Missing My Boyfriend: 10 Ways To Deal With It

If you're missing your boyfriend like crazy perhaps because of the long distance between you, here are some suggestions on how you can deal with it.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
Missing My Boyfriend: 10 Ways To Deal With It

How It Feels When You Miss Your Boyfriend

When you miss your boyfriend, it might feel like the wind has been sucked out of you, leaving a void no one else can fill but trust me, on this one, it's going to be okay. It suddenly dawns on you that the someone that matters so much to you is so far away but time flies and it won't long before the two of you will embrace each other once again. The feelings that come with missing one's boyfriend can hardly be described with words. You don't know if you should call it loneliness or sadness or emptiness or whatever it is you might be feeling. The only thing you wish, however, is that by magic or a miracle, that he could be brought right to you. You long to throw yourself at him and you would do anything to make that happen. You feelings are understandable and completely normal because your boyfriend is someone special to you. He's perhaps more even more special than any other man you've ever known of, with the exception of your dad. Every time you have the opportunity to speak or text him, you never fail to out leave "I miss you" before saying good-bye. While there is nothing wrong with missing your boyfriend, you may find that your feelings are causing you to miss out on the important things that are happening in your life. You may be in class where you're supposed to be concentrating on your studies and you're lost in thought just thinking about him or...perhaps you stay in on a Friday night because you don't want to be the third wheel when everyone has a date, and you don't. This is why you need a few new ways to deal with the situation before it starts taking over your life. Even if you're already a hard worker, you may find your productivity is affected because of how you might be feeling. The points discussed below highlight some proven ways by which you can handle yourself and your feelings all at the same time. It's important that you remain in control of the situation when the feeling of missing your boyfriend is nearly driving you crazy.

1. Missing Your Boyfriend? Be Happy About It.

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The natural thing for you as a girl is to miss her boyfriend when the two of you are apart. You may want is to suppress these feelings by keeping them bottled up inside but we all know this isn't healthy. You might not want to be perceived by him, or anyone else, as being too demanding, clingy, or desperate but you're not alone. There are other women out there, who miss their significant other, too. You don't need to do any of the above but if you do, there is absolutely nothing abnormal about how you're feeling. It's natural to miss your boyfriend but if you're trying too hard to deny yourself of those feelings you're hurting yourself both mentally as well as emotionally. Instead, rejoice in the experience and be glad that you have a boyfriend that is driving you crazy. Your feelings are quite common and they are a sure sign that you love him. Your heart has bonded with his and this is why you miss him. Rather than struggling to suppress the feeling, relish in your feelings. Instead of being sad, do a little dance the next time you talk to him. Be happy that he's a part of your life! We should state that this is the first healthy way to handle yourself as well as the situation when you miss your boyfriend like crazy. It saves you sleepless nights and hurtful thoughts of sadness and loneliness when the two of you are far apart. If you admit that nothing is wrong with you or if you aren't embarrassed to tell anyone that cares to listen, that you're missing him, then you're handling the situation just fine. If you see feeling attached as a telltale sign of love, then missing him isn't affecting you. It's when these feelings spiral out of control that you should consider finding a friend to talk to. Having someone to lean on who understands helps the days, and nights, go by faster.

2. Missing Your Boyfriend? Use Technology To Stay Close.

Our 21 first-century world has become a global village which means instant communication is as simple as pressing a button, even if you miss someone on the other side of the world. Today, we have various applications that make connecting with people easier, faster, and perhaps better whether you are communicating during the day or even at night. If you miss your boyfriend, why not consider using WhatsApp, Skype, WeChat, Facebook Messenger and the like to chat with him? You can chat using audio as well as video chat on each of these apps, thus, bringing you close regardless of where he may be in the world. Of course, this approach will only work if the reason you're missing your boyfriend is that he lives a long distance from you. Perhaps he has a job overseas or he's been deployed by the military, but whatever the case, you can now communicate in ways you never imagined. If you and your boyfriend are still very much together with a long distance between you, this can be settled by chatting with him or by leaving a voice message for him. You can talk by video as well which will give both of you the opportunity to see each other face to face, as best you can, from a distance.

3. Missing Your Boyfriend? Give Him A Call!

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You never can tell if the feeling you are having for your boyfriend is mutual, that is, your boyfriend might be missing you too. Be the first to act and break the silence by calling him just to say, "Hello!" The call doesn't have to be long if there are no serious issues to discuss and it can be as short as 3 minutes but let him know how crazy his absence is making you feel. Assure him that you know you'll be together again soon and remind him just how much you love him! Hopefully once you talk, your mind will be settled and you won't be feeling quite as lonely as you were before you talked to him. You can keep his voice close to your heart and that should sustain you until you talk again. Rather than feeling lonely, you've opened your heart to him. You may have to agree with your boyfriend on an appropriate for the two of you to talk. This is necessary, especially if you are continents apart. Do the time calculations so you wouldn't be calling him at night or when he's busy at work. Again, this has to be stressed but do away with your pride because it does no good to keep your feelings hidden inside. There is a general assumption among women that it must be the man that does all the calling but try not to fall into this mindset. Call him if you miss him even if it's just to hear his voice over his voice mail message.

