30 Fun And Cheap Date Ideas for Teens

Today's teenagers and students are looking for cheap but fun date ideas. Here is a list of 30 date ideas suitable for teenagers and college students.

By Sanchari
30 Fun And Cheap Date Ideas for Teens

Dating trouble for teenagers

Going out on a date with your partner is fun, but sometimes it turns out to be too taxing on your wallet, especially, when it is towards the end of the month. As teenagers your earning is limited, but your expenses are not. The part-time job is not offering enough to help you meet all your expenses. So, what’s the way out? Drop the idea of going out on a date? No, absolutely not. It’s the time to wear your thinking hat and come up with some fun yet cheap date ideas. Don’t worry here we have 30 such amazing date ideas to help you out. You can go through them to see which one is suitable for you and your partner.

Look out for cheap and fun date ideas

Don’t let money dampen your spirits. If funds are tight, we have some good date ideas to help you out of the situation. You can go for outdoor picnics or do yoga together. Do you think it’s interesting and want to give it a try? Then here are 30 such ideas that will help you have fun with your date without even spending a dime.

1. Walking hand in hand

Walking is great exercise and an inexpensive way of dating too. You have so many things to share with your partner, but you hardly get the time to do that. So, make the most out of it while walking hand in hand. There is no one to interrupt you. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about cash because it is free. Plan your next date in a park and completely enjoy your partner’s company. If you are worried that after few hours you might run out of words, then you can take the cue from these questions.

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2. Yoga – one of the cheapest date ideas for teenagers

It might sound boring, but once you start doing it together, you will realize how fun it can be. If you have already run out of money and cannot splurge on something expensive or fancy, so why not give this a try? If it works out for you and your date, then you are safe, but, in case it doesn’t, you can try something else. Have you ever tried yoga? If not, then ask your date to come over to your place and try some postures together. You will find yourselves laughing your hearts out by watching each other master the different poses. Start off with the easy ones to get into the groove, and then you can move on to the harder ones.

3. Enjoy a date around a waterfall

If there is a waterfall nearby, then do make it a point to visit the place with your partner. Waterfalls make a perfect backdrop for romantic dates. Moreover, it’s completely free. You will have nature play the perfect host for your date. As teenagers, you can either jump into or sit by the water and have a peaceful conversation with each other. Sit closer to the waterfall if you want to splash the water on your face. It can’t get more romantic than that, right?

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4. Botanical garden – perfect dating place for teenagers

You may be thinking that this might sound like a boring option, but you can turn it into a fun place by playing hide and seek. It isn’t childish at all. I guarantee that if you try it once, you will love to visit the place again with your date. There are some really huge trees that will make the perfect hideout. Call out your date’s name and let him or her look for you. You can also make a fun game where you can ask your date to find a tree that has something peculiar about it. If you have any project work, then you can complete it there in the midst of the greenery.

5. Solve puzzles together on date night

Bring out the puzzle box that is lying around somewhere in the cupboard and have fun solving it with your date. When both of you start putting the pieces together, you will have fights over that one puzzle piece that both of you think is required, only to find out that the piece doesn’t fit. Then there will be times when you will help each other in finding the pieces to complete the whole picture. It is a game of coordination. When the whole puzzle is done, you will realize how good you are as a team.

6. Romantic date ideas for teenagers – setting up hammocks

Hammocks can be your best friend when you are running out of cash. Set up the hammock in your backyard and you are all set to go on a romantic date with your partner. You can even have a heart to heart talk with your date lying there. In case you want to make things interesting, you can try setting up in the nearby forest or some quiet place where nobody is going to disturb you. If you are in a jungle, then you can enjoy the fresh air and listen to the birds. Just imagine: the birds will sing for you while you chat quietly with your date.

7. Making pizza – teenagers' delight

It’s not an easy job to make a pizza at home, but it is an option when you can’t order that large pizza with loads of extra cheese in it. You can bake it yourself! Moreover, when your date is joining you in making the pizza, nothing can go wrong, right? Both of you can decide on the toppings and then whether you want to keep it healthy or indulge in some extra cheese. Once you have decided, get on with the game. If you think it is getting a bit too serious and boring, then sprinkle some flour on your date instead of the dough. Now when you have turned each other into complete ghosts, concentrate again on baking the pizza. You will have loads of fun, and when your pizza is ready, feast on it. It is a perfect way to call it a day.

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8. Playing chess – fun date idea for teenagers

Chess is a time-consuming game, but at the same time, it is very fun too. You can add various angles to your game. Adding fun rules like drinking a glass of water when a Pawn is down or eating a chili when the Queen is taken will give the same old repetitive game an exciting twist. Your date will surely enjoy the new rules of the game and also try to incorporate some more unique thoughts to it.

