10 Ways On How To Get Back Your Ex Boyfriend

People who have broken up usually have some feelings of attachment. That said, you can get your ex boyfriend back by using the following tricks.

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10 Ways On How To Get Back Your Ex Boyfriend

How to effectively get your ex-boyfriend back

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Everything changes, people change, times change, trends change and the same thing happens over and over again. And the same thing also applies to relationships because people who fall in love sometimes fall out of love. But it is also a fact that despite breaking up, people always have some feeling of attachment. Therefore, it is only normal when a girl wants to get her ex-boyfriend back because things may seem worse than when they were together. Another reason a girl might want to get ex-boyfriend back is because she feels that it was her fault that they broke up and she wants to do better. So, if you want to get your ex back, here are some of the effective tips you can use:

1. Get your ex-boyfriend back by getting sexy

One of the most effective ways that you can use to get your ex-boyfriend back is by getting sexy. More often than not, girls tend to neglect themselves and the reason for this is because they get all comfortable. One thing about men is that they always get so bored so fast and that can make your relationship a little boring. So, it would always be a good idea for you to sit down and take notes on how to get sexy if you want to get ex-boyfriend back. So, what can you do to get your ex-boyfriend back? How about you start by hitting the gym a couple of hours a week and eating right? Working out on a regular basis will not only make you that sexy goddess of his dreams, but will also make you feel confident in your own skin. And you can’t really tame a confident woman because, well, they always had the guts to go and get what they want. And needless to say, that is one hell of a turn on when it comes to guys. Another tip on how to look sexy and getting your ex-boyfriend back will be by changing your hair. Do you remember how you used to take your time and arrange your hair before going out with him? How did you get from a queen with a tiara to a girl whose hair looks like she just glued a dead squirrel on her head? That’s not falling from grace to grass; it’s something lower than grass. Might be from the grace to the grave, right beside your love life! So, if you want to get your love back, then you need to step up your game and get what you want. Make a point of reading this part while playing Justin Timberlake’s sexy back in the background to get the point.

2. Get your ex-boyfriend back by getting committed

Your relationship might have bitten the dust because of lack of commitment from your side. One thing you need to understand is that men are very territorial creatures and if they have picked you for their girl, they want you all for themselves. So, if you are the kind of girl who likes to keep things casual and has the 007 license to flirt (not to kill), then you might end up losing him. So, let’s say you have deliberated on the reasons about why you broke up and you realize you are the one to break up. Naturally, you’d want to get back with your ex-boyfriend. If you get your ex-boyfriend back, will you change your ways and only be with your boyfriend? Well, that’s the only thing that you need to focus on before you get him back. You also need to understand that it’s not a guarantee that you will get ex-boyfriend back and so it’s not a good idea to keep your hopes way too high. All you need to do is to bet as genuine and as remorseful as possible; doing that will most certainly earn his respect even if you aren’t going to get him back. If you want this to work, first of all, you need to apologize for your mistakes. It shows maturity as well as a level of remorse, which are good traits to show at the moment when things aren’t so good for you and your immediate ex-boyfriend. Be very careful so as not to come off as a needy person because, well, “needy” just shows desperation. Desperation isn’t going to help you at all. Be ready to apologize and make a new start but at the same time, he should get that subliminal message that you aren’t going to stoop to the level of begging.

3. Getting more romantic can get your ex-boyfriend back

Being way too busy might have been the reason you and your beloved boyfriend split. Again, you need to make sure that you are carrying out self-examination before you try to get your ex-boyfriend back. That way, you are going to know where you went wrong and at the same time get to learn on how to make your relationship a tad better. Once you have practiced different ways on how you can reignite your love life through romance, then it would be time for you to get your ex-boyfriend back. And once you have gotten your ex-boyfriend back, try to apply what you have learnt. You can also feel free to talk to him and make sure that you know what he wants so that you can do it to him. Still, on an attempt to get your ex-boyfriend back, you can start by arranging a surprise party for him. But only get to do that after he has accepted you back and you are trying to make things work out. If not, then that will be breaking and entering. And you don’t want you and your half-burnt candles, your flower petals, skimpy outfit as well as your king-size pizza all bundled in a bed-sheet and thrown in the back seat of a police car! Be gentle especially when attempting to get your ex back. You also need to put into consideration the kind of pain you put him through. And if it is the other way around, then you need to make sure that he acts right before you let him back in. Also, remember that for this to work, you need to let things flow naturally. You don’t want to just kick back and hope that everything is going to work out in your favor without putting in the required work.

