200 Sweet, Cute & Romantic Things To Tell Your Girlfriend

Girls love to hear sweet things from their boyfriend. Here are 200 examples of sweet, cute, and romantic things you can tell your girlfriend.

By Rose Elementary
200 Sweet, Cute & Romantic Things To Tell Your Girlfriend

Being Sweet To Your Girlfriend

Girls love a sweet guy. Here are 200 phrases that you can use to let your girlfriend, crush, or wife know that they mean a lot to you.

Things To Say To Your New Girlfriend

Even when your relationship is just starting out, you still have to say sweet, cute, or romantic things to your girlfriend. Try these sweet, cute, and romantic lines to let your new girlfriend know you're happy she's yours. 1. I was missing something before we met, and now I know I was missing you. 2. I had a crush on you for a long time and I'm so happy you're now my girlfriend. 3. You're so cute I could look at nothing but you all day and still be happy. 4. I didn't know I could be so happy until I met you. 5. I can't imagine my life without you. 6. You're my everything and I'm glad we met because we're perfect for each other. 7. When we first met, did you ever imagine we'd be here? I knew from that first moment that you would become my girlfriend. 8. You are cute, sweet, and incredible. How did I get so lucky to get you as a girlfriend? 9. What started out has a crush has turned into this amazing relationship. I'm really happy we're together. 10. Even when I've had a horrible day, a text from you can make me happy. 11. I really like you. 12. I'm not usually the romantic type, but you make me want to have candlelit dinners every night. 13. Being with you, I think I might finally understand the phrase, "happily ever after." 14. I'm happiest when I'm with you. 15. You brought out a part of me I didn't know was there. Thank you for being the best girlfriend a guy could ask for.

Funny Things To Tell Your Girlfriend

A way to a girl's heart is by making her laugh. You can text one of these cute, romantic funny phrases to your girlfriend or crush to make her happy. 16. I hope you know CPR because you take my breath away every day. 17. You must be a map because I was lost until I found you. 18. You are so hot that you'd break the thermometer. 19. *Put your hand in hers* I'm going to need you to hold on to this for a while. 20. You must be a thief because you've stolen my heart. 21. The doctors told me there was something weird about my heart. When they did an X-Ray, all they found was you. 22. Let's flip a coin. Heads you kiss me, tails I kiss you. 23. I never believed in love at first sight until you walked by. 24. The sun can retire because your smile is the brightest thing in the universe. 25. I think your lips look lonely. Maybe mine should keep them company. 26. I was going to hire an interior designer, but then you walked into my apartment and immediately made it more beautiful than any decorator ever could. 27. If I had a dollar for every person I've loved as much as I love you, I would only have a dollar, but at least I'd have the best girlfriend in the world. 28. Girl you must be a parking ticket because you've got "fine" written all over you. 29. Your dad must be a king because you are certainly a princess. I'm happy to be your prince. 30. Are you a light switch? Because you turn me on!

Sweet Things To Say When Your Girlfriend Is Down

Seeing your girlfriend upset sucks and all you want to do is make her happy. Try some of these sweet, romantic phrases that will help turn her bad day into a good one. 31. I hope you know I love you, and if you want to talk about what has you down, I'm here to listen. 32. If you don't want to talk about it, we can just sit on the couch and watch a funny movie until you laugh. I hate seeing you so upset. 33. When we met, I knew I'd want to be there for you when you're happy and you're sad. I love you and I won't leave your side. 34. When you're upset, send me a text. I'll plan a night that will surely turn your frown upside down. 35. You're the only thing that matters to me. I'll hold you until you feel better because all I want is for you to be happy. 36. Seeing you sad breaks my heart. I'm here for you, just tell me what you need. 37. I had a crush on you because you're beautiful and sweet, but you're so much more than that. I'm in it with you for better or for worse. I love when you're happy and I love you when you're sad. 38. I wish that I could take your sadness away from you. Know that I'm here for you to lean on and that I really care about you. 39. You have every right to be upset, and I'll be here for you no matter what you're feeling. I love you. 40. I know things are hard right now, but remember the good times. Do you remember when we [good memory you shared]. We'll have moments like that again. We'll get through this together. 41. Don't hold your feelings in. If you need to cry or yell or talk, let it out. I'm here to listen, to cry with you, and to yell with you. You're my everything! 42. Let’s go somewhere tonight. Just the two of us, somewhere quiet! We just need to get out of the house together, and you need to get out of your head. 43. If you'll let me, I'll hold on tight until this passes. And every time you're sad, I'll be right there for you. 44. This is a big deal and I know why you're upset. I hope you know that no matter what you're feeling right now, you matter to me. 45. I'm sorry that you are sad. How can I help you feel better?

