15 Dating Tips And Advice For Women From Men

Women are well known as dating experts. But in this case, advice given from a man is a pure gold. So here are a couple of useful tips from them.

By Tashke
15 Dating Tips And Advice For Women From Men

What do guys think about dating?

Well, have you ever wondered what is going on in guy’s head while dating? Sometimes their dating tips and opinions can be more helpful than your friend’s dating tips or something you wrote in the magazine. It is okay to have a different kind of tips and advice for dating a man, from your family, friends, acquaintances, and others. But men’s tips and advice can help you the best way possible. Here are some useful dating tips and advice for women from men.

Advice 1: Women can make a first move, too

There is no any dating advice that says guys should make the first move every single time. Women are often convinced that men should always ask them to have a date. Well, no. Girls, be free to do that, guys will appreciate it and it’ll show them that you are an independent woman. Also, do not be afraid to text them first. It shows how confident, spontaneous and brave you are, nor afraid of being rejected. C’mon, it is just a text, show them that you care and that you are interested in them. Studies show that men most like when women approach them in bars or text them first then shy women who're waiting for first step. Believe me, that is a big plus for you and it makes you more attractive. So, go ahead and try it out!

Advice 2: Men like to hear more from you

Talking about your hobbies and interests while you're dating is more fun rather than being quiet. Men like to talk, sometimes way too much, so you can do the same, don't be shy. You can talk about the things you like to do in your free time such as taking a walk, reading a book, having picnics with your friends and family and etc. Avoid previous dating experiences and ex-boyfriends, at least on a first date. Talk about it all, don’t think they do not like it, they do and cannot wait to share their hobbies and interests with women, too. Through this kind of a conversation, they’ll find you more attractive, plus if you two have similar interests, that’s a big plus and a hint for a second date.

Advice 3: Let them know whether it works or not

Men are like us, women, do not like to be played with. So, if you really like a new guy you’re dating with, tell him, let him know that you enjoy his company. Don't be shy to show that you're interested. I’m sure he’ll feel butterflies in his stomach and be thrilled, just like any other person that hears good news. Go ahead and give him a clue that things are going pretty well. If you don’t do that they will assume that you have no interest in them and they’ll move on. To be honest, ladies you wouldn’t like that to happen, seeing the man you like giving up on you.

Advice 4: Don't get stuck in the past

What happens in the past stays there, all of us, especially women should remember that. Some of us have had a pretty bad dating experience and we ended up being hurt so much. Try not to talk about it while starting a new chapter of dating someone new, it is not a right time to do that. Sometimes it is better to leave the past behind and enjoy in upcoming things. Bringing up your past dating and relationship experiences too soon can turn the men off. So, save that for later, you two have more different topics to talk about, not this one, not right now. Be careful.

Advice 5: Let'em know if it's not working

It’s hard to tell someone you do not like them and that your relationship is not going to work. The majority of men would appreciate if a woman tells them right away they are not into them, rather than be shy. It is easy to pretend that everything is doing well and fake it but after a while, you’ll get bored of it. What if your man starts to love you but you do not feel the same way and want to quit it. It’ll be hard for them to accept it, men have feelings too even tho they’re acting like a cold stone. Do them a favor, if you do not like them or think that a relationship between you two isn’t going to work, tell them while you're still dating and do not wait any longer. It’s much easier to do it at the beginning.

Advice 6: They like women the way they are

Ladies, being your true self is a big plus and really attractive to men. You don’t have to pretend to be someone you are not just to impress a guy you like. No, that is a big turn off for them. Be you, spontaneous, brave, smart, funny. Don't be shy, show him everything you have got. Do not be ashamed, I know that it’s lame to be told to be your true self while dating, but it is true.

Advice 7: They like dating communicative women

Awkward silence, no. Men do not like it, not at all. You don’t want to be out on a date with your guy and be quiet 90% of the time. No, that is not how it works. You should talk about random stuff because men like to see that women are communicative and they’ll get more interested. So, break the silence, do not be afraid to be outgoing. That doesn't mean you should be nosey while dating. That means you could amuse the guy and make him feel comfortable.

