Relationship 101: How To Tell He Loves You By His Kiss

A kiss may mean so many things - care, love or even tenderness

By Dagmar Thomson
Relationship 101: How To Tell He Loves You By His Kiss

How to Tell He Loves You by His Kiss

We all know that men express their feelings best through action. When you see a guy who likes to express his feeling by word of mouth, that man is an exception. You would agree with me that if all men knew how to express their feelings by talking, it would make things easier on our side. There are different types of kisses that have different meanings. Consider the following kisses:

A first time kiss — when a guy kisses you for the first time, he tries to break the boundaries; this kiss is scary yet exciting since everything is new. Every dating girl longs for this type of kiss. It breaks the tension between you and your guy.

A lustful kiss — This passionate kiss leaves a woman longing for more. It involves teasing, and at the same time, it is aggressive. The lustful kiss leads to lovemaking. This type of kiss will astound you.

The `I miss your kiss` — This type of kiss involves all types of emotions for instance; trust and hope to mention a few examples. With this kiss, a man expresses best his feelings towards you. He will embrace your whole body. Every woman longs for this kind of kiss. You learn a lot when a man kisses you. Read on to get more pointers on the meaning of each kiss.

1. A Kiss on the Lips Tells That He Loves You

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When your guy kisses you on the lips, he is saying that he loves you. He is passionate about your relationship, and he is thinking about you. He would like to make a life with you. When your man loves to kiss you on the lips in public, it means he is familiar with you, and he values your love. When he does it in the privacy of your home, it means he is used to you. An open kiss on the mouth tells us that the guy is strongly attracted to you and he would like a chance to be with you. Given a chance, this will open a doorway to a romantic relationship.

2. A Closed Mouth Kiss

A closed mouth kiss in a new relationship reveals that the man is attracted to you and he is trying to test the boundaries. He is respectful yet cautious of his actions but not comfortable yet to reveal anything personal about himself. This kiss opens a doorway to a romantic relationship. If a married couple uses a closed mouth kiss, it tells that their union or perhaps their marriage is ending. This kissing style is used to test the waters in new young couples. Avoid using this kissing style if you have been married for sometimes since it is more like a brush on the lips.

3. A Kiss On Top Of Your Head

Men are the primary caretakers of women; they need to feel valued by their women. When a man kisses you on top of your head, he is not admiring your new hairstyle; rather, he is trying to tell you that he will protect you at all cost. He loves you, and he wants you to know he will always be there for you. It shows a passionate close emotional bond between lovers. Most parents use this type of a kiss on their young ones to show protection and trust between a parent and a child. Therefore, it can be a parental kiss as well.

4. A Butterfly Kiss

This kiss reveals to us that the couples are close and are physically and emotionally intimate with each other. It is used to indicate tenderness, trust, protection, and love. A butterfly kiss is mastered when you come close to each other and flutter your eyelids together. Only couples in love can be able to do so.

5. His Kisses on Your Breast

A man speaks with action; he will not come outright saying I want to kiss you on your boobs. He will use his mouth to show you how much he is thinking about you and that he is interested in you. He wants you to enjoy sex as much as he does. He pays attention to little details during sex. It is upon you to figure out what he is saying with his kiss. If you get this kiss do not brush him off, enjoy it!

6. A Stomach Kiss

Most women are not comfortable showing off their stomach. When your man kisses you on your stomach, he is trying to say that he is comfortable with you. He wants you to be comfortable with him too. He might also be trying to tell you that he wants to start a family with you; this is his way of thinking. Do not try to put him off thinking he is judging how your stomach looks like. He is trying to reveal his intentions. So go on girl, get busy, and start a family!

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7. A Forehead Kiss

Most parents kiss their young ones on the forehead to assure them and make them feel loved and protected. If there is a distance between the torso and the groin, this forehead kiss tells it is a platonic relationship. However, if the distance between the groin and the torso is close, this is a protective love kiss. When your guy kisses you on the forehead, you tend to lean close to him while closing your eyes. This reveals that you trust him and you feel vulnerable when you are with him. He loves you for who you are, and he wants you to feel safe with him. He is used to you being in his life, and he values your relationship more.

8. A Kiss on the Cheek

This is the worst kind of a kiss when you are in love. If a person you love kisses you on the cheek, he is telling you that he is not into you and neither is he is interested in any romantic endeavors with you. This is a heartbreaking kiss for those who are in love. If you are starting a romantic relationship and your man gives you such a kiss, dump him immediately! This kiss is worse than a handshake. On the other hand, if a man gives you this kiss and his lips tend to linger a little bit longer on your cheek, this indicates that he is testing the waters, but he is not sure how to proceed. He is shy and unable to come forth with the truth.

9. A Hand Kiss

This is a flirting kiss. A man who is interested in you can use it. However, he may not be willing to start any serious relationship with you. If a man kisses you on your hand and he is not from a royal family, he is trying to show off, and he is confident things will go his way.

10. A Wrist Kiss

This kiss tells a woman that the man knows what he is doing; he wants to get intimate with you, and he is willing to wait for you for as long as he can. When you get such a kiss, it is a way of him flirting with you.

11. A Neck Kiss

This is more of a passionate and erotic `I want you too,' kiss. It reveals how a man is romantically interested in you and he wants you now. If he follows by biting you on the neck, it becomes more erotic. Do not ignore this kiss; get undressed, and get hot right away! Your man has no better way of expressing his feelings other than this way.

12. An Eye Kiss

A kiss on the eye means your guy appreciates you. He values how you perceive the world and everything about you. You might find this kiss a bit strange, but when a man does that, he truly loves you for the person you are. You should be proud that you have found a man who values you for the person you are despite your flaws.

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13. A Tongue Kiss

It is also called a French kiss. If your man gives you a French kiss, he is saying how much he is into you. He is attracted to your personality, and he wants more from you. This man loves you, and he would like to start a relationship with you.

14. A Nose Kiss

Being gently kissed on the nose reveals how a man is attracted to your beauty, but he is playing safe. It is more of a flirting kiss. Therefore, if this is your first time to be kissed, then you can let the guy know you are in for the game.

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15. A Shoulder Kiss

A man can use different kissing styles to communicate how he feels about you. If you receive a shoulder kiss, he is telling you that am there for you always. He loves you, and he wants you to trust him. This kiss indicates physical and emotional bond between lovers.

16. Earlobe Kiss

An earlobe kiss shows a high level of physical and emotional intimacy. This kiss tells more than just I love you. If he does this, he is telling you that he wants intimacy since he is trying to arouse you.

17. The Spider-Man Kiss

This is when your guy kisses you upside down. If he has tried to pull this kiss successfully and you have enjoyed it, it means he loves you unconditionally, and he adores you. He is thinking how you mean the world to him. Not many men can pull this act so well. So hats off for those who have mastered it. Men show what they mean by actions. If you have been getting different types of kisses and wondering whether they mean anything, there you have it. Now you know what each kiss means regarding love. You can tell how much he loves you by the way he kisses you.Do not ignore this warm gesture as you might miss a chance of a lifetime of finding love.

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