4. To Deal With Missing Your Boyfriend, Get Busy, And Stay Busy!

Your feelings surrounding missing your boyfriend will become more intense as well as more frequent when you're less busy. By staying idle you give yourself the opportunity to rehash and replay all the nice moments you've spent together and as such, you hurt yourself mentally as well as emotionally. One way to get this off your chest is to do something that you enjoy. Activity, they say, is the law of life. If you're busy with an assignment, a project or chores, you have a lot less time to dwell on your feelings. Of course, that is not to say that the business will wipe away your feelings for your boyfriend but by getting busy, you dissipating them, as well as some of their effects. Frustration deepens when idleness is allowed to run wild. In fact, it can even lead to a misunderstanding between you and your boyfriend. If you aren't up to anything and you're always missing him, you might be part of a one-sided relationship. You don't want to feel offended if your boyfriend doesn't calling you enough because you have all the time in the world to think about him. The task you leave undone because you're missing your boyfriend can eventually prevent you from enjoying his company when he is finally around. It might not be easy at first to get up and do the task you may see yourself lacking the motivation to do, however, don't succumb to your feelings. You might want to start with a task that requires less energy and time to complete. Doing so will give you the motivation to complete the next task and, and the next task, until you find yourself busy enough not to miss him, at least not quite as much.

5. When You Miss Your Boyfriend, Pen Your Feelings Down On Paper.

Old habits that we once enjoyed have actually proven to be of immense help when lovers miss one other. Most of the beautiful love songs and poems that you read or hear about today were not all written during "beautiful moments." Some are of the experiences that girls like you have when missing their boyfriends or husbands. Rather than hurting or staying glued to one spot because you miss your boyfriend, you can pick up your pen and start writing. Don't be so concerned about grammar or sentence structure because for right now, you're only interested in pouring your heart out with the aid of a pen. Write him a love letter detailing how much you miss him so he has an idea of what goes on within you. You never know how great a writer you might be when the 'in love' feeling takes over you. When you, later on, come back to revisit what you have written, you might be amazed at what you wrote. Writing is an easy way to pouring out what's on your mind at one point in time. A girl who misses her boyfriend, can turn this into a tactic you can use to deal with the inner struggles, sadness, and emptiness you might be feeling. When you have successfully painted these feelings into words, you may feel better about missing him. And who knows? Your work might turn out to be a bestselling book or perhaps even a hit song. If that happens, you have succeeded in figuratively killing two birds with one stone. You have attended an emotional need and become popular and perhaps rich by doing so.

6. Hang Out With Others When You Miss Your Boyfriend.

At the moment you seriously miss your boyfriend, you can plan a date with your girlfriend(s) rather than allow your feelings to cause you to do something crazy. There are a lot of benefits in allowing yourself to go out and have fun every once in a while. First, you get to build a stronger relationship with your girlfriend(s) while your boyfriend is away. You know what? Sometimes, the excitement of having your boyfriend around can make you brush aside the important people in your life which is not right. When the time and space are all yours with no boyfriend to cuddle or kiss you, you can turn to your friend(s) to distract you from thinking about him. Doing so is a diversion tactic that will allow you less time to dwell on those hurtful feelings that go along with missing someone. Trust that you and your friends will have an awesome night out, and you never know, someone else might be feeling the same way. It's relieving to learn that a friend might also be missing her boyfriend as well and when that happens, you both know you have a shoulder to cry on when things get rough. You can even go on dates and have a nice time together just hanging out when everyone is together. However, please note that the safest friend you can hang out together with is a woman. The time you miss your boyfriend isn't the time to hang out with another guy because you might be feeling vulnerable. A guy can see the emptiness in you as you miss your boyfriend and if care is not taken, he can exploit the situation to get the better of you. In fact, even with your girlfriend, you should avoid staying out too late in the night because everyone knows that most evils take place at night. While you owe yourself the opportunity to have fun, you should take the responsibility to remain safe. That and it's important to get your rest and take care of yourself. When an evening out is has become prolonged, it might be better for you to call it a night.

7. Assure Yourself He'll Be Back Soon!

Your boyfriend may be living at a distance so it's important to tell yourself that the long distance journey will soon be over. Even if it's just for a brief visit, you'll still be together. When it's time to say good-bye, don't cry, smile because it happened. Now that you'll be together again soon and cherish the time you had together until you're together again. The point is this, don;t sit somewhere staring at the clock. Time won't go by any faster if you're watching the numbers tick by. It's important to look forward to the days ahead of you. If you believe that the days aren't as long as they appear to be you'll be a much happier woman who is able to deal with loneliness and sadness. You may not know how beneficial this trick is until you practice it. The days, weeks and years are as long as we view them to be in our minds. If you have the ability to tell yourself that the long distance between you and your boyfriend is only temporary, then you'll allow your feelings to remain in control. You can even begin to make preparations for his next visit as it is never too early to plan for his return. Imagine how fantastic the scene will be and little by little, put things into place to make sure his visit or return is eventful. As you do this, you'll find yourself better able to handle being apart from him.

