What Men Want: Top 10 Attractive Qualities Men Look For In A Woman

There are certain qualities that men want to see in the women of their dreams. Get to know the top 10 of those qualities to attract your dream man.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
What Men Want: Top 10 Attractive Qualities Men Look For In A Woman

Becoming A Woman That Men Want

If one would speak the truth as it is, one reason you as a woman wakes up every day to take care of yourself and perhaps develop your potentials to the best of your ability is so that you'll be found attractive and irresistible by men. It is not impossible that you're reading this piece for this same purpose. Apart from looking good for self-esteem and health purposes, you take your time every morning to adjust all the adjustable so that a man can miss his way while trying to appreciate your beauty. By the way, which woman doesn't like to be affirmed or found attractive especially by men? It's a normal thing to want to. But then, real men want more than just the looks. There are some qualities or if you like, call it features that they look for when searching for a woman to make their wife or be in a long-term relationship with. The truth is that you can become a woman that most men would love to have regardless of your social or financial background. And you know what? There is no price that men cannot pay when they see that woman that they want. Don't join the wagon of women who only want the "prize" but don't want to pay the price. The 10 qualities to be soon discussed reveal the inner longings of real men who are looking for a real woman like you to make a wife. Sure, you're eager to know what those qualities are now? Take a deep breath and adjust your seat as we run through them.

10 Attractive Qualities Men Want To See In A Woman

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Just before we start rolling out those 10 qualities that men want to see in you, it needs to be stated that this article is not insinuating that all men reason the same way or that they all love the same thing. That is certainly not the case, but in every 10 real men you see, at least 6 of them would tell you some or all of the qualities here is what they are looking for in you, a woman. It is hoped that you would compare yourself with these qualities and make adjustments where it may be necessary to attract the right man to yourself. Again, this may even help solve some of your relationship problems if you're already hooked up. Here are those things men want.

1. Beauty: One Thing Most Men Want

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It's hard to see a man that would walk past a beautiful woman without taking a second look. In fact, it's almost impossible. The way men are wired is such that a woman's physical appearance sounds a note in their head that is usually too loud to be ignored. Some, who are introverted or shy among them may not compliment you right away, but the majority would indeed show signs that their eyes have beheld a queen in the making. Beauty is perhaps the first of the qualities a man would see in a woman that would attract him to her. Before he hears anything from you at all or knows your dreams and aspirations, your curves, shapes, and glow would have done half of the talk. So, who says that external beauty doesn't matter? Of course, it does. Men are more moved by what they see than what they hear. Be that as it may, one truth remains, and that is the fact that beauty is relative. What is beautiful to Mr. A may not be beautiful to Mr. B. In fact, not all women have an equal level of beauty. However, there are some ground rules for having a physical appearance that would court the attention of any man. These include but not limited to these: 1. Engage in moderate and regular exercise. 2. Eat balanced diets and feast more on vegetables and fruits. 3. Take plenty of water each day. 4. Sleep at the appropriate time. If possible, you shouldn't be awake between the hours of 10 pm and 2 am. 5. Be up-to-date with fashion and wear articles of clothing that fit you. 7. Maintain a positive outlook and always put on a smile. It doesn't matter how you look before you coming across these ground rules; if you can religiously follow them, your beauty would be greatly improved such that any man would want to take more than just a second look on seeing you. So, if you want to win more men (real ones actually), you've got to make more effort to be appealing physically. That being said, you need to know that even though men crave beautiful women, your beauty alone can only attract but cannot keep him. If everything you've got as a woman is beauty; the best you can be for men is a bed warmer. You need it in combination with the other qualities to be discussed for its effect to be appreciated.

2. Men Want Women That Are Emotionally Secure

In addition to being physically attractive, emotional security is another quality men want to see in a woman they hope to make their wife or have a long-term relationship with. We talk so often about emotional security, but not too many have found time to define what it means. As a woman, you're considered as being emotionally secured by men when your state of being (feeling) is not easily altered by the things they do or refuse to do. Most men don't want women that easily tear up at the least provocation or that is always smelling a rat. Men want to move freely and in fact, associate with other women without their wife being too clingy or feeling jittery and jealous. Your emotional maturity is something you cannot hide for long. It would show in how you handle matters and even differences between you and your man. If you're insecure emotionally, the chances are that when a misunderstanding arises, you will start trading blames instead of accepting responsibilities for your deeds. With emotional insecurity, you would always feel that you're being taken advantage of. You'll do a small favor for your man, and it would look as if you've done a big thing. Emotional insecurity would also place you in some forms of competition with your man. All of these signs and more are what men dread to see in a woman they want to make their wife. But again like the issue of attractiveness earlier discussed, you can grow emotionally to that level of maturity that would be found attractive to a man. You'll first have to admit you are emotionally insecure before you can get out of it. As a follow-up to this admittance, get to know who you are and those things that trigger the insecure feelings in you. As for advice, you should not try to judge those things but let it take its course. By that, you're not overwhelmed by it. As it goes, when this cycle is completed several times, you'll get over that feeling. Emotional security is a walk and not a destination. The more you successfully go through an episode, the better you become.

