Effective Love Spells Chants To Make Someone Miss You

If you happen to miss someone, your ex-lover or present lover, you need not worry. There is more than one love spell out there that will make that someone special miss you like crazy. There also chants that you can use as well to make them think of you! Read more below to find out how to make the one you love miss you like never before!

By Auntrone89
Effective Love Spells Chants To Make Someone Miss You

Love Spells and Chants Meant for Attraction

Someone really smart and intuitive once said love makes the world go around and when he or she said it, they weren't lying. Everyone seems to be having feelings for someone, either directly or indirectly and in some cases, there are those who love but don’t get loved right back. In worse case scenarios, there are those who love but never get noticed at all. Some get rejected and choose to spend their lives alone away from the fear of getting hurt. Some, on the other hand, think their loved ones don’t love them or miss them enough but often this isn't the case. We want to be loved and we want to be missed but sometimes the feeling might not be a mutual as one would like. Thankfully, there are ways to reverse such situations within the blink of an eye, which is the whole point of writing this piece. But first, you will be required to have faith as far as the supernatural which is easier said than done. Let’s be honest even if you don't like what we have to say. In the age of machinery and technology, a fair share of the population doesn’t really believe in the existence of the spiritual realm and that is where they're wrong. Whether you choose to believe it or not, the supernatural world, as well as the forces of nature, do exist. For that reason, there are love spells that one can easily cast to make a loved one miss them and think about them. This will require a number of ingredients which might include candles, chanting love spells, and water etc. You will also be required to be patient when learning about casting or chanting some of these effective love spells. You don’t want to end up turning yourself into a goat when the whole point of casting or chanting the spell was to make your loved one you miss and call you. There are plenty of people out there who can teach you how to chant love spells correctly, you just need to find the right person for the job. If you aren’t into visiting weird magicians in the wee hours of the morning like most of us, make the internet your friend.

1. Chant the Easiest Love Spell

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Not all love spells require vigorous chanting or sacrificing a white goat to appease your ancestors. Sometimes just sending the right kind of vibrations into the universe is all you need for the love spell to take effect. You’ll also be required to learn the importance of clearing your mind of negative thoughts before chanting. Channeling the right kind of emotion into the universe makes chanting stronger and the spell more effective. For instance, if you want someone to miss you and call you, you shouldn't have hatred in your heart. If you do, please don’t cast the love spell as the chant will be as useless as the “g” in the word sign or lasagna. Therefore, before chanting for that the special someone to miss or think about you, you’ll be required to critically analyze your emotions. If they are negative, then you need to work on them before casting any love spells. Thankfully, learning how to channel positive vibrations and emotions into the universe is quite easy. All you need to do is clear your mind off any kind of negative thoughts. You can do so by thinking of how that special person you love makes you feel. The moment you feel intense infatuation, prepare for the love spell and commence with the chanting. This is the easiest love spell to ever work, meaning you are not required to chant some Harry Potter spell in Greek. Just a simple “call me” chant would suffice. And if you believe in this chant and at the same time sending the right kind of vibes to the universe, expect this love spell to work.

2. The Candle and Chant Love Spell

By now, you already know that candles and chants are very important ingredients in many spells, including love spells. It is for this reason that they have been used for love spells for ages. Preparing this particular love spell is quite easy. All you need is a yellow candle, matches and a needle. As it is the norm, begin by clearing your mind of any negative feelings replacing it with the warm and positive feeling of love. In other words, you need to set the mood before chanting this love spell if you know what I mean. Use the needle to inscribe the name of your loved one in the yellow candle before chanting this love spell. Then light the candle and wait for it to burn up properly before going to the next step. Drive the needle through the flickering candle while thinking about the person you want to miss you and ask them to call you. Even better, chant his or her name as you stare into the burning flames.It's important to believe in everything you're doing, from the rituals all the way to the words you are chanting. That’s the only way the right kind of energy will be released into the universe. Do not to extinguish the flames prematurely or let a bad thought cross your mind during your ritual. If you do this right, that special someone you miss to immediately call you without fail. It all depends on how well you believe and carry out your love spell rituals. Remember to collect all the ingredients first then find a secluded and quiet place to carry out this ritual. You don’t want people interrupting when all you want is some attention from your loved one – using some spiritual help of course, ha-ha.

3. Love Spell – Water Channeling and Chanting

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If you think love spells have to be complicated to be effective, you are dead wrong! This particular love ritual is another easy but effective one to try. The steps are as easy as telling a B from a bull’s foot (if that dictum is still relevant). The ingredients are also readily available and they won’t make your friends and family raise eyebrows whenever you choose to gather them for your ritual. Speaking of raising eyebrows, it is probably a good idea for you to carry out such love spell rituals in private. The last thing you want to have is issues with people over something that is very normal. People have been programmed to think magic and spells are for evil people! In order to successfully pull off this simple love spell off, you will need a glass of water, some salt, and a positive mindset. And no, you don’t need a candle for this love spell - you guessed wrong! Once you have all of the necessary ingredients with you, arrange them carefully before chanting the love spell. First, take a pinch salt and sprinkle it in the glass and then go ahead and chant. Tell the person you miss that you want them to call you right away. Believe in every word you chant and be as authoritative as you can when chanting. For the umpteenth time, love spell chants are all about channeling the right kind of positive energy into the universe. Repeat the love spell chant three times right before drinking the salty water. If you do this right, then you’ll have the person that you miss contacting you sooner than later.