Sweet Ways To Say 'I Love You'

Sometimes you want to say "I love you", but you don't just want to say the phrase. Here are some romantic, cute, and sweet ways to say the phrase 'I love you' without just saying the words. 45. You are the most important person in my life, the only person I can see myself spending forever with, and the one person that can always make me happy no matter what is going on. 46. Thank you for always being there for me no matter what. You make me happy and I am so lucky to have a girlfriend like you. 47. When I first met you, I thought maybe I found my forever. Now I'm absolutely sure. 48. You are cute, sweet, romantic, beautiful, kind, and incredible. I didn't know I could love someone so much until I met you, and now I am the happiest person on earth. 49. You showed me what it means to care about someone so much that the thought of losing them is too much to bear. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have you in my life. 50. When I see you, I know for certain that you are the person I am meant to be with. 51. You make my life worth living. 52. Without you, I am nothing. 53. You are my most important crush, my favorite memory, and the best girlfriend I could ever ask for. I am so lucky to have you. 54. Sometimes I think I should try my hand at the lottery since I got so lucky when I found you. 55. I've crossed paths with so many people in my life, but not a single one of them mattered as much as you do. 56. In your eyes I see all of my potential and I see how happy I can be. No part of who I am would be possible if I hadn't met you. 57. The phrase 'I love you' isn't enough to express how much you mean to me. You are my heart, my soul, my mind, and my life. You are the blood in my veins, the breath in my lungs. You are every smile, every laugh, all the good and all the bad. You are my everything! 58. My mind is consumed by thoughts of you and I wouldn't have it any other way. 59. Falling for you is the best thing I ever did with my life. 60. You are on my mind when I'm awake and my favorite part of every dream. 61. My life without you in it isn't a life I want to live. 62. You are the woman of my dreams and I'm happy every moment I get to call you mine. 63. When I open my phone, you are the one I want to text. When I get good news, you're the one I want to call. When I see something funny, you're the one I want to tell. I want to share my life with you, and I hope you feel the same. 64. When I see a flower in a garden, it makes me think of you. But no flower is as beautiful as you are. 65. Just a simple smile from you is enough to send my heart into a frenzy. You make every part of me happy.

Tell Your Girlfriend She Means The World To You

Your girlfriend deserves a sweet text letting her know that she is your world. Try sending some of these phrases as a text, or saying them to her face, so she knows just how much you care about her. 66. My world begins and ends with you. 67. You are the only thing in my life that I know I can't live without. 68. I have never cared about anyone as much as I care about you. 69. If I could send you a text every minute of every day to let you know that my world revolves around you, I would. 70. The earth revolves around the sun the way I revolve around you. You are the center of my universe. 71. Like the waves in the ocean, our love will always exist. They may be bumpy, they may be calm, but they will always exist, just like my love for you. 72. I think of you with every decision I make. The phrase 'you are my world' doesn't begin to explain how I feel about you. 73. You are so sweet that I could give up sugar and still please my sweet tooth. 74. You are the best girlfriend I could ask for, and I wouldn't change a thing about how my life is tied to yours. 75. You're cute when you laugh, when you smile, and when you're sad. I picked the best person to share my world with. 76. I don't need a big house or a fancy car. All I need is you. 77. When my people ask me what I want to do with my life, the first thing I think of is you. I don't care where I end up, as long as you're my girlfriend. 78. I want you to know how sweet it is to have you as a girlfriend. Imagine the earth spinning the wrong way, how confusing that would be. That's how I feel when you're not with me. 79. Thank you for being the person who matters most to me in the world. I don't know who I'd be without you. 80. There is something about you that makes me want to drop everything and spend every moment with you.

