15 Fun Couple Activities to fill you up on the Weekend

Enjoy Couple Time on Weekends with These Couple Activities

By Sarah Potter
15 Fun Couple Activities to fill you up on the Weekend

The whole of your week, starting from Monday down to Friday is always filled with so many activities, like work, projects, presentations and maybe even taking your kids to school ( if you have any). This leaves you with little or even no time to take a break, relax and also spend some good quality time with your spouse during the week. Finally, at the end of your exhausting week, you have two days to yourself and your partner, the weekend! The weekend is always exciting, as you are almost always free and have the leverage to do whatever you want with your time.

What could better than spending some quality time with your lover doing what you both love? Spending some couple time together would not only relieve you of the whole stress, but also help you gain on missed events in your partner’s life, connect, and also enjoy your lover’s company. Doing this during your weekends would definitely keep the passion and fire burning between you two and would definitely have you looking forward to every weekend. This would increase your productivity at work and simultaneously strengthen your relationship.

You are probably wondering what fun and exciting activities you can do with your partner this weekend, but not to worry, we have just what you need. In case you want to know activities you can do at home or outdoors, we have got you covered.

Romantic Couple Activities At Home

Don’t feel like going out this weekend? There are lots of romantic activities; you and your partner can engage yourselves in.

1. Massage

Why even go to a spa, when you can have a sexy and fun massage from your partner. You can get what you would need for a perfect massage, read about it if you have to, set up your bed or wherever you want to use and voila! You have your homemade spa. Take turns to give yourselves befitting massages and if possible, have a hot bath together afterward.

2. Prepare your favorite meal

How about you both cook your favorite meal, I bet it would be fun. Cooking a meal together would definitely be fun, exciting and help you and your partner to reconnect. Although it doesn’t always have to be your best meal, it can also be a new dish you both haven’t tried out before. Get to the grocery store, get what you need and get cooking. 

3. What are your sexual fantasies?

Great sex is definitely one of the best ways to cool off after a long and hectic week. Try out new and exciting places to have sex in your home. Try new sex styles, take roles, and be adventurous. You and your partner can have scheduled or random sex, try out each other’s fantasies and likes. This is wholly romantic and would create sweet and lovely memories for you and your partner.

4. Breakfast in Bed

You don’t have to be in a hotel to get your breakfast in bed, and this doesn’t happen just in movies either. You can definitely make this happen if you want it to. Surprise your partner with a healthy and yummy breakfast in the morning. Be very creative about it too. Either of you can do this, for yourselves and with yourselves too. This would make your relationship much more exciting and alive.

5. Indoor or Video Games

You wouldn’t have to go outside for sports or games if you don’t want to, get a deck of cards or better still, your favorite video game or that of your partner. This should be fun for you both, you could play games for as long as you want, switch games, switch sides. Give yourselves treats or gifts after winning a game and the likes. Make this as memorable as possible

6. A Bubble Bath would be Romantic

Do you have a bathroom Jacuzzi or ample tub that you hardly ever use because of how busy you get? Well here’s an idea. How about you try out a bubble bath with your partner? Get some candles, a bottle of champagne, two glass cups; some petals too would be excellent. Some soothing music would also do and don’t forget the significant thing; the bubbles. Once you have all this set, then you are absolutely ready to go. This is soothing, relaxing and romantic.

7. Play A Puzzle Together

Just like playing your video games, a puzzle is an excellent activity that can relax your mind. It also helps facilitate good conversation between you both as it takes away your worries for that time. However, remember to pick a puzzle that is fun and you can finish in one sitting, you don't want to get bored too soon.

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Healthy Outdoor Couple Activities for Bonding

Some fresh air, a bit of rest, coupled with some adventure would definitely make your weekend. There are various outdoor activities you could do with your spouse that would have you both excited and expectant of another weekend.

8. Ever thought about Road Trips?

When last did you guys go on a road trip; can you remember? It must have been a lot of fun whether it was with friends or family. Now you can imagine how fun it would be with your lover. Grab some snacks, get your car set and you and your lover could go on a beautiful adventure. This would be more thrilling when you and your partner take turns to decide and surprise each other with a location.

9. Get Sporty

C’mon, it’s a weekend; there are definitely a lot of fun and exciting sporting activities you could both do. You could run together, cycle together, play tennis go skiing, just get sporty. Anything that you both love would do and they wouldn't only keep you healthy and revitalized but would also promote team spirit between you both and keep your relationship alive.

10. Go on Dates

It doesn’t have to be a date night; it could be a new restaurant down the street or going to the movies, or to see a game. There are so many adventurous and fun ideas for you and your partner. You can both alternate on who gets to take who on a date and be creative about it, try out new cuisines. This would definitely strengthen the bond between you two.

11. Picnics are Definitely a Great Idea

Picnics are one of the best ways you and your partner can spend quality time with yourselves. You can even have your children come over (if you have any and if you want to). Grab your picnic basket, get your snacks ready, a bottle of wine too, get your mats and go to a park. You get to have some fresh air, have some time to play, talk, laugh and bond with your partner. You can choose to do either a breakfast or a moonlight picnic.

12. Try Traveling

Two days trip? Hell yeah! This would definitely be great for you. Once in a while, you and your lover can travel somewhere new and adventurous. You can as well take turns in choosing where to. Although you don’t have to go somewhere new every time, as the expenses might not fit well into your budget. However, at least, once every two or three months isn't a bad idea. This would give you guys some time away from your normal life and help you strengthen your relationship

13. Hiking

This would be much more fun for younger couples than it would be for the older ones. Get your map, sunglasses, sunhat and your boots ready, this would definitely be a lot of fun with nature. Hiking isn’t just great for your health, but also healthy for your relationship. It gives you the alone time you need to yourselves, helps you learn to work together and enables you to create lovely memories you would both cherish

14. Volunteer for a Charity

Giving back to society with the one you love is definitely a heartwarming experience. You both can volunteer for a charity that means a lot to you. It does not just help to promote bonding between you two but also creates and gives some sense of satisfaction and relevance to you both. Assisting others in living and growing, definitely has a way of helping and improving our own personal lives

15. A Beach or Swimming Pool

A deep dip and some time with nature wouldn’t be so bad, would it? Whichever you decide to go for is a perfect idea. Enjoying some bit of the sun and some serenity alongside the fresh waves of the water against your skin is utterly relaxing. Nothing beats the feeling of sand against your skin and your partner applying some sunscreen to your back. This would definitely be a fun, romantic and thrilling experience for couples.

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We have given you just the perfect activities you could try out with your partner this weekend. They are not only great for your relationship but also for your health. These activities would definitely have you looking forward to another weekend with your spouse and also create lovely memories.