10 Step-By-Step Guide To Move On From A Relationship

Having trouble moving on from a long-term relationship? Don't know how to move on? Well it's time to learn what you can do to remedy the situation.

By Maxwell Leahy
10 Step-By-Step Guide To Move On From A Relationship

10 Step-By-Step Guide To Move On From A Relationship


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What happened? Where did things go wrong? Had a relationship that recently ended? That's always unfortunate news. Nothing that can't be fixed in time and with going about it in the right way.


Welcome to the step-by-step guide to moving on from a relationship. In this guide, We will help you in what we believe you need to do to move on from a past relationship. When it comes to getting over a relationship there are both emotional and subconscious matters that need to be addressed and we feel this article will help when it comes that. Follow these ten steps and you'll be ready to move on from this past relationship and even onto the next!

Step 1 - Accepting How The Relationship Ended, Why, And When To Move On

Move On, But How?

Relationships are complicated. They can be going so well, then all of a sudden go bad. The opposite could also be said. Maybe the relationship was good and you truly cared for your significant other, maybe you were the reason - maybe she was. Sometimes there may not be any reason at all. Your good relationship could have turned for the worst due to a number of things. No matter the reason, you need to know eventually you need to forget about the relationship and move on. This step by step guide is sure to help you let go.

Whether you're a girl or guy getting out of a bad relationship, you need to move on!

Acceptance is the first part of that. Knowing it is over, let yourself accept that it is or you won't go far. Once you get that out of the way, you can begin to take the steps you need to move on from the relationship.

Moving on after a good or bad relationship can be tough. You now are the sign or signal of someone who is heartbroken. You just can't get the bad thoughts about what you did wrong, what went wrong, out of your head. Well, moving on is the healthiest thing you can do for yourself. Below we'll discuss the 10 step-by-step guide to move on from a relationship and mend that broken heart.

Working Through The Inner Feelings

Don't let that broken heart sit. You still have a life to live. Life does have its ups and downs but if you stay on the positive side of things, the bad eventually does get better. Look inside, towards those feelings, and come up with some sort of resolve. Why wait until later? Why not do it now?

You should be the happiest You can be An ended relationship will have you really down in the dumps at first and your broken heart will be in a million pieces but that is no reason to be so down and out. Aiming to be the happiest you can be is better even if you do have to let some feelings out first.

Mending Your Broken Heart & Moving On

To let go of a bad relationship you are first going to need to take a look inside. What's in the past or was a part of your life that's eating you up now more than ever? What's got you down with a broken heart? How can you begin moving on? Asking these questions and figuring out the answers one step at a time can go a long way. You won't fully get the answers right away but it is a good start.

Spend some time to reflect. Look back at your past and past relationships and bring to mind, what was the take away from those relationships? Realize you're still here now and if you can move on from those relationships, then you can move on from this relationship too!

Reflecting on a relationship doesn't have to be a bad thing and is part of the grieving process. In the end it will make you stronger and help you to move on!

Really look into the relationship. Think of the good times. Think of the bad times. This will in the long term help you. Grieving is always important when it comes to past relationships and sometimes it's okay to cry and let the feelings out. Bottled up feelings can become problematic so take all the time you need to cry it out and know when that's done you'll be able to understand everything in a different light.

Not sure why. You've thought about the good; you've thought about the bad but it's still not clearcut. Make sure to really think about the relationship so you don't miss anything. Sometimes things may not be so apparent at first and sometimes they don't come until later. Don't think irrationally or not at all when you can't understand entirely. Just realize it will come to you. However, in the end, you will realize that doesn't matter now because it won't matter later.

Taking The First Step To Move On From A Relationship

When a relationship ends it's always better to begin the moving on process, but first, you have to look back on past events and figure out what happened. Did the relationship end on good or bad terms? Do you have regrets? Why is it that the relationship ended? You may be feeling brokenhearted right now. These are all good questions to consider when thinking about what you could have been done differently when moving on from the relationship. Maybe it was you; maybe it was her. It's best not to think about it. The relationship is over and accepting that is the first step when it comes to the healing process.

Remember Always Remain Confident

I've stressed acceptance but confidence is important too! Just because a relationship has ended doesn't mean you need to let it take a hit to your confidence. You probably have a lot of feelings going on right now, that's no reason to put a lack of self-confidence on top of it. What good would that do?


This is a link to a quotes that can be found on Pinterest. These quotes we believe will help you let go and move on. It has many different quotes on the same page as well that have to do with acceptance and ones to help even boost your confidence back up. Browse around and you'll be sure to find the inspiration you need.

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There are some good quotes to find on Pinterest about anything. Quotes can be powerful tools to lift up any spirit. That's why we feel they are important.

