Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend If It's Getting Serious

The boyfriend questions to ask if the relationship is going places

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Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend If It's Getting Serious

Serious boyfriend questions to ask about me

Things are getting serious. Looking back at all the dates and time you two have spent together, it seems like you can say that this is someone you could potentially have a family with. You're used to having each other but you're not sure if there's something fundamentally different between you two that could be a dealbreaker.

Your train of thoughts starts taking you to places that you don't know if you want to visit. There's still quite a bit of uncertainty. You want to be sure about him being the one. There're so many questions you could be asking about yourself and him.

If you're struggling to determine whether or not he is the right one, here're the questions you should be asking about yourself and about him to clear out some of the misty clouds in the air!

1. When do I want to settle down?

That's a really important question to ask yourself. It would be awkward finding out that you want to have a family when you're 30 while your boyfriend doesn't want to have kids until he is 40 when you're both the same age now.

Usually, couples casually talk about having a family and kids. It doesn't mean it's specifically targeted at them. Don't feel that you shouldn't talk about it because it might pressure your boyfriend. Just casually ask yourself and him this question to figure out if you see things eye to eye.

2. Am I ready to be committed for the rest of my life?

Are you? It's not wrong to want to explore more. A lot of people enjoying dating and don't want to settle down for just one person when they're young. Do you feel that you're still at that stage? Sometimes it's not just about finding the right person, it's also about timing.

Things are indeed starting to get serious, maybe both of you feel that this could be someone to marry, but, do you want to get married? It's a tough question. Think about it first before you decide if you want to take things to the next chapter.

3. Is he really the right person or am I just lowering my needs just to feel satisfied?

Are you at this point in life where you just want to settle down so you're okay with whoever decent? He might not be the guy of your dreams but it doesn't matter because he is not bad and you want to settle down with someone. It's perfectly natural to want to settle down at one point in life. But don't lower your needs and wants just to feel satisfied.

Sit by the table one night with your lights on and think, is this truly the boyfriend you would've wanted? Are you giving up something just to settle down? Is it all worth it? Only you can tell whether or not this is worth it. You just need to have that rational discussion with yourself before fully committing.

4. Is there anything fundamentally different about us?


Remember, texting back with just emojis or not buying groceries isn't something fundamental, these are all just habits. Don't let him always get away with it just by saying 'it's just who I am'. Those are literally just habits. It's not something fundamental. Something fundamental would be wanting to have kids or not and want to live in the city or countryside. Those are something fundamental and their views are unlikely to change.

A habit can be developed or changed, but a fundamental value can't. If you two have something fundamentally different, then you can only ask yourself if you're willing to live with it for the rest of your life because it's quite unlikely for someone to change something so deep about them.

Romantic boyfriend questions

5. What do you see in me?

Ask him why are you different than other girls he dated? What makes you stand out so much that he actually sees a future with you and not just having fun with you at the moment? It's good to know about that. You wouldn't want to be with someone that only wants to be with you because you're pretty.

You would want him to like you for traits that would last, like your positive vibe or your generosity. Having a pretty face or being a beauty queen isn't something that would stay. You would want him to love you for qualities that you can't lose.

6. Do you think about baby names?

What do you want to name our first born? Now if you would still remember the hot Reddit thread from a while ago, a pregnant wife got so mad and even wanted a divorce because her husband insisted on naming their firstborn after his ex that he couldn't forget.

It's surely damn awkward if it happens to you. Even just a question like ''what do you want to name our firstborn'' can reveal a lot about your boyfriend.

7. What's your dream wedding like?

Does he dream about a small wedding in the Mars-like Grand Canyon? Or a traditional wedding up in an Alaskan barn? Or just a typical modern wedding in LA? There are so many options, the most important thing is that he thinks about you when he pictures his wedding, or better yet, because of you, he dreams about having a wedding.

It's a very sweet and romantic question to ask your boyfriend. To hear about the wedding of his dreams, how he would like to marry you and all the thoughts he puts into it.

8. Are you willing to be a stay home dad?

Most women have their own careers these days, even after marriage. If you're expected to drop everything to be a stay home mom, is he willing to do the same for you? Ask him to picture himself as a stay home dad, what would he be doing every day with the kids? Or that's a question no wife wants to know because the answer might be too stupid to handle.

This question helps you understand what's in your boyfriend's mind. How much he is willing to invest to have a future with you, and how much he plans about your future together. A perfect question when you're cuddling on the couch watching the new Jennifer Aniston movie on Netflix.

Fun boyfriend questions

9. If I fall into the sea with our dog, who would you save first?


The ultimate question that every boyfriend is afraid of. There's no winning in this. Girlfriend or dog? Probably even harder to answer than a girlfriend or mum. We all love our good doggo, and dogs can swim anyways. This question is just for fun no matter what.

Boys are interesting creatures in their own way, sometimes they give you answers that you never thought would be possible so it would be fun to see what he has to say about this!

10. Would you say yes to having 10 dogs in our new house?

Yeh, you're surely getting dogs, plural, the real question is just how many is enough. Your boyfriend should know that if he is going to live with you for the rest of his life, he needs to start learning how to be a dog whisperer.

Can he build a dog house? Does he know much about dog training? How to best decorate a house with dogs? It's even better if he is a dog lover, to begin with, puppies are the source of happiness for most girls. 

11. How often do you pee in the sink?


I don't doubt the answer could be very often, but this has to stop once you properly move in together. You don't want to wake up to find the sink smelling like pee one day. The toilet is literally just next to the sink? Why do guys like peeing in the sink so much? That's a question girls will never know.

Just get him to be honest about how often he does it and make him stop if it's bothering you or you know it will bother you one day when you live together. Or you just have to start training him as a puppy if he won't change this habit. The toilet isn't that far away, it's not that hard to pee in the toilet.

12. Do you stand in front of the mirror and call yourself 'stud'?

No judging on how some people boost up their self-esteem. It can actually be a very cute thing to do. You'd be surprised how many guys actually like to show off their muscles in front of the mirror to themselves. Join in together with him and create a fun skit!

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Knowing this relationship is going places and that he is someone you want to be with is magical. Not a lot of people can spend their lives with the one they truly wish to. You may feel uncertain at times and there're still questions to think about. It's okay to feel the way you do. Doubts don't weaken a relationship, holding them it does. Ask the questions you want to ask and get his answers.

If you don't know what questions to ask, here we've provided you with quite a few! You are sure to find out more about yourself and him after asking all these questions!


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