10 Creative & Romantic Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him To Make Him Happy

Do you want to show your boyfriend how much you love him? Here are ten creative and romantic anniversary gift ideas to make him happy.

By Amanda Palmer
10 Creative & Romantic Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him To Make Him Happy

You and Him Together Forever

The world revolves around relationships. Of all the relationships in the world, the purest is between a mother and her child and the truest is between two souls in love. Love makes life worth living. The love between two people becomes stronger and forever when they get bonded to each other in marriage. 

Both the spouses need to put equal efforts to make their marriage work. This requires tonnes of commitment, compromises, time for each other, respect for each other and to some extent, even gifts for each other. 

With gifts, I do not mean money. While money is certainly important to make people happy, it is not the only factor. Gifts can be creative, thoughtful, customized, personal, handmade and unique. Such gifts have more meaning, and they are forever embedded into your lover's heart for the effort and time put into them.

Why we are talking about gifts is because we are going to discuss some ten amazingly creative and romantic anniversary gift ideas that you can gift your husband on your marriage anniversary. It is easy to order a gift online or pick it up from the market, but it takes some time, effort and oodles of love to make it personalized. 

For all the couples who have had an incredible marriage journey, celebrating your special day is of utmost importance to both of you. So this year, why not celebrate your anniversary with something special and wonderful that you have never done before? This anniversary, surprise your husband with some wonderfully romantic gifts that he will want to keep forever.

1. Book a candlelight dinner on your anniversary

This is considered the most common way to celebrate your special days because a candlelight dinner always feels right. But how many of you have had a romantic candlelight dinner just like the way they show in movies? We have all seen such a fantastic celebration on television many times, but very few of us have done it with the same passion and bespoke attributes, a special candlelight dinner should have.

So here I am going to tell you in detail how to plan this surprise for your husband on your anniversary. And do not worry, I will be very cost efficient!

You can start by deciding on a venue. In all your married years, your husband must have at least once spoken about the places he likes. There are some who love a swanky rooftop ambiance offering a panoramic view of the glittering cityscape. Some men prefer to sit by the beach in the evening and listen to the sound of the sea waves. Choose your pick according to your preferable venue and budget.
A candlelight dinner in a rooftop hotel can be very costly. A great alternative to that is your rooftop where you have already set your dinner table. Blindfold your husband and take him there for a beautiful and creative candlelight dinner. 

For those who decide on the beach, prepare a picnic basket with your husband's favorite food and pre-load the car with foldable chairs and tables. Your husband will have the time of his life with this wonderful surprize. You can also request your friend or a local musician to stop by and play your favorite numbers on his guitar while you both groove to the music. 

2. Leave him a creative paper trail to find a surprise gift

Now this idea is lots of fun and also very creative. You have obviously saved for a wonderful gift for your beloved husband on your anniversary. In spite of just handing him over, get a little creative and let him find his gift by answering the funny or romantic paper clues.

Your first clue could be something like 'Where we stole our first kiss' or 'Besides your favorite pair of lingerie.' Your husband would obviously know that the next clue will be in your wardrobe drawer just beside your sexy red lingerie set. Keep such clues all over the house and make him running here and there with eager anticipation. For a keepsake, you can even record his running about in your camera for both of you to enjoy later on. Make sure the last clue is very tricky so that his inquisitiveness for the gift increases. 

He will love this creative little game and find greater joy when he finally finds his anniversary gift.

3. Make him a creative photo journal of your romantic dates

A handmade photojournal of all your precious memories is a wonderful gift for your husband on your anniversary. You can collect all your precious snaps right from the moment you went on your first date to the present day and arrange them in your photo journal. Beside each snap, you can write something funny or special that happened that day. Your husband will love this photojournal and will always want to keep it as his most precious memorabilia.

You can even add photos of your children and make this photo journal like a family album. This precious photo journal can be used as a coffee table book later on.

Both of you can sit together and browse through all your memories silhouetted in your handmade journal forever. It is a lovely way to spend some tender moments with your husband. 

4. A surprise holiday on your anniversary is a great idea

If your husband has always wanted to travel to some exotic destination, now is the time to surprise him with the tickets. Life is all about making memories, and you can always save some money later. Get even more adventurous and do not let your husband know about his surprise destination until he arrives at the airport. Pre-book and pre-plan the itinerary well in advance and impress him with your planning skills. 

Plan all that he loves to do in this unique holiday. If he is an adventure freak, make sure you add a lot of adventure activities such as bungee jumping, skydiving, and such others. If he is a nature enthusiast, take him on a wildlife excursion or book a stay in a jungle retreat. The very fact that you planned and booked this holiday as a complete surprise and on your own will make him very happy, and your gesture will greatly touch him. This holiday is going to the best you both have ever had!

5. Gift him a customized map with your first dates

A creative and unique gifting idea, this one will show how much you cherish your memories and time spent together. Get a huge map and mark all the places where you have spent some precious holidays or moments together.
If you are a couple who have always traveled a lot, then this is the perfect gift for your husband on your anniversary. Mark the places where you first looked at each other, went on your first date, exchanged your first kiss, first time made love, first exotic vacation together, first baby, first fight, your marriage venue and such other firsts. Frame this customized map of your life so far and gift it to him. He will love your efforts and thoughts behind this unique gift. 

