15 Successful Tips For Dating A Single Mom

Dating a single mom has its problems as well as benefits. Therefore, feel free to use the following tips in a bid to make the relationship successful.

By Auntrone89
15 Successful Tips For Dating A Single Mom

Tips on successfully dating a single mom

There is a fair share of challenges associated with dating a single mom. Thankfully, there are ways to sort these challenges out as effectively as possible as long as you put your mind to it. But before we get to the challenges associated with dating a single mom, you’ll first of all need to be certain about what you’re about to get yourself into. The good thing is the advantages of dating a single mom will always outweigh the disadvantages, meaning the entire struggle will be worth it in the end. Without further ado, here are some tips you can use when dating that special single mom, the one you’ve been eyeing for some time now:

1. When dating a single mom, put her kids first

One of the most important tips you’ll be required to use is always putting her kids in the equation. It goes without saying that the most important thing in any single mother’s life is her kids. Therefore, make a knack of putting them into consideration in everything you plan on doing together and she’ll be happy. For instance, if you want to go out on a date, come over or anything, remember to ask if it will be convenient for the kids. That way, she’ll know that you have her best interests at heart and that’ll open up your chances with her. And when she opens up to you, that’s when you’ll experience the benefits of dating a single mom in its fullness.

2. When dating a single mom, ask her out in advance

Single moms have a lot on their plate. Therefore, my advice to one seeking a relationship with single mom is getting in the habit of asking her out in advance. It is super important for you to give her time to put her house in order because it’s not as easy as she often makes it look. Do this and she’ll definitely see the perks of a mature, considerable man in you. And it’s not that complicated either. Just make a habit of giving her ample time to sort her schedule out and she’ll love you for it. Also, refrain from asking her out on a date last minute. Doing this will not only confuse her but also give her the impression that she is your backup plan even if she wasn’t.

3. Don’t assume, ask her out!

One of the many problems that most guys have when dating single moms stems from making assumptions. Just because she has a kid or kids doesn’t mean she stopped fancying the little romantic gestures that all the other women love and endear. For instance, assuming she is too busy with the kids or free will only kill any good vibes she had for you. Therefore, find out what’s up with her and make her blush from time to time, especially if she is interested. In simple terms, don’t be the guy with an undergraduate in making assumptions. And as you do this, remember to keep up with your boyish charms and have her melting in your arms every time you hug her.

4. She is not a damsel in distress

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Unfortunately, most single moms are presumed to be struggling either financially, physically as well as emotionally. This is because of the backward mentality that every single mom with children needs a man. Therefore, if you ever want to date a single mom successfully, stop talking, thinking or acting as though you are her knight and shining armor. Just act normal - and by normal, I mean acting like you would when courting any other single woman who doesn’t have kids. Treat her like an equal in everything you do and you’ll increase your chances of making her fall for you.

5. Be friends with her kids, not their dad

Again, don’t assume that the single mom you’re dating is looking for a father figure for her kids even if that’s the case. Therefore, keep in mind that she’s the one to decide the man fit enough to be the father figure to her kids, not you. And that brings me to yet another one of the most important tips which are kicking back and being cool with the kids. One of the benefits of her kids warm up to you is that she’ll automatically warm up to you as well. Another one of the perks of being loved by her kids is that she’ll feel safe and secure around you. It will also show her that you are not the judging kind and that’ll make her fall in love with you even more.

6. Show genuine love for kids

When dating a single mom, any topics about how you adore kids will always a good topic for discussion. Therefore, my advice is whenever you find yourself in a relationship with a single mom, always find ways of expressing how much you love kids. You can tell the single mom you are dating just how much her kids remind you of your adorable nephews or little siblings. That will not only make the relationship incredibly exciting but will also give you both stimulating talking points.

