15 Things Women Want You To Do In Bed With Her

Do you know what your girl likes in bed? Obviously, she has fantasies which she has never revealed to you. You won’t go wrong with these 15 things

By Gerald Matiri
15 Things Women Want You To Do In Bed With Her

Reasons your girl doesn’t tell you what she likes in bed

Sex is incredibly tricky because it’s a journey of two completely different people with different desires, wills, and principles. If you and your partner are sexually open to each other, congratulations! There are many people who don’t know how to tell their lovers what they need in bed. A girl may not express her desires in bed, fearing that you might take her for a loose woman. It is not her fault because, traditionally, she has been taught to be a good girl - dressing decently, proper etiquette, sitting well, and never to approach a guy with a sexual motive. It is not surprising that as she grows old, she is left with a list of unfulfilled fantasies but is still too shy to make a request! As her man, you should encourage her with open communication if you want to enjoy an ecstatic intimacy. Asking for exactly what she would like in bed is not the hardest part. Finding the right time to ask for it could be the problem. She fears to throw off everything if she requests for something when you are in the middle of the activity. What if you don’t like it or fail to do it right? These are the things that bother her. Furthermore, raising the subject after making love could make it look like she didn’t enjoy and she may sound like she’s making demands. In the end, she chooses to hide her desires in bed. There is so much she would like you to do in bed with her and unless you ask her directly, she will not spell them out. But how would you know her fantasies and yet you are not a mind reader? Find out from the experts what she secretly hopes to be added to your intimate routine.

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1) Take her to bed during unexpected times

Who told you that a girl feels aroused in the evenings and mornings only? Why don’t you try massaging her after breakfast and shower her with kisses? She might quickly turn into a mid-morning person. If your romantic time is so predictable, she might lose interest. Maybe your schedule reads Tuesdays and Sundays, but you can surprise her with a sexy moment on Monday after she’s done with her classes. However, there are certain times which are great for making love. One is after a physical exercise. Post-workout intercourse has added benefits in that a woman’s blood flow to her genitals is usually high hence she feels more aroused. It gets better if the two of you had been working out together - your testosterone level is high and so is your natural desire. Another time you should take advantage of is when she is having a bad day. Lovemaking is one of the best remedies for minimizing stress. If she had a rough day in the office, be a gentleman, massage her, and take her to bed so that her mood may improve.

2) Your girl likes more kisses; not just on her lips

A woman likes to be pampered in bed and reciprocates sensual kisses. If she kisses you back with passion, that’s when you know that she enjoys everything. Far from her lips, there are other areas you must kiss a girl. While it’s true that her seductive lips are hard to resist, she may get tired during the foreplay. If you want your romance to be a true emotion in motion, make a habit of kissing all her sexually sensitive areas such as the forehead, nape of her neck, ears, nipples, clitoris, fingers, and thighs. Women like to their men to begin kissing their necks when they want to be driven wild. From her hairline, all the way to her collarbone, nibble her gently. Go on and lick her ears as you whisper sweet and naughty words to her. In no time, she will be begging you to take her to bed straight away. The sweetest area for her emotions is the forehead. By kissing her forehead, she gets the impression that you adore her brain, making her build confidence. It also soothes her and she feels vulnerable in your arms - her legs weaken and she will appreciate if you pull her closer.

3) Lick and suck the girl you like

The point of no return for a woman is the clitoris. Did you know that the nerve endings in her clitoris are more than eight thousand, which outdo yours (four thousand in the penis)? The reason women love the oral is its intensified pleasure and a guarantee of orgasms. To give her some good oral sex, you need to focus and enjoy the process. Do not let your mind get side-tracked. After kissing her clitoris, look at her and ask if she is ready for the next move. With your strong tongue, lick the opening of her vagina. Move slowly your tongue from the lower part of her vagina to the upper part and do it several times. Separate her vaginal lips and tease her opening as you let her know that you like her juices. Don’t be afraid to lick the labia and move your tongue upwards to almost touching her aroused clitoris. Wait until her clit swells then suck the labia gently. Create tingling sensations with your tongue until she raises her hips towards your face. From her movements, you can tell if she is about to climax. If she presses hard against you, increase the speed because she wants more. You won’t fail to see her climax coming. If she wants more keep on licking to give her multiple orgasms.

4) She would like you to caress the opening of her vagina

Fingering is one of the most arousing activities for girls. To enhance the foreplay pleasure, stroke her private arts gently with your two fingers. If your girl is not shy, she will show you how to reach the G-spot. If she likes it, she will return the favor with a blow job or hand job. After caressing her most sensitive part, hold her tightly and kiss her passionately. Don’t penetrate yet. Instead, whisper seductive, sweet words into her ears. At this point, anything you say will stick to her brain and heart. After a moment, you can penetrate her slowly as you build speed and intensity.

5) What a girl would like - use sex toys

Neither of the two of you should shy away from bringing toys to your bed. These devices can shake things up and enhance your intimacy. Sometimes it becomes hard for a woman to orgasm no matter what you do. What she needs most of the time is a clitoral stimulation to reach the peak. This can be achieved by your fingers and tongue but a vibrator does better by taking off the pressure involved in licking and fingering. With these toys, the possibility of multiple orgasms is very high. Scientifically, it has been proven that dildos and vibrators improve sexual satisfaction by keeping things going on and on. By discovering new realms of your relationship, you will be opening doors to things she never thought are enjoyable. It is like creating a new romantic connection with her. She will never forget. You can take your lovemaking game to a higher notch by introducing dildos, gag balls, blindfolds, whips, handcuffs, vibrators, etc. You are the man, so take the lead.