Turning Sour To Sweet

If your girlfriend or crush is angry with you, try sending a text with a sweet phrase that lets her know you're sorry. These examples will help you turn a sour moment back into a sweet relationship. 81. I didn't mean to crush you when I said what I said. I'm so sorry, please forgive me. 82. I thought about what I said and I can see why you're angry. I'm really sorry, and it won't happen again. 83. I didn't mean the phrase I said. You are sweet and amazing and I love you. Please forgive me and be my girlfriend. 84. I am sorry and I really want to fix this. Can we talk? 85. I shouldn't have said that to you. When I get overwhelmed, my mouth ignores my brain and says whatever it wants. You know you're the best girlfriend I've ever had and I'm sorry that I hurt you. 86. I was wrong and I'm sorry. 87. You matter too much to me to let a fight break us a part. I am sorry. Please forgive me? 88. I owe you an apology. I am sorry for how I behaved. You're right to be mad, but I hope we can work through this. 89. Take as much time as you need to sort through your feelings. Know that I still love you, and I'll be waiting for you. 90. I'm sorry that I looked at that other girl the way I did. You're my girlfriend, and you don't deserve to be treated that way. I'll be better, I promise. 91. We should talk about this. I know you're angry, and you have every right to be. Tell me how you're feeling so we can work through this. I love you. 92. I will apologize as many times as it takes for you to forgive me. I was wrong, and you were right. I'm so sorry. 93. Relationships aren't easy, but they are worth it. I'm sorry about our fight and I hope you still want to be my girlfriend, because I love you. 94. I'm sorry that I was jealous of the way you acted with your guy friends. I know that you care about me, and you're my girlfriend, so I need to control myself. You're allowed to have guy friends, and I trust you. I'm sorry I overreacted. 95. I believe in the power of us, and we can work through this. I'm really sorry, and I want to talk about what happened so we can get through it together.

Sweet Things To Say Before Going To Bed

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Every girl loves goodnight texts. Here are some sweet things to send your girlfriend just before bed so she knows you're thinking of her. 96. I'm sending you this text so you know you're always the last thing I think about before I go to sleep. 97. Sweet dreams, beautiful. I love you. 98. I don't need to count sheep to fall asleep. I know you'll be in my dreams, and that makes falling asleep easy. 99. Falling asleep alone is easier knowing someday you'll be falling asleep in my arms. 100. I love you when I'm awake and I love you when I'm asleep. I love you always. 101. Look outside at the moon. I'm looking at it, too. So it's like we're together, even when we're not. 102. When I get ready for bed, and everything is quiet, and I'm alone in my head, all I can think about is how much I miss you. 103. No matter how hard my day is, I think of you just before bed, and everything is good again. 104. I know you're asleep, but I just wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you. 105. I don't mind falling asleep because I know it means it won't be long until morning, and then I get to see you again. 106. I used to love sleeping because I loved the dreams. Now that I have you, reality is better than any dream my mind can create. 107. I hate falling asleep alone, so I hug a pillow and pretend I'm hugging you. 108. Today was perfect and I miss you already. Sleep well. See you soon. 109. I hope I'm in your dreams as often as you're in mine. 110. Thinking about you keeps me awake at night, but I don't mind. I'd rather be thinking about you than doing anything else.