8. Missing Your Boyfriend? Talk To Someone About It.

A problem shared they say is a problem half-solved. Sometimes, you may have to let out your feelings of by finding someone trustworthy to talk to. Before you 'explode', find a worthy outlet to release those thoughts. The person you are going to confide in has to be worthy of the information and must be mature enough to fill in the gaps in a manner in which you won't feel ridiculed or embarrassed. This person can be your best friend, a family member, or even a close relative of your boyfriend. Something happens when you open up to someone and that is that feeling lighter and better inside/ It's like you're transferring a burden onto someone else. In fact, it can turn out to be therapeutic if you consider yourself nearing depression. The things they will say can help restore your confidence and put you at ease. The discussion itself will not shorten the long distance between you and your boyfriend but it will certainly address some of your fears. As you sleep at night and reminisce about the reassuring words of your friend, your heart will be lightened and you'll be better prepared to face the coming days. That aside, as your friend listens to you, she is likely going to draw closer to you and give you a hug. Don't underestimate the power in that little gesture because it can be the little thing that help you pull your mind together again.

9. Identify Something That Interests You And Pursue It.

There is no doubt that there is something outside being with your boyfriend that interests you. If you have an activity that makes you happy return to doing it during those moments you are miss him. This can be as simple as enjoying a movie or taking a class to learn something new. Your interest can even be dancing, painting, writing, or even something else. What's key is finding something to do, and then enjoying it. Every one of us gets some level of satisfaction and fulfillment from doing what they like to do, especially if it's something we succeed at. Your mood might even increase your activity in whatever it is you have planned. You are sober and fully focused which means you're able to give your time the utmost best attention you can give it. This can turn out to be a confidence-booster not only to yourself but to your boyfriend as well.

10. Plan A Trip To Visit Him!

If the distance between you and your boyfriend isn't too far, you should plan to regularly see each other at least once a month. The absence of someone that matters so much to you can really be heartbreaking. You wouldn't miss him so much if there is a regular plan as to how often the two of you see one another. The cost of traveling would, however, have to be born by the two of you. That is, you shouldn't expect your boyfriend to be the one footing the bill all by himself. In each of your visits, tell your boyfriend how much you miss him while you were apart and assure him that you enjoy every bit of the moments that the two of you you spend together. Go on a picnic or a museum or simply snuggle on the couch watching a movie. The earlier suggested approaches to feeling better will only be effective if you won't be apart for a long period of time. While you may not be able to stop yourself from missing him too much, try your best to stay busy until you find a way to reunite with one another.

Remember These Things When You Miss Your Boyfriend.

1. Feeling attached is not a bad thing. In fact, if anything, it shows that you're a complete woman, even when he's not around. Among other things, whenever you find yourself missing him so much, don't feel embarrassed about it. You'll only end up hurting yourself mentally and emotionally. 2. Remember that the feelings that come with you missing your boyfriend can be painful but you don't have to be controlled by them. Be in charge of your feelings and now when they're getting the best of you. If you start to feel out of control, take a walk, or writing in your journal. Instead of waking up at night unable to sleep, do something about the situation. Call him or send him a message if it helps you fall asleep again. 3. Never allow your relationship with your boyfriend to prevent you from interacting with other people that matter to you in life. Mingle with your friends and don't be afraid to try new things, even when he's not around. As you miss your boyfriend, remember that your family and friend miss you too. Don't forget about key relationships just because you might be feeling sorry for yourself. 4. What you do when your partner isn't with you tells a lot about what type of girl you are. You miss him so much but that shouldn't be an excuse to start messing around with another man. 5. You are a single entity and not an extension of your boyfriend. Therefore, you're only hurting yourself emotionally or otherwise because you are missing a guy. Treat yourself with the respect that you deserve and find something worthwhile to do while the two of you are apart. 6. Be optimistic as no condition, however good or bad, is permanent. You are in this state for a reason and a season which means it's important to make the best of the time you have on hand. This too shall pass but what remains is how you handle it. No season lasts forever.

Final Remarks

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If you sincerely love a person and have always had a nice time with them when the're with you, it's natural that you miss them when they are away. However, you don't have to lose sleep at night or become a prisoner to your own feelings. There are things you can do to either shake off these feelings or lessen their effects. These are the things we have examined in the 10 points of this piece. Many of these things will require that you redirect your time, feelings, and emotion to something else. This is necessary because when you have another source of 'amusement' outside of the time with your boyfriend, you rarely have the opportunity to miss him to the point that you become desolate. Consider applying these tips to your relationship when you miss your boyfriend so seriously as they surely can help with your situation. Advise and assure yourself that you can get through this even if it means making a list of the things that are within your capacity to do based on the suggested points above.



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