25 Signs That You're More Than Just A Friend

Do you have doubts that there is something more beneath the friendship you share with someone? Read the 25 signs that will tell you that you may be more than friends with that special person in your life.

By Vera Aries
25 Signs That You're More Than Just A Friend

Are You More Than Friends?

Love often comes from friendship, but sometimes it is difficult to recognize the boundary. Although all of your friends are equally dear to you, you want to spend more time with some and that friend may mean much more to you than you think. How do you recognize if your relationship with a male friend has moved to a higher level and when is the time for friendship to become a love affair? Sometimes a man's behavior may seem like deciphering Morse's code. At first you think that you two just behave friendly, but over time you start to doubt that there is something more. Are you both just friendly ... or flirting with each other? There is one interesting form. Women usually subjugate men's interest, and men overlook the interests of women. The search for that right one, is one of the hardest things in life. There are many ups and downs, rubbish and tears, but when you eventually achieve what you want and get to know the person you want to live with - you know that everything is worth it. Things often are right in front of us, and we are not able to see them. Although, sometimes we do not want to, because they may scare us. Sometimes we are obsessed with some of the criteria we have set out, and all you really need is a sincere and open relationship, full of understanding and respect and love. The person with whom you are a friend is someone who knows you, understands you, respects you, it is there for you, a person in front of who you do not have to act, in front of which you are dumbfounded, you do not think what you will say, who has seen you in the worst and in your best, whose support was sometimes all you need in life ... Do you see in these ranks of an ideal boyfriend ? ย  True and a bit creepy: Would Your Best Friend Become 'The Real One'? Here's how to find out, and how not to ruin the friendship you already have. There are always some sure signs that there is 'something more' going in between you and there are situations in life when friends are actually something more than just that. There are exceptions, and the last thing you want is to misunderstand the situation. Here are 25 tiny signs that show that you are interested in one another and your socializing is more than just platonic.

1. You Are Constantly Contacting Each Other

Think about how often you talk on the phone with your best friend, and compare it to your relationship with a man who is likely to be more of a friend to you. It's normal to hang out with friends and call them on the weekend, but if you talk to them almost every day then maybe you've both started acting like a loving couple.

2. Touching Each Other Is A Sign You Are More Than Friends

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Do you use any opportunity for physical contact ? Physical contact is an integral part of seduction. If he puts his hand on his back when you leave your apartment, it might be a sign of something more. Chemistry between two people is a definite sign of attraction. If you notice more chemistry with this specific friend than with other friends, it is a sign something different is happening. If the chemistry between you has been there from the beginning or you've recently noticed that more and more physical contact is happening between you two, it shows that your friendship is changing. Tapping on the shoulder is one to get your attention but sitting in your lap and touching your hands while watching television is something completely different.

3. Society Teases You

Other friends may soon notice the difference in your behavior and relationship. If you're a cute couple, they've probably all noticed that something is going on between you two. You may not recognize it at first, and you might be taken back by what they have to save, but somewhere deep inside you know that they're right.

4. You Want To Spend Time Alone Together

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When you want to spend time with a friend, it shows that you're having fun when the two of your are together. If you often try to be alone with him, and you're planning special activities with just him, this is a sign that something more has been born in your relationship. Sometimes even those 'friendship' activities might look like dating.

5. You've Got Nicknames

In the beginning you would call each other by your name or the same name as other members of your group of friends. If you've noticed lately that you've been thinking of sweet nicknames when you talk, than you two of you are starting to become more than just friends. Nicknames are more persona and they show that you mean more to one another than your other friends. Honey, sweetie, baby..etc are nicknames that are not usually used when we refer to a friend so when this happens be aware that the two of you have already crossed the line. It might be time to let the romance blossom.

6.You do not go out with Others

If you like to spend time together and you don't want to have the opportunity to meet and get in touch with other people or start a relationship, it's possible that you've already found the person who melts your heart. A clear sign that someone likes you, is when he does not mention potential girls in front of you. This also refers to you, especially when you do the same and do not show interest to other boys either. That means that you are more than friends with that special guy in your life.

7. Jealousy and Nervousness: More than Just Friends?

If your friend is jealous of the guys you go out with, or he breaks it off with girls you don't like, this is a sign is that he cares about your opinion. The more obvious sign is the jealousy you feel when you see or hear other girls show interest in your friend.

