20 Signs He Wants A Serious Relationship With You

Does he want a serious relationship and a future with you? Not sure about his actions? Here are some signs to find out if he really wants it.

By Tashke
20 Signs He Wants A Serious Relationship With You

Ah guys and their signs...

Guys, guys, guys…they can be complicated sometimes like us, women. But that is all a part of us and it is normal. Their actions may be confusing or they are not giving specific signs what they want; and what they are saying may not sound serious, but it is all about the understanding. While dating a guy, you are going through different stages of it and now we are going to find out if he wants to level up to the next stage. That next stage is a serious relationship. In this article, I am going to help you to recognize the signs of him wanting a serious relationship with you. Let's begin.

Sign that he's interested in your life

Since you are his girlfriend, he likes to hear interesting stuff about you and your life. But lately, he has been asking you very deep questions about your childhood, about your life during school and all of the things that had happened in your life, which may be a sign of something serious. He wants to know everything about you and he actually cares about every detail that comes out of your mouth; he is interested in hearing you talk about your future goals and your career. Well, that is a pretty obvious sign that he wants to level up and get into a serious relationship with you.

Shares personal stuff with you

Guys like to be heard, especially from someone like their girlfriends. Having that one special person to share all of your future goals with, is priceless. If he wants to do this with you, you're on a good way. By doing this, he wants to make sure if you are both going down on a similar path. If he keeps on telling you more personal stuff, it means he feels comfortable when he is with you. Some of the guys do not like to share much information, showing that they do not think your relationship is going in forward in a serious way. But if your man does this, it is one of the signs that he is planning a future with you in a pretty serious relationship.

Signs of a relationship go up when you meet his family

This one is for sure. A guy doesn't want to introduce anyone to his family and friends unless he wants to have something special, exclusive and serious with that person. When this exclusive event happens, make sure to focus on how is he going to introduce you to his family and friends. That is very important, must say. If he says that you are his girlfriend without any hesitation and he kisses you from time to time when you are there, you two are going places.

One step closer to a serious relationship, moving in

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He just loves you and wants to spend more time with you, that is why he is going to ask you to move in with him. To be honest, this sounds like an exclusive entrance into a serious relationship. He will make sure that you, his girlfriend, has enough space in his, soon to be yours too, apartment for your stuff. Of course, he is going to help you while moving in. If that is not a boyfriend of the year and your relationship is on its best, then I really do not know what to say!

Sign of a supportive relationship

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Who does not want a boyfriend like this? So caring, helpful and supportive for his girlfriend. Whenever you are feeling down, he is always there to help and cheer you up by giving you lots of kisses and making you laugh. When you are with him, all of your problems are gone because he makes you feel loved and treats you the right way. All he cares about is you and your happiness.

Signs of future plans together

Yes, he may be talking about his future goals, but if he mentions you in them, it is a sign that he wants to make your relationship a serious one. Together you plan a holiday; having a romantic dinner full of kisses and cuddles, going anywhere together or maybe a wedding? Who knows what is in his mind. A guy will do this, only if he wants a serious kind of a relationship with you and he will do anything to make it special as much as he can.

Making a good impression while meeting your family

Some of the guys do not really like this kind of stuff, it terrifies them and they will try to avoid it most of the time. It happens that sometimes they meet your friends and family, but do not make much effort on leaving a good impression. If your guy tells you that he would like to meet your family and friends, and actually makes a pretty good impression when you introduce him to them, your relationship is already a serious one. I'm sure you will award him with a kiss for being the best boyfriend.

Always remembers small details about you

He knows exactly what your favorite food is, your favorite song, TV show; what you do and do not like, simply, he knows these small details that may not be the most important one. That just shows how much he loves you and that he is actually paying attention to every single detail you tell him. Maybe it is a small one for you, but it is a big deal for your future, serious relationship.

Gives you a lot of compliments

Maybe it could be a lot, maybe not but if he often gives you compliments using really nice words, oh man, he loves you to death! No guy will ever give a compliment to a girl without any specific reason. Does it feel good? Do you like it? Well, get used to it because he is not planning to stop soon. He is doing that because he is deeply in love with you; maybe he often thinks how on earth he got so lucky to have you as a girlfriend! By giving you compliments, he is just showing how much he appreciates everything about you.

