What It Means When He Doesn't Call Or Text For Days

Have you been in contact with a man who suddenly goes MIA and doesn't call and doesn't text you anymore? Find out what meaning he is trying to pass across.

By Dagmar Thomson
What It Means When He Doesn't Call Or Text For Days

What It Means When He Doesn't Call or Text for Days

When a guy doesn’t call or text you anymore, it is going to hurt you especially if you are interested in him. You thought he was different from the other guys you dated before. So why did he vanish from your life without a word? You need to know that this happens to many women. You meet a cute guy and you see the potential of him becoming your boyfriend. A few days later, he goes silent and doesn’t text or call you. It is as if you never existed. There are reasons why he has gone silent and doesn’t call or text you anymore. This does not mean that there is something wrong with you. Here are some reasons why he doesn’t text or call for days.

1. He Doesn't Call or Text Because He Is Busy

You need to know that the world does not revolve around you when it comes to guys. This is common, especially when you do not know each other very well. More so if you just met. He might be a very busy guy and that is why he has not contacted you for a while. When he doesn’t call or doesn't text, it doesn’t mean that he has lost interest in you. He just thinks that it is not necessary to keep on texting and calling you all the time. You should understand that there are some guys who are like that. He will contact you when he has the time. When you two know each other better, he will create time to spend more time knowing you.

2. He Is Out Of Town

We live in a time when people are on their phones all the time. Therefore, when a guy doesn’t text or doesn't call you, it makes you suspicious. You wonder why he has gone silent. He could be out of town like in another country and the service there is bad. He will not be able to reach you and let you know he is not around even when he wants to. If you find out he has traveled, you hope that he could have informed you earlier. However, if he is not your boyfriend and you are just getting to know each other, there is a good chance he will not tell you. He will just go out of town and then call or text you when he gets back without explaining his silence. You should know that guys can be weird that way.

3. He is not always on the Phone

There are people who are not fond of using phones to communicate, especially if they are older. They prefer to have a face-to-face conversation. If your guy or boyfriend is this type, then you should not be worried when he doesn’t call or text. He is just waiting to see you again so that you can continue your conversation in person. Just relax and stop reading too much into his silence.

4. He Has a Girlfriend

The reason why he doesn’t text or doesn't call you anymore is that he has a girlfriend. He has gone silent since his girlfriend is back in town or he is now spending time with her. It is disturbing when a guy goes silent after he constantly called and texted you without giving you a reason why. If he comes back, you should ask him where he was all that time. Pay close attention to his answer. If he appears shady and the reason is not genuine, then know that he is seeing someone else on the side. That is the reason why he doesn’t call or text you anymore.

5. He Is Playing Hard To Get

This is sad but guys also like to play hard to get at times like women do. He doesn’t text or call you anymore because he thinks it will make you want him more. If you have the strength to chase after him, then go right ahead. He will give in eventually. However, you can also turn the tables on him. Start playing hard to get too. You will have him running back to you in no time. If you cannot manage to play this game, then call him out on his bluff. If he is interested in you, he will stop playing around and come back to you.

6. He Is Waiting For You

Have you ever thought that the reason he doesn’t call or doesn't text you is that he is waiting for you to talk to him first? This could be true if you have not tried to contact him since he went silent on you. Contrary to popular belief, there are guys who do not like to make the first move. They like it when the woman is the one to start the conversation. If you do not talk to him first, he will think you are not interested in him. Therefore, when he doesn’t text or call you, go ahead and text or call him. He might just be in need of a little motivation to lift his confidence.

7. He Thought It Was Your Turn

Have you ever been in a position where you forget that you had a text or a missed call on your phone? Well, you should know that this can happen to anyone. This could be the reason why he doesn’t call or text. He could be waiting for you to reply and has not seen your previous text. You could have sent the text or called at a time when he was busy or distracted. Therefore, when he goes silent on you, contact him so that you know what the problem is instead of assuming.

8. He Has No Response

If you have the habit of using closed responses like “sure” or “okay” when having a conversation, then you are the reason why he doesn’t text or call anymore. These closed responses usually kill a conversation. It will make a guy not know how to continue the conversation. Guys like to be in charge of a conversation but they need your help to keep it going. If your answer makes him think that you are bored or disinterested, he will keep quiet. It is up to you to give him a reason to call or text you back.

9. He Has Second Thoughts

There are times when a guy can have second thoughts about dating you. He gets cold feet about becoming your boyfriend and decides to disappear. This could be the reason why he doesn’t call or text you anymore. It is rude of him not to tell you, but that is how some guys are at times.

10. He Doesn’t Want Commitment if He Doesn't Text or Call

When a guy really likes you and wants to have a casual relationship, but he realizes that it is not what you want, he will walk away. When he doesn’t text or call, it is his way of letting you know that he is moving on. He hopes that you will take the hint and just let him be. He is avoiding confrontations and having to explain himself to you. Just take heart and know he is preventing you from heartache in future.

11. He Was Being Polite

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Have you ever been on a date, and the guy asks for your number and you give it to him but deep down, you dread ever talking to him again? Well, you should know that guys are also the same. A guy can go on a date with you and not be interested in taking it further. If you give a guy your number and he doesn’t call or text, just know that he was just being polite when he asked for it. He does not want to give you false hope by calling or texting you. He hopes you get the hint when he doesn’t text or call you.

12. He Thinks You Are Not Interested In Him

When you go out on a date, have you ever asked yourself if the guy is interested in you? Well, you should know that women are not the only ones who ask this. Guys also worry if you have any interest in them. When a guy doesn’t call or text you, it does not mean that he does not want to talk to you. It is just that he is afraid of calling or texting and being rejected or he is nervous. Just give him time to gather his courage and call you or give him a sign to show that you are interested in him.

13. He Wants Space If He Doesn't Text or Call

Were you always in contact with a guy and now he doesn’t text or call you anymore? The reason could be that he wants some space. He might have felt that it is too much for him and he needs space to breath. If that is the case, just let him be until he is ready. If you start asking him questions, he could get scared and take off.

14. He Thinks You Are Not a Good Fit

When a guy dates you and down the line, he realizes that you are not what he was looking for, he will cut off all contact. He doesn’t call or text since he wants to let you go and hopes you get the hint. He does not know how to tell you that you are not good together, so he just starts to avoid you. If this is the case, just go your separate ways instead of forcing the relationship and getting hurt in the process.

15. He Doesn’t Know How to Be Open

If you and a guy hit it off on a first date but after that, he doesn’t text or call you, then something is going on. Guys have a hard time being open about their feelings towards a woman they have just met. He could have really liked you but he does not know how to express his feelings. He is afraid of being honest so he decides to keep quiet. If this is the case, then you can reach out to him and slowly encourage him to be honest about his feelings. It is nerve-racking when you go out with a guy and he goes silent for days. You keep asking yourself what you did wrong. Do not beat yourself up too much. Just reach out to him and find out what is wrong. If he doesn’t want to be with you, just push him aside and move on. Life is too short to be wasting your time on people who do not deserve you.