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8. You met his Parents

In each relationship, it is extremely important that a partner agrees with you and your family. When dating, it is normal to meet each others' parent, because now that person is a part of your intimate life. But if your friend likes to go with you to family gatherings like weddings and holidays, he loves spending time with your parents and brothers, it's a sign that he is ready to be a more important part of your life.

9. He Always Reminds you that you can Sleep at his Place

He'll offer to let you stay over so the two of you can have a sleepover when you get drunk at a party but if he asks you stay after you finish watching movie together, he definitely does not that you're sleeping on the couch. Maybe he hopes that some love story will be born, just like the movie 'Friends with benefits'.

10. You buy each other Underwear

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Do you buy each other underwear? Or do you suggest what would fit the other or make the other look hot? For example not only does he clearly show his interest in your underwear, but he also gives suggestions as to what you should buy, what color...etc. When it comes to male friends, it's not normal to have a buddy that will discuss your sexy underwear. Unlike partners when is sweet to buy you something intimate, with friends this shows something different. If he buys you underwear it's because he's interested in you and imagines you wearing it. And do you do the same ? This is a sure sign that you two are more than friends.

11. Questions about your Intimate Life

If you ask each other questions about your intimate life, then something more is going on. When he asks you if you go out with someone he doesn't care if you're going to dinner, but he cares about what follows later on in the evening. If he's interested in you in this way he estimates what his chances are. If you're in a 'dry' period -there might be a chance. If your sex is superior - he will understand it as a challenge. And if you ask him when he was last with someone or you want his opinion about friends with benefits then you're seeing him as more than 'just' a friend.

12. Spicy Stories about your Intimate Life

If you talk about spicy intimate stories, then you two want to get out of the 'Friendship Zone.' Talk about your stories so you can imagine each other as a intimate object. He believes you will imagine him as a pastry that leads a woman to multiple pleasures. There's a small problem, at first you probably do not want to imagine him in the intimate act but just give it time.

13. Inappropriate looks are Signs you might be More than Just Friends

You look each other in an inappropriate manner. For example he looks at the parts of your body that he can not touch because he imagines that he should be able to. Body language also speaks from a distance, for example, do you catch him looking at you from the other side of the room or do you forget to control yourself and start starring at him? Do you see who he is talking to? Unlike normal friendship, yours is full of eye contact, inappropriate looks and even a smile that says 'We are something more than friends.'

14. Comments about Other People

Did you always make comments about other people when you were spending time with this specific friend? For example, does he tell him when someone attractive is sitting on the other table, or he told you when someone beautiful come across the street? If the answer is Yes- then nothing new or specific is happening. If this wasn't ever part of your friendship, imagine this situation. You are in the cafe and he makes a comment letting you know that the waitress is sexy. That's just because he's considered a fellow, otherwise he wouldn't, right? Wrong. Maybe he want to make you jealous or maybe he's letting you that hes a man and that he wants something intimate. Yes, he talks about the waitress, but he's thinking about you.

15. You talk about the Opposite Sex

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It's normal for friends to talk about their previous partners or about their ideal partner. If your talks usually turn into an examination about the other partners then something more than friends is happening here. Questions such as: Whom were you with last night? Why are you dating her? You are dating everyone else and I..( inappropriate silence comes usually in some of the questions), can tell both of you that something more than 'just' friends is happening between you.

16. You Usually go out at Night

Are you disappointed, when he says he would prefer to have coffee about 4:00, rather than beer around 8:00,? Do you notice the same disappointment in his voice when you cancel the late night date? Going out at night in your thoughts is more likely to end up in bed after a night gathering than after an unforgettable lunch. Going out at night is more likely to mean you're going out on a date. If this happens, you might be more than friends.

17.You Keep Telling each Other "You Have To Watch This Movie"

In the cinema, so there are so many occasions for an accidental touch, especially when you both reach for popcorn at the same time. Watching a movie is just an excuse for spending more time together in a romantic place. Unlike normal friends that might watch a movie once or twice in a month, you spend more time together using this excuse. The movie night is your way of secret dating because after all, once the lights go out, it's dark, making it difficult for the two of you to be seen. One thing is for sure- you are more than friends.