Sweet Ways To Say 'Good Morning'

It's just as important to send a good morning text as it is to send a goodnight text. Try using these sweet examples to send your girlfriend or crush first thing in the morning. 110. Good morning, beautiful. 111. I love mornings because it's a start of a new day I get to spend with you. 112. One day I'll get to wake up next to you. Until then, just know you're the first thing I think of when I wake up every morning. 113. Mornings mean possibilities, and with you, the possibilities are endless. 114. I thought I understood the phrase 'good morning,' but until I met you, I'd never had a truly good morning. 115. You're always on my mind, even right after I wake up. 116. I hope you have an amazing day today. 117. I know you're still asleep, but I want this text to be the first thing you see when you wake up so you think of me like I was thinking of you. 118. Good morning, love. I just want you to know that you are sweet and beautiful and incredible, and I love you. 119. I hope you had sweet dreams and that your day is as good as your dreams were. 120. The only probably with waking up is that you're not here to wake up with me. 121. I woke up feeling cold, but then I remembered that I'll get to see you today, and the thought warmed me right up. 122. The first thing I saw this morning was the sun, but the first thing I thought of was you. 123. Wake up, my love, so we can be together. 124. I just wanted to let you know that I miss you. Good morning, and I can't wait to see you again. 125. I got angry at my alarm this morning because it woke me from a dream of you. Then I remembered I get to see the real thing today, and it made everything better.

Things To Say On Your Girlfriend's Birthday

It's important that you wish your girlfriend a happy birthday. If you forget, it would definitely cause a fight. Use these examples to wish your girlfriend or crush a sweet happy birthday so she knows you care. 126. Happy birthday to my beautiful girlfriend. I hope today is your best one yet. 127. I am so thankful for today because it brought you into the world. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have you. Happy birthday. 128. Just wanted you to know that you're as sweet as the birthday cake we're going to eat tonight. Happy birthday! 129. To a lot of people today is just another day, but to me it's the most important day of the year. Happy birthday. I'm so lucky to have you as a girlfriend. 130. Happy birthday to the greatest girlfriend on the planet. Today is your day, and I am so glad I get to spend it with you. 131. I cherish every day we get to spend together. You're so important to me. Happy birthday to my love, my girlfriend. 132. I hope your day is as incredible as you are, babe. Happy birthday. 133. On your last birthday you were just a crush and today you're my girlfriend. Life is sweet, just like you. Happy birthday. 134. Today is a good day to thank your parents, because today they brought you into this world, and now you're a huge part of mine. Happy birthday! 135. Happy birthday to the one person who can make my day with just a simple smile. I love you so much! 136. I knew from the moment we met that you'd be the best girlfriend I could ever have. Today, I want to remind you how sweet you are, and how happy you make me every day. Happy birthday, babe. I love you. 137. I hope that your birthday wish involves me, because every wish I make is always about you. Happy birthday. 138. Happy birthday to my incredible girlfriend. You've taught me that the life I was living before you was empty, and now I understand what it's like to be full. 139. Happy birthday, beautiful. You're going to crush this year the way you've crushed them all. I'm so glad I get to be on this journey with you! 140. Another birthday means another year that I get to spend loving you. You're my everything, and I love you. Happy birthday.

Letting Your Girlfriend Know You Care

Whether she had a bad day or you just want her to know, letting your girlfriend know that you care will make her really happy. Try some of these sweet phrases so your girlfriend knows that you care. 141. I'm sorry you had a rough day. I'm right here if you need me, don't hesitate to call. 142. I care about you more than I've ever cared about anyone before. 143. I may not say it often, but I really do care about you. You're more than just my girlfriend, you're my best friend. I love you. 144. When something happens to you, it happens to me, too. 145. When you're ready to talk, I'm here. I care about you so much and it hurts me to see you hurting. 146. I am so proud of you. I knew you could do it, and you did. You're incredible. 147. The roads are wet/slippery. Please drive carefully. I don't know what I'd do if something happened to you. 148. I know you've been too busy to cook lately, so I left some prepared food in your fridge. You just have to heat it up and enjoy. 149. When I was at your place the other day I noticed your front step was coming loose. I came over and fixed it for you while you were at work. 150. I hope you have fun tonight. I love you. 151. I updated my in case of emergency list today. You're the first person that would be called if something happens to me, because you're the person I care about most. 152. Your family means a lot to you, so I invited your parents over for dinner tonight. You've seemed kind of down lately, so I hope seeing them lifts your spirits. 153. My lock screen is now a photo of us together, so that whenever I check my phone, I'm reminded I have the sweetest girlfriend on the planet. 154. No matter what happens, I'm not going anywhere. You're stuck with me. 155. You make it so easy to leave my comfort zone behind because I know you care about me as much as I care about you.