7. Pay for the babysitter

When dating a single mom, one of the many problems she comes across – and probably not tell you - is finding the right time to go on dates you. Another thing she won’t tell you is that she has a nanny that she pays per hour just so she could have time to hang out with you. In that case, ask her if she hired a babysitter. And if she did, then it would really be nice of you to pick up the tab. Why? Because you are a gentleman and that’s what gentlemen do. Just be careful not to make it look like you are helping the single mom out because she is broke, even if that seems to be her case. In other words, always pick your words very carefully and make sure the single mom understands why you are chipping in.

8. Don’t ask to go over when the kids are napping

By now, you ought to have known the things you aren’t supposed to say to a single woman especially when the two of you are dating. Do yourself a huge favor and add this to the long list to be on the safe side. Telling a single mom to let you come over when her kids are napping is like telling her to choose between you and her kids and, well, we all know how that’ll end. If a mom can fight off a pack of lions just to offer protection to her kids, a single mom will leave you in a heartbeat when you present her with a stupid ultimatum. Therefore, never put the single mom you are dating in such apposition, especially when you love her. Take these tips with a pinch of salt and make your relationship last.

9. Let her introduce her kids to you

One of the benefits of dating a single mom is that she will always have everything under control. And that’ll include when to take the relationship to the next level. Therefore, my advice to you is to chill and enjoy the moments you create with her without rushing her even a single bit. And when she feels the time for introducing you to her kids is right, she’ll do it. One of the perks of dating a single woman is that her maternal instincts are always at an all-time high. That makes her be always right all the time.

10. When dating a single mom, don’t objectify her

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If you want your relationship with a single mom to be successful sans any problems, then avoid objectifying her or keep it to the bare minimum. If you openly objectify her, and especially in front of her kids, she’ll be quick to blacklist you because she’ll assume all you want from her is sex. And as we had already established, a single mom has a lot on her plate and she wasting her precious time dating a pervert is something she won’t do.

11. Avoid playing games when dating a single mom

There are a lot of perks associated with dating a single mom. And if you ever want to have the pleasure of enjoying such benefits, then you’ll be required to down on the games or stop them altogether. A single mom has a lot going with the kids and sparing her the childish games would be the humane thing to do. If sex is all you want, then make her know it from the start so she can make her choice.

12. Give her space even when dating

Another important tip when dating a single mom is giving her space and on that to on a regular basis. That way, she can have some ample time to focus on raising her kids. Just keep checking on her whenever necessary. That way, you can enjoy the benefits of dating a hot single mom without coming off as a clingy prick.

13. Don’t talk about her ex-husband

My number one advice to guys who are interested in dating a single mom is to avoid talking about her ex. Chances are that the memories of the breakup are still fresh in her mind. And that would automatically make her not want to talk about her previous relationship. So, if you still want to enjoy the perks of dating a single mom, then avoid such topics, unless she’s the one to bring them up.

14. Be patient

Dating a single mom can be difficult especially in the initial stages. This might be because she has problems opening up prior to the bad previous relationship. You’ll, therefore, be required to be as patient as you possibly can. That’s the only way you can help her heal and learn to open herself up to love once more.

15. Be fun to be around

For the umpteenth time, a single mom has a lot on her plate. Therefore, she’ll always appreciate it when you are always real and keep cracking a lot of jokes when around her. And whenever she complains about something, always remember not to provide solutions by a listening ear. More often than not, all she wants is someone to listen as she vents. For that matter, try and be a good listener and if you aren’t, it’s about time you learned. That’s how amazing guys get to enjoy the benefits/perks of dating a single mom. She’ll take good care of you as long as you care enough to return the favor.

Final word

My advice to anyone willing to date a single mom is to, first of all, be psychologically prepared for the challenges. This is because dating a single mom comes with its fair share of problems, trials, and tribulations. But if you really like her, then all these challenges will be worth it at the end of the day. Last but not least, every single mom is beautiful and unique in her own special way. Therefore, learn all there is to learn about her so that you can handle her with the respect she deserves. And as long as you are smart enough to follow the above-mentioned tips, you’ll end up doing just fine. Good luck!



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