10 Signs He Actually Enjoys Making Love To You

Find out from these signs whether your partner actually enjoys making love to you

By Amanda Palmer
10 Signs He Actually Enjoys Making Love To You

What signs tell you that your partner enjoys making love?

It is normal for a woman to think whether she satisfies her beloved man sexually or not. There have been many breakups because of lack of sex or lack of satisfying sex. Of course, you do not want to lose the man you love but are you concerned whether he actually enjoys making love to you? Are you worried that he has got bored of you? Although it is quite easy for men to use their women for sex in a relationship and women might not come to know about it for many months or years, there are a few things if analyzed carefully, will prove your partner's undoubted love for you. 

You definitely want to satisfy your man completely and have tried all sorts of kinky stuff and bedroom games to keep him interested in you but if you still want to double check then below are some signs which will assure you that your man enjoys making love to you. 

1. Looks directly into your eyes

If your partner enjoys making love to you, he will make sure to read your expressions and eyes while making love. He wants to know how you feel about making love to him too. Eyes are a powerful communication tool in love. As they say, eyes are the road to a person's heart. A person's eyes can speak volumes about his feelings for you. Analyze carefully to see the expression in your partner's eyes the next time you are making love. Does he stare directly into your eyes? If he does, then it means he wants to know how you react to his lovemaking. 

If he avoids eye contact with you, then it's possible that he is just using you for sex. But if he looks directly into your eyes while making love, then he definitely has intense feelings for you. 

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2. He always has his hands on you

If your partner enjoys making love to you, he might have his hands caressing your body all the time. According to a survey, 3 out of 5 men think about sex in a given time of 10 minutes. So you see, sex is always on their minds! If your partner is touching you all the time, he is probably thinking about making love to you. He enjoys the way your body feels and also takes pleasure in caressing you. 

If he always has his hands on you, then obviously, he enjoys making love to you. He finds your body perfect and cannot have enough of it. He is always trying to look for a chance for a quickie or to get you horny. If you love him back equally then, you could have lots of fun with such a sex-loving guy. 

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3. He can get hard within minutes of you being around

Your partner obviously likes your body and thinks it is perfect if he gets horny the moment you kiss him or hug him or sit snugly beside him. You ooze of a feminity and fragrance that arouses him everytime you come close to him. If that is the case often with you then probably your guy enjoys making love with you. He is always looking for a chance to take you to bed for some crazy sex. 

If you and your guy have been sleeping beside each other after sex then obviously he is not using you, but he enjoys spending a lot of his time with you. He doesn't want to use you for sex but wants the whole of you and all of you all the time. 

4. He will kiss you all over

If you are looking for signs whether your partner enjoys making love to you, then you have to analyze things beyond sleeping too. Does he kiss you all over or does he only smooch you to arouse you? Are his kisses out of love or lust? Does he stare into your eyes while kissing or are his eyes shut while kissing you?

If your partner loves you deeply, he will kiss you a lot. He will not just kiss you on your lips but also on your temple, cheeks, hair, hands, neck, stomach and every other part of your body. He is scared to lose you and considers you precious. He kisses you all over because he enjoys the feel of your skin on his lips and he cannot have enough of you. If he closes his eyes while kissing you, he feels love and warmth for you. If his love for you is genuine, he will enjoy making love to you because then your sex will not be analyzed on the scale of good, better or best but it will be sacred every time. 

5. He creates a romantic atmosphere first

If your guy really enjoys having sex with you, then he will make sure you have fun too. He will make you comfortable on the bed first and try to create a romantic atmosphere first rather than just pushing you on the bed and jerk away. He will make sure you get comfortable, horny and in the mood to have some great sex. This shows his concern and love for you. These are some of the signs which assure you that your partner actually enjoys making love to you. 

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6. He will not just receive pleasure but enjoys giving pleasure too

If your partner does not use you to satisfy his sexual cravings but also ensures that you are satiated, then he definitely loves you, cares for you and enjoys making love to you. There are many men out there who use women to get their pleasure. They push their lady "down there" for their own pleasure and fail to do the same for their women.

If your guy pleasures you equally then he definitely considers you an equal in bed. He wants to give you the same pleasure he gets from you and makes sure that making love was fun for both of you. He also immediately slows down to make sure if you are okay if you tell him to slow down. If a guy is using you for sex, he might get very rough and won't stop even if you tell him to. 

7. You have a lot of sex

None of your meetings are completed without landing on the bed. There is nothing wrong with this, and it's actually healthy for a new relationship. Sex is always enjoyed in the initial months of any relationship, and if your partner is always looking for an excuse to get you to bed, then you must willingly oblige. Your partner definitely enjoys making love to you. He can get so horny at times, that you both land up having sex even twice in one day. This is a good sign.

8. He is always filled with awe at your body

If your partner enjoys looking at you nude all the time, then definitely he is in awe of your body. You should not be scared of whether he enjoys making love to you or not if he is always appreciating and praising your body. If he caresses every part of your body lovingly and looks at you with awe then definitely you are precious to him. Every part of you is perfect for him, and he loves you just the way you are. 

If your partner found you ugly or fat or too thin, then he would not be staring at your body often. 

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9. Communicating while making love is a sign too

If your partner communicates with you while making love or just before initiating lovemaking, then he is very fond of you. He does not use you as a sex toy but as a person with thoughts and opinions. He loves breaking into laughter or just tickling you away before actually making love. This shows his fondness for you. After making love, he snuggles beside you to feel your warmth and does not just get away or roll on the other side. He loves sleeping beside you after good sex. He also likes to wake up after sleeping next to you. Such tender moments are sure signs that your partner enjoys making love to you. 

10. He caresses every part of your body

Even if you both are tired or satiated after making love, if he cannot get enough of you and keeps on caressing you, then you have a special place in his heart.  He strokes your arms, touches your hair, caresses your breasts or your cheeks and feels you down the length of your spine. These are tender touches which only a person madly in love would do for his partner. 

Men who only touch their women while having sex might just be using them for physical pleasure and won't have any real concern for them.

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These signs mentioned above are very subtle and delicate. Even if you guy shows a few of the signs mentioned above while making love then surely he likes you much more than his sex partner. He likes you as a woman, and your opinions and reactions are of equal importance to him. There is no reason for you to get scared of your love. If he likes you, he will not mind your physical imperfection. He will like you however you are, if your love is genuine, and you need not feel scared about your relationship. Just look for the signs mentioned above and rejoice in your lovemaking just as he does. 

You know for sure that your partner loves making love to you if you find him forever ready for sex. If given a chance, he will have sex with you at least thrice a day because you are the best sex he has ever had. You might have a lot of role in this too with or without your knowledge. Perhaps he likes your expressions, the way you moan, your innocence or your wild attitude. But he enjoys making love to you for sure. And if you are still not assured, you can in a particularly tender moment ask him indirectly by putting up questions like 'What do you like the best about me?' or 'One thing that you would change about me.' Analyze his reply deeply, and you will have your answer.

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