30 Sweet Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Happy And Feel Special

Your boyfriend likes your independent nature, but it might make him feel unwanted too. Here are 30 ways to make him feel special and happy.

By Sanchari
30 Sweet Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Happy And Feel Special

Making your boyfriend happy

We always think of making big plans to make someone feel special and happy, but what we tend to forget is the fact that small gestures touch our heart more than anything else. Your boyfriend is special and very dear to your heart, but have you made him feel that way too? You might be thinking that he already knows how special he is to you, so why let him know every single day? You are wrong, my girl. Yes, guys like girls who are not clingy and don't always seek attention, but that doesn’t mean that you should take your boyfriend for granted. There is no need for a special occasion to make your boyfriend realize that he is special to you and you feel jealous when he eyes other girls. It's the small things in life that makes a huge difference. Taking your boyfriend for granted is not at all a good idea.


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Appreciating your boyfriend

Why would you keep it to yourself if you feel that your boyfriend has done a brilliant job? Appreciate him! Even better, surprise him with a small gift to make him feel special. Do you ever think twice before accusing him of something when he is wrong? If so, then why is appreciation such a big deal? These small tokens of love and appreciation will help you build a strong bond between you and your boyfriend. If your boyfriend is not that expressive and he is not vocal about his feelings, then you should take the initiative and show him the way. Your boyfriend will surely tread the path that you have shown him. Yes, appreciation should be mutual, but if you stop complimenting him just because your boyfriend doesn’t do that for you, that's not good. Take the first step and see how he reacts. If he is not reciprocating, then maybe both of you need to sit down and talk about the missing link. It is not rocket science! It's not that hard to make your boyfriend feel special. Instead, you just have to take some time out and chalk out an idea to surprise him. He is surely going to fall for you all over again. Here are 30 sweet ways to make your boyfriend feel happy and special.

1. Complimenting will make him happy

Yes, it is true that we should be concentrating more on inner beauty, rather than the outer looks. But once in a while, it is good to appreciate his looks. If he recently had a haircut, then let him know that you noticed it and he looks good. You can also appreciate his shoes or shirt. The basic idea is to make him aware that you are keeping a close eye on him, and you like what you see.

2. A little intimacy with your boyfriend goes a long way

When you meet him after work, greet him with a warm and tight hug. It is one way of saying that he is really special to you and you are glad to see him after a long time away. While leaving also give him a tight hug, just to make him realize that you will be missing him. Sometimes our body language gives out our intentions and feelings more than our words. If you are not comfortable saying what you are feeling, then your hug will convey the message on your behalf.

3. Make your boyfriend feel secure

Your boyfriend hates it when you give too much attention to everybody else rather than him. It makes him feel jealous and insecure. It is not a nice feeling to have. If your boyfriend has these feelings, then you must be doing something wrong. How to fix it? Simple! Whenever he is around, make him feel special. You don’t need to hang around with him only and completely avoid others. You just need to maintain eye contact with him all throughout your time together. Isn’t that romantic? You are making him feel like the apple of your eye in front of others. He will definitely appreciate it and it will make him feel happy. When guys are insecure, they never acknowledge the fact. Instead, they will start avoiding you or make excuses to stay away from you. If your guy is doing the same, then you know why he is acting all cranky. Make him feel secure and happy in the relationship.

4. Sweet gestures for your boyfriend in bed

Surprise him by turning your regular bedtime romp into something sexy. Send him some sexually explicit messages to give hints about what is waiting for him at home. If you're not usually the one who makes the first move sexually, then he will surely be shocked and pleased with your effort. It will be difficult if you are not the expressive one in your relationship. But, once in a while, it is better to go all out sexually. He will be pleasantly surprised to see you waiting for him on his bed. Trust me, he will have a million dollar smile on his face that you wouldn’t want to miss. Keep your camera ready to capture his surprised look and then let him take over from there. You have turned him on sexually, now you won’t have to do much, other than just follow his commands in bed.

5. Never let your boyfriend take you for granted

It is a good idea to be present whenever your boyfriend wants you, but if you are too available for him, then he will start taking you for granted. If you have already made yourself too available for him, then start distancing yourself from him for a bit. Let him appreciate your presence and everything that you do for him. Appreciating your partner is important in a relationship and it should be mutual.

6. PDA will make him happy

Your boyfriend might not indulge in the act of PDA, but if you start it, then he will surely reciprocate. Simple things like a peck on the neck or kissing his cheeks in a public place will get him sexually aroused and he will love that. Don’t worry, your boyfriend won’t turn a public place into your bedroom, but he will surely blush at your sudden act of PDA.

7. Pack your boyfriend's favorite lunch

Both of you are working, so it can be pretty difficult to pack lunch for him always. But, whenever you can squeeze some time out of your schedule, prepare his favorite lunch and pack it for him. This small act will have a big impact on your boyfriend and he will surely start feeling special and happy. It's these day to day things that have a strong impact on our relationship, but generally, we forget to do them. We think about making big plans and completely ignore these small yet significant things in our life.

8. Listen to your boyfriend

We hardly leave our mobile phones alone, and even when we are sitting few inches away we rarely speak to each other. Then we'd send a text to say things that could have been easily shared face to face. If your relationship is also affected this badly due to technology, then act fast. Encourage your boyfriend to talk about his work or dreams, and when he does that, be a very good listener. Ditch your phone for him and see him smiling and happy with your act of attention.


