How To Be The Best Boyfriend: 20 Ideal Traits Women Dream For

Becoming a better boyfriend will take your relationship to the next level and make your girl love you more. Here are the ideal traits to do that.

By Gerald Matiri
How To Be The Best Boyfriend: 20 Ideal Traits Women Dream For

Are you in control?

Falling in love is easy. But keeping the love alive is the difficult part. If you want to be in control of your relationship, you will need to understand how to be a good boyfriend. After finding your dream girlfriend, there are tips that you can follow to ensure that you keep her swept off her feet. Here are 20 traits that will help you become the best boyfriend in the world.

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1. To be a better boyfriend, know your girl

It is always advisable to work to understand your girlfriend well. Take time to ask questions that will help you to understand her better. Make sure that the questions give her an opportunity to open up on her personal life. Avoid asking some boring questions as if you are interviewing her. Ask about her favorite memories, key childhood experiences, dreams, desires future ambitions and future plans. Remember that the goal is not to know her in one sitting. You will get an opportunity to know more of her each passing day. There are also other ways of understanding your girlfriend better than just through conversations and questions. Take time to under her each passing day by studying her likes, dislikes, interests, hobbies, favorites and fantasies. The moment you are able to know her well, it will help you to choose a perfect gift for her, plan some great surprises and do for her other gestures that will help to win her heart. This is because she will tell that you were really listening. It will save you the trouble of unnecessary conflicts that many have resulted. It will also be possible for you to understand the girl more that other people when the two of you become deeply connected intellectually. This strengthens the relationship’s bond to an extent where the two of you remain inseparable. You will become different from her girlfriends as well as male friend because you will be in a position to give her something that is completely unique.

2. Be caring and sweet to be a better boyfriend

Doing some sweet things for your girlfriend will go a long way in making her believe that you are the best boyfriend in the world. Remember that your action will speak louder than your words and therefore, this is among the best tips. Instead of just telling her how much you love her, why don’t you share this through your action? Instead of just giving her a gift, why don’t you give her something that you are sure she will really like? Ensure that you pick a gift that you are sure will make her life simple in the long run. When you find that she is going through a hard time, give her a shoulder to lean on. If it is something that you can solve, why don’t you solve it for her? If it is something that is causing her depression, show your sympathy and give her a shoulder to cry on. There are moments in life when your girlfriend will just want you to be there to listen to her and propose some good solutions. If you are around when she is going to bed, why don’t you give her a kiss on her forehead or even sing a sweet song for her? You can also tell her a story with a happy ending or a joke that will send her laughing. Call her every morning and ask how she is doing or just how was her night. Ensure that you are always the first to know about these things and remain considerate and thoughtful towards her. This is a clear indication that you are not only interested in sex but you truly love her. Ensure that once in a while, you do something that is special to her and she will always remember. However, you need to realize that calling her several times in a day may turn out to be counterproductive. If you want to be a better boyfriend, always set limits so that you don’t come out as if you are suffocating her with your needy and clingy attitude. Depending on the kind of personality you have, you may not need to call her every day. Ensure she also misses you at times.

3. Act in a spontaneous and surprising way

If you want to show your girlfriend that you truly love her, why don’t you surprise with that breakfast in bed? You can also take her to a quiet and exotic place or even an elegant restaurant for her dinner. You can take her on a scavenger hunting trip or even a hiking trip. Prepare everything early enough and carry it out in a manner that is well organized. These secrets and activities do not have to involve some expensive things but only some fun things that the two of you will enjoy. Always remain unpredictable but not in a bad way. Once you do that, it will be possible for you create some anticipation so your girl will keep wondering about the next surprise. This, way, she will never get bored and the two of you will always have a vibrant relationship. Ensure that there is no single time that you will ever become predictable or turn your relationship into one boring routine.

4. Become a better boyfriend by challenging your girl

Here is one of the best tips to become a better boyfriend: You can always challenge your girlfriend to reach levels that she never expected. At times, if you are serious and straightforward in a relationship, this will be a source of complacency and boredom. If you would like to make her life more interesting, you should challenge her to do some new things. For example, if the girl is running for fun and has never joined a race, why don’t you encourage her to register for a marathon? Look for ways to tease your girlfriend playfully. This can be in the food she likes, her favorite words or anything that she would like you to do for her. Ensure that you maintain a great sense of humor and avoid taking things in a serious manner-not even the mistakes you do. Instead, learn from your mistakes. Be sure to learn from these mistakes and enjoy everything to the fullest.