Advice 8: Yes, you can pay bill sometimes

Men know that they should pay the dinner bill while you're dating and they will do that but sometimes women can offer to pay for it. Of course, men will reject it because you're dating a gentleman, right? They will never let a girl pay the bill on a date, but they’ll appreciate the women’s offer to do that. That means women don’t expect men to pay for everything, which is a good thing and it shows them they are not being used for their money.

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Advice 9: Don't bring your friends with you every time

Okay, it’s fine to bring time once or twice, but every single time you are on a date with your man? Girl, that is too much. Guys like to have some private time with you, not to date all your friends. Isn’t it too much? Have some time alone with you man, he would appreciate it. Sharing some special moments of relationship with your beloved is the best thing in the world. He will feel special too.

Advice 10: Don't expect too much

On the first date, all women in the world expect a prince charming with a white horse and to experience a perfect fairytale, but hold on for a second. You cannot expect that right away because you can get disappointed later when your expectations do not match the reality. This is not a fairytale you’ve been dreaming of, it’s a reality. So do not expect too much from the guy while you're still dating.

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Advice 11: Don't try to change him.

Ladies, this is the biggest NO of all time. Never try to change your man, like him the way he is and he will like you back. Do not try to make him be your robot, he is not a toy. Accept him the way he is, love him and everyone should be happy. If he wants to change, he will do it for himself and if you do not like his behavior and you are not okay with everything he does, well, it is better to quit that relationship.

Advice 12: Be honest and openminded

There is nothing wrong being honest in your relationship, guys like honest women. If you don't lie, you’ll have a better dating life or accomplish something. No. No. No. Lying will make things even worse, so be honest with your partner. If he catches you in a lie, do not try to continue on lying, no, tell the truth, he will appreciate it. I’m sure you wouldn’t want your man to be lying to you all the time. Be free to accept things the way they are, do not try to sugar coat it. Relationships based on lies won't last and that's for sure.

Advice 13: Don’t be aggressive and jealous

Having an argument with your partner is the usual thing, I mean, it is a part of a relationship. Even while you're dating, you'll have a couple of small tiffs. And that's OK. After an argument, do not act like a prick to him, do not answer short YES/NO, be sarcastic or even sabotage him. Believe me, that will not help you at all. Having an attitude to show that you are mad is, sometimes, fine. But in this situation is not helpful at all. The silent game between you too, either. Your relationship will break apart before you can even apologize to him. Also, being jealous shows that you care, yes. But being super jealous when you do not even have a reason for it, it is not. Guys do not like a super jealous girl, so be careful.

Advice 14: Try not to ask too much

It’s okay to ask a couple questions, but constantly asking and bothering a man it is not a good sign. Avoid stupid question, avoid repeating the same question all the time. Guys do not like the pressure during dating or relationship, let them breathe. I know, girls like to know everything, but if he wants to tell you, he will do it. Just do not be boring by asking stupid questions. You would be annoyed too if someone is hanging above your head asking and asking too much. Do not be surprised if he cuts you off by leaving the room or, even, your house without saying a word.

Advice 15: They don't want dating a clown

When you are going on a date with your man, you want to look flawless. Yes, we get that. But do not go over the top with your makeup. Guys like a natural look. Do not cover yourself with a mask called makeup, guys do not like kissing chemicals. It’s okay to have a bit of a powder, mascara, some lipstick to show off your beautiful lips, but going over the top with some dramatic look is a NO. That will scare him, not impress him. At the end of the day, he is dating a woman, not a clown. So try to have it all under the control with your makeup. Remember that sometimes less is more.

They gave the final word

In short, it's rare nowadays for women to make the first step, but do not be afraid of it. We are not in a Middle Age anymore. This is a time of a gender equation, so ladies, bring it on.



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