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9. Mall – inexpensive date ideas for teenagers

Window shopping doesn’t cost a single penny. You and your date can hang around at the nearest mall, enjoying each other’s company. You can keep an eye on your date and try to gauge what his or her preferences are. If there is anything that he or she likes, then it is pretty obvious that they will be staring at it for long. You just have to capture that moment in your mind. Next time, when you are saving your pocket money to buy something special for your date, you will know exactly what you should buy.

10. Picnic plans always work for teenagers

Ask any teenager about dating, and you will see that they have hundreds of date ideas ready to be executed. The only constraint is money. They have to meet their own expenses with the limited pocket money or the paycheck of their part-time job. They cannot afford an expensive date idea, so for teenagers who are struggling with their finances, here is a simple yet romantic date idea. You can take your date out for a picnic! You fill the picnic basket with crackers, fruit juice, some chocolates, and sandwiches. You are now all set to venture out on a date. You can either go to a beach or visit the nearest park. Lying under the open sky and chatting the day away with someone special seems like a dream come true. Moreover, you can enjoy your date without spending a fortune.

11. Biking – one of the date ideas for students

You can enjoy a breath of fresh air while biking. If you don’t own a bike, then go and borrow or purchase one. Don’t give up on the idea of biking as couples! The only thing that you must remember while riding a bike is that you must choose the perfect trail for it. Don’t get in adventure mode and ride on the road. You are going out with your date, so make sure that both of you are safe and enjoying the ride rather than risking stress of getting hit by a car. Get yourself something to eat and to keep you hydrated while riding. Now you are all set to enjoy the scenic beauty of the trail on your bike!

12. Sightseeing – one of the most enjoyable date ideas for students

Even when you have grown up in the same city, there are still some nooks and crannies you haven’t visited before. Take the opportunity to explore these places as a couple. It won’t burn a hole in your pocket – rather you will be surprised to know that there were so many things that you didn’t even know existed in your city. It is one of the cheap date ideas where you can enjoy the whole day with your date and have fun by unraveling new things.

13. Baking – cookies for couples

Baking cookies can be a fun exercise if you plan to do it on your date night. You can ask your partner to join in so that both of you can participate in the whole process of preparing the cookies. When it is all done, you can both enjoy them with a cup of coffee or milk. Remember to chat or play music while baking for added fun.

14. Go swimming with your date

If you are both water people, then swimming should be a fun option to explore. Challenge each other to go that extra mile. It should be a fun competition between you and your partner. Swimming helps you in staying fit, and if you have a swimming pool in your community, then you won’t have to spend anything on your date. Instead, you can have unlimited aquatic fun.

15. Scavenger hunt for couples

Though it won’t cost you any money, you will have to invest some time in preparing the scavenger hunt list for the date. Go through your backyard to see what things you want to include in the list to make the game interesting. If you want, you can invite other couples or friends to make the game even more challenging. You can restrict the time if you have an easy list in hand.

16. Scrabble – best bet for a night time date

If you are a student, then you won’t be allowed to stay out past curfew at night time, so it's better if you plan something at your place. Scrabble is an excellent game for all ages. You can set your own rules and play the game your way. As a student, you can increase your vocabulary through this game of Scrabble and enjoy your cheap date too.

17. Cheap coffee date for couples and students

Find out a local coffee shop where you can hang out with your date and sip on a really cheap but yummy cup of coffee. It won’t be that hard to find that one coffee shop nearby that serves a hot cup of coffee and some cheap snacks to go along with it. Students can have a gala time there because they don’t need to spend their whole pocket money on a single date. Rather, they can plan coffee dates like these quite frequently.

18. Summer fun - water gun fight

This is strictly a Summer date. You can invite your friends or other couples along with your date to enjoy a nice, cool water gun fight in your backyard. Nobody minds getting drenched in water during Summer, so plan activities that keep you cool in the heat like water gun fights and see how much more you enjoy the hot Summer day.

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19. Planning a date at the bookstore

Comfortable chairs, interesting books, and silence all around – a heavenly place for the book lovers. If you and your date are bookworms, then the bookstore can turn out to be the perfect host for your date. It won’t cost you a penny, but you can be sure about one thing: your date will be highly impressed with your place of choice.

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20. A visit to the chocolate factory

Students, teenagers, young couples, and older couples all love to indulge in some chocolates. So, the next time you are going out on a date and don’t have much to spend on expensive chocolates, you can visit the chocolate factory. There you would be offered different chocolates for tasting. Your date will be overjoyed with the whole idea of savoring various flavors of chocolates in one go.