5. How to become a better boyfriend: Always be her hero

Whenever your girl is sick, find some little ways to make her feel special. This way, she will be left feeling that you are the best boyfriend in the world. You can do this by helping her with her household chores, visiting her in hospital, taking care of her and sitting beside her bed to always cheer her and let her understand that everything will be fine. If there is something that is bothering her, stand up for her with confidence and be ready to fight for her. The moment you offer that safety, confidence, comfort and assurance, she will always feel you are the best boyfriend in the world. Also inspire her to work hard in her professional life. When your girlfriend is facing challenges on her goals and ambitions, you should be there to inspire her, motivate her to follow her dreams and support her interest. Always be there to offer advice even before she asks for it. There are moments in life that girls will want you to notice some things and assist them without asking for help. This is how to grow your relationship and help it to develop. This kind of partnership is what will build invisible bonds between different couples.

6. Become a better boyfriend by providing her with space and time

One of the tips that can help you to become a better boyfriend is to give your girlfriend time and space. Whether she wants to go out with her friends or she would like to go for shopping alone, you don’t always to keep calling her to find out where she is, what she is doing and with whom. Doing that will only make you come out as a clingy boyfriend who is desperate and insecure. This will make you to be a complete turnoff to your girlfriend. The reason why this will turn her off is that she will start asking questions. If you are that much possessive while you are still a bachelor, what will happen when you marry her? If you don’t trust her now, will you start trusting her when the two of you enter into a marriage? Isn’t it possible to control your emotions and behave like a mature man? It is important to note that lack of confidence in her will not go well with your girl. All girls want a good boyfriend who will trust them completely when doing their things. Therefore, if you would like your girlfriend to love you more and consider you to be a good boyfriend, give her space and time. When you do that, you will also have a lot of space that will provide you with the time to develop yourself, plan for your future and also recharge. Use this time to engage in your manly activities such as planning video games. When you have hobbies that you love, it will be possible for you to have fun without your girl.

7. Keep fit to be a better boyfriend

One of the tips that will enable you to become a better boyfriend is that you will need to remain fit and healthy by exercising regularly. Working out will help you to develop that great body that your girlfriend will be always admire. Apart from, being attractive to your boyfriend, there are many other benefits of having a masculine body. You will have clothes that fit better and a great body that gives you confidence. The moment you are comfortable with your body, you will also have a positive facial expression and body language. So keep your chin up and your shoulders back. Avoid stooping, and instead, walk in a confident and relaxed manner.

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8. Invest in yourself to become a better boyfriend

Make sure that you are investing more time in your career. Humans need to grow and also change. Therefore, it is important for you as a man to take time to invest in yourself and your future. This will help you have a better relationship. This is because love thrives where there is no pressure. Most girls don’t love a situation where they are the focus of attention of their boyfriend. This is because; they will appear insecure and desperate. When you invest in yourself, this will also enable you to become more interesting. But even as you invest in yourself, always ensure that you are there for your girlfriend when she needs you.

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9. Be generous and kind to others

To be a good boyfriend, you will need to volunteer. Many girls don’t like men who just shower them with jewelry and other gifts. This is because you may come out as trying to buy her love. Since this is what many men offer their girls, why can’t you be different and be the type of men that she will rarely meet? You can do this by being generous to the people you meet. Also take time to visit the people who are less fortunate and offer money, donations and assistance. You can be assured that your girlfriend will be proud of you because she will see the level of commitment you are providing to others. Taking time to volunteer will is a sign that you are mature enough to not only handle her but to also take good care for her. She will start seeing you as a strong man who she will always envy.