4. Opting for a fresh start can get your ex-boyfriend back

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Things between you and your ex-boyfriend clearly didn’t work out because of your first approach. That said, before you opt to get back with your ex, some things definitely need to change. If you were a chronic -yelled (and for some sick reason you girls love it), you need to put a speed governing gadget on your mouth. How you get to do that is totally up to you! If you didn’t know a thing or two about cooking and he was the only one who was doing the cooking and cleaning to the point that his friends were poking fun of him, maybe it would be time for you to take up some cooking lessons. It wouldn’t hurt taking turns to cook and clean from time to time. At the end of the day, a relationship that withstands the test of time is usually forged out of teamwork. If your ex-boyfriend has had issues with your needy tendencies, consider cutting him some slack and you will do just fine. You can begin by doing chores back-to-back just to show him that you are willing to take things a bit further and are serious about it. You also need to forget all about trying to get back at him over petty issues because it is exhausting, though they won’t tell you. Once you have managed to get your ex-boyfriend back and still don’t know the reasons why you broke up first, ask him. Just a simple act of asking can go a very long way in making sure that you not only get your ex-boyfriend back, but also keep him as happy as possible. If there is a time for you to swallow your pride and learn, it’s at this particular moment.

5. Spark old memories to get your ex-boyfriend back

If you are interested in getting your ex-boyfriend back, then the most important thing for you to do is reminisce about the good times. Of course, you have a fair share of ups and downs, but this time around, always make sure that you are only focusing on the good and not the bad. Remember the funny details and try to share all of them with him just to see how he is going to react. This is very important and, needless to say, it will make him go past the break-up and everything that you did, even if you were a cheat. For the umpteenth time, you need to do this in the right time if at all you want to get your ex-boyfriend back. You need to get back to him with all the scintillating and amazing memories before it is too late; meaning you have to act fast. A break up is never permanent, as long as you make the good old feelings outweigh the bad, painful memories you will get your ex-boyfriend back, and fast. The good thing is that you know him too well, meaning that the approach will depend entirely on you. Do your best and be very confident in your approach. Doing this will go a long way in giving you a second chance after a nasty break-up! And once you have managed to get your ex-boyfriend back after the break up, don’t go back and cheat on his poor soul. That will just show how cheap of a person you are and nothing good will ever come your way with that kind of attitude. If you are a reformed cheat, funny as that title sounds, you need to apologize profusely and vow not to try that ever again. At this point, you will only get your ex-boyfriend back fast.

6. Get your ex-boyfriend back by not revisiting the past

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We all know how women have impeccable memories when it comes to arguments. They can pinpoint the exact time and date when you came back home smelling like another woman’s perfume. The reason you gave her might be a legitimate one – maybe you work at a perfume factory. But she just didn’t like the way you answered it and so she wouldn’t let it all go, no matter how hard you try to make her forget. At first, your boyfriend will overlook it because being emotional is normal for women. But when you start overdoing it, it will now start feeling like you are a drama queen. Honestly speaking, no man likes dating a drama queen - period. And the worst thing about being this way is that most girls always end up blaming their boyfriends for leaving them. In short, always try to change and the latter can only happen when you chose to compromise. A bit of trust can also go a long way in making things a tad better for you and your man! Don’t make a habit of fighting over petty things. It would be a good thing for you to just let it go sometimes. If you get to do that, then you will end up avoiding a lot of petty fights that would have otherwise ruined your relationship. Again, you should never make such an important promise over text. Just try your level best to look him deep into his eyes before you make this particular promise. When you do this, it will go a long way in ensuring that you are at a better place since you will earn his trust. You can also tell him to remind you to stop overreacting and in the end revisiting the past. You know what they say, two heads are always better than one. So, working together will help you overcome the past and every bad memory that comes with it. In the end, everything will be fine between the two of you. Remember to keep on trying your level best to never revisit the past in an argument, even if they don’t end up taking you back.

7. Owning up can get your ex-boyfriend back

You can get your ex-boyfriend back fast especially after a break-up if only you swallow your ego and wash it down with a couple of shots of whiskey, or maybe not whiskey! Having a big ego can make people who love each other drift apart just because no one can accept their fault or let go. The point is accepting and trying to change. So, once you have been a cheat or a hard-headed girlfriend, always sit down and try to find out just where you went wrong. Once you have noted where you went wrong, then you can commence with your mission, which is to get ex (or ex-boyfriend) back (depending on where you come from). You can either call, text or use a mutual friend to get your ex-boyfriend to meet with you. When you want to own up your mistakes, it will look much sincere when you meet face-to-face. That way you can judge by his body language if there is hope to get back with him. If you fail to get your ex-boyfriend back even after you cheated, then at least you will gain his respect for trying to make things better. Remember to move on with your respect intact, especially if you fail to get back with him as fast as you had wanted after that awful breakup. If you cheat and he doesn’t forgive you, well, it’s his loss because you will be a better person for him and him alone.