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Couple events

This way your relationship is going to become stronger than before; try couple. Going to exclusive parties, having some kind of a competition as a couple, basically doing things that most of the couples do is an obvious sign of a serious relationship. You two do not like to hide, you are always together and people can actually see the chemistry between you two. They can see the real meaning of a powerful, serious relationship you two have.

He talks about your relationship in a positive way

This relationship is like a fairytale to him. He does not have any complaints about it at all; he loves every part of it. He loves you and enjoys being with you in your little fairytale kingdom of a serious relationship. Not ashamed to share that positive vibe with everyone and show them a true meaning of a relationship; true meaning of being loved and loving someone.

Sign of him being passionate on bed

There is actually an obvious difference between 'having sex' and 'making love'. Making love is full of passion, emotions and a physical connection between the two of you. While having sex is just not that kind of a connection between the two people who love each other. He actually cares about how you are feeling while making love and he is pretty patient; he will not insist or make demands. He wants to know the things you enjoy and the things you are comfortable with. That is a sign that he values you and wants to have something serious with you. Having sex sounds more of an obligation in some 'relationships'; right?

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He says that he misses you

You are separated for a while, so it is normal to miss your lover. Sometimes you will get a message from him saying how much he misses you, your presence, your love, your touch, your kiss...being away from each other for a certain amount of time can show a lot. With you, he is the happiest man alive. It can show how much you two mean to each other and how much you miss the other person. This way your love will become bigger and better. Surely, that is a really serious relationship.

'We' not 'I' in a relationship

In a serious relationship, there is no 'I', 'You'; it is 'We'. You two are, now, one. You two share everything you have, you are not individuals anymore. He uses 'Us' or 'We' more often and he likes the magic of it. People can already see the amount of happiness that is showing through both of you. Everything is common and you are not bothered with it; you actually enjoy the powerful meaning of his words when he says 'we'. He wants the world to know how powerful you two are and wants to keep it that way.

Likes to take things slowly with you

Taking things slowly is the best way to keep your relationship going in a good direction. He does not rush about anything and he does not want to force you to do something you are not comfortable with. Being understanding and accepting your partner's wishes, and, actually, taking things slow and enjoying it, is the best way of staying in a serious relationship. He does not want to ruin the perfect harmony of your relationship; he likes to take things slowly and not ruin everything you two have.

He is full of surprises

Another day, another surprise! It does not have to be anything material, but any sign of caring is a valuable gift from him. Small gestures like flowers, dinner dates, dates in nature; all these small things show his appreciation, his love and his way to treat you the best way. But do not get too spoilt; make sure to give it back. Enjoy and cherish everything that he is doing for you; he would want it. That is the whole point of a relationship, right?

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Wants to settle down with you

Marriage represents a kind of a serious relationship, it represents a strong bond between the two lovers. He is really open about his plans with you, not hesitating on telling you that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you that is a sign of something serious. Marriage represents a kind of a serious relationship; it represents a strong bond between the two lovers. He is really open about his plans with you, not hesitating on telling you that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you that; it sure is a sign of something serious. As we said, guys are complicated too; they need time to express their feelings towards you. If your guy is pretty open about this kind of a topic, it is one of the signs that he wants a serious kind of a relationship with you. And wants to have that strong bond with you forever! As we said, guys are complicated, too, they need time to express their feelings towards you. If your guy is pretty open about this kind of a topic, it is one of the signs that he wants a serious kind of a relationship with you. And wants to have that strong bond with you forever.

Sign of jealousy

Of course, your guy is going to be very protective about you and sometimes he will get jealous. But it is all normal and it is a sign that he actually cares about you, and wants to protect you. It does not mean that he will ask you not to go out with your friends or even have a guy friend. A real boyfriend will never do such a thing; he will trust you no matter what. Do not be surprised if he gets jealous from time to time, he just loves you. Imagine that he never gets jealous, yes, you would be mad and you will be asking yourself if he really loves you or is this really a serious relationship?

The point is...

If your guy is not afraid or ashamed to openly tell how he's been feeling about you, he probably wants something serious with you. In combination with signs above, there's no doubt in that. Guys are like seashells with a beautiful pearl inside, which represents their true feeling about someone; it is well hidden below their shell. It takes time for them to open up and show their emotional side. If that happens, you are about to see a ''beautiful pearl'' of a mutual future, only if they're planning for you.