15 Effective Ways To Forget Your Crush

It is normal to have a crush on someone. However, in situations where you can't have him or her, you have to learn how to forget and move on. Learn more here.

By Dagmar Thomson
15 Effective Ways To Forget Your Crush

15 Effective Ways to Forget Your Crush

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Having a crush on someone is normal. Everybody passes through this phase of life. When you have a crush on someone, you experience a nice feeling. Every time you see your crush across the room, you have butterflies in your stomach. This nice feeling can turn into tears especially if you are rejected or the person in question is dating someone else. However, this is not the end of the world; how you forget your crush is entirely your choice. Nobody is worth all that much trouble. Love yourself and focus on what is more important in your life. Most people do not know how to differentiate between love signs from a crush though most crush signs are similar to love signs. The only difference is that a crush fades away quickly. Below are some guidelines on how to forget your crush and move on peacefully:

1. Admit Your Circumstance

The first major step is to admit you have a crush on someone. Once you admit so, then you can accept the person in question either is dating someone else or does not share the same feelings as you do. If you accept all that, it will be easier to start taking the situation lightly. This is the first step to move on and forget your crush. Time heals all wounds and so you should be optimistic in your endeavors to move on.

2. Accept Your Situation

Once you have admitted that you have a crush on someone and the person in question is not into you, the second stage is accepting your situation. This person will never see you in the same light as you do. Do not take it personally or be in denial. You might realize later on that it was a good thing the crush never worked out. The painful experience will make you stronger in case you find yourself in a similar situation.

3. Be Honest

The third step is to be honest with yourself on how the crush has affected you emotionally. Be real and avoid any denial. Do not make any excuses why it never worked out. Perhaps it was never meant to be. On the other hand, maybe the two of you are incompatible. Acknowledge it and move on.

4. Talk It Out

Talking it out with a grown-up person whom you trust can relieve some of your pain. Telling your guardian how you feel, and what you liked about that person will help release some tension. Seek advice on how to stop the heartache and learn how to cope with it. This will help you move on with your life and forget how it felt with time. However, it might take you some effort and time. Your heart is resilient and it will heal eventually.

5. Do Not Take It Hard

When you are rejected or the person in question does not reciprocate the same feelings as you do, do not take it personally. There is nothing wrong with you and you are still the same person you were before. Do not indulge in self-pity trying to find fault in your character. The problem is not you. Take it lightly and accept things the way they are and move on. Furthermore, it is the person in question who is at a loss. Remember to focus on yourself. A crush fades away with time.

6. Do Not Think About Your Crush


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When you realize that your crush is not going to work out, you will think about the person in question more often. If you indulge in those thoughts, your healing process will slow down. It is hard but whenever you think about your crush, you must think of something else. Adopt a hobby or do what you love doing best. Engage with your friends; they will help you to be preoccupied for a while. Keep yourself busy and you will forget your crush soon.

7. Distance Yourself and Forget

If the sad feeling keeps on recurring whenever you see your crush, distance yourself from the person in question. Avoid all the areas your crush uses; if possible take a little trip far away. Go meet new people and with time, this sad feeling will go away. Distancing yourself does not mean you go away but also you avoid stalking your crush or an ex through social media. Obsessing over what they are doing will only make things worse for you. There is a reason why a crush is called a crush. He or she should stay in the past. Avoid all contact since this will keep the relationship ongoing. Unfollow the person in question in all social media so that you do not get tempted to obsess. Move on, furthermore you have been rejected, why continue hurting yourself because of someone? You deserve better.

8. Stay Focused and Strong

When your ex or your crush hurts you, you should try to stay strong. It is hard but with a little help from your friends and parents, you will make it. Stay occupied all the time and do not let any sad feeling occupy your mind. Let your parents and friends shower you with their love and support. Friends are a great way of distracting you; they will keep you occupied throughout. Having a crush is not one of the love signs; therefore, you will move on eventually and forget your crush.

9. Learn How to Ignore What Triggered Your Crush

Every bad experience is a lesson learned. Learn what attracted you most in your crush; it could be the smile, something similar you share an interest in, or the way the person in question talks. Once you learn all that, you will be able to know what kind of a person attracts you. Do not rush into any relationship soon before you heal. Take your time and assess the situation. Learn how to overcome your crush to avoid becoming a victim once again.

10. Be Strong; It Is a Passing Phase

Being rejected by someone you have a crush on is a painful experience. Do not indulge in self-pity; instead work on getting over it. The best thing is that it is not a permanent feeling; hence, you will get over it and move on. All it takes is a little discipline, support, and strength. Learn how to be strong and forget your crush.

11. Learn How to Avoid Anger

Rejection can lead to anger. Do not let anger control you. Learn how to take charge of your emotions. Being angry at your crush or an ex due to their rejection or for the fact that they have not reciprocated their feelings to you will make your healing process slow down. Take charge and be strong. Calm your thoughts since you cannot control who likes the other. Eventually, you will learn how to maintain your cool and you will forget your crush.

12. Take Some Time for Yourself

All emotional wounds need time to heal. Therefore, do not rush yourself into another relationship. Learn how to love yourself again, you will forget your crush and let go of the sad feelings. Once you learn how to overcome the crush then you can proceed to have another relationship. A crush can drive you crazy and you might find yourself doing crazy things claiming they are love signs. People have different abilities to heal any emotional wound; you never know yours will take how long. Therefore, do not rush the healing process. Reflect on what happened, self-evaluate yourself and how you have handled yourself through the process. Learn how to recognize the crush signs to avoid the same thing repeating itself again.

13. Do Not Hope

When you are rejected, there is no need to be optimistic about the person in question. The person in question will not change for you, so move on, and forget how you feel. Having false hopes will make you feel awful and sad. Focus on yourself and love yourself more. Someday you will get a person who will love you for who you are. Do not lose hope in life. Getting your heart crushed is a learning experience.Learn how to let go and move on.

14. Turn Your Crush into Your Friend

This idea may sound like a horrible idea, but it will work. The main reason why we end up having a crush on someone is how he or she appears mysterious. We fill our heads with imaged thoughts of how this person is. The only way to quench this feeling is to learn how to be their closest friend, therefore, getting to learn their bad behavior. If you still feel the same then this might be a love sign, if not, your painful experience will end automatically. Try it if you are strong enough.

15. Find a Rebound

People say a rebound cannot help you heal your wound; this is not entirely true. If you find someone you like better and start a relationship with, it might help you heal. Using someone for your own benefit is wrong, but when you have a persistent crush and you are unable to get over it, you have no choice but to fawn over someone who likes you. Avoid thinking about your crush when you are with somebody else since this might destroy your current relationship. Your new person will help you forget your crushed feeling and you never know the rebound might work out after all. It is never easy to get your feelings back in order after they have been crushed. However, with a little strength, discipline, and support from your loved ones, you will get back on your feet. The above article directs you on some few ways to overcome the pain of being rejected by your crush. Use them wisely and do not let anger and obsession take over you. Every pain felt is a learning experience. This feeling is not permanent and it is not a death sentence. Take charge of your emotions and learn how to overcome your pain. You are stronger than you think.