15 Subtle Signs Your Woman Is Actually Manipulative & Crazy

It is common for men to end up with a manipulative woman without realizing it. One of the signs of such women is selfishness. Find out more about such women.

By Dagmar Thomson
15 Subtle Signs Your Woman Is Actually Manipulative & Crazy

15 Subtle Signs Your Woman Is Actually Manipulative and Crazy

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It is quite ironic that in a relationship we end up being manipulated by the people we love the most. In a relationship, we are supposed to receive care, love, and support. We all have been manipulated at one time or the other; that is human nature. However, when the people we love manipulate us, it is heartbreaking. You may be in love with your woman or your boyfriend, and unexpectedly you realize you are doing things for him or her that you would normally not agree to. This is an indication that you have fallen prey to a manipulator. It is unfortunate that some people in a relationship do not realize they are being manipulated all along. Master manipulators know how to pretend. They are good at their games that even you would wonder why you never saw their point of view from the beginning. Here are some signs that you should look out for if you suspect your woman is manipulating you.

1. Your Woman Is a Smooth Talker

Most smooth talkers tell you only what you need to hear. They hurry things up and they know how to twist your emotions to agree to their terms. If your woman is a smooth talker, she will convince you smoothly while at the same time she will act fast. She wants you to make fast decisions so that you do not have time to think. That is why it is always important to take a minute before giving an answer. Manipulators are able to do both very well. She knows how to talk nicely and pretend in your presence. You should let your instincts guide you. Watch out for the signs that she is a smooth talker. Smooth talking is among the major characteristics manipulators have.

2. She Plays With Your Emotions

When your woman is manipulative, she will play with your emotions to a point of breakdown. She will heartlessly use your emotions to make you agree to her terms. She will talk to you until you see her point of view as the right one. A manipulative woman will find out your weaknesses and prey on them. For example, if you are easily angered, she will use it to keep your emotions in check. Therefore, you should take control of your emotions and do not allow anybody to control them. Watch out for such signs or characteristics in your woman.

3. She Is a Critic

A manipulative woman will use this trick to make you feel inadequate. She will ridicule and dismiss you at every chance she gets. If you are not careful, this might throw you off the balance. She will constantly criticize you in order to gain control over you. She will make an effort to make you think there is something wrong with you. You should look out for such signs. If you suspect your spouse or girlfriend is manipulating you. A manipulative woman always concentrates on negative things without offering solutions. She knows how to play her game so well that you will always remain helpless.

4. She Pretends Ignorance

Ignorance is among the signs manipulators portray. They pretend they do not know anything nor understand anything in order for you take over responsibilities. If you notice your woman constantly pretends ignorance, you should know she is a manipulator. Most manipulators know how to hide their characteristics. Therefore, you should be alert.

5. She Is Manipulative if She Plays the Blame Game

Manipulative women are good pretenders. They know how to place blame on other people and they hardly take responsibility. They are good at pretending until you believe them. Manipulators use this trick to justify their actions. Even if they are in the wrong, they will act like it is your fault. You will start apologizing for things you did not do. You should take a stand and do not apologize for something you did not do. This is how good manipulative women are. They like twisting things to benefit them. Watch out for such signs.

6. She Uses Emotional Outbursts

In most relationships, there are partners who use emotional outbursts to get off the hook. When you find your woman at fault, she will use emotional outbursts to make things favor her. These emotional outbursts involve crying, frustration, and any other crazy emotions that will get to you. You will find yourself apologizing and trying to make things right once more. Take a stand and let your spouse know she is in the wrong. This is how good manipulative people are. They use people to their advantage and they do not care if you are hurt or broken. Such signs are easy to spot.

7. They Deny Things They Voiced Earlier

Manipulative women lie and exaggerate things. They distort the facts to support their arguments. Manipulators often agree to do something, and then later feign that they never agreed to it. They make sure you will never succeed when it comes to arguing. Such people always change their stance to ensure you are off balance all the time. Manipulative people like feeling powerful but they feign being nice. It is easy to fall for them. Such signs are a clear indication that you have a master manipulator beside you.

8. She Uses Subtle Threats or Aggressive Language

People who use aggressive language to communicate to their partner tend to be manipulative. They use a loud voice or stand very close when talking to intimidate you. They will force you to stop the argument. Mostly, their body language is daunting and they use a lot of fast moving hand gestures near your face. All this is to intimidate you. Manipulators have characteristics of bullies. They play nice when they want something from you but in the real sense, they are far from being nice. It is hard to ignore such signs in a manipulator since bullies also show similar signs.

9. Your Problems Are Pointless

The other sign manipulators have in common is that they are selfish. They do not care about other people’s problems except their own. Whenever you try to share your problems, a manipulative partner will turn it to favor her. She will make your problem to be insignificant. She will not offer any sympathy for your situation. Your partner will manipulate you into thinking your problems are not major problems and that you are weak. It is wise to let go if you have such a partner. She will never show compassion or care for your wellbeing.

10. She Uses Emotional Blackmail

Another major sign manipulators possess is the use of emotional blackmail. This is the most selfish attribute a human being can have. She will use your fear and guilt to blackmail you emotionally. In relationships, it is common to see a boyfriend being manipulated by his girlfriend. The girlfriend will impose on the boyfriend the responsibility for her life and health. She will threaten to kill herself if he dumps her. Therefore, if you are in such a situation, do not be intimidated by your partner's emotional blackmail. Remember, you are not responsible for her decisions.

11. She Provokes

When a manipulator is out of arguments, she will use behaviors such as provoking you. This will make you angry and you might respond negatively. The point of provoking you is to make you say something that is pointless hence she can use it to her advantage. If you do not play right into her trap, she will cause drama to the extent that you will question her sanity. If you spot such signs in your girlfriend, it is best you stay calm and avoid being provoked.

12. She Uses Tricks: One of the Major Signs

In relationships, it is common to find a girlfriend using tricks to get what she wants from her boyfriend. She will request something enormous and then follow it up with a smaller request. You will automatically choose something that you can fulfill easily. Nevertheless, the trick behind this is that you never had a chance to choose. When you are in such a situation, remember to make your decisions rationally and not based on a comparison. You should be alert for such signs since it is easy to miss them.

13. She Uses Passive Language

Your girlfriend will ignore you until you feel guilty and you try to make up to her. In the first place, you did not do anything wrong, but you will find yourself apologizing to her. Most manipulators use such tricks to get what they want from their partners. If you realize your girlfriend is ignoring you, just ignore her back. You should learn to stand your ground.

14. You Hook Up More

The other signs master manipulators show is being emotionally unavailable. It will be hard to deal with her if you want to be in a serious relationship. She is using you for pleasure, which most men will not find a problem with. She may come up with new sex positions, which is a clear indication she is seeing other men on the side. Therefore, be careful and watch out for such signs in her. Manipulative women are very intelligent. They know how to twist someone’s mind and pretend easily.

15. She Uses Intellectual Bullying

Intellectual bullying is one of the signs a manipulator shows. They enjoy showing their expertise on certain topics. They enjoy imposing facts which you have little knowledge of. When a manipulator assumes intellectual power over you, she hopes to convince you to agree to her terms. You will be overwhelmed with the knowledge she shares and you will be easily swayed to agree. On the other hand, she may use this technique to feel powerful. Being with a manipulative woman can be damaging to your self-esteem. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to the signs. Do not be easily swayed into the manipulators game since you will be emotionally broken. Take a stand and rely on your guts. Do not try to change a manipulator since it is a trait of character. I hope that you will be able to use these signs to easily recognize a manipulative woman.