20 Good DIY Anniversary Gifts He'll Actually Appreciate

An anniversary is a special time in a couple’s relationship. Show him you love him with these 20 good DIY gifts that he will appreciate!

By Daina
20 Good DIY Anniversary Gifts He'll Actually Appreciate

Good Anniversary Gifts For Him

Anniversary coming up and strapped for cash? Or maybe you and your guy are the sentimental types that appreciate homemade gifts. Whatever the case may be, most handmade gifts are thought of as sweet and then put away in storage for the rest of time. But I have the solution! Here are 20 of the best DIY anniversary gifts for him that he wants and can use!

1. "Reasons I Love You" Book

For one year, write the reason why you love him that day. Maybe he did something sweet for you, or perhaps you realized something about him. Make a book out of it and give it to him for your anniversary. This will provide him with reading the material he will love.

2. Love Coupon Book

Many couples give gifts similar to this for their anniversary, but you can make it special by making coupons he actually will find useful. Most boyfriends might not want a “night of cuddles” coupon. He’d prefer a “help with home improvement tasks without complaining” coupon.

3. Wood Carving & Burning

This may seem complicated, but this is one of the easiest gifts! You just need to get either a tool for carving or a wood burner and figure out the design you would want. Give this anniversary gift for him to hang up in his man cave.

4. T-Shirt Pillow

Take an old T-shirt of yours. It could be his favorite shirt of yours, or it could be from a sentimental time - maybe the shirt you wore on your first date or when he first said: “I love you.”. Cut and sew to make a pillow. Stuff the pillow and spray the stuffing with your perfume. Every time he goes to lie down or hugs the pillow, nothing will be on his mind besides you.

5. Necktie pillow

Does he have old neckties he doesn’t wear anymore? For your anniversary, make a pillow out of the neckties. It will come out as a striped, silk pillow.

6. String Art

If you are from two different places, this DIY anniversary gift will be perfect for your boyfriend. The backing of the art should be wood. Place nails in the wood backing in the shape of your state or if you are from two different states, put it in the shape of the country. Then, make a circle around the area you each are from. With string, weave around the nails to make a pattern around these two places to connect them.

7. Sharpie Mugs

Don’t have much money for fancy gifts? No problem! Hop over to the dollar store and buy cheap, plain white mugs. Take a sharpie and design your mug. Then, bake the mug at 350 degrees for about a half an hour. This will make the sharpie permanent and washable on the mug.

8. Glass Etching Beer Mug

Custom etched glass mug #GlassEtching #CustomGlass #Customized

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While you’re at the dollar store, pick up clear glass beer mugs. At the craft store, you can get glass etching kits to create a unique and personalized beer mug for your boyfriend.

9. Coasters

You can make coasters out of all kinds of things! Take a small tree and slice it horizontally. Then use a sealant to make the coaster waterproof. Or use Scrabble tiles and create horizontal words down a square.

10. Mini Zen Garden

Your boyfriend may need to relax, so a mini zen garden for his desk is perfect. Include painted rocks that have symbols or words on them that will remind him of you every time he seeks peace of mind.

11. Duct Tape Wallet

 A duct tape wallet is both edgy and unique. He will love this, and it will prove to be useful to him, as men use wallets every day!

12. Liquor Bottle Household Items

Liquor bottles are so versatile. They can be transformed into lamps, soap dispensers, and a watch-holder. He will love these ideas and love them even more because you made them!

13. Knife Block

A knife block is really easy to make! You just need blocks of wood, wood glue, pasta, and paint. Paint the raw pasta and put the wood into a block form. Fill the block with the pasta to the point they can barely move. Place the knives in the block.

14. Beer Cap Crafts

Beer caps are colorful and make for the perfect crafts for your man. They make excellent magnets, coasters, and centerpieces. Be creative in your beer cap craft ideas, and he will love whatever you make!

15. Keychain

You can make a keychain out of wood, rope, leather, or paracord. Either material you choose, make the keychain personal by adding a unique touch to it. This is something he can use and appreciate!

16. Barbecue Rub

Does your man love to grill more than anything - besides you, of course! Making a homemade barbecue rub, the perfect addition to his pantry. He may also want to use it right away and make you something delicious!

17. Baked Goods

The best way to your man’s heart is through his stomach. Making his favorite baked goods is a great way to remind him that after a year or more of dating, you know exactly how to make him happy!

18. Paracord Accessories

Paracord is a type of rope that, when tied and knotted correctly, can be undone and used in case of emergencies. Remind your man that while you two are dating, his safety is always a top priority of yours. Paracords can be made into keychains, bracelets, or even watches!

19. Unique Clock

Take an interest of his and create it into a clock. Maybe it’s a TV show, a sport, or music. You can purchase a clock kit at craft stores and hook it up when any base for the clock. Make it creative and unique!

20. Chalkboard Plate

Take chalkboard paint and coat a thrift store plate. Or a mug. Or really anything. Your man can put it in the kitchen, and you can leave little love notes or let him know what’s for dinner.

Homemade Anniversary Gifts are the Best Gifts

These anniversary gifts are sure to bring a smile to your man’s face. Not only that, but he can also use these gifts rather than let them collect dust or be stored in a box which will be forgotten eventually.  For your next anniversary, make him a homemade gift with the heart.