6) A girl gets tired of monotonous intimate position in bed

You already know that Kama Sutra has 64 positions, but if you are creative enough, you can try more than that. Many times, married couples get bored with intercourse because they don’t switch their routine. Lovemaking should be exciting but sticking with a standard position puts off the burning flames. You have to mix up the routine and be open to new areas apart from the bed. Unveil your prowess and surprise her with dynamic positions in bed.

7) Some roughness is good

If she has never told you this, she likes it when you pull her hair and spank her. It may hurt a little but that is the real deal. Your girl is not as delicate as you perceive her to be, so there is nothing to worry about breaking her bone. If you are overwhelmed by her weight, it’s time you transform your body by hitting the gym. Lift weights so you can overpower her in bed. After all, you are the lion!

8) Women like to see their men come

Watching your fluid gushing out is one of the most satisfactory things for her. Nonetheless, do not sprinkle it all over her face unless she asks for it. But nothing is so rewarding to see you unleash your juices. When you are about to climax, ask her how she wants it and you will be surprised. Some girls like it in their mouths while others on their bellies. Please don’t deny her the privilege.

9) Your girl would appreciate some dirty talks in bed

Apart from grunting, the dirty talk is a huge turn-on for her. If you don’t know how to get started, enquire directly from her how she likes your lovemaking. If her response is positive, go on and let her know how much she drives you crazy in bed. She might moan in response and this is not the time to tiptoe but to rev up the intensity. Naughty words are erotic and raise the arousal. This can take her to the point of orgasm even without vaginal stimulation. Research indicates that the power of naughty words makes a woman free up her mind to get into the mood. It is like bringing up fantasies to reality.

10) Some women like it sweet and gentle

If your girl likes making love all the time, give her rocking love with passionate kisses and look into her eyes more often. She must be one of a kind as the majority prefer being pounded and jack-hammered. She wants you to hold down her hands, grab her waist, and place her legs over your shoulders. Don’t forget to ask what she likes for instance when playing with her clitoris. It is not okay to jab at things like you are so impatient. A good idea is to treat her like she is new to you and ask for exactly what she likes.

11) Please make some noise

Unless she is making love to ninja, you can’t let her make noise alone. Compliment her with some grunts. Your moaning doesn’t need to sound like hers but kindly do something. Half yells or grunts are okay and she will find it hot. You don’t have to sound like a gorilla but if you remain completely quiet, she will start worrying.

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12) Stare deep into her eyes

The longest time you should lock eyes with your partner is during lovemaking. As soon as you look into her eyes, the romantic ignition starts working. If you are deeply in love, make a habit of making prolonged eye contact with her. Like rising passion, the look brings a sense of togetherness. If you don’t want her to lose interest in you, always lock your eyes with hers. According to research, eye contact during intercourse has a scientific reaction. Prolonged periods of staring at your woman’s eyes increase the secretion of oxytocin, which is the love hormone. You can rest assured that love will be amplified by maintaining eye contact. Looking straight into her eyes is a way of showing how much you love and respect her. That way, she believes in your love through the look of trust.

13) You must not be polite in bed

A lot of girls prefer a little roughness, and if she is like one of those, push her against the wall or tie her hands. She wants you to be more aggressive with whips, chains, and domineering tricks. If she is the boss in her office, she wants to come home and switch things up by being sexually dominated. You don’t have to act so politely all the time. It is a big turn on when she lets go of her bossiness to see you taking charge.

14) Don’t be in a hurry to finish

The last thing she needs is to feel rushed. Actually, do not undress her too fast; keeping her anticipating will take her a long way. Taking it slow is like opening a hard-earned gift. Make use of your hands by caressing the parts of her body you will focus on later. Give her passionate kisses and she will reciprocate the gesture. Remember that this is not a competition about who finishes the race first. Assume she is doing a striptease and go at the slowest pace possible. You know that girl like prolonged foreplay. Kiss her for hours and don’t be in a rush to move to her lower body parts. Consider some pre-foreplay such as cuddling and stop being an instant switch. She needs a lot of time to attain orgasm. Generally, a girl needs about 45 minutes of playing around sexually in order to climax. Even though there is no standard time frame for every stage of making love, restrain yourself from hitting below her waistline too soon. Give her more foreplay to make her feel like your queen, and since she is not going anywhere, why don’t you take time to explore her body.

15) There’s power in calling her name in bed

Calling a girl’s name gives you tremendous power over her. Do you know why you get an instant urge to run away when your mum calls your full name? It is because your name is a tag that someone uses to get your attention. Likewise, when you say her name in a sexually oriented tone, she will start focusing her attention on you. She will turn towards you and that is where the true power of calling her name is found. When you are making love to her, calling her name makes her feel like the most important person to you. It is like screaming her importance, telling her how special she is to you. Your utterances show that you are focused on her and her alone. Since her name is the doorway to her world, it opens a connection to pass your feelings to her heart. You will overpower her in ways you never thought but never make a mistake of calling another woman’s name.

Have you had a conversation with your woman concerning the things she wants to be done to her, sexually? She may be shy to communicate her needs because she thinks she would look needy before you or hurt your ego. It is of utmost importance that you talk to her about what gets her going during intercourse and the good news is that there is always room for improving your bed matters! Knowing what women like in bed is quite challenging because they are all different. What you used to do to your ex might not work for your current girlfriend. Therefore, be a gentleman and ask your lady what uplifts her sexually. Your girl is as sexually active as you are and these 15 wishes are simple ways of spicing things up in your intimate life. They don’t cost money. Make sure you talk to her about them and you might be thrilled to find out that she has more to add.


There are very few men who understand what a girl likes in bed. Majority of them think that sex is all about penetration. This is not the case. If you would like to leave your girl begging for more, try these romantic tips. You can be assured that she will consider you to be the tiger in bedroom affairs!