4. Visualization Love Spell

When you miss someone you love and want them missing you right back, then first, you need to visualize what is happening. That’s why the power of love always has a positive mindset and it will always take you far in life. To make the love spell much stronger, try meaningful chanting once the ritual is completed. As it is the norm, you will be required to have specific ingredients at your disposal. These include a piece of red paper, a needle, and positive vibes. If you aren’t feeling up to it, then I suggest you wait until you’re in the right state of mind. It’s as simple as that because you don’t want to send the wrong kind of vibes to the universe. If you do then the consequences of your actions will be dire. First things first, you’ll need to be sure that the love spell you are casting is meant for someone that you truly love. If it's not, then you might wind up with the frog instead of the Prince. Write down the name of your crush at the center of a piece of red paper, twice. The letters of your lover’s name should form a circle for the love spell to work. Take the needle and pin it right in the middle of the circle. As you are doing this, your mind should be overwhelmed with the love you feel for him or her for the spell to be effective. Chant their name if there is a need for you to make the spell even stronger. Again, your state of mind should be in line with your intentions before invoking the forces of nature. Love is indeed a complicated affair. Therefore, you’ll need to be very careful with your intentions and not just the chanting. Do not allow any negative thoughts to interfere with your visualization love spell lest it will be rendered useless. Start by imagining the love of your life missing you. He or she is picking up the phone and calling you right now. Doing this the right way will make the love of your life to miss you and think about you even to the point of calling you up to talk.

5. The Cinnamon “Early Birds” Love Spell & Chant

Let me begin with issuing a disclaimer: This love spell is not recommended for people who aren’t excited by the idea of waking up early. The same also applies to those who are addicted to their phone. This is because the “early bird” love spell requires you to leave your phone undisturbed for at least a day. As for the ingredients, all you need is your phone and some cinnamon. A handful of cinnamon should do the trick just fine. Thankfully, no candles or special chanting is required here. So, if you can sacrifice and wake up early in the morning, then it would highly recommend that you try this ritual. The ritual for this love spell also seems to be quite easy. First and foremost, you’ll be required to charge your phone and only proceed with the ritual once your battery is full. Then, find a table where no one will disturb the phone once you set it down. Put some cinnamon around the phone and have it boxed up for the love spell to take effect. Have positive thoughts that someone that you miss and love is calling or texting you as you carry out this ritual. I promise you that the urge to not touch your phone for the entire day will be overwhelming. But if you are dedicated to making your love interest miss you to the point of contacting you, then you’ll do just fine. Always think positively and you’ll do just fine! Again, remember to have a positive mind and everything will always work out in your favor!

6. The Daily Love Message Spell and Chant

Weekend card: The Lovers - Yes, this is a card about love, partnership, and union but it is also a card about choices. The man looks to the woman who looks up to the angel, representing your conscious, subconscious and super-conscious. This weekend take some time to reflect on who you have been putting your time and energy into and ask yourself if it has been worth it. Examine your options and weigh out the pros and cons to your situation. Recognize what consequences can come if you make the wrong choice. Like the woman looks up to the angel - don’t be afraid to seek out higher guidance before making this final decision. Your feelings and values matter. So put your foot down, call people on their bullshit, and make the right choice. 🌌

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For those of you who love chanting, this particular love spell is the one you ought to consider carrying out. The necessary requirements or ingredients includes red ink, a piece of paper and some knowledge on chakras. Chakras are simply energy centers on your body. The red ink is special for this love spell because it represents true love or passion. Make sure the words you chant are correctly as it is the only way to make the love spell effective. Your chanting should be authoritative to generate enough power for someone to miss you enough to call you. Once you have collected everything that you need, write down a short love letter to the one you love. Your feelings should match with whatever you’re writing down as well as whatever you are planning to chant. Doing this is paramount if at all your love spell is to work. You are therefore required to do this right before you embark on chanting. Ask the universe to send the letter to the person you love so that in turn, he or she can call you. Finish the chant by saying “so may it be” which is a ritualistic phrase meaning that you stand by your words wholeheartedly. Repeat this as many times as you can until you fall asleep. If it doesn’t happen immediately, don’t lose hope. Keep repeating the love spell and chanting and it will come to pass. Patience is as important as the chanting the right words and having a positive mindset. Miss one of the three and your love spell won’t work. It is, therefore, a good thing for you to start working on your attitude before attempting anything else.

