15 Questions To Ask Yourself To Find Out If You Really Like Him

Sometimes we get infatuated because of first impressions. Then, we obsessed by the idea of a romantic relationship with them. But do you really like him?

By Neko Yama
15 Questions To Ask Yourself To Find Out If You Really Like Him

Quiz Yourself if You Do Really Like Him

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It’s only normal for us ladies to like men on the first meeting especially if our impression on them is what we’re looking for in an idea of “prince charming”. But keep in mind that liking him doesn’t mean it has to end in something romantic. You don’t have to make a big deal out of it, worry, or stress yourself in trying to pursue him.

There are different stages of admiration for someone. If you’re chatting or texting with him all day, it’s not a requirement for you to put an effort to take your relationship to the next level. If you’re going out together, it doesn’t automatically means you’re more than just friends.  

Anyway, if you’re confused about what you feel towards him, you need to ask yourself some questions or take quizzes on the internet on what stage your admiration is to confirm, right? We can’t blame you too if you’re worried because it’s understandable that it’s a major regret if you let go of someone you think is perfect for you just because you’re unsure.

Here are 15 questions to guide if you really like him or not.


1. Do I Get Excited Waiting for Him to Chat?

There are friends who we usually text all day where it’s already a normal routine and we don’t think much about it anymore. But admit, when we really like someone, no matter the fact that you’re talking to them everyday, you’ll still always wait and focus on the moment you’ll be spending time with them.

So try to ask if you’re excited to always read his chats and texts. If so, it’s a sure sign that you really like him more than just a friend.

2. Do You Really Like Him If It's Just A Hook-Up?

It’s common in the social norms to assume that a man and woman who go out together are in a romantic relationship. That’s totally not true because it still depends on how often it does happen.

If you go out with him during only your free time from such a busy schedule, you might not really like him. There’s a big difference between a date that has been planned and a hook-up. One more thing, if you two are not being intimate, well, it’s pretty obvious that it’s an admiration that’s not related to love.

3. Have You Imagined Him Being Your Boyfriend?

Women tend to think in advance. When we go really crazy over someone, we immediately see visions in the future of us being married with him, having children with him, traveling the world with him, etc.

Have you ever imagined yourself being in a love relationship with him? No? Then maybe you just like him as a friend and nothing more.

4. Do You Want To Get To Know Him More?

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For us to be able to be close to someone, we get to know them, right? We do that before we can call someone our “friend”. But usually, we only get to know what’s on the surface unless a person is really awakening your curiosity.

If you feel like you always want to get to know him more despite of how long you’ve already known each other, then maybe your admiration for him is something that can result to the next level which is love.

5. Are You Too Comfortable With Him?

Have you ever tried to go out with someone else? Or you just don’t bother at all? Try to ask yourself if you really like him hence the reason why you’re dating him.

Do you put on make-up, takes time to choose your clothes to wear, or takes hours to make those eyebrows on fleek when you’re with him? If no, then maybe it's because you know he does not care or you’re just going out with him because he’s your comfort zone but you’re not actually trying to get his attention. You just don’t want the idea of stressing yourself on trying to impress different guys so you stay where you’re comfortable at.

6. Are You Still Looking For Other Guy's Attention?

Even after knowing him for some time now, do you still find yourself swiping left and right on different dating apps on the internet to catch other men’s attention? If so, there is no need for any quiz to confirm your feelings because that is the really most obvious sign that you just don’t like him at all.

Why? It does mean that the idea of having an intimate relationship with him is not really present. You’re not ready to commit yourself yet. Not for anyone, and definitely not for him.

7. Do You Constantly Think About Him?

Admit it, if you really like someone, you can’t help thinking about them all throughout the day no matter how long you’ve known that person. You’ll wonder even about the simplest things like what they’re doing, whether they already ate or not, what things he’s focusing his attention to at the moment, etc.

Have you ever felt that with him? If you’ll answer that you only think of him occasionally, then you really don’t like him.


8. List Down Things You Really Like About Him

Get a pen and paper and try to list down the things you really like about him. If you can do this quiz very easily and you find yourself continuously writing, surely you know a lot of things about him and you really like him. However, if the things you listed down didn’t even hit to 10 or more, then maybe you only love him as a companion but you never considered him as a lifetime partner.

9. How Did He Change Your Life?

The most important thing you should ask yourself to confirm whether you really like him is his role in your life. When he became a part of your life, did you become happier? Do you find yourself always smiling and laughing? Of course, friends make us happy but there are specific people who made noticeable and huge changes. Does he belong in these specific people?

10. Does He Make Your Heart Skip A Beat?

You probably know what falling in love feels, right? Your heart always skips a beat when you see him, you can’t breathe and you sweat uncontrollably. It’s like anxiety but in a positive way.

Have you ever felt this way around him? Or his presence is just like any other people’s presence?

11. How Do You Behave In Front Of Him?

Another most obvious sign that you like someone is when you behave differently when he’s around. Try to observe yourself how you act when he’s present. Do you try hard to impress him—acting chic and elegant, gives an impression that you’re a mature person, you don’t joke too much, etc?

When you’re too comfortable with a person, you can be transparent as much as you want. But in front of a person you love even when you’ve known them for years, you’ll always try to limit your crazy side.

12. Determine Your Connection With Him

Connection with people is important. It helps you to determine their role in your life. So ask yourself about your connection in physical, mental, and emotional aspects.

Are you confident to tell him everything that’s on your mind? When he’s present, do you feel secure as if nothing can bring you down? How is his physical appearance? Is he handsome? Is he hot?

13. Am I Just Being Peer Pressured?

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Sometimes, peer pressure is a big cause why couples end up together. It’s very normal for friends to make the move to get you two to date each other. So, ask yourself this—am I going out with him because they’re saying we look cute together or am I going out with him because that’s what I wanted even from the start?

If your answer is the latter, it’s best if you allow yourself to keep distance for awhile. It’s hard to get into a relationship that other people decided for you.

14. Are You Just Using Him?

What’s cruel about relationships is that sometimes, we tend to lean on other people because we’re trying to get over something from the past. Well, that’s not entirely bad, but if your purpose is just using the other person as a rebound where you yourself can only benefit, that’s where it turns cruel.

Are you getting over a failed relationship? Are you still hurting from what your ex did to you? Is your past relationship still a big deal? If so, you don’t like someone you’re with now.

15. Have You Ever Given Him A Chance?

After some time of having him in your life, ask yourself whether you’ve ever given him a chance to pursue you. If there is a moment where he tries to take your relationship to the next level, have you ever considered trying it as well or do you just wave your hand off with the idea?

Unless you take steps forward, you’ll never really confirm your feelings—it won’t develop. Sometimes, it’s okay to get out of your comfort zone little by little to make progress.


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