3. If You're A Respectful Woman, Men Want You

Being respectful is a quality most men don't joke about when looking out for a woman they want to have a long-term relationship with or even make their wife. They want a woman who would make a king out of them and not one that would turn them into a handbag. And come to think of it; if he's a king, does that not automatically make you a queen too? Most men by being men feel they deserve some respects from their wives or female partners. Some do not even feel that respect has to be won. And in today's egalitarian society where gender equality is the mantra of the day, there appears to be a growing reduction in the man-to-woman respect pattern. There are no more sacred grounds as it were in which a woman cannot thread. Indeed, what men can do, recent happenings have shown that women can also do, if not better. But then, all of these modernities and everything it has to prove must remain only in your imagination if you want men of timber and caliber as your prospects. Perhaps one should stress this point well. Men wanting respect from their woman isn't necessarily a show of emotional insecurity. To think that way is to get it wrong. There is no doubt that some men may be insecure but the expectation of respect from their wives is probably the least way of knowing this. It's just their basic need if not the greatest of their needs when it comes to a marriage or relationship matter. Respect is displayed in so many ways and forms. However, for most men, they want to see their woman believe in them and their leadership; hold them in high esteem, and treasure them even when they're down. If all these seem to describe you or what you can do, then you are a real woman who men want.

4. Men Want Women That Are Sexually Attractive

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Sex is another innate need of every man. He's half-satisfied seeing his wife hot and even doubly satisfied if she's good in bed. You cannot hate sex as a woman and attract real men to yourself. And even beyond not hating sex, you have to be found or judged sexually attractive by him. It can be scary for most men to be in a relationship with a woman they do not feel physically and sexually attracted to. And trust men, they can almost know from a distance if a woman is sexually compatible with them or not. Although some of these guesses may not be accurate, men have a way of knowing if a woman would be good in bed or not. Being sexually attractive is a thing most women can easily achieve. You don't have to go nude to achieve this state. In fact, by dressing in a way that does not dignify your womanhood, you stand the risk of scaring real men away from you. You can do your research online on how to be sexually attractive and follow suit.

5. They Want A Lively Woman

Having a sense of humor is a characteristic both sexes expect to see in each other. But men, by their makeup, need a woman that can make them come out of their "shells" and enjoy life as it should. Most men are the conquering and never revealing type. It is almost a taboo in some societies to see a man showing his emotion. However, if you are the always-quiet type and you find it hard to even relate properly with people, you can expect that you're not going to be on top of the "wanted list" of most men. Men want a woman who is outgoing and can make all of their problems look like it's not up to anything to stay around with. If you're not happy yourself, there's probably no way you can make others feel happy. And no matter how pretty and sexually attractive you are, the only way you can "sell" these qualities is by being full of great vibes. Here is a secret: even if you feel you're not that attractive physically; if you have a good sense of humor and can connect with a man in such a way that he feels good being around you, the rest is simple. You are that woman he wants. And guess what? This is not a hard thing to achieve. All that may be needed sometimes may not be more than a little smile, a little adventure, a little trying out of new things and you're that woman any man would want to be around with. As a rule, ensure that whenever you're with men, you put up a good outlook, so you don't give a bad impression of yourself.

6. They Want A Woman Of Values

Real men are usually on the lookout for a respected and respectable woman to either make their wife or be in a committed relationship with. Being a woman of values means you have a standard for which you don't go below. Everyone knows you for who you are and respects you for such. As a woman of value, you don't live on debts or move from house to house gossiping. Even in your choice of friends, you are selective in that only those who share the same set of values as yourself get to walk with you. There are certain things you don't say because they belittle your person and what you stand for. Again, you're even mindful of your carriage, so no one takes you for granted. Men all over want a woman like this. It gives them an inner joy and pride that they are the husbands of that woman who is well respected by all and sundry. They can do anything possible to get you settle for them. For some, it's an assurance that you'll be able to pass on those values to the children you both may make together. Let's be frank here. If you are physically endowed and sexually attractive, but you've got no values, men will also come after you but for a different purpose. You can meet their sexual needs, but you won't be an option when it comes to marriage. They cannot see you beyond the bed and as such, would not want to commit to you for a long time.

