20 Things You Should Know About Dating A Man Younger Than You

Are you falling head over heels with a man younger than you? Here are 20 things you should know about dating a man younger than you.

By Janani
20 Things You Should Know About Dating A Man Younger Than You

Dating A Younger Man

Dating is always fun. To date a younger man can be even more exciting. But before you start dating a younger man, probably who is 5 or 10 years younger than you, you need to know what to expect. Your relationship compatibility with your younger man is what takes your love life to the next level. As an older woman, you must know both the pros and cons of your dating life.

So, here are top 20 things that you need to know if you are dating a younger man. 

1. Your Sex Life While Dating A Younger Man

If you are dating a younger man you would be extremely happy in bed. He would be ready to experiment and is never known to shy away. With your experience and his try out techniques, you will be in for a great sex life. This is one of the greatest pleasure of dating a man younger than you. 

2. A Younger Man Is Fun To Date

Younger men are more fun and cute when it comes to impressing their women on dates. He will be able to make your life exciting and you will end up looking for spending more time with him. He will bring about the good old dates where it was all about fun and not about something serious. So, the best advice would be, if you are going on dates with a man who is 5 or 10 years younger than you, cherish it.

3. A Younger Man Has Less Baggage

The older we get the more baggage we hold for ourselves. While dating younger men you are prone to be with a man who has lesser baggage. This is one of the biggest pros and cons of dating younger men. The younger he is (5 or 10 years), he would have lesser baggage. Lesser baggage also means lesser relationship experience which means you will have to improve his relationship skills which can be a lot of work.

4. You Get To Be In Charge

The older you get the more control you have over your relationship. You will never be afraid to say NO when it comes to fooling around in your dating life. With your experience, you will find that you will have to handle your connection as younger men are not really good when it comes to relationships. The best advice would be to take the necessary steps when it comes to shaping up your perfect love life.

5. Lifestyle Differences With Your Younger Man

If your man is younger than you, say some 5 to 10 years then probably there is a huge lifestyle difference between the two. As older women, you will find yourself focused on your relationship and value spending time with your man, on the other hand, he will be into his friends and flirting. This might create a little chaos in your relationship. This is one of the major con that you must consider before dating a younger man.

6. Your Younger Man Will Not Be Willing To Commit

If you are dating a younger man, then you would have known by now that your man is not ready to commit. He might be battling his own commitment issues and will not be able to take the next big move. Now, this might not be suitable for all younger man, but mostly younger men will look for adventure before getting committed. The best advice would be, as an older woman, you must know when to take a call. 

7. Your Biological Clock

If you are an older woman and are dating a younger man and when your relationship turns all serious there might be a lot of confusion when it comes to having kids. If you are an older woman who is in her 40's and let's say your man is 10 years younger than you, he will want to have kids but you might not be ready to take that big step. This is one of the major flaw while you are dating a younger man.

8. A Fling Kind Of Relationship

If you find yourself trying to get over something and want to be in a relationship just for fun and nothing serious then you can definitely date a younger man. If your younger man is also looking for some fun relationship then you can try this relationship. But if your younger man wants to commit and you are not interested then the best advice would be to stop dating the younger man as you will end up getting him hurt. 

9. Imbalance In Work Life

As an older woman, you tend to be successful in your career. You might have a great job and will find yourself excelling in your career. While your younger man would be still struggling to find his passion and start a work life for his own. So, this imbalance can be a little stressful in your dating life. 

10. Your Younger Man Is Immature

Women, in general, are said to mature faster than men of their same age. While dating a younger man who is 5 or 10 years younger than you will lack maturity and will act his age. This lack of maturity might be a real challenge for you to deal with while dating him. This will be a major con if you are not interested in dating an immature man.

11. Financial Stability Of Your Younger Man

As an older woman, you will find yourself financially secure while your partner might still be struggling. This can cause quite a little trouble for you and your partner as it might make them a little dependent on you. Finance troubles can also be seen as a con in dating a younger man. But for many older women who date younger men, money has never been on the way to their beautiful love life.

12. Lack Of Responsibility

With many experiences in life, you would have become more responsible but your younger man would still be lacking responsibility. You will find that you will have to be behind him for everything. Sometimes, you will feel that you not only act as his girlfriend but also take the role of his mother. This can give you a lot of headache in your relationship.

13. Your Social Life

Dating someone younger than you means there is some hidden trouble within it. Even when you and your partner have no issues with the huge age differences between you, your social life might get affected. Age is just a number, you don't have to be embarrassed about dating someone younger than you but you will be forced to rethink your dating life as there will be a lot of people in your life giving you unwanted advice.

14. Your Younger Man Might Not Be Trustworthy

Dating a younger man can be a little complicated. You will never be able to trust them completely (not all of them, of course, just a few). They tend to cheat on you with a younger woman as they are in a different stage of their life where they will want to experiment. This is one major con of dating a younger man.

15. Jealousy Is Never Around

You will find that your younger partner is never jealous of you. He will trust you wholeheartedly. He might not act possessive and might not pull you back when you are around his friends or family. This is one of the advantages of being an older woman in a relationship.

16. Surprisingly High Energy Levels

Your younger man will have high levels of energy which you might find it little difficult to cope with. You will never find yourself having a simple dinner date and a movie. You will always be up to something new. There will be a great mismatch in your energy levels. This might get exhausting for you to date a younger man as your energy levels can never always be that high.

17. You Have Your Own Health Issues

As you age, you get some health issues that need to be addressed; your partner as a younger man might still be new at this. This can create a little confusion in your dating life. You will have some restrictions while he will always be up for some adventure which can create some trouble in your dating life.

18. Makes You Feel Younger

If you are an older woman and are dating a younger man then you will find yourself younger at heart. He will make you experience your long lost younger days once again. You will be able to relive your younger dates just by dating a younger man. So, if you are dating a younger man then good luck in feeling young again.

19. Your Younger Man Is Your Cheerleader

After hectic long hours of work, your younger man will make sure that you party like hell and find your happiness. He will remind you that life is not just about work but parties and people around you. He will try to make you feel good about yourself even after a bad day at work. This is one of the major advantages of dating a younger man.

20. Meeting His Parents Will Be Lot Easier

As an older woman, you will have a different feel about meeting his parents. You might be a little nervous about your age difference but with age aside you will be able to easily connect with his parents, as you might be a lot closer to their age. Being able to connect with his parents will be a lot easier than you think. This is one of the major advantages of dating a younger man.

Know What Is Best For You

Dating a younger man or an older man it is not a real concern. The only thing that matters is how well you both get along in your life and how good is your compatibility. If you are happy in your love life then just a few numbers shouldn't stop you from having your 'happily ever after'. So, if you feel that you have found your true love then put aside your thoughts and give him a chance, life will be good. 

But, on the other hand, if this dating life isn't for you then don't waste your time in this relationship. You need to know when to take a call. In the end, it all comes down to you, as you are your own judge, make the right decision with what you have in your relationship with your younger man.


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