This map might also be a topic of discussion for your next exotic trip together. So if you want to lure him into a fun-filled holiday, this might be the ideal way. Like you can promise him a striptease in Thailand if you haven't visited that destination as yet. These are some spices that a woman can add to her married life to make her married journey exciting and fun.

6. Love notes in his lunch box or clothes is a romantic idea

Get a little naughty and put in some secret love notes in this clothes just before he leaves for office. Put some tender loving notes in his coat pocket. Usher some in the lunch box. Hide in some notes behind his phone cover and even change his phone wallpaper with an 'I love you' message. 

Tease him during lunch hours by sending a sexy photograph of yours in the text. If you want to be daring, sneak in your underwear in his office bag! Make sure his day is full of wild surprises, surprises so tempting that he will want to skip his office and come back running to you. 

At home, prepare a luxurious tub bath for both of you with rose petals and aromatic candles. Play some wonderful music in the background and wait for him wearing his favorite lingerie set. Make the most of this special day with these romantic ideas.

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7. A couple spa is a great idea on your anniversary

Book a couple's spa for both of you on your special day. Relax, rejuvenate and enjoy in each other's company while taking a relaxing massage and then soak in a wonderful hot tub together. A couple's spa is a beautiful way of spending some tender moments with your loved one. 

And if you are on a tight budget, then with a slight alteration, you can still go for this unique idea. All you need to do is to become the masseuse yourself. Give him a massage first and then demand a massage from him next. Have your aromatic bath ready and soak in together enjoying every moment of each other's company. 

You can even do some grooming for your husband. Read manicure, pedicure, facial and hair color. Become your husband's stylist and change his look for fun sake. Grooming your husband lovingly is a great way to spend some cozy moments together.

8. Get creative by cooking him a gala meal on your anniversary

Surprise your husband to a lavish spread of home cooked food. Take care of every detail and cook all his favorite food items. Your husband will love your thoughtful gesture and creative way of spending your anniversary date. 

If you have been going out every year to celebrate your anniversary, then this year, try something different by gifting your husband a home-cooked meal. Lay the table lovingly and also dress up smartly to impress him. 

These days it is rare to find women cooking so painstakingly at home for their husbands and children. As both the spouses work, spending time in the kitchen for a gala meal gets tougher, and couples resort to simple and easy food items or consider ordering from outside. An anniversary calls for a special effort and unique celebration. Show him your culinary skills with your lavish handmade spread. If he is a foodie, he will love your gesture and effort.

9. A great idea is to gift him something that he wanted since long

Gifting a gift that one does not need does not have any value. Gifting something to someone special, especially something that he has wanted to own since long makes a lot of difference. If you know that your husband has been wanting to buy an iPhone for long but has not been able to save enough, then you can surprise him with it on your anniversary. You need to plan for such a costly gift. 

You can also buy him small gifts in the number of his current age. For example, if he is 35 years old, buy him 35 different gifts. These gifts can range from a simple cap, writing pen, t-shirt to something costly like his most wanted gadget or favorite music CD. This unique gifting idea will have him thrilled. Watch him how he opens every gift with eager anticipation. You can record all these moments in a camera to show it to him later.

10. Gift him a creative frame of your wedding wows

Get creative and paint your wedding vows on a card. Decorate the card as well as you can, and you can get it framed. Your husband will love this gift, and it will remind him always about the sacred wedding wows that you both took. These type of gifts are forever, and your husband might want to display it in the bedroom or living room. 

This handmade frame can also have a song or a poem printed; something that means a lot to both of you; or a song that you both first danced to. These little gestures encase your golden memories forever. Memories that will always remind you of golden moments of your life; memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Since long it has always been about getting gifts from our husbands.  This time make a difference and surprise your husband with your creative and romantic ideas. Anything handmade will have your personal touch and effort, and it will make your husband very happy. There can be plenty of other things you can do to make your husband happy on your anniversary. You can both get a tattoo done with each other's names. You can get special love quotes as tattoos too. Engrave lines, quotes or designs which have a special meaning in your relationship. This not only is a fun activity together but also engraves your love into each other's bodies forever. 

You can even plan a night of some kinky sex on your anniversary date if you haven't done something like that since long. Your husband will not only enjoy this activity but will get deeply touched with your romantic efforts. Another romantic idea would be to treat him like royalty the whole day starting with breakfast in bed. This idea sounds a little crazy, but your husband will love being pampered. Let him do all that he wants the whole day even if that means staying in bed the whole day with you. Remember, the day is all about him and what you want to do to make him happy. Think of all the possibilities that would make your husband happy. Bake him a special handmade cake, and both of you should cut the cake together. Anniversaries are all about celebrations, and no celebration is complete without cutting the cake. 

A surprise party with friends is another great idea which will make him very happy. Let him enter the house at night from the office to find all the lights switched off. Tell all his friends about your surprise plan. Make them seated at your house. Prepare food in advance and get all the booze rolling. As soon as your husband enters, switch on the light and let him have the best surprise of his life. 

There are plenty of ways to show your love and care to your husband. Real love finds a way on its own, and your husband will be able to feel your love with any of your gestures. Adding a romantic or creative touch to it makes your gift special in many ways, and he will always remember and appreciate it. He too will think of ways to make you happy as marriage is all about give and take.

However, you choose to spend your anniversary, relish in the love shared between you and never forget to take time for each other!! Date night!



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