10 Ways to Get A Guy To Kiss You And Make Him Want It Badly

If you want to get your guy to kiss you, just follow these 10 tips

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10 Ways to Get A Guy To Kiss You And Make Him Want It Badly

10 Ways to Get A Guy To Kiss You And Make Him Want It Badly

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Getting a guy to kiss you can be incredibly difficult! Every girl knows how frustrating it can be to have to coax a kiss out of the boy you love. Guys can be extremely mysterious and shy when it comes to things like kissing and sex. While you can’t force yourself onto every boy you like, you can increase the chance for a kiss by creating the right atmosphere during your interactions. By coaxing him little by little, he may finally be brave enough to kiss you and keep his little ego intact.

There are multiple ways to get a guy to kiss you. Most of them follow similar patterns. Here are 10 ways to increase your chances of a kiss, but they are not guaranteed to work 100% of the time. Men are humans too and they have emotions and wants. He may never end up kissing you. But don’t fret. There will always be a guy willing to kiss you! You never need a guy to give you attention that badly. An important thing is to not give the men in your life too much power. It is fun to kiss and be physical with the opposite sex, but sometimes they can be dangerous or violent. Make sure you know who you are kissing before taking your relationship any further.

1. Break the Ice with Your Guy

Guys will be way too unsure about kissing you if you can’t even get past the touch zone! Whether it’s holding his hand or giving him a hug, you need to show that it is okay to get physical with you. How can you get your guy to kiss you if he can’t even touch you! If you want a deeper connection you are going to have to convey to him how you feel, either verbally or physically. Don’t be disappointed if you can’t get past the physical barrier at first. Touching is awkward and can even be harrowing to some. It may take repeated attempts before someone is comfortable with you touching them. Ultimately, your guy will want to kiss you after making physical contact! This lets him know that you want it, but not too badly.

2. Lean in Closer for the Kiss

Leaning in is a wonderful way to increase your chance of a man finally planting his lips onto yours. Not only is it a good way to show how much you are into the person, it also places you in a good place for him to place his lips onto yours. Looking deep into his eyes while pressing up close against his body will surely hint at a kiss moment. Letting your guy kiss you can be initiated with you leaning in a little closer! Leaning may be the perfect way to start getting your guy to see that you want the kiss. His gaze just may turn towards your lips.

3. Highlight Your Lips To Make Him Kiss You

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Make sure that you draw attention to your lips and make them stand out. Whether it’s a dash of lipstick or puckering them up, giving a sign with your actual lips will increase the chance of a guy wanting to kiss you. Guys do want to kiss you in general. You just have to show that you are willing for said guy to kiss you. Guys who are shy will definitely get the courage to kiss you if you highlight your lips. Getting a guy to kiss you will get increasingly easier as you get used to highlighting your lips. This is a good one to start with to encourage the guy to kiss you! He'll want to kiss you so badly!

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4. Stare at Your Guy's Lips

It’s a good idea to draw attention to the thing that you want him to kiss, but it is also important to fixate on his lips. While staring at his lips intensely may turn him off, it may be a good way to show how much you want it. By subtly glancing at his lips or drawing attention by brushing them with your lips, you can communicate your willingness to make out. Staring may seem a little creepy at first so you may want to perfect the other techniques before doing this one. If he catches you staring too hard, your guy may not want to kiss you at all!

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5. Stare into His Eyes If You Want Him to Kiss You

While this one may seem counterproductive, by looking deeply into his eyes, you can communicate your need for a kiss without saying anything. Guys will sometimes need that extra push to kiss you. By staring into his eyes, he may be filled with an overwhelming desire to kiss you. Guys are sometimes weird like that. This will not work for all guys, just guys that you need to coach. Staring, once again, maybe a little difficult for those just starting out. If you stare at him way too hard, he may get turned off. Getting a guy to kiss you can seem a little like chess, but sometimes you have to take risks!

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6. Kiss His Cheek To Make Him Want To Kiss You Badly

While kissing him is out of the question, as you want HIM to initiate it, kissing him on the cheek is definitely fair game. It’s a simple idea: kiss him to make him kiss you! Leaning in and kissing him on the cheek is a physical indication of attraction. This will make the guy take your feelings into consideration and kiss you back. A kiss on the cheek can be a powerful thing. It can increase the sexual tension in the room from zero to a hundred in a snap. A bonus is that most guys can tell what a kiss on the cheek usually means! If he still cannot read the signs, maybe he isn’t into you. Brush up on other techniques and make sure that your guy wants to kiss you in the first place. You may end up in some awkward situations if you don’t! He'll want to kiss you on the lips pretty badly if you pull this off.

7. Whisper into His Ear

This one may also sound a little creepy, but it really makes sense in making your guy want to kiss you. Whispering into his ear puts his face right next to yours. All it takes for him is to turn around and firmly put one on your waiting lips! Don’t force him to kiss you, but you can make yourself look damn tempting! Guys that can’t take the hint sometimes make it so that you have to shove it in their face. Go right up to his ear and tell him how you feel. It doesn’t have to be anything dirty or too sexually provocative. You can just be honest and tell him you want him to kiss you if you blank out. Words can be powerful tools in inciting kisses!

8. The “I’m Cold”

This is an age-old trick used by people everywhere trying to get their guy to kiss them. Pretending to be cold puts you in a vulnerable position which is enhanced by verbal affirmation. This may trigger feelings inside your guy that make him want to hug and kiss you. Shy guys tend to respond well to this method as they have also seen it in popular media. Everybody has seen the guy on screen kissing his shivering girl. Now let that guy kiss you! Sometimes this technique can backfire on even the most seductive of women. Guys can be oblivious or just extremely shy. If this one doesn’t work, maybe go back to some of the more basic techniques to get a guy to kiss you.

9. The Look Up

Looking up with big doe eyes might prompt your guy to kiss you. What guy can resist kissing a girl with huge, adorable eyes peering into his soul? This is one of the most surefire ways to get your guy to kiss you. Eyes are naturally appealing to humans and especially to guys. Use this technique to get him to finally kiss you! Looking up is a ploy seen in media. If you think you might need some help, go watch your favorite rom-com to see this method used effectively. The Look Up may not work if the guy you want a kiss from is just too shy. It may even intimidate him and he may end up saying something ridiculous!

10. Tell Him Straight Up

Sometimes guys are just terrible at taking the hint that you want him to kiss you. Kissing you can be scary for a guy. Sometimes you just have to take the reins and tell him what you want. This is my favorite way because it has the most communication and everyone understands where they stand. Getting a guy to kiss you shouldn’t have to take too much work. A guy who likes you will want to kiss you anyway! Just remember that if he can’t even kiss you, he’s going to be a major disappointment in the various other areas of love!

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So there it is. Use these techniques to increase your chances of getting your guy to kiss you. The most important thing is not to put too much pressure on him. Your guy may be reluctant to kiss you for a lot of reasons. He may be self-conscious or have bad breath. The best way to get a guy to kiss you is to be honest with your feelings. There’s more to love than just kissing. How is he supposed to sweep you off your feet or make love when he can’t even kiss you!

Another important thing is to make sure that he wants to kiss you in the first place. If the guy doesn’t want to kiss you, then you are prolonging the inevitable hurt of rejection. There are a million guys out there who are good-looking and can fulfill your needs. You don’t need to force a kiss out of some guy who doesn’t want to kiss you!

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