8. Try texting your ex-boyfriend to get him back

If you want to get your ex-boyfriend back fast after a nasty break-up and without risking a confrontation, the safest way to do that is by texting. You can get to test the waters and in the end, get to know just where the both of you stand. When texting, it shouldn’t really be way too soon after the heartbreak! Just try your level best to make sure that you know the right timing to strike. The good thing is that you already know him well, so you know just how long it takes for your immediate ex-boyfriend to cool down after a fight. You can also try to text your ex-boyfriend’s closest friend just to check up on him. And if they ask why not ask him directly, just say something close to you feeling bad about what happened to him and just wanting to know what is going on with your ex-boyfriend. Why should you do that to your ex-boyfriend’s closest friends? It’s because they will tell him and that will dredge up an emotion in your ex-boyfriend – which is always a good thing. If your ex-boyfriend keeps on remembering just how amazing a person you are, he might reconsider hitting you up and mending the fence. You can always pick up tips on how best to text your immediate ex-boyfriend, so that you don’t mess things up. And for the umpteenth time, never make the mistake of sounding needy because being needy is such a turn off when it comes to guys. Just show you are remorseful and it all stops right there. Every woman has a bevy of other beautiful and intelligent (and naughty) girls, who act as a support system. But that’s not important. What’s important is you seeking advice on how to go about asking for advice. You know what they say - that two heads are better than one! So, asking for advice on how best to text your immediate ex-boyfriend in a bid to get him back is a very good idea at the end of the day. More often than not, one of your girlfriends has experienced the same and would more than likely want to help you crafting the perfect texts.

9. Reminding him that you miss him can get your ex back

Another fast way to get your ex-boyfriend back, especially after a nasty break-up is through the memories. Once you have arranged for a meeting with him, try your level best to focus on the good memories rather than the bad. Wear his favorite perfume or dress when you meet up and again, only focus on the positive. Even if you were a cheat or the break-up was nasty as hell, the good memories will most certainly feel the urge to get back together. And if you do it well, you will not only get your ex-boyfriend back fast after the break-up, but will also have a good time. For the umpteenth time, be remorseful especially if you were close to being a cheat. Remember that any sign of trying to manipulate to get your ex-boyfriend back won’t work. Just try to let things flow as naturally as possible and let him decide on whether he will come back or not. Just do not focus on the break up

10. Get your ex-boyfriend back by checking up on him

Before you make your first move towards getting your ex-boyfriend back, it wouldn’t hurt to test the waters a bit. Forget the break up, dear; move on past the break up! A break up is a common thing. Wait until the pain has subsided and he has started missing you and that is when to strike. The good thing is that you’d have known him better and so getting to understand him would be a tad easier for you. So, without further ado, getting to check up on him just at the right time would always end up favoring you a great deal. Just make sure that you aren’t waiting way too long because someone else might swoop in and pick up your man. And if she is going to show better quality before you get a second chance, your man is gone forever. Back to the texts; be brief as possible because your ex-boyfriend isn’t going to be in the mood of reading your long, repetitive and therefore boring texts. Especially after a break up! Make sure that you are crafting texts that are short and straight to the message. Always remember to tell him that you care and hope that he is doing well. That’s one way you can use to get your ex-boyfriend back. Another tip you can use on how to get your ex-boyfriend back is by texting him once in a while. Text him and then wait for him to text you back. If you keep on sending a hailstone of text messages to the extent that he has to refresh his phone every darn time, it won’t help the situation. If the texting is back-to-back, it the better because it just shows that you are getting closer to your goal, which is a good thing.


More often than not, a girl might want to get an ex-boyfriend back because it was their fault they landed in a break up. And that explains what the girl has to do to get the boyfriend back. But if it’s the other way around, and you still want to take him back, it is also important that you do your part in order to keep your romantic life and general relationship alive and exciting. But still, he has to know that he doesn’t stand a chance to play with your heart again and make sure he gets the message. And once you have decided to take back your ex-boyfriend, always make sure that you are leaving everything behind you. That’s the only way to graduate to better things in future. Doing all the above is a very amazing because, at the end of the day, you will get to improve your quality as a human being. You will learn how to value other people more and at the same time become a tad truthful, which is an amazing quality as well. And even if you fail to get your ex back, at least you will gain your dignity back as well as the signal you need to move on with your life.


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