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21. Ice skating dating

When teenagers plan their dates, they ensure that it is a fun place they can spend hours together, and it is the same way with students too. Young couples like to hang out in a quiet place, but teenagers always prefer some activities when they are going out with their dates. Ice skating is one of those date ideas that teenagers and students like the most. They can try something new together and have a hearty laugh over their falls at the ice rink. Though it is not a free entry, it is still one of those cheap date ideas that teenagers and students can easily afford.

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22. Watching movies at home during night time

If you are planning a date during night time, then the best option is to stay at home and watch a fun or romantic movie. As teenagers, managing a movie date at the theater can be taxing on your wallet, but if you plan it at your home, then you can have the same fun without investing a penny on your date. You will have to take care of popcorn and some fizzy drinks, but then you are all set for your movie date during night time. You can also use the opportunity to introduce each other to your favorite movies.

23. Explore places with maps

Are you an explorer? Are you game for some adventure? As students, you must have gone through geographical maps, but in order to plan a date, you will have to catch hold of a city map. Tread the unknown path to find out what is there at the end of the alley. Teenagers have an undying urge to know the unknown – to walk the path where they have not visited before. So how about planning a daring date of discovery with your partner? With the help of a city map, you will be able to discover the paths of historical significance in your own city. Around sundown, the dim light of the alleys will make it even more thrilling for all you teenagers. This kind of date only requires the passion of discovering something new. You can either walk through the lanes and by-lanes or ride a bike.

24. Exploring city festivals as teenagers

Have you ever visited any city festivals? If you feel that it is for kids and, as teenagers, you would be bored to death attending such events, then try and reconsider. It is one of the best date ideas that you will treasure and remember for life. Generally, most city festivals have street performers, a number of food stalls, body art shops, great food, and much more exciting stuff. In most cases, you will find the entry to be free. Date ideas that are cheap are always welcome to teenagers. Any teenager would love to join their partner in this festival where they can have unlimited fun without any burden. The city festivals won’t be any different.

25. DIY products to prepare as teenagers

Once you go online, you will have hundreds and thousands of videos of DIY (do it yourself) videos. You and your date can select one such video and with the help of the instruction provided in the video, you can craft your own product. The fun part is that you can prepare your own lipstick, body lotion or deodorant all in the comfort of your home. Now, when you are done with the product, you can use it yourself or gift it to your partner. Teenagers are hit by the constraint of money, but the best part of the DIY video is that you won’t have to invest much in the ingredients. Put on some music and get busy with the crafting fun!

26. Enjoying live comedy on a date

Making someone laugh is said to be the hardest thing in the world, but people who have mastered the art of comedy does it with élan (style and enthusiasm). If you were searching for double date ideas, then this is the perfect thing to do. Going to a comedy club is one of the best date ideas to consider because it won’t cost you much and you will be enjoying to the fullest. If you are the courageous type, you could even go on open mic night and try to impress your date by making him or her laugh.

27. Cheap restaurant date ideas for teenagers

Teenagers are always on the hunt to find some eateries that offer cheap but delicious food. As a teenager, once you figure out one such restaurant, you can include it in your date ideas and please your partner with your choice. The date ideas are unending, but as teenagers, it is really hard to indulge in anything expensive. So, it is always better to keep track of the cheap but fun date ideas like this. Search your city for small family-owned businesses that offer cheap local cuisine so you won’t miss out on going on a fun date.

28. Gazing at the stars – the most romantic of all date ideas!

Have you ever lain on the grass at night and gazed at the stars? If not, then try this out with your date. It is one of the best date ideas that you can try with your partner during the night time. In order to impress your date with the knowledge of constellations, you can do some research before opting for this as one of your date ideas. Lying side by side, holding hands and staring at the stars – nothing can go wrong or leave more of an impression with this as one of your date ideas.

29. Planting date ideas for teenagers

Why not plant some green around you? You can see the plants blossom just like your relationship! When you are planting a sapling as teenagers, it will also grow with you. The sapling will always keep you reminded of the amazing date ideas that you had enjoyed as teenagers.

30. Teenagers' love for painting

Painting is one of the most creative ideas for dates as teenagers. You can try different kinds of paintings like charcoal painting, colored pencils or oil painting. Paint something for your love and show your creative side to them!


Being thoughtful is important. So, if you really feel for your date, then you will be able to chalk out a perfect date idea even with money constraints. Whether you are a teenager or a student, you can try these frugal date ideas to have a great time with your partner and save a little money.