10. Be patient and understanding to your girl

There is no better way to make your girlfriend know that you care that giving her that warm hug. When she is not ready for any intimate relationship, be sure to understand her and always be patient. When a girl is trying to pick her life partner, there are lots of things that will be going on in her mind. When you try to force things to move quickly or to do things that she is not ready, this will result in harassment and will only end up damaging your friendship. The moment you get a better understanding of women and what makes them to fall in love with a guy, you can be in a position to win her love. In case you don’t know how to treat a woman and therefore, hurt her feelings, ensure that you take your time to apologize. There should be a lot of sympathy that should be flowing from you to her. Rather than trying to force issues, ensure that you are not only patient but allow nature to handle things. When you show your patience towards her, she will love you more. Ensure that you are also sensitive to her feelings. In case she is moody, rather than getting angry with her, always be the man she values and be there to calm her down. Strong men don’t do things on impulse and don’t get angry easily. In fact they are the one who are able to settle things down in all situations and not only in a relationship with their girlfriend. Ensure that you are a man who is not easily angered. Always stay calm in all situations.

11. To be a better boyfriend, always be in control of yourself

One of the tips that can help you to become a good boyfriend is planning ahead and becoming responsible. Ensure that you are always in control of your life and your relationship. Instead of allowing life to drive you, be proactive and the driver of your life. The moment you are good in everything you do, you can be assured that women will fall in love with you. This is because they fall for men who do things according to how they need to be done. Ensure that your life is well organized as you put the proper programs in your routines and activities. Have some definite goals and look for a way to reach those goals and even integrate the goals into your day to day activities. No matter how small your goal may be, make sure you accomplish them as they will provide you with the power to handle bigger task and reach greater goals. Whatever you do, always come out as confident. Be in control of your life. When your girlfriend becomes upset, sad or mad at you, make sure you know what you can do to improve. Look for different things that will cheer her up. Ensure that you are more than a boyfriend to her. You should also be her caregiver and guardian. When you take responsibility, you will exude some energy that women are attracted to.

12. Show your romantic side to be a better boyfriend

Make sure you have things that are able to sweep your girlfriend off her feet. Take her to her favorite restaurant or buy her a bouquet of flowers. Look for a great sport at the beach where the two of you can be in a position to sit and chat under the moonlight. As you sit there remind her of the qualities that attracted her to you. Remind her how beautiful, charming and genuine she is. As you two walk under the moonlight, hold her hand and whisper nice things to her ear. You can tell her that she is the most beautiful girl in the world and you cannot imagine how lucky you are to have her. Keep complementing her each day, feed her with sweet words that will make her happy and are from deep down in your heart. This is the best gift that you will ever give her. When trying to charm the girl, be creative. You can buy for her a huge teddy bear that she can hug all night or a diamond necklace that is engraved with her name. You can also make a handmade gift, which will go a long way in showing her that you care about her. You can also prepare her favorite diner and enjoy it under some soft music and candlelight. However, avoid doing this every day or she will get used to it and lose her interest.

13. Be friends with the people closest to her

Make sure that all your attention isn’t only on her. This will make her bored no matter how passionate and understanding she may be. Ensure that you also win the affection of the people closest to her, whether these are her siblings, parents, friends or relatives. The more you are able to charm these people, the better it will be for you. When things go wrong, you will have some people who will be ready to always back you up. These people will tell her that what you did wasn’t intentional and you are still in love with her. This will enable her to trust you more and she will understand that you are not only interested in her but the people that matters most in her life. This is on top of the fact that speaking to her parents, siblings and friends will offer you another perspective on your girlfriend. You will have an idea of the things she loved when she was young or while in school. This means that you will get an opportunity to know her deeply and this is key in any relationship. You will get an opportunity to gather a lot of information about her that will work greatly in your favor.

14. Handle her in a more passionate way

In case you want your girlfriend to love you the same you love her, be sure to express your love in a passionate way. This shouldn’t be in words only but also through action. Ensure that when you kiss, her, that kiss will remain etched in her mind. In order to be a good boyfriend, you will need to master her body in the same way a pianist is able to master an instrument. This shouldn’t be about kissing but in all other ways, either romantic or non-romantic things that she likes. Be sure to keep experimenting to a point where you find a list of things that you need to do for her to add to the repertoire. The most sexual part in the body of a woman is the brain. If you would like to make her satisfied in all manners, you will need to learn about the non-romantic things that she loves. Find more about the hobbies, interests or desires of the girl. Look for fun activities that the lady enjoys and then do these things with her sometimes.

