Unsure? 15 Signs of True Love In A Relationship

Are you having doubts on whether your relationship with your partner is true love or not? Here are 15 signs that can assure you if it is!

By Neko Yama
Unsure? 15 Signs of True Love In A Relationship

What is true love?

There are relationships that work for life and then, there are ones that do not, even it is a long distance one. And, those in the latter tend to ask why they're unlucky in romantic engagements! ‘Am I lacking in physical appearance?’, ‘Am I a horrible person?’, ‘Is this a curse?’, ‘Will I still be able to find true love?’ and ‘Why am I so unlucky in love?’ — these are just some of the things we wonder about. But, if we'll get down to it, what is true love? Does it really just depend on our luck? Is finding one just a coincidence that we end up with the right person? Is even love at first sight real love? Is it real love when couples work it out even if it's a long distance relationship? Yes, there are so many questions in our head that need answers, but love has existed since the ancient times and people can't still give a definite answer to the question. So, getting back to it, what is true love? We may never get to find out the true definition of it but one thing's for sure, there are still ways to know if we are in one as there are signs inside a relationship that can assure us.

1. You always put yourself into your partner's shoes

It's probably true love when you think things through your partner's perspective or point of view. There are relationships where people don't think about their partners when making decisions and that could mean taking their lovers for granted; it's safe to say that's not true love at all. When you get used to the idea of thinking about what your partner will feel in everything you almost do, it's because you have already accepted that your life is no longer yours alone and that you gave a huge part of it to your lover, thus, affecting them when you make decisions; be it positive or negative.

2. Signs of true love: pride over jealousy

Let's admit it, we tend to get jealous with our friends when they achieve something that we failed at, or when they outshine us. But, when you deeply love someone, jealousy will never even get into the picture. Rather, we feel pride and consider our partner's achievement our own even if it means we're getting overshadowed sometimes. This is actually one of the most common reasons why some relationships don't work. When women succeed and gain more than their partners, the men feel that they're losing their pride and their superiority, thus leaving their lovers behind. Though, it's normal to get worried sometimes but if it's real love, pride will always win over jealousy.

3. The willingness to share everything

When you are in a relationship, whatever belongs to you will belong to your partner. That's what love is all about, as they say — it's all about sharing. But, everything positive and happy would be very much easy to share, right? What about the negativity? It's one of the signs of true love when both involved in the relationship are willing to share each other's burdens because you won't ever want to see someone you love going through difficulties alone. And, you are not doing this because it's an obligation. When you do this because you want to, it is true love you're feeling.

4. True love is always 'we', never 'I'

Although you still have your own affairs even when you're already in a relationship, because it's still your life after all, your main goals and dreams in life should still involve your partner, no matter what. When you talk about plans, always consider the side of your lover. When you plan events, think about how it would affect your relationship. When you hear you partner talking to their friends about their future plans and use ‘we’ instead of ‘I’, it just means that you matter that much, and that your partner loves you for real.

5. True love means keeping each other's promises

Many people say that promises are meant to be broken. But, a promise is an assurance you're giving to someone else. Although, yes, it's your choice if you want to break it and it's still in your control when or how you'll stick to it. If you make a promise even if it's sometimes difficult, but you're willing to do whatever it takes to keep to it to the person you gave it to, it is sure true love. Our partners may never know if we break them, but if you love someone, your conscience will tell you so, and, in the first place, you will not even think about it.

6. The inability to hurt each other

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Sometimes, the imperfections are actually what keeps the relationship going and last long. So, it's expected that arguments and occasional fights are inevitable. Two people in a relationship are still different in their own way somehow, so there will be times where lovers would disagree with each other and rather than be shy about speaking out their mind, they tend to quarrel and commit silly mistakes. Arguments would upset us, but we would be hurt twice if we see the person we love getting hurt by our actions. If you love someone truly, you will never be shy or hesitant to apologize. You are willing to back down when you already feel that your partner is getting upset. So, when lovers can swallow their ego, so as not to hurt each other, it's true love.

7. Signs of willingness to make sacrifices

As human beings, we have our own desires and dreams that we want to achieve to make our lives better, so from time to time, we tend to get selfish. That's okay, if we are not in a relationship. We can dream and do things, whatever and however we want. But, if you decide to get involved with someone, it's time to be considerate of our partner's feelings. If both lovers are showing signs of willingness to sacrifice their own wants and desires, so they can support each other, it is true love. Once you overcome the feeling of selfishness, it's because you learnt how to love deeply and their happiness becomes yours.

8. You know each other too well

When you don't care for someone, you wouldn't even make the effort to get to know them. There are some relationships where partners don't know each other's personality at all, which is a cause of endless arguments and quarrels. There are some, even after the years they've been together, who are still shy to do things around their partners because they're uncomfortable. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that this kind of relationship is automatically not true love. It's just that they don't reach the level of romance where couples just love each other!

9. One of the signs is that the passion never ceases

Some relationships that go for years might gradually become casual. This is a stage where couples are really comfortable and used to each other. This usually happens in long-distance relationships. However, when couples truly love each other, their passion will never be gone even after years of being together. It's true love when you still feel the desire to be close to your lover; just like when you first met them. It's real love when couples don't get tired of each other.

10. When you are willing to change

When you truly love someone, you will not even think about ever changing their personality to satisfy your own self. However, changing them is completely different from your willingness to change for the better, just to please your partner. It doesn't mean that one has to change completely; it's just that you have to adjust sometimes to make your relationship work. If you think that there is a habit that your partner constantly gets upset at, make an effort to change it. When couples are willing to change for the better, it means they're considerate towards their loved ones.

11. Couples cannot stay angry for too long

Arguments and misunderstandings are unavoidable in a relationship. Even though you're together for years now, you should expect that there will be things you're not going to agree with. Though it's okay to have arguments sometimes — because believe it or not, a relationship that is too perfect usually ends up unsuccessful because it gets boring — it's not okay to stay mad for too long. When you truly love someone, you cannot afford to ignore them for long. No matter who is wrong, you won't feel shy to apologize because you want to make up as soon as the argument ends. It's true love when couples are not afraid to say sorry to their loved ones.

12. Constantly saying 'I love you'

Saying ‘I love you’ nowadays is very common. It's actually very easy to blurt it out even when two people are just infatuated with each other, rather than being in love. When couples randomly say ‘I love you’ while staring intently at each other, it's real. It's not the one at the end of every phone call or chatting; that's already a routine of every one.

13. Remembering special things each other wants

When your partner remembers almost everything that is special to you, it could mean true love. From your birthday to your anniversary, they will always make an effort to make it even more special. They will also know your likes and dislikes, and your hobbies and interests.

14. Complete trust in each other

It's understandable that it's difficult to give a hundred percent of your trust to your partner especially if the relationship is long distance. That's completely normal because you're just probably looking out for yourself, right? But, know that in true love, complete trust is always present. There will be times where we'll wonder if our partner has ever done something to hurt us, but if you fully trust them, these kinds of thoughts will go away. The true love you're feeling will always prevail.

15. Most important sign: Happiness!

The most important sign of true love is when you are both happy. Even after years of being together, when you still feel the joy of being with your lover, it's probably true love. Or, even when your relationship with you lover is long distance, but you have complete trust and you're happy, it's true love.



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