10 Things You Should Do If You Love Someone So Much

What should you do if you love someone in the relationship

By Aey
10 Things You Should Do If You Love Someone So Much

How can you tell if you love someone?

1. Butterflies in your stomach

The butterflies in your stomach are not you being hungry or you feeling sick but are in fact knots in your stomach hinting that this person giving you the butterflies has stolen your heart away! The fact is that this feeling isn’t usual or an everyday norm for that matter. This special feeling is caused by someone you have fallen head over heels for.

2. You tend to leave no mountain unturned

In today’s day and age, we are all too busy with our own jobs, schedules, studies and tasks that we don’t have any time for ourselves let alone others. However, when that person you are in love with ask you for a favor or simply need you, you leave behind your tasks, your relaxation time and just ensure that you are available for them with whatever they need and whenever they need it. You start to put them and their happiness before yours because their happiness is what keeps you going and when that happens is when you should know that yes, you’re in love.

3. You’re in constant awe and thoughts of them

When you’re alone and away from them, you’re thinking about them. The thought of meeting them later entices you whilst the thought of them being away doesn’t make you happy is when you know you’re in love and that this person could be the one for you.

10 Things You Should Do If You Love Someone So Much

1. If you love someone like I do, tell them and let them know

Most people tend to hide their love rather than expressing it because usually they are scared of how the other party might react to this confession. This is exactly where they all go wrong, love is not something that should be contained and in fact should be let out of our system in hopes of affirmations and joyous times to come with the person we are in love with. The moment we get scared and decide to suppress our love is the very moment we become unfair to ourselves and take on way too much emotionally. Therefore, if you love someone then don’t hesitate, don’t let them go to someone else and just tell them that you love them!

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2. Don’t be demanding

Where most love fails is when we start to become not just plain clingy but also start to become demanding. The concept of personal space is extremely important when it comes to relationships. The moment you overstep your imaginable boundaries and start to become clingy and inquisitive in the life of the person you love is the moment they will start to get annoyed by you. Don’t leave them hanging either by not taking interest in their life but at the same time don’t get up in their business all the time. Learn to keep balance.

3. Be yourself

Don’t change yourself for someone else, we’ve all been listening to this phrase our entire lives! Just like that in a relationship your first aim should be to be your true self. Let the other person fall in love with you and not someone you’re trying so hard to be and when they fall in love with the real you is exactly when you know that this love and this relation that you are in is all real! Let them see you without make up or with flu and a runny nose or when you’re anxious and you’re tired so that they fall for the real you.

4. Let it be natural

True love comes naturally. By this we mean that you don’t have to force yourself to fall in love with someone, you don’t constantly have to think about the pros and cons of being with that specific person and most importantly you don’t have to think about other possible and potential people. The moment you start to ask yourself such questions is the moment that you should realize that this is all not coming naturally. Let yourself love someone naturally, you shouldn’t be forced into it and your thoughts should revolve around them and not around the premise that whether they are even meant for you or not.

5. Friendship is key

By introducing the concept of friendship in a relationship, we are in no way implying that you need to be friends with a person first and then fall in love, whilst that might be great, unfortunately life isn’t that simple. Friendship in a relationship means comfort, it means that you should be able to talk to your partner, play pranks on them and enjoy their company so even when it is tough you know their friendship remains.

6. Commitment, commitment and commitment

When your partner cheats or when you intend to cheat on them is when you know that this relationship isn’t the one for you. Thus, if you’re in love then you need to learn to stay a 100% committed. The fact is that we are all humans and most men and women nowadays would catch a glimpse of the opposite gender passing by and you can’t hold this against your partner unless and until they are persistent and vice versa. Try and avoid such situations and know that if your partner truly loves you then they won’t even think of spending time with someone else.

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7. Give love

In a relationship one of the most important things that you need to do is that you need to give love and not just take love. Don’t wait to tell your partner you love him or her when they’ve done something special for you, when they buy you something, when they do a task you had left or so on and so forth. Show random bouts of love to them and don’t expect returns for those random bouts of love. Let them love naturally and teach yourself to love naturally as well. If they make mistakes don’t hold it against them and rather talk it out. Learn to give love and then expect it in return.

8. Everyone has flaws

No one is perfect, I’m not perfect, you’re not perfect and just like that the person that you are in love with is not perfect. Whilst your unconditional love might deceive you to believe that your partner is the epitome of perfection, just know that this premise comes from your heart and not your mind. Like every human being the love of your life will make mistakes and stupid ones at times but learn to talk it out with them rather than brutally reacting. Talk it out, see their perspective and then make a decision. Don’t expect perfection.

9. Love yourself first

Don’t expect to give a 100% to your partner or expect a 100% from them, if you don’t love yourself to that level first. The fact of the matter is that most of us are failing when it comes to self-love and self-care and thus when someone comes into our life and gives don’t give us their all, we accept it even though we deserve way more than that. We accept it because deep down, the lack of self-love pushes us to believe that we don’t deserve more than that. So, when in love, be sure to give yourself love as well as your partner.  

10. If you love someone, let them go

Whilst all these things give us the happiest of images in our hearts about love and all that might come with it, the fact of the matter is that sometimes it does not work out. Even when you go above and beyond all set boundaries and obstacles, it might not work out just because it wasn’t meant to be and this is exactly when you need to let them go. Don’t hang on, don’t cling on to their presence because if you truly love someone you will let them be, you will let them move on and you will move on with your own life too.


Loving someone and getting that love back for ourselves introduces a new freshness and delight in our lives. What at that time might seem like gushes of adrenaline are actually our hearts and brains getting accustomed to the idea of someone new and the idea of joy coming into our lives. As the famous saying goes, “There is always some madness in love but there is also always some reason in madness.” When you love someone, love them to the fullest but ensure to get the same in return.



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