Sweet Sayings For Your Long Distance Girlfriend

Having a long distance girlfriend can be hard, but here are some sweet things to send or say to your girlfriend to help close the distance. 156. No matter how far apart we are, I still love you. 157. Distance is only physical; my love for you is emotional. 158. You're on my mind so much that sometimes I forget we live so far apart. 159. I wish that we could be together in person, but knowing that I'm on your mind is almost enough. I hope you know you're on mine, too. 160. There may be distance between us, but that doesn't stop me from loving you with all my heart. 161. It breaks my heart that we're so far apart, but my love for you helps it to heal. 162. Even seconds after we separate, I count the minutes until I get to have you in my arms again. 163. Distance means nothing when someone means so much to you. 164. We may be far apart in distance, but in my heart we've never been closer. 165. Look at the stars and remember we're seeing the same sky, so it's almost like we're together. 166. Distance is the biggest test of true love, and we've passed with flying colors. 167. I hope that time moves faster when we're apart, so that I get to be with you again sooner. 168. I miss you with everything I have. Distance sucks, but I love you. 169. The difficulties of distance will be worth it when we're together again. 170. Love can't be measured in miles, and distance can't get in the way of my love for you.

Sexy Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

Sometimes you need to turn up the heat with your girlfriend. Try these sweet and sexy sayings to get both of you in the mood. 171. If we were together right now, there's no way I could keep my hands to myself. 172. I want you so bad. 173. You would look extra sweet lying next to me in bed. 174. There's something about you that makes me lose my cool. I love you so much. 175. What are you wearing right now? I'm not wearing anything. 176. You're the sexiest person I've ever met. I'm lucky you're my girlfriend. 177. It would be sweet if we could go home right now and do all the things we're already doing in my head. 178. Your hair is so beautiful; I just want to run my fingers through it. 179. My pants have been tight all day because I couldn't stop thinking about you. 180. I'm so glad you're my girlfriend. Making love to you is the greatest experience of my life. 181. I don't want anyone but you in my bed for the rest of our lives. 182. There's something sweet I want to eat, and it's not in the kitchen. 183. I've been fantasizing about you all day. 184. It feels like I belong inside of you. 185. Tell me what you want me to do to you. You're in charge.

Romantic Things To Say To Your Wife

Even after you're married, you have to keep things going by saying sweet things to your wife. Here are some examples to help get you started. 186. You're so sweet and I can't believe I get to call you mine for the rest of our lives. 187. I wasn't sure I'd be able to find love, but now that I've got you, I'm never letting you go. 188. Saying 'I do' was the smartest move I've ever made. 189. I feel bad for the other men in the world because I have the best wife on the planet. 190. Marriage can be hard sometimes, but you make it worth it. 191. We live together and sleep together, but I never get tired of being around you. 192. Dating you was amazing, but being married to you is the best thing in the world. I love you. 193. You are an amazing woman. I'm glad I get to call you mine. 194. You are my sweet, beautiful wife. I love you more than words can say. 195. When I have a hard day at work, all I have to do is remember that I'm married to an amazing woman and my day gets so much better. 196. I used to dream about falling asleep and waking up beside you, and now I get to do it every day. 197. Do you remember when we first started out? It's been a long, hard road, but I'd do our relationship again without changing a thing a million times over if I could. 198. You're the best wife and an amazing mother. I love you. 199. There are a lot of amazing places in the world, but my favorite place to be is with you. 200. No matter what hardships we face, I know we can handle it, because together we can handle anything.

Always Be Sweet

Whether it be a crush, a girlfriend, or a wife, it's important to always be sweet and let her know just how important she is. With these two hundred phrases, you're sure to be the most romantic guy on the block.