Top 15 Common (& Weird) Kinky Fetishes That Men Secretly Have

It is common for a male to have fetishes so let's check out some kinks and get the details of what guys are into these days.

By Shannon Garner
Top 15 Common (& Weird) Kinky Fetishes That Men Secretly Have

Today's Common Fetishes

Human beings and what we like and how we think is the most interesting things about us. Just think about fetishes and kinks. For several years it has been common to say that kinks and fetishes are defined the same way. Usually, I can see how people may suggest these two go hand in hand but, oddly enough there is a slight difference between the two words. Kinks is something that someone enjoys from time to time such as sex in a public place or spanking, now that's kinky. Having a fetish is something that you consistently enjoy such as having a foot fetish; everytime you see nice feet you can't help to think naughty things in hopes you can get those sexy twinkle toes in your bed.

A lot of people can't tell you where the fetish comes from. Many people say from childhood or experiences that your brain is trigged by and defines as pleasurable. Such things as whipping, tickling, using objects, certain clothing and many more are counted as fetishes. So, stop and think of all the other kinks and fetishes men fantasize about on a daily basis, because at the end of the day when it comes to most guys, they always have sex on the brain. 

Wearing Clothes of the Opposite Sex

Wearing clothes of the opposite sex is rare, but it exists. Usually this fetish happens in private not in public. But there are times that men will wear female garments in public, but under their regular work attire.This fetish seems to be looked down on, but I see it as simple as this: if the person is not harming anyone and making other's feel uncomfortable then there isn't anything personally wrong about it.  

The Common Foot Fetish

Those things we use everyday to walk is what men have fantasies about. Barefoot in bed is a real turn on for many men these days. About __ percent of men have this fantasy. Whether it's playing with feet, sucking on toes or the sweet thought of polishing someone's toenails that classic red color can be expressed as a kink. 


This is a popular fetish and especially, if you are visiting porn sites (nobody is judging). Men who get off on seeing someone naked or while both engage in sexual activity can be an upper for males. The perfect example of this would be Alfred Hitchcock's movie, Rear Window. This film is based on a man who is a photographer with a broken leg who looks through his window and watches his neighbors to pass the time, but he ends up witnessing a murder and decides to solve the crime himself without being killed, also. but this version of Rear Window would be the male getting a little too happy watching his neighbors have sex. Are you digging this fantasy just yet? 

Guys Love Breast & Booty

We all know that guys go crazy for both melons and the apple bottom. But, would I call it a fetish? Yes, it can be; it is a part of a woman's body that he consistently enjoys. Whenever you guys are playing in between the sheets he may always make it a priority to smack your bottom a few times, squeeze it or even bite it. Your bum is something that a male loves and craves. Go ahead and try on your favorite pair of jeans and watch your man go nuts trying his hardest not to fondle you 24/7. 


Whoohoo! Time to bring out the cougars and lets have a good time with the guys. Guys having an attraction to older women doesn't seem much of a fetish or kink, but this is something common that guys like. Need I say more?

Hair Kinks

I know many men that love women with very long hair. Every relationship they have been in were with women that had mid-back length hair or longer and the stories behind why they have these hair kinks is for most reasons many other men would agree with. Well, alot of these men would merely say, "I like to ride the pony. I like to pull hair during sexual intercourse as when I'm behind and I'm straddling her like a horse, plus it gives great pleasure to her as well." Men love pulling on hair, but if that isn't your thing, ladies, let him know up front that you will not be his precious pony and you want your hair intact. 


Guys have this fetish and women often times do too. Having consensual sex with other couples is defined as swinging. This fantasy is very common and most people in relationships agree that swinging works for them. So, if we aren't hurting anybody in the process or even the aftermath then this can be happy and healthy. But, please be sure to continue to get your check ups--safety first!

Photographed | Videotaped

Ladies, somtimes when we are dating or in a relationship you may hear your partner mention to you several times things like, "Let me take nudes of you. Or, we should videotape ourselves in the act it'll be sexy." Photos and videos are a major way to get arousal going. We see nudes being exploited almost everyday via social media. We also cannot forget to give the porn sites their shoutouts for being able to fulfill fetishes worldwide. 

Sex in Odd Places

Getting a little bathroom action in with your partner at your best friend's college graduation dinner party or going for a walk at night with your loved one at the park that turns into a sexual escapade on the trimmed grass away from the playground and child visibility really get things perculating. The bedroom is the last place nowadays that people want to do the deed. Exploring new places and being sexually free is more a kink than a fetish. I'm not craving to have sex in public places at all times, but people do like to be kinky from time to time. 


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If you like dabbling in pain then BDSM is for you. Bondage, domination, submission and masochism is a common fetish in the long list of fetishes out there. Leather, whips and chains is what comes to mind when we hear "BDSM" and all the sexual fantasies that come along with the term. Your guy may want to dominate you or the other way around. It is whatever the both of you are into and as much as you can take. BDSM has a tendency to be a dark fantasy. If you are still not sure on how BDSM works exactly, then the movie or book 50 Shades of Grey can guide you with the specifics. 


Some guys have baby fever and not the type of baby fever you're thinking. I'm talking about the type of baby fever where a man doesn't wish to have a baby, but to be a baby himself. A fetish such as dressing up as an infant is not quite as common as you would think. A little far fetched? Maybe, but no one is judging. 

Balloon Fantasy

A little strange but more of a kink than a fetish. The balloon fantasy is where you have your partner sit on a balloon nude or not and you jump up and down on the balloon still sitting down until it pops; while the woman is jumping up and down on the balloon the man is watching and when the balloon finally does pop, he gets his sexual rush. Or, a balloon at times is looked at as something of intimacy for many guys to the point they are humping balloons until climax or when it pops, whichever comes first. So, if you see a bag of balloons on his nightstand then you know why. 


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This kink is almost the same as voyeurism, but not quite. In defining the terms of exhibitionism it means to attract attention to oneself by engaging in extravagant behavior. Guys who are fans of exhibitionism are the same guys who partake in sex on the hotel balcony for everyone to see. In order to be turned on you must watch first. 

The Golden Shower Guys

When it comes to this fetish I can't help but think of the R&B singer R. Kelly. If you haven't heard of his story he got into a lot of trouble by recording himself peeing on an underage girl...I won't get into the specifics I'm just trying to set the scene. These are the kind of kinks that guys are into these days. We all love to shower, but a golden shower is not the way I want to go. I'll take pure Aquafina for a cleanse. 

Guys Love Panties

The first thing that is probably coming to your mind is sexy Victoria's Secret panties that a lot of women happen to pull out when it is a special occassion. In fact, we know that all men love sexy underwear, but some men love smelling used underwear that happened to already be placed in the dirty hamper. Panty sniffing seems more of a kink than a fetish and this drives guys crazy. If you have seen some of the episodes of Orange is the New Black, you'd know many of the prisoners were selling their used underwear to men for extra money for commissary. Don't be surprised if you happen to find a pair of your panties under his pillow that you accidentally left at his house the other night. 

In Conclusion of the Kinks

Now that you have a grasp of all the common fetishes guys have you can take this knowledge and share it with others along the way. Don't be afraid to try one of these fetishes with your man--just use caution when doing so. Kinks and fetishes is what makes sex interesting most of the time. Being able to try something out of the ordinary will help with being comfortable and improves sex culture and all the different things it has to offer.