Step 2 - Learning To Cope With Your Feelings

Is The Relationship Stuck On Your Mind When You Want To Begin Moving On?

Coping with your feelings or coming to terms will be hard at first, especially if you're stuck on this past relationship. You may have your feelings bottled up or are seeking help without actually seeking help. This is normal when recovering from a relationship. Your bad feelings need to be taken care of in some way. Find something what it is you need to be able to cope with the situation. Find the things you love or enjoy to take your mind off it. When it comes to coping, time is the best mechanism. Things fade over time and a bad relationship is no different. Plus the more once you find your coping mechanism, the more time that goes by the less likely you are to think about the relationship. It will become easier to let go of that bad relationship.

Many people who suffer from a broken heart have no idea how to move on from a past relationship. Finding coping mechanisms to let go is very important in helping live life. Get on with that broken heart. Don't let it be broken anymore. Try some different things, experiment even, until you find what is right for you.

Here is a video with tips on getting over your ex as soon as possible, as well as other advice on letting go of this past relationship.

Step 3 - Seek Help Or Advice About Your Ended Past Relationship & Broken Heart

There are people out there in life that can help you let go of that relationship. Know who and where they are! Turn to who you have in your life. They'll be your shoulder to cry on.

Maybe these pieces of advice can help.

The Best 25 Pieces of Advice That’ll Make You Stronger After a Breakup

Knowing You're Not Alone In A Time Where You Need To Move On

It can be hard to move on from a bad relationship by yourself. Realize you're not alone. In times of sadness it's always good to turn to family and friends. Ask them for a helping hand or advice. I'm sure there must be someone you know that has been there. They can comfort you and make you feel better about leaving in the past this bad relationship. You might even end up convinced that the relationship ended because it was bad for you anyway. Whatever the case may be, never let your feelings sit and dwell on them.

One Relationship Ending Doesn't Mean There Aren't Others That Can't Be There For You Now!

You have to remind yourself: It's just one relationship! Don't get so caught up in one relationship, that you forget all the wonderful relationships you already have.

Don't Hang On To That Broken Heart, Let Go Of It!

A broken heart is a horrible thing to hold onto. It can make each day harder than the last. My suggestion is to somehow make peace with the fact it might hurt for a while. That doesn't mean you need to let it take over. It also doesn't mean it will be broken forever. There's always a way to a remedy!

Chuck that broken heart out the window! If your past partner cared, you wouldn't have the broken heart in the first place! Why hold onto something when it will do you no good?

If All Else Fails, Consult A Psychologist

You have family you can talk to, you have friends you can talk to, you even have strangers willing to talk to you, but none of it helps. Maybe they couldn't say the right things or have a hard time reading what you're trying to convey. In extreme cases like this, it's always a good thing to consult a psychologist. Psychologists are trained professionals whose job is it to talk to you about any problem you may be having. When it comes to family and friends, maybe they don't understand. When it comes to strangers, what could they know? A psychologist will give you that non-biased perspective you need when it comes to an ended relationship if you couldn't get it anywhere else.

Step 4 - Keep Loved Ones Close & Spend Time With Family & Friends

Family and Friends are there for you to help with that broken heart. Know that one day things will be great again and don't let it affect what you have now. Your family will always have your back no matter what, and most friends will too!

Know what you have. When a relationship ends and you're left with a broken heart, and life's got you down, just know what you have. You have friends and family, as well as all the people around you. Take into account what is going for you. You will realize there is nothing to have a broken heart about.

You're not alone, so don't let yourself be alone. Things will heal in due time. You need to know that. No damage done in the name of love is permanent.

There Are More Relationships Than Just One!

After getting away from a bad relationship you should always stay positive and be on the up-and-up! Why spend the time you have moping and feeling sorry for yourself when there are relationships all around you. Family and friends are there for you. There is nothing better you can do to momentarily forget the past and start mending that broken heart. Life will go on. Spend time with family at home as much as you can and spend as much time with friends outside the house. You'll be on track to forgetting the past, moving on from that bad relationship, and getting back to living life.

How can you have a broken heart when there are so many pieces out there to fill it? Just know a broken heart doesn't last forever! Someone someday is going to come along and fix it.

Give It Time And Then Start Anew! Begin The Moving On Process!

You don't have to start big or even be completely off having a broken heart but little steps here and there go a long way. Start meeting new prospects now and who knows what could happen! Remember don't rush into anything, not at a point like this.

Don't Wait To Move On! Start Moving On!

Taking in what you have read so far, keep in mind it's never a good idea to try to jump straight into something new. Your past bad relationship can have a negative impact on any new relationship you decide to start. Potentially putting you in an even worse emotional state. The worst thing you can do is to do something that makes you feel worse. Never rush a new relationship on high expectations. This doesn't mean to not put effort into starting new relationships. This just means don't go in expecting anything. If you go in not expecting anything shortly after a bad relationship it doesn't leave room for you to get hurt even further.