7. They Want A Woman Of Like Mind

Men do not want a woman whose line of thought is at variance with theirs when it comes to the issue of ambition. Usually, they tend to have high hopes and dreams; men want to conquer grounds and achieve a lot in their career. So, if as a woman you cannot seem to share in a man's goal, you are are not the type he wants to join his life with either in marriage or a committed relationship. Well, it's quite simple to grasp this concept. Consider how it feels if you want to speak and no one cares to hear or listen. Does it not make the art of speaking tiring? Or you want to cook, and no one wants to eat, how much of interest in cooking would you still retain? So is the case here. Men want a woman who though may have no clue as to how they set to achieve their goals but would still back them up and inspire them to achieve it nonetheless. Quite frankly, one has to mention here that there are some women who instead of encouraging their husbands to forge ahead in life with, rather discourage them. Some even inspire their men but eventually prevent them from achieving it. Latest researches have revealed that most scientists rather quit their ambitions after marriage while their unmarried counterparts continue to make exploits. So, as long as men want women to respect them, warm their beds, and fix their meals, it appears that there is more to their needs than just those. They are looking for a motivator, a supporter and someone whose mind is not far in reasoning from theirs. And you know what? They can easily tell if you are one or not. It all has to do with their conversations with you. If they stylishly present their life dreams and goals to you and you pretend not to hear or even if you show signs of listening but fail to demonstrate that you believe in them; you can be sure you're not that woman they want to have. Men want a woman whose life's philosophies tally with theirs. A way out of this is to learn to see something good in other people's goals. When you hear a man say he wants to achieve his goals, appreciate his thought and encourage him even to do more. Don't stand in the way of his achievement by your woman tactics. Do some researching on your own to even give him clues as to how to achieve them. That way, he sees that he's with a partner and friend and not just a wife.

8. They Want A Woman That Is Independent

As a woman, you are a unique being capable of setting and pursuing your own goals. Real men want to see you demonstrate this and not just being a sort of receptacle meant to swallow their every thought. Men all over are attracted to a woman who does not see herself as an extension of her husband but a unique, intelligent being that she is. You know we have earlier talked about supporting and sharing his goals? As a follow up to that, men also love it when they see that you have set goals for yourself too and are working to achieve them. That way, you challenge them to work more and aim for the best. Unlike in times past when women's achievements are intimidations to men, real guys now seek after 'babes' that seem to have a penchant for higher grounds. So, get on your track and run your race. No one wants a liability woman these days. You have to demonstrate that you're up to something and that you're not entering into a relationship with men because of their money or possessions. That way, you even get men to hear and respect you the more. They'll see you as a companion and not an inferior. And even if they're about to relent in their pursuit before, your example would keep them forging on.

9. They Want To See Originality

If you're a woman living a borrowed life, real men don't want you. In other words, you're not yourself; you're always trying to be another lady or trying to give a false impression of your worth. Nothing can be more disgusting to real men than this. If you are physically okay but "fake," they can only see but a sexual tool in you and nothing more. Once they get you on their bed once or twice, you're finished. The thing about pretense is that it has a limit. You cannot fake up yourself forever. If you are not a cool woman and just for the sake of attracting a man who loves his woman to be cool, you pretend to be cool, your true self would soon betray you, and he'll be disappointed you're not what you say you are. As a rule, don't try to change who you are to please a man. Yes, you can work on your perceived weaknesses which is not bad but forbid yourself from living a life that is not yours. Real men love a woman for who she is and not for who they think she should be. Not being original tells a man that you dislike yourself. And if you dislike yourself, how can they be sure you'll not also dislike them?

10. Intelligence Attracts Men

Of course, this would be in addition to certain qualities such as being good in bed; physically attractive, and having great vibes. If you're a woman with these qualities and also you're smart, men want you badly. It is not true that men feel threatened by intelligent women. Perhaps, the meaning of intelligence as used here should be explained. It doesn't necessarily mean you're a straight A student in college or that you are a special genius of some sort. But to men, intelligence in a woman would mean she doesn't have to be tutored before she knows and does what is right. It can be as simple as using your intuition to know the man's state of mind even without him opening his mouth to tell you. And of course, where and when he seeks your advice on issues, intelligence would mean that even if you don't have all the answers you are honest enough to admit and then point your man to where answers to his puzzles can be found. Men are thrilled when their woman speaks in public with so much tact. It sort of fuel their ego and bond them with her at a higher level. Imagine if he has to apologize endlessly to someone for a reckless statement from you; wouldn't that be disgusting? That does not mean that men themselves are the most intelligent. After all, we tend to look for things we don't have at all or enough of in others.

In Conclusion

As you may have seen from the list give here, the things that often attract men to a woman are not as complex as most women themselves think. If you are physically cute and potent a good woman in bed to him, about 40 percent of his wants have already been met. However, not all the qualities discussed here can keep a man for a long time with you in isolation unless they're held together with others. Men want a 'complete woman' who can hear them out and possess great value for herself. This article has gone to the innermost part of men and brought you their deep expectations so you can hear and know them. Hopefully, you have picked those things you may not have been paying attention to all these while.


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