100 Reasons Why I Love My Girlfriend So Much

Life is short. That said I chose to be happy in every sense of the word. I also chose to be with a girlfriend that I love and here are 100 reasons why​.

By Auntrone89
100 Reasons Why I Love My Girlfriend So Much

I love my girlfriend

There are countless reasons why I​ love my girlfriend. But since I can't mention all of them, here are the top 100 reasons.

1. I love how she never judges me

I am human, meaning I make mistakes from time to time. But my girlfriend never judges me. Instead, she encourages me to do better and learn from my mistakes.

2. My girlfriend is honest

I love my girl because she never allows me to sleep on my potential. She is honest, even when the truth hurts my feelings.

3. I love my girlfriend’s cooking

Writing this just paints a mental image of what she’ll fix me for dinner. Future generations will write poems about her cooking! I just have this strong feeling that they would.

4. My girlfriend is respectful

I love my girlfriend because she is very respectful. She respects everything and everyone.

5. My girlfriend is God-fearing

I love my girlfriend because she prays a lot. She prays when she wakes up and before going to sleep. She also prays when in good health and when she is hurting.

6. I love my girlfriend; she is a bookworm

Apart from grooming for the sake of her image, my girlfriend reads to groom her mind. She constantly reads stories, poems, memoirs and pretty much anything she could get her hands on.

7. My girlfriend enjoys my weird jokes

I love how she understands and laughs at inside jokes that no one else understands. I love my girlfriend for that.

8. I love how she strokes my ego

She always hugs me when we sleep. She trusts me to protect her and never to hurt her. And I heart her for the privilege.

9. My girlfriend is ambitious

My girlfriend not only has a mental image of what she wants to achieve but also has the guts to pursue it. I love her for that. I shall write her a poem tonight in a bid to acknowledge her valiant efforts.

10. My girlfriend is intelligent

Another reason I love my girlfriend so much is that she is intelligent. She does the thinking for us and so far, I have no complaints whatsoever!

11. I love how my girlfriend is thorough

She has a knack for tidying up everything before we sleep. I love my little perfectionist and sometimes it hurts me how hard she works. But then again, she does all this to make our lives better so all I can do I appreciate her much more.

12. I love her kissing

I can’t get the image of us kissing off my head. Again, future generations will write poems about how good a kisser my girlfriend!

13. She likes adventure

My girlfriend is always excited about trying new things.

14. She is very supportive

She makes me recite everything I am grateful for before going to sleep. She also supports me whenever I am hurt or discouraged, or just look like I need some pep rally.

15. My girl smells like a Goddess

Not that I have ever smelled one, but if I ever did, I am sure they use the same brand of body spray!

16. She is mindful of our image

She takes care of me and is always mindful of how I look, dress and smell. I also love how highly she speaks of me behind my back. I once read a poem she wrote about me and I melted like an iceberg - hello global warming!

17. She plays the guitar

I don’t mind getting serenaded once in a while, especially when my belly is full.

18. I love how my girlfriend takes her stand

I love my girlfriend because she doesn’t change her believes nor conform even in the eyes of peer or social pressure. I swear I can sometimes feel her taking a stand in her dreams!

19. She makes sacrifices

My girlfriend sacrifices so much for our dreams and image, even if it ends up hurt her. I love her so much I want to cry right now!

20. She insists on saving for a rainy day

Another poem I might end up writing about the love of my life is how she loves saving. She always has our financial data on lockdown!

21. My girlfriend has nice hair

I love stroking girlfriend’s hair whenever she is asleep. It’s such a turn on!

22. She is a cute hugger

My girlfriend is a magical hugger! She can hug the pain and hurt away in a matter of seconds! I think we should start a hugging therapy clinic soon because I might be sitting on a goldmine!

23. Always gets me back on track

There are plenty of poems written about strong women bringing their men back on track. She does that for me and I love her for that and so much more!

24. She is a living & breathing bullshit detector

My girlfriend can smell bullshit from a mile away and warns me in advance!

25. The make-up sex is incredible!

Okay, maybe I went way too far with this one. In my defense, I took an oath to never lie.

26. I love my girlfriend’s confidence

My girl’s confidence is unshakable, even when she doesn’t know what she is doing!

27. She gives me space

Space is important in every relationship. Thankfully, my girlfriend understands this perfectly well.

28. My girlfriend does a lot of charity

And I love her for this one too!

29. My girlfriend does yoga

And she looks hella cute in yoga pants too.

30. I love how she drags me to the gym

She wants me to be healthy, for us.

31. My girlfriend always has my back

I never feel alone, even when we are miles apart.