Step 5 - Start Talking To Other Potential Future Relationships!

To let go of a past relationship at one point you will need to get out there again. You don't have to rush into anything but meeting new people and starting small can help lift the weight off your shoulders. Just on your days off or when you are doing regular things, casually and naturally just talk to others, like you normally would. It can impact you in a positive way more than you think.

Start feeling better. At first, it will be hard to get out there but when a relationship ends, it's not a one day journey. You will be overcome with feelings you are doing something wrong by getting out there again. You are not. As uncomfortable as it may be, that discomfort is actually the heartbreak fixing itself. So keep at it.

In dark times people have a habit of letting it swallow them up. They wait for a miracle answer that never comes. They sit around and do nothing when the best course of action is to always be doing something. Productivity and constructive behaviors are an essential key to helping you overcome a past relationship.

Life, Love, & Relationships Coming Back Into The Picture

As time goes on you will start seeing the picture again and your mind will be okay with where it's at even if it's not completely there yet. Realize there is only so much you can do. Life will be good again.

Love will find it's way back Always have the mindset that love will find it's way back to you. Whether your past relationship is truly over or not, if it was meant to be, it will! Never think negative on the side of love. You will never find it that way. Love comes when the time is right. So be right there waiting for it.

When it's time to move on you'll be glad you took the time to start some other relationships. Spending time with some new faces can be good for a number of reasons. When beginning to recover, meeting and conversing with new people can help fill voids and gaps that friends and family cannot. With the no expectations in mind, ask them to do something, invite them out to lunch, or suggest going to an event. Living life at a time like this is exactly what you need.

Step 6 - Talk It Out With Your Past Relationship & See If You're Both Really Ready To Move On

Seeing Where The Relationship Stands Now

Everyone who's been out of a relationship will know, there will come a point where you want to know what exactly is going on with your past relationship. You may not want to get back together but an overwhelming feeling keeps haunting you.

phone calls.

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It doesn't hurt to try You may feel you know the outcome and you're probably right but it doesn't hurt to try. At least you can put yourself a little more at ease.

Give her a call and see. If it's really giving you an itch and not so much an emotional feeling but a more I-really-want-to-know feeling, it may be good to give your past relationship a call to get some kind of closure.

You will get to the point after a relationship has ended and some time will have gone by but there are some feelings still there you can't shake. At a certain point (and you will know), it might be a good idea to call up your ex just to see where you are at now. Maybe things have changed or maybe they're still the same. Maybe she truly moved on and you haven't. It's at this point you will know for sure that the relationship is over. Now you really can start to move on and it won't feel as bad as it did before.

You've talked it out. You could feel better or worse but at least now you know. Once again you will feel a sting but this time will be different. It may seem a bit more numb but rest assured, that's how it's supposed to feel. The pain comes and goes but is lessened. It's a way of telling you your heart has become stronger. Ever hear the saying 'What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger?' Well, that applies to all aspects of life.

The Rare Case

You took the time and talked it out with your ex to see how things were going and where you guys stand. You were surprised to hear that your ex might want to get back together. Depending on the exact situation on the off chance this happens to you, ultimately it's your decision as to what to do. You'd still probably be better off moving on because if it happened once what's to say it won't happen again. You'll be in the same situation with double the hurt. At least give it time. Time apart is good when presented with the rare case because you will get to the point in the future on how you really feel.

The Very Rare Case

There is also the very rare case of possibly still being friends. This is the more mature option but can also be tricky. Feelings are flying around and it's hard to gauge what this could actually have in store later on. If this option presents itself to you, again it's your call. It could very well work out but a lot of people who have been in relationships may find it very hard to be friends especially if there's a possibility you weren't really friends before. Could be something you jumped into. Also later on when you finally do move on and, say find a relationship, you could come across problems such as jealousy and the like. Just be prepared for whatever decision you choose to make.

Step 7 - Life is Still Here, Don't Let This Past Relationship Stop You From Moving On

Fear of the future naturally follows a breakup. You may feel like you followed the expectations of what a relationship entails and yet it still didn’t work out. You worry if a healthy, happy relationship even exists. There’s a lack of self confidence and self doubt. The thought of rebuilding your life is scary and truth be told, you may not even want to start over again - going back into the dating pool scares the shit out of the best of us. We fear the unknown. Fear what people will think. Fear no-one will love us again. The list goes on and on. 💫 What happens is fear keeps us stuck and attached to our partners. We struggle to let go, to move on because we need so desperately to cling to anything familiar. 💫 But here’s the thing...your breakup or divorce happened. You can’t change that fact and even if you could, are you 100% sure that would be the best thing for you? Or would you just be clinging to it because it’s familiar? 💫

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Letting go and moving forward You'll never be able to move on after a bad relationship if you can't realize that life is still here for you. Letting go and moving forward is always a good idea. However it can be harder for some more than others.

