Top 7 Signs To Tell If You're In Love With Someone

We may experience certain feelings towards someone and wonder if it is really love. Check out for the signs below to tell if it is love or infatuation.

By Dagmar Thomson
Top 7 Signs To Tell If You're In Love With Someone

Top 7 Signs to Tell If You Are in Love with Someone

The best feeling you can have is being in love, but the most amazing thing is when you find yourself falling in love with the right person. Love is so powerful that it makes you feel that nothing is impossible. When you are in love, you will always experience a warm feeling when you think about the person you love. It is true that everyone has a different experience when it comes to love. There are those people who know right away if they are in love or not, and you might find yourself in a situation where you cannot tell if you are in love with someone or you just like him or her. When you are in love, you are not quite sure if it is real love or just infatuation. You feel so confused and you wait for something that will tell you that you are in love with him or her. Well, here are 7 signs that will help you to know if you are in love with someone or you just like him or her.

1. It's Love If You Always Think of Him or Her

In the past, when you broke up with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, you always thought about him or her. You always hoped that you would get back together. However, as days go by and you meet someone else, you find that you no longer think about your ex. You find that your focus has shifted and someone else is on your mind. It gets to a point where he or she is the first person you think about when you wake up and the last when you sleep. When you are in trouble or something good happens to you, he or she is the only person you want to confide in. This is one of the signs of being in love.

2. You Can Tell You're Addicted to the Person

When you meet someone new, it is always exciting and awkward at times. You give yourself a grace period to try to figure out if the person is the one you love. In the course of time, you find that you always want to spend time with that person because you always feel sad whenever it is time to go. These signs should tell you that you are addicted to the person and that you are in love. Be careful not to confuse addiction with stalking. Stalking someone means you are following their every move. However, when you are addicted to someone, you respect his or her privacy and find time to be together. This will tell you that you are in love.

3. You Miss the Person

When you are wondering if you like a person or love them, you should ask yourself how often you miss that person. If the answer is always, then you are in love. Liking someone is different from loving someone. When you like him or her, you do not miss him or her as much as you would if it was love. Missing someone shows you how important he or she is to your life and that you love the person. Thus, you should first understand the difference between the two terms-love and like, for to to know which of the two fits your situation.

4. You Become Jealous

When people are in love and in a committed relationship, jealousy is bound to come up at one point. It is healthy to become jealous when you are in love but not all the time. Jealousy is one of the signs that will tell you that you love someone. You will be jealous when the person you love is close to someone else. You wish and hope that you could have the kind of friendship he or she has. Sometimes, you will secretly wish that you could put an end to their friendship. This should tell you that you are in love with that person and you do not want to share him or her with anyone else. Just be careful that you do not turn this kind of jealousy into suspicion. When you become suspicious of that person then this will affect your relationship in the end and kill your love. Snooping on someone’s phone does not mean you are jealous; it means you are being suspicious. You could suspect that the person does not love you and is just playing with your feelings. True love does not allow you to be suspicious. When you are in love, it is normal to become jealous because that shows how much you love that person.

5. You Start To Think About the Future

In your previous relationship, you probably never thought about the future with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. At one time in your relationship, you did not envision your ex becoming your lovely husband or wife. This tells you that you were not that in love with your ex. There were signs that showed you, but you turned a deaf ear to them. If you are in a relationship and you find that everything you think about is long-term, then this should tell you that you are in love. You keep imagining how wonderful it will be when he or she becomes your husband or wife. You start treating the person you love like he or she is your husband or wife. You even try to visualize being married to the person. When you are in love, you will want to build a future with the person you love. When you find that you cannot picture a future without the person you love, then this should tell you that you love the person.

6. You Are Not Afraid to Show Your Love in Public

People are not always so free with expressing their feelings in public. Love has a funny way of changing all that without your knowledge. When you like someone, you will keep your feelings to yourself and not be open about them to anyone. However, when you are in love, you are not afraid to express how much you love that person. You will constantly tell that person how much you love him or her. You are not afraid to kiss the person in public to show that you love them. You might be the type of person who is not comfortable expressing their love in public. You could be the shy type who cannot kiss in public or hold hands as you walk. When you start changing and doing these things, then you definitely love the person. You feel like you want to shout to the whole world how much you love the person. Love will make you feel like nothing can hold you back and you want other people to see the love that you feel. You do not feel embarrassed when your are together. This is what true love is like.

7. You Love the Person’s Flaws

Everyone has his or her own faults. You can tell you are in love when you find that you do not mind about the other person’s flaws. You will accept the flaws of the person you love and it will not bother you. When you are in love, you will accept that their flaws are also a part of you. If you do not accept the person’s flaws, then this should tell you that you are not in love. Love is unconditional and allows you to love a person without changing him or her. Love allows you to accept that no one is perfect. Remember that you also have flaws. If someone is in love with you, then you should know that he or she has accepted your flaws. When you are in love, you will look at the flaws of the person you love as something that helps to build his or her character. You might find yourself even teasing the person you love about his or her flaws. This is your way of showing that person that you have accepted him or her entirely, and that you will try to build each other as well as compromising certain things.

Knowing Whether It Is Love or Attachment

You can find yourself in a situation where you think that you are in love with your boyfriend or girlfriend, but in the real sense, it is just an attachment. Have you ever wondered how you could have told your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend all those wonderful things like you love him or her but now you cannot stand his or her sight? Well, this is because you were not in love but attached to him or her. How can you differentiate between the two? Consider the following points to help you know.

Love Is Free, but Attachment Is Possessive

When you love someone, you will always feel safe even when you are not with the person. You know the person loves you so you do not question his or her love. When it comes to attachment, you only feel safe when you are with the person. You always wonder what the person is doing when he or she is not with you.

Love Is Selfless, but Attachment Is Self-Centered

When you are in love, you will put the other person’s needs first. However, when it comes to attachment, you put the other person’s needs first if you are also gaining. You only think about yourself and do not care about the other person.

Love Is Empowering, but Attachment Is About Power

Love will make you feel like you can conquer anything in this world. It gives you new energy and makes you feel alive. Attachment is all about being the powerful one in the relationship. If you are married, you want to be the one always making the decisions and not your husband or wife. We all know that love is a wonderful thing and those who have experienced it can second this. Once you know for sure it is love and not just an attachment, do not let it slip away. Just cherish the feeling and bask in the greatness of love.