualities. In the course of the relationship, your boyfriend starts to compare you to someone else. This is a sign that your boyfriend hates you. There could be a reason why he is not satisfied with your qualities at the moment. It could be that your boyfriend stopped being in love with you and is interested in someone else.

4. He Stopped Looking At You with Admiration

Your boyfriend could have admired everything you did and all of a sudden; it comes to an end. When he starts to behave differently like rejecting something you give to him, then it is a sign that he hates you. He could even stop listening to what you say, or he starts making offensive comments like ‘you smell.’ This should be a huge sign that he no longer loves you and he hates you. A boyfriend who hates you will make sure that you are aware of his hate and resentment towards you. This means that he no longer respects you.

5. He Stops Doing Things with You

You and your boyfriend could have been doing the same things together like going out, going to bed together or doing a juice cleanse. When he starts to do such things on his own, it could just be an innocent act he does without knowing. However, when he does it repeatedly, then this is a sign that he is avoiding you. Such acts mean that he wants his independence, and he is secluding himself from you. The love your boyfriend had for you could have died, or he hates you and wants to distance himself from you.

6. He Undermines You Socially

When you go to an event with your boyfriend, and you find yourself alone most of the time, then you will know that something is wrong. He might even start flirting with other people at the party. This is a sign that your boyfriend no longer loves you. He might even start posting photos with other women. When your boyfriend starts disrespecting you, it means that he hates you and wants you out of his life.

7. He Does Not Talk About the Future

When you are in a relationship, and you are both over 25 years, you will mostly find yourselves talking about the future. However, when your boyfriend avoids talking about the future or sneers when you talk about the future, then something is wrong. It could be he has not really made up his mind about you. The other reason could be that he hates you and is only in the relationship until he finds someone else.

8. He Ignores You

When you find that your boyfriend would rather play games or be online than spend time with you, then this is a sign that he hates you. He is trying to create a distance between you two and wants nothing to do with you. When you feel that the distance is becoming even larger, then know that he has moved on and it is only a matter of time before he tells you.

9. He Does Not Notice Your Accomplishments

In the past, you would find that your boyfriend noticed even the little things you were able to accomplish. He would always commend and congratulate you. When everything changes, and he is not even happy that you got a raise or a promotion, then something is going on. This is a sign that your boyfriend no longer cares what happens in your life. He could hate you, and he is waiting for you to notice this.

10. He Blames You for Everything

When something goes wrong in your boyfriend’s life, and he starts blaming you, then this should clue you in that he hates you. When he blames you for something that is not even your fault, it means that you no longer matter to him and he hates that you are still in his life.

Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Hates You

You might find yourself in a situation where you feel like your boyfriend hates you. You could have such a feeling because of the way he acts towards you. You have no idea why he is acting this way, and you want to resolve the situation. Well, here are some of the reasons why he hates you and how you can resolve them:

• You Take Him For Granted

When your relationship was starting, you always made sure that you took extra care of your boyfriend. You made sure that you both went out for dates, cooked his special meals, and even dressed up for him. With time, you stop doing these things, and you became too pre-occupied with life. Your boyfriend will start to feel like you are taking him for granted. He can even start hating you when you least expect it.

• You Keep Talking About Your Ex

When you are in a relationship, it is common knowledge that you should avoid talking about your ex. However, when you find yourself constantly talking about your ex, then this is a sign that you are not over him. This can cause your boyfriend to feel inferior and assume that you do not value him. He will slowly start hating you and try to distance himself from you. When this happens, you need to stop talking about your ex. You need to reassure your boyfriend that your ex no longer matters to you and it is him that you are interested in.

• You Do Not Give Him Space

This is another reason that could make your boyfriend to hate you. Everyone needs his or her space even in a relationship. When you are constantly there by your boyfriend’s side, he might feel suffocated. He needs time to be on his own or with his friends and family. Therefore, when you do not give him time to miss you, then he will hate you for always taking up his space.

• You Control Everything

When you start controlling everything in your boyfriend’s life without consulting him, he will gradually start to hate you. You need to understand that before you met your boyfriend, he controlled things in his life. Your boyfriend needs to feel that he has control over certain situations in his life or he will start to hate you.

• You Flirt With Everyone

If you are the type of woman who is beautiful and draws the attention of other men, your boyfriend will feel confident and happy that he was able to get you in his life. However, when you start to flirt with other men instead of showing off your boyfriend, then there is bound to be trouble. Your boyfriend will hate you for not being proud of him. Your actions are going to make him feel hurt. You need to make him feel proud that you are happy he is in your life.

• You Ignore His Advice

When you have an issue, you will always want to know what your boyfriend thinks. When he gives you advice or his idea, he expects you to at least acknowledge it. When you always ignore your boyfriend’s advice and do what you wanted, he will feel like you are rejecting him. He will hate you since he will think you do not value his advice. You need to listen to him and learn that compromise is a two-way street. Relationships can be difficult most times, and they require work from the parties involved. You might find yourself in a situation where you feel like your boyfriend hates you. You do not know why he hates you. You might be surprised to find that the way you act is what is making him hate you. If this happens to you, you need to find out what is the cause of the hate. You need to change your behavior to change that hate to love. The 10 signs and six reasons discussed above will help you to start treating your him in the proper way. You never know; you might find your love blooming again.



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