Being Stuck Up On Your Past Relationship When You Convinced Yourself You Could Move On

Some people have a habit of letting their love life or past relationship interfere with their daily lives. It could be at work, while out with friends, at home, or anywhere else. When the initial breakup happens you tend to talk a lot about it. That's okay, most people will understand you're going through a tough time but let's say some time has passed, you have the closure you needed, and you may not feel that bad about the past relationship anymore, but you still talk about it.

Leave The Past Relationship Where It Belongs And Move On

Realize it's a past relationship. Not a here and now relationship. Maybe you are over it; maybe you're not but now it's getting in the way where it shouldn't. Just like the past is in the past, a past relationship is also in the past. Everyone you know will think you are delusional or steer clear of you because it seems you can't get over something that's all said and done. So whether or not you still feel or have/haven't gotten over her, do yourself a favor and stop talking about her. Everyone will be proud of you that you did it and you can really start focusing on developing wonderful new relationships, instead of seeing what you once had and comparing that to everything now. Just let it go.

Be Sure To Really Let Go

You may have less of a broken heart now and still need to let go but don't let it interfere with your life as it is now. Life does not wait on any relationships or feelings, so put them aside for now until things are really sorted out in your head.

Step 8 - Take Life One Day At A Time & Start Living For You

Everything is okay! Everything is going to be okay! It took a while but you knew all along. Faith is good to have and having a relationship in the past will have you know that it's something you must have. Never give up on faith and faith will never give up on you!

Feeling Okay Again For The First Time In A Long Time

You've gone through a relationship, been through a break-up, and have done a lot of things up until this point and now you're truly feeling okay again. You know there's something more to be had but you have come back and grown into your patience and your feelings have subsided from this past relationship. This is however not the end of your moving on. You need to start doing things for you again. You and only you! Like you used to before you were in a relationship.

Learn Some New Things And Take Up Some New Hobbies

Relationships usually come in a bundled package but after getting over a relationship, you've got to be okay with doing your own thing for a while. Don't just sit around and wait for the next best thing. Get out there and take up some new hobbies. Join a club or start going to events. Now that you have the time you can invest it in doing and trying new things. Who knows, you might meet a new soul mate doing it. Love can come out of nowhere and at the least expected times.

A new chapter When going back to the single life and feeling good, while still trying to move on can be challenging. Try your hand at some new things. Whatever it may be if it comes to your mind try it. At least once.

Enjoy things now because you can You have the time and are no longer held back by that once bad relationship you had. You can do things now and enjoy them just because you can. There's no reason not to. Things are finally looking up.

Get Ready For What's To Come!

You've come this far off a bad relationship and you're okay but once in a while, you may have doubts in your mind of when another relationship may present itself. Don't fret, in time it will all come to fruition. Remember the best things in life are worth waiting for. Just be prepared when it happens because you never know when it will. That next relationship might be right around the corner.

Step 9 - Take Everything For What It Was

Realize You've Done A Lot!

You can now take the time and look back at it all and reflect on everything that has happened. You loved and lost. You took the time to look back on your feelings to find what ways to cope and move forward. You went and sought help in a time of need and took your mind off things. You spent time with family and friends to help start mending a broken heart. You realized which feelings mattered and which ones didn't. You tried to communicate after a break up with your ex when the time was right and see if the relationship could be repaired. You learned that even after feeling better not to get stuck up on him/her and let your feelings get in the way when it came to other relationships and duties. You took a step back to self-evaluate and then took the time you had to find yourself again. Then you spent time taking up new hobbies and doing the things you love to do to develop previous and even more new relationships further. At last, you are finally ready to move on.

Step 10 - Move Onto The Next Relationship

Move On With The New

By now you'll have realized how silly it was to let a past relationship, let alone a relationship that was never meant to be, prevent you from moving forward. You've been through a lot but now it's time to take all the new people you met and discover new potential dating prospects. If you've done what you needed to do I'm sure in no time you'll have moved on from your old relationship and have started with the next.

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Love will always find you. Things can be good; things can be bad. Let the good things last and let the bad things go. You have just one life. Maximize the good and minimize the bad. If you are positive, positive energy will find you and with that positive energy, a more positive, more long lasting relationship will make it's way to you as well.

Relationships are meant to last. If for some reason they don't and you find yourself moving on, it wasn't a true relationship then. When the right relationship finds you, you'll know.