7. Chanting the Bay Leaf Love Spell

If you've had the pleasure of being around magic or spell casting folks, then you must have heard about the power of the bay leaf. Needless to say, it is the perfect love spell ingredient to chant over. This is because the bay leaf has the ability to directly connect your specific chakras to the universe hence speeding up the effects of a spell. You will also be required to chant a few words in order to complete the charm. Again, the chanting has to be accurately done. This simply means that you have to mean every word you chant. If not, then your chanting, as well as the entire love spell, will all be in vain. So, before you even think about the words to include in your chanting, you ought to get your hands on the right ingredients. The ingredients for this special love spell include bay leaves, a good state of mind, your phone and a fair share of positive vibes. You don’t need a candle or needle for this one and that is what makes it a newbie favorite. Before you chant this effective love spell, be sure to arrange everything perfectly. Put the bay leaf over your phone before chanting the love spell away. Locate the Third Eye Chakra (which is right on your forehead. Then place a piece of paper with your love’s name written on it before you begin chanting. You can still put the piece of paper in between your eyes - just make sure your eyes closed before doing this. After correctly placing the bay leaf, proceed with chanting away the love spell. I know I am sounding like a broken record but believe every word that comes out of your mouth. Beseech the universe to make someone you love miss and call you. Be patient as the love spell might take from a couple of minutes to a few hours after chanting for it to take effect.

8. Perfect Love Spell to Chant for Your Ex

At some point in all our lives, we tend to miss someone or people we once considered to be special. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your current situation), that special someone we miss or cannot stop thinking about is our ex-lovers. I personally wouldn’t recommend chanting a love spell over an ex-lover. But then again, this article is not about me and my seemingly questionable belief systems - a story for another day. That said, if you miss your ex-lover and what him or her back, then this is the perfect love spell chant for you. Remember to perform this ritual on a Thursday because that’s when love energy flows strongest. You’ll also need a candle as your number one ingredient. Get a photo of your loved one and a piece of paper to write down his or her name. Remember, you need to be sure about your love for someone before carrying out this love spell (or chanting anything related to it). Another thing you need to do for this spell to work is aligning your thoughts with your desires. Doing so and coupling it with the chanting will send the right kind of vibes into the universe, making your spell even more effective. I am repeating this because no love spell (or any spell whatsoever) can work without having a positive mindset. It won’t matter how hard you chant or how accurate you are at following instructions. To kick start the love spell, light up the candle then place the photo of someone you care about right in front of it. Remember to write down the name of someone you love before you embark on chanting. Then ask the forces of the universe to make the person of interest to miss or call you immediately. And while doing so, channel all your thoughts into believing that the love spell will take effect. Once you finish chanting, finish by saying so may it or so be it which is just consent.

9. The simple “Call Me” Love Spell & Chant

By now, you already know that candles have the ability to make any love spell stronger. At the same time, you also know that candles are required for all love spells like it is in the case of this spell to work. This love spell is appropriate for seeking closure or an explanation for a love quarrel or an unclear breakup. For this spell, you need to find specific Tarot Cards before you even figure out what and when to chant. But that shouldn’t worry you because the chant is simple and doesn’t need much effort to memorize. Get your phone and the Queen Tarot Card and the Lovers Card before you chant. The Queen Tarot Card represents the woman in the relationship. The Lovers Tarot Card, on the other hand, represents the love that you once shared before the relationship hit rock bottom. Once you have gathered the necessary ingredients and have put them into place, it’s time for you to embark on the chanting. As you chant, think of that special someone that you miss and how they make you feel. Remember to ask the universe to protect you both from getting your feelings hurt as you chant. It is important for you to think your wordings through before you begin to chant.

10. The Lunar Love Spell and Chant

The power of the full moon is often ignored especially by those who don’t understand the full extent of its power. Luckily, the only ingredients you need for this love spell is your mind and a full moon. The lunar rays are powerful and can be used to work to your advantage. All you need to do is wait for the full moon then chanting while thinking about someone you like. This spell will work perfectly on Thursdays because that’s the day of love. You can still perform it on a full moon and as usual, chant while believing in every word you say. Chanting on the full moon will cause someone you love to miss you can call as soon as possible.

Conclusion: Love Spells and Chants

If you think that love spells or any type of spiritual beliefs are in vain, then you are clearly missing out. Whether you choose to believe it or not, millions of people from all over the world are taking advantage of such simple love spells and are happy and fulfilled. But before you get yourself into this, you need to believe in yourself as well as the effectiveness of these spells. Also, you’ll be required to have a positive mindset or every spell you cast will be nothing but a sheer waste of time. Emphatically, remember to gather all of the required ingredients before proceeding with your spell casting. Doing this will end up saving you a lot of time. Some of these ingredients may include a candle, water, salt, cinnamon and so forth. The love spell chants also play a very significant role in spell casting. Never get the words wrong or else all you are doing will be in vain. Taking some time to learn before carrying out some of these spells is recommended because an experience is always the best teacher. The more you master preparing and chanting these spells, the fewer mistakes you’ll end up making. In that case, you should feel free linking up with knowledgeable spiritual leaders and asking for help. Just don’t involve your local pastor unless you are looking to be rebuked! You can get your hands on valuable spellcasting material on the internet since it is much more convenient. Also, learn a thing or two about meditation is vital especially when it comes to clearing your mind before embarking on your spell casting escapades. Last but not least, make sure that you are attracting someone that you truly love. Your intentions for casting love spells ought to be pure unless you want to disrupt the balance and activating the karmic energy against you.