32. I love my girlfriend because she is generous

We aren’t rich yet, but my girlfriend is content and willing to share!

33. I love how she thinks about the future

Everything my girl does or talks about is future-oriented. She introduced me to positive thinking, saving and working out. She did all this so I could end up having a bright, healthy and positive future – with her by of course. Not many girls in their twenties can do this and that is why I appreciate her!

34. She lights up my world

She does this through her bright smile.

35. I get lost in her big, blue puppy eyes

36. I admire her eloquence

I have stared into those amazingly beautiful eyes for a long time now. But it always seems as though the intrigue I feel will never come to an end. Every time I stare into those dreamy eyes, it feels as though I am doing it for the very first time. And that enchants the hell out me!

I think her elocution is flawless because she reads a hell lot.

37. She is the queen of small talk

She is very sociable!

38. My girlfriend’s massages are heaven sent

And she dishes them out on a regular.

40. My girlfriend is clean

She not only takes care of the house but she also takes care of herself. And me.

41. Her smile lights up my world

I know I already said this, but it deserves “another one” mention – read this in Dj Khaled’s voice to get the point fully.

42. She is my little pep rally

Whenever I look back during the darkest of times, I always see her over my shoulders, cheering me on.

43. We have agriculture, not chemistry

I know this sounds weird, but our connection is unique and that’s what makes us clique in our own weird way.

44. I love her in-depth, well-thought conversations

It’s fun just sitting back and watching her go.

45. I love my girlfriend because she challenges me

My girl challenges me in every aspect of life. From how ambitious she is all the way to how clean and eloquent she is. Even though she doesn’t put pressure on me to catch up, I almost always feel it is my solemn obligation as her boyfriend to at least step up!

46. I love how she keeps me fit…

… by allowing me to run through her mind the entire day, get it? Ha-ha. Damn am good with “them” words. Admit it!

47. She respects my friends and family

Respect is the glue that seals any relationship together. In that regard, my girlfriend always treats everyone in my family, her family, my friends and everyone else with a lot of respect. And as a result of that, we are all accorded respect. And that just makes me love and respect her even more. To be honest, I would rather be with her than be with anyone else.

48. She is family-oriented

Family first is her modus operandi.

49. She doesn’t need a headshot to be open-minded

She never judges other people.

50. I crave her ear nibbling sessions

She knows where all my buttons are and when to press them.

51. She came up with our own code

She makes our relationship feel special in her own special way.

52. My girlfriend includes me, always

My girlfriend never allows me to feel excluded. She always does everything in her power to talk, call or text me whenever she feels like. I also do the same – except for whenever I eat her Cheetos and am so guilty I can’t even utter a word.

53. I love how she values my opinion

My girlfriend is the think tank of the relationship. But she always asks me what I think even though she knows my ideas suck big time. She is amazing and I do love and respect her for that. It also encouraged me to stop being the joker that I am and start thinking critically – even if it’s just for a couple of seconds before reverting back to my default settings.

54. My girlfriend is very thoughtful

My girlfriend would rather keep quiet than speak of something she hasn’t marinated over. She prefers thinking about something she isn’t sure about rather than spewing half-thought sentiments or opinions. The end result is that everything she speaks oozes with wisdom and is perfect!

55. My girlfriend speaks highly of me

Sometimes I feel like she is overselling it. But at the end of the day, this only makes me step up to the plate! And I will always love her for that!

56. I love how we sense each other

Even in a room full of people, she always has this magical way of noticing me and me, her. And this just makes it feel like we are the only ones in the room.

57. She doesn’t yell during a disagreement

This makes it easier for us to get past our relationship issues without any drama.

58. My girlfriend is always right

Thanks to her thoughtfulness, my girlfriend is always right. And what’s even better is the fact that she doesn’t boast about it or rub it in whenever I am wrong – which is like all the time!

59. She shares her dreams and goals with me

60. I feel complete with my girlfriend

I honestly have eyes for her and her alone. I think she is the only one for me!

61. My girlfriend follows sports with me

Any experienced guy will tell you that a girlfriend that not only follows but understands sports is the key to a long and happy life. My girlfriend closely follows sports and automatically translates to a stress-free life. This means no nagging during the premier league! I am a satisfied man and you won’t hear any complaints from me ever!

62. Her body language is out of this world

My girlfriend is the only person who can say “I love you” without mentioning the words. She is a clairvoyant of sorts.

63. My girlfriend’s laugh is contagious

Whenever she laughs, I laugh. It doesn’t really matter whether I am happy, sad or just not up for it.

64. She is always available

She drops everything she is doing and shows up whenever I need her.

65. She is my cute little compass

… because she offers me direction on every aspect in life.