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9. Make him happy by arranging his favorite movie

You will have to do a little bit of hard work for this, but his smile and surprised look are worth it, right? Go find his favorite movie and rent it. When he's back home, just turn the room into a theater with popcorn and snacks ready for him to enjoy.

10. Thank you notes will help

Send him a thank you note when he is least expecting it and he will be on cloud nine. It's always good to make him realize how you appreciate his attitude towards you and how lucky you are to have a boyfriend like him.

11. Prepare a card to make him happy

This is not just any card. It is the card where you will list all his best qualities and why you love him so much. You can put together some of your best pictures and attach them to the card to remind him all the good times that you have spent together.

12. Trust him to make him happy

If you trust your man then he will not wander around. Instead, he will be more attached to you. He will also make an effort to keep you happy.

13. Experiment in bed to make him happy

Your guy will love it if you are ready to experiment sexually in bed. But don’t force yourself into doing something sexually arousing for him if you are not comfortable! If your boyfriend loves you, then he will understand your inhibitions.

14. Take time to get ready

Take time to dress up for him. If he is taking you out for a dinner date, then take some time to get all dressed up. Take time to decide what looks good on you and avoid wearing ill-fitting clothes. When you are with him, try to dress up properly and look beautiful.

15. Make friends with his family

If you are contemplating a serious relationship with your boyfriend, then it is important that you know his friends and family well. Try to mingle with his family and let them get to know you. Your guy will appreciate the fact that you are trying to know his family and friends just because of him.

16. Be strong

Sometimes, your boyfriend will love it when you stand by his side and handle situations in a strong manner. He might like your girly dresses and Barbie looks, but when the situation is critical, he would love to see a strong woman by his side.

17. Appreciate him more in front of others

It is not a good idea to put him down when hundreds are staring at you. No matter how grave his actions are, never react badly in front of others. It is not a good idea to insult the love of your life in front of people you don’t know.

18. Be fun to hang around

Guys hate boring girls. Be cheerful in your approach to life and find ways to share a laugh with your boyfriend. Spontaneity is greatly appreciated in this case and it is surely going to help you a lot when you go out with your boyfriend.

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19. Learn his love language

If you have just started dating and are not sure how to make your boyfriend feel special and happy, then try to figure out his love language. Some people love the idea of celebrating in a grand way, whereas there are others who prefer small yet significant gestures. Find out what your boyfriend really likes. If he likes everything done in a grand manner, then you can buy him a fancy gift that he has been eyeing for a long time. If he likes to keep it private and small, then cook his favorite dishes for dinner.

20. Fight over something constructive

Don’t fight to prove that someone is better than the other. When you are fighting it should be over something that is constructive. Never let your ego win arguments because if it does, then both of you will lose eventually.

21. Ask him for a kiss

Don’t let him go unless he kisses you on your forehead. It might look stupid at first, but when you get into this habit, you will find his expressions super cute. He is surely going to love this nagging but sweet act of yours.

22. Gear up sexually in bed

Put on your favorite sexy lingerie and wait for him in bed. This will turn him on sexually and then you can show off your moves in bed. It is okay to get dirty sometimes and have fun with your boyfriend sexually.

23. Appreciate his efforts

If he has tried to do something for you, thinking that it will make you happy, then you shouldn’t reject the idea right away. Play along so that he doesn’t feel bad about it. He has at least taken some initiative to make you happy, so appreciate his hard work.

24. Be vulnerable

Your boyfriend would love to be your knight in shining armor once in a while. You have the ability to do everything on your own, but at times it is okay to be vulnerable in front of your boyfriend.

25. Possessiveness is good at times

Show him that you feel jealous when he is with other girls. Even when you are secure in your relationship, it is good to act jealous and be possessive about your man. He might not react much when you are acting all jealous in front of him, but he will definitely love it.

26. Give him some ‘me’ time

It is good to have some time away from each other. Let him do whatever he feels like in that time frame and you can enjoy your time alone as well. When he comes back, both of you will have a lot to talk about. If he is going out for cycling or another hobby, say goodbye with a genuine smile and plant a kiss on his cheek. He will feel supported, heard, and seen.

27. Get him something

You are in the supermarket buying something for your home. Just pick something up that your boyfriend likes. It is not about how expensive the gift is, it is more about the thought put into selecting the gift. This will show that you know his preferences and even when he is not around you, he's always on your mind.

28. Chilled beer will surely make him happy

Nothing can beat this. Get his favorite beer and keep it in the fridge so that it is chilled by the time he gets home. He would be more than happy to see the beer and he will, of course, appreciate your effort. Nothing will make him happier and make him feel more special than a chilled beer from the girl he loves.

29. Help him achieve his dreams

Sometimes there are things that we dream of but are too scared to even attempt to achieve it. If your boyfriend has a dream but is hesitant to pursue it, then you should help him realize his dreams. Just let them know you believe in him and you are there to support him all the way through to make his dream come true.

30. Give him a quick massage

Once he is back from work, sit behind him and give him a gentle massage to release the tension. You can find several videos on YouTube about how to give good foot and neck massages to release stress. Go through them and be prepared to surprise your boyfriend with an awesome massage.

Final thoughts

You know your partner well, so take a hint from these 30 ways and get ready to make your boyfriend feel special and happy. You can think of other ways to make him happy as well. You can be as creative as you want, but the main aim is to let your boyfriend know that he is special to you and he is always on your mind. There is no need to be jealous or insecure at any point in time. This way, he will happy and when he is happy your relationship will only grow stronger and better.