15. Always stay fashionable and well-groomed

Ensure that you are always looking sharp in your dressing. If you aren’t lovable, there is no way that you will ever be loved. If you would like to be a good boyfriend, always be sure to choose the right appearance and clothes to promote your look. The way a man look will largely depend on his choice of clothes as well as his grooming habits. This means that a bit of fashion can ensure that you look more attractive. Make a good choice of clothes that suit your kind of body as well the tone of your skin. Ensure that you wear clothes that are well-tailored. Look at the characters that play the lead roles in movies and celebrities to get fashion tips that will be best suited for you. It is not a must for you to wear similar clothes to the celebrities. A good idea is to ensure that you select on the style and you are able to gather the most ideas. Remember that your goal is to seek inspiration and not to copy other guys. You should bear in mind that when it comes to clothing, quality count more than the quantity. Therefore, you will need to get a few pieces if you are unable to afford the so many clothes that are of good quality. A common misconception that men have concerning love is that looks don’t matter at all and this can be quite naïve. The only reason why you are attracted to your girlfriend is because she spends a lot of money on clothing, beauty products as well as fitness. This is the reason why you are getting attracted to her. So, why do you think that how you look doesn’t matter in making the girl attracted to you? One of the tips that you can use to make her attracted to you is the way you groom yourself and dress.

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16. Improve your position and status

This is definitely among the most important tips for being a good boyfriend. No matter your profession, always ensure that you give your best in whatever you do. This is the only way in which you can achieve position and status through what you achieve. You should then work to converting the achievement into a professional and steady income. Make sure that you live independently and fully as you get the good things that you desire to have. For instance, you can start a business to improve your income. Once you become interesting and ambitious, it will be possible for you to attract the successful people, circumstances and events. But you can only get here is when you work extra hard. Ensure that you push yourself to reach the great heights. Bear in mind that whatever action you do as a way of building your life isn’t for yourself but for the two of you. This should be your motivation. You will need to realize that when you do something reckless, you will have failed yourself as well as her.

17. Seek to develop yourself and improve your intelligence

Even when going through a downtime, you should keep on learning. You can read things in the papers to understand the current trends. What you read may not matter a lot; the most important thing is for you to keep on reading. The reason for this is that all girls seek for intelligent guys in their lives. Unless you have a high level of intelligence it will be difficult for you to take care of your girlfriend, guide her or even help her to solve problems. Reading will go a long way in sharpening your problem-solving skills. Ensure that you tackle tasks that are mentally challenging like quizzes and puzzles and take time to study different subjects. Engage your girlfriend in intellectual conversations every now and then. When you show some of these skills, it will be possible to be one rounded-man. She will realize that you are a rare gem and she will never go looking for another boyfriend. She will always be on the lookout for new subjects that you can teach her or the fascinating things that you need to show her. This way, no man will ever be able to replace you.

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18. Make sure you got a unique personality.

One of the important tips for being a good boyfriend is to have that unique personality and also ensure that it reflects in everything you do. Therefore, you ought to ensure that your behaviors, interests, attitudes and activities are unique as compared to those of other guys. Always let your charming side manifest by being generous with the people you comes across. Ensure that the entire world knows your excellent principles and moral characters. Let your girlfriend see your power in attracting people in an easy way. Like we already stated earlier, ensure that you got a number of interests that you can pursue passionately during your lone time.

19. How to be a better boyfriend- Don’t force her like your stuff

At any given time, there will be something that your significant other will not like about you. It may be that shiny shirt that you are always wearing to the office, the loud music in your car or even your smoking habit. Probably, she has told you to stop it but you feel that it is part of you. A common mistake that guys make is to try to make their girlfriends love them with those awful habits. If you want be a good boyfriend, you should consider giving up some of those things that do not please her.

20. Apologize even when you are right

There are times when those occasional arguments with arise in a relationship. It always feels good to win over an argument. However, when dealing with your girlfriend, you should avoid making this your top priority. If you try to always win an argument with her, you can be assured that you will soon be sleeping alone. No matter how passionate you may be over a subject or how intellectually superior you may be, it helps at times to allow her to win the argument. Constantly trying to insist and make the person try to win your argument will not make her change her mind but it will only cause her to hate you. With these tips, it will be possible for you to become a good boyfriend and make her love you more.