66. She nurses me when I am sick

She does so through her cooking and general care. I love her!

67. My girlfriend and my mother are BBFs

It’s good seeing two people who love you getting along.

68. My family likes her

And it’s because of her charming nature and good intentions.

69. I am myself when never I’m around her

She accepts me for who I am, both the good and the bad.

70. She is a time traveler

Whenever I am far away from her, she always has a way of making me feel like I am close to her. And for that, I love her even more!

71. My girlfriend is my soulmate

My girlfriend is just the best! There are a lot of things she does that I cannot fully understand. But when all is said and done, she will always be my number one priority and I will always treat her like the queen she is. To be honest, she is the best thing that ever happened to me and I adore her for sure!

72. She is so sensual

I’d rather not go into details, just know she is sensual.

73. She is the queen of pranks

No matter how prepared I am, her pranks always catch me off-guard.

74. I love how my girlfriend is kind to animals

Her kindness always melts my heart.

75. She is a great lover

Again, I choose not to disclose the details.

76. My girl is spiritual

Let’s just say meditation never crossed my mind until I met my girlfriend. She introduced me to meditation and “yoga-t” … okay, ​I just love drinking yogurt but I am serious about the meditation part. I still believe yoga is for girls.

77. She picks the movies

And all her picks always end up being interesting.

78. My girlfriend dresses me

She makes sure my clothes are clean. And because of that, I have officially graduated from the “sniff and wear” bachelor club for good.

79. I love her games...

...especially the games where she intentionally leaves clues for me to find hidden food. I also enjoy racing her to and from the gym to the house. I always let her win because I wasn’t raised to “beat” a woman (pun intended).

80. She is passionate

Her passion inspired me to be passionate as well. To be honest the only passion I ever knew before her was a fruit. She also helped me identify my hidden passions and that’s how my life took a turn for the better.

81. I create special moments with her

82. She makes the holidays extra fun

That’s why I always look forward to hanging out with her.

83. My girlfriend kicks ass at video games!

There is an aura of mystery about how my girlfriend plays video games and I love her for it. She even beats my male friends and they have solemnly sworn never to mess with her!

84. I am her confidante

My girl trusts me. She always talks to me whenever she needs someone to talk to and that makes me really happy.

85. My girlfriend is wise

Despite being in her mid-twenties, my girlfriend happens to be an old soul. At times, I can’t help but wonder where the heck she got all that wisdom from. From her past life? Guess the answer will always be a mystery to me!

86. She isn’t afraid of bugs

She doesn’t make it a big deal when a fat roach from behind the sofa pops up to say hi. I can’t say the same when it comes to my female friends.

87. My girlfriend conserves nature

I love the fact that she plants trees regularly. She also captures and releases stray birds and other wild animals.

88. She triggers my imagination

She is very creative who helps a great deal whenever I am experiencing writer’s block.

89. My girlfriend is quite the pitcher

I write a lot of eBooks during my free time and needless to say, my girl supports me all the way. I love how she shares my work on social media and with her closely knit circle of friends. I am even thinking of making her a partner but only time will tell.

90. She is a lady in the streets

My girl isn’t about that “going to the clubs and out-twerking every girl” kind of life. She instead chooses to stay at home and be a freak for me and me alone. And guess what…this makes me love her even more!

91. She is good with money

I let her manage our accounts because she is pretty good at it.

92. She is quite an enchanting storyteller

Everyone yearns for her to tell stories because she is so good at it. Seemingly, everybody loves her for that and so much more.

93. My girlfriend speaks five languages!

Yes, she does! So, take a moment, relax, and let that sink!!! And yes, yes, I know. I am one lucky young man!

94. I am her number one priority

She always has my best interests at heart and guess what? The feeling is mutual!

95. She sleeps with her loving arms around me

It just shows how much she loves and trusts me.

96. She is beautiful, and she doesn’t even know it!

I sometimes wonder how I bagged myself a swan. And the fact that she doesn’t know how beautiful she is makes her even more beautiful!

97. My girlfriend is good with her hands

She is not only a good and creative writer but knows a thing or two about fixing things around the house. Therefore, she doesn’t have to wait for me to fix everything like most girlfriends do.

98. I love my girlfriend, she trims my beard

99. She is a cute sleeper...if that’s even a thing

Sleep has a magical way of accentuating her beauty!

100. I love my girlfriend

Sometimes I just feel like I don’t need a reason to love her. So, yeah… I just love her. I hope you enjoyed!

Final word

There are a lot of amazing qualities that your girlfriend has. But for you to see it, you need to stop focusing on her shortcomings. Do this and you’ll end up happier and more fulfilled!