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18. Jokes that show you are more than just Friends

Do the jokes sometimes go too far? Do you sometimes make jokes in a strange way, even when things don't make sense? For example "Oh God...Look how you're funny with all that honey! "If he does this it's because he is interested in you. If he tries to flirt with you on every occasion, even when he doesn't know how, it might be a sign of something more. Do you use every occasion that he jokes with you, to make some comment or joke on his behalf? Are the jokes always appropriate? If the answer to the last question is No- then you might be something more than friends.

19. Talking more than with Others

Did you talk with your male friend when you are with a bigger group of friends? Does he constantly try to find a way to have a conversation with you, and can you see him put effort in your communication more than with others? Men subtly give their time to women who they are interested in. That is why their feelings are shown by the amount of effort they make to talk to a woman (even if they are in the company of other men). If you suspect that he talks to others, but not for very long and he is returning to you, that's not because he wants you to be a friend. He expects to have all the attention when you two are part of a crowd and this too is another sign that you might be more than friends.

20. Body Language

Words are just as important as body language. Do you spend most of your time with a telescope facing you, even if others are around? Of course, we don't mean a true telescope, but about your friend who is constantly around you. Do you think well, maybe you're also a "telescope" to him? If he turns back to you after he had somehow drawn a little attention and if you're always close to him, this is no accident. He is interested in you and you two are more than just friends.

21. Future plans and Arrangements are Signs that you're More than Friends

If you do make future plans or future arrangements to be together than you are more than friends. For example if your friend suggests you visit Paris next year, it's very possible that he is interested in you? Do you see yourself as a pair so much that it doesn't look like you're joking? Do you mention your marriage or children in the future? Do you joke about starting a relationship, to try something intimate or even friends with benefits status? In every joke there is half true, so be sure that you two are more than friends.

22. You Agree about Important Things

Situations in the world, in the state, and even world peace are interesting topics when you agree with someone, but these are not the most important things in life. Think about where you are now with your friend, what you think about the present, and where do you see yourselves in the future? What do you want to achieve in life and what do you think about relationships in general? Are you willing to stay together even if life doesn't go according to plan? If you and your friend agree on important life things and some other topics, you have the signs on your way that shout -You are more than just friends.

23. You do Everyday things Together

Your day was a bit unfulfilled when you didn't get to share with your friend what happened during the day. You know, in most cases, that sharing information about yourself and the things that happened to you is often completely spontaneous. If you can't wait to talk to that specific friend and tell him all you did or didn't do, it's because you are more than friends. Shopping, going to the gym, or even buying new furniture together are signs that you are interested in this guy and that the two of you are no longer just friends. You try to share everyday activities with each other, so something new is born between you two.

24. You're Ready to make Sacrifices

You are ready to sacrifice for the person who is your best friend, a member of your home, the greatest ally, and sincere love. What you might not do for others you would surely do for him. Sometimes it might be different and some difficult choices might need to be made by you. You don't hesitate, however because it's him and honestly, at this point, you'll do whatever you need to in order to make him happy He's ready to do anything for you, as well. You give each other the privilege most people around you do not have, and this is what you both. One thing is for sure, you two are more than just friends, because unlike normal friendship, you are ready to sacrifice a lot of things in the name of the other.

25. Friends with Benefits

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We all know what that looks like, and if you started benefit status with your best friend, you can say goodbye to your friendship. In the same moment you felt attraction or in the same moment you make it happen, you two become more than just friends. Now the only question is what will your future look like? One thing is certain, it is very difficult after 'friends with benefits' to go back to just being friends.

Final Word

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You read the twenty-five signs we just wrote about and you found yourself and your friend in our article. Maybe you started to feel butterflies in your stomach but still, we suggest you be careful! While all this is exciting ,things are always what they seem. If you've never thought about taking your relationship in this direction maybe there's a reason. If you need someone to suggest you that you're doubting what you feel, that's not a good sign. Think about what you might lose if you're relationship ends before it even gets off the ground. Is this person worth losing? When friends, people don't behave the same way they would behave if they were partners. How you define your relationship will help you set standards but there is no guarantee things will work out between you, no matter how hard you try. Not everything should be negative because there are so many benefits that come from dating a friend. Unlike previous partners that didn't know a thing about you, dating your friend will start much easier if you've already gotten to know one another. He knows your favorite flower, your fears and even your deepest secrets. So, if after reading the twenty-five signs and thinking that you still feel the need to try something with your